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and Swedish companies, and I think we feel a great interest in being present in Denmark because it is almost considered to be a ‘domestic’ marked, says Karina Linnér, who finds that this is a deciding factor for Swedish companies interested in the fair.

off the new product. We are delighted to have them on board in the pavilion.

An impression, we can build on in the coming years, says Eva Errestad.

- The marine engineering company, FKAB also joins us and they were among the first to register because they have many Danish customers.

- The pavilion will present a broad selection within the industry. Swedish Maritime Technology Forum organizes such an event because it is appreciated amongst the companies. Furthermore, a national pavilion illustrates strength. It also helps keeping costs down. Sweden offers no export subsidies hence the companies bear the costs and therefore also determines a budget for the event, she says.

Although not exhibiting in the Pavilion but rather in the education area of the fair, we also have the Linné University Sjöfarthögskolen and Chalmers University, both of which have training; basic training programs and Chalmers that has a more professional audience for those already employed in the shipping industry, says Eva Errestad.

MORE TIME FOR THE VISITORS Sales manager Kristofer Ericsson, Marinefloc says: - We are very pleased to exhibit at the Danish Maritime Fair for the first time and have expectations of what the show has evolved to since our first visit to the event in 2014. Obviously, the Danish market is important for us, not only because Denmark is one of the largest shipping countries in Europe, but also because the Danes both have and maintain a good environmental standard. Hence, the exhibition is a good place to observe how the market develops, and who is coming or not coming.

- Also competing Swedish companies are exhibiting at the Fair. Just as in the Danish regional pavilions, the Swedes see the advantages in forming a united front. IT IS ALL ABOUT MEETING THE CUSTOMERS! Swedish Maritime Technology Forum also organizes the Swedish pavilion at SMM in Hamburg and we have also been invited by Norshipping to arrange a Swedish exhibition pavilion next summer. And we will do so, says Karina Linnér. DIVERSIFIED PAVILION Eva Errestad, Swedish Maritime Technology Forum Project Developer, reports that the Swedish pavilion is a broad mix of different types and sizes of companies: - We have, for example, a very interesting exhibitor, MarSafe; a small and newly established and innovative company that shows a new type of storage box for life jackets. It opens automatically when in contact with water. - It is a product which has just been launched and tested by the Swedish marine and which has been found to work very well. The idea is to prevent a situation such as the one by the Estonia incident, where boxes with life jackets floated unopened in the water while there was a strong need for them, she says, adding: - They show this product in DMF because they feel that it is the right event for them to kick-

- I know that the Swedish educational programs have a pretty good reputation in Denmark. Therefore, I invited them to participate at the fair, which seems to have a new and slightly stronger launch than last time. For us, it seemed to form a good basis for a strong Swedish representation, she said. - We wanted to have both the stronger, and established companies such as e.g. FKAB Marine Ship Design as well as new innovative small businesses represented together with educational institutions. In addition, and in cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration, Sjöfartverket, we are looking into the possibilities of exhibiting the project STM Validation. This also brings a good angle to the event. - All in all, we believe we have a good mix this year, between established companies, the new-comers and training along with projects demonstrating the innovative edge that we have in Sweden, she says, and mentions that the initiative has been well received in Sweden and is expected to reach a total of approx. 10 exhibitors. Some of our exhibitors have also booked slots for presentations and will host a workshop with Green Ship network concerning 3D printing. - We hope that this will be a kick-off for DMF. Therefore, it is also a strategic move on our part to give a strong first impression at the fair.

- We always bring our exhibition bus, which is our mobile showcase. We have live demonstrations of our products; bilge water separator, sewage treatment systems and the original Whitebox. So we are pleased that DMF has been kind enough to let us park at the entrance, says Kristofer Ericsson, who points to the fact that DMF is smaller than Norshipping and SMM, which might result in less ”noise” and hopefully people might stay longer by each stand, enabling the exhibitors to give a good presentation. FUEL OPTIMIZATION AND WELL-BEING Sales manager Tor Järnberg, FKAB Marine Ship Design, says: - From the fair, we expect to increase the contact with the Danish shipping companies and potential customers, while exposure to Danish customers will, hopefully, give us a chance to meet as many as possible. - Although we have previously visited the Fair, this is the first time we exhibit at DMF. Now we have decided to participate on the Swedish pavilion through Swedish Maritime Technology Forum.

Project Manager Eva Errestad +46 706-419932


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