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STRONG SWEDISH PRESENCE AT DMF Karina Linnér, CEO of Swedish Maritime Technology Forum, explains Sweden’s interest in DMF and what has led to the decision of contributing with their own national pavilion.

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- Of course, we wish to attract customers, not only for the companies in the Swedish maritime industry but also for the Swedish education and training institutions.

ment and so forth. In a period of 15 years, i.e. since 2000, we see an average annual growth rate of seven percent. It’s really quite a lot, stresses Karina Linnér.

- Chalmers Campus, for instance, has customized courses and I expect that they would also be interested in meeting new, potential customers. In this case, the Danish Maritime Fair as a good place to do so. Generally, Sweden shows an increasing interest in the maritime industry.

- The companies are offensive and the Swedish trademarks are well known. Even though they primarily do not compete on the price, Danish companies do not as well, market share and pricewise, they are talented. The Swedish domestic market is not very big so customers is to a large extent the international market.

- Recently, we completed a study of companies, subcontracting to the ferries; outfitters, equip-

- The cooperation is considerable, and there is a sense of shared ownership, between Danish


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