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WELCOME TO DANISH MARITIME DAYS Welcome to a week dedicated to the maritime sector. Danish Maritime Days is a great initiative which Danish Ports is happy to support and promote. We can look forward to a whole week discussing, debating and sharing our experiences, visions and best practices within the maritime sector.


s the maritime sector is of great economic importance to Denmark, it makes perfect sense to spend a whole week looking into how we further can improve the sector as a whole. Danish Maritime Days is, therefore, a great initiative and a useful platform to meet and further improve and stimulate the sector. The maritime sector represents more than 100,000 jobs in Denmark. And the ports’ natural location along the coastline of Denmark provide growth and jobs across the whole of Denmark – not just the major port cities. There is great activity, resourcefulness and not least a demand for both blue collar and white collar employees in the port sector. In fact about 70,000 people directly and indirectly have their job in the port sector. That is in part because the main bulk volumes of foreign trade are handled through the Danish ports. The ports are transport hubs. The maritime cargo can in most ports be transported by rail to their hinterland destination in an environmentally friendly way.

business hubs and play a key role in mapping maritime cluster potentials. Plans and business models that highlight, how Denmark can make better use of the capacity in the ports by looking at the legal framework for the use of port areas and the overall infrastructure. Danish Ports also suggest an initiative that will ensure, that Denmark gets more out of the 60,000 ships that yearly pass the Danish waters and right past our ports by using technology and data to attract ships to Danish ports that function as maritime service stations i.e. located in Frederikshavn and Skagen. That is why I look forward to the Danish Maritime Days and the Danish Maritime Forum, where we can discuss openly and be inspired by best practice in the maritime sector. I especially look forward to the Port Conference hosted by TØF. This year the theme will be short sea shipping. A modal shift from road to sea will

bring many benefits –in terms of improving the environment, road congestion and not least ease the pressure on further funding for capital expenditures for the roads. Experts and professionals from the ‘Growth team for the Blue Denmark’ will be present at the Port Conference. The new ideas and existing best practice may serve as inspiration for the growth team and highlight the importance of the ports as business hubs- on a local, regional and national level. We have momentum now and a chance to push further the development of the ports and the port role. The Danish Maritime Days is an excellent opportunity to meet within the sector and share know-how. Welcome to the Danish Maritime Days, Danish Maritime Forum and Danish Maritime Fair.

The ports are, however, also active business hubs. Business hubs that not only contribute to their own development but enable the many businesses in the area to further development in niche clusters and other types of cooperation due to the top quality transport, logistics and service solutions provided 24/7. The ports as a focal point of growth is also on the agenda of the ‘Growth team for the Blue Denmark’ (a group of experts and professionals appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth to look into and come up with recommendations as to how the maritime sector can be further stimulated.). In fact, the Minister for Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen, emphasized when the growth team was appointed, that the development of maritime clusters and the role of the dynamic port both are of great importance for the political strategy. The contribution to the growth team by Danish Ports has a certain focus on ports as dynamic DAILY NEWS ON WWW.MARITIMEDENMARK.DK

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Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...

Dmm 5 16  

Official opening of Danish Maritime Fair: Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps...