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WELCOME TO THE DANISH MARITIME FAIR 2016 In this issue of the Danish Maritime Magazine we focus on two pavilions; the pavilion of the Funen Maritime Cluster and the Swedish Pavilion. The reason being the interesting concept of cluster cooperation and how effective it is when it comes to participation in a trade show.


unen Maritime Cluster pavilion is organized by Udvikling Fyn, a strong organization that, on a very short notice back in 2014, succeeded in gathering many companies for their pavilion. In 2015 they also exhibited. This time with a slightly larger pavilion and now in 2016, they already have 11 companies signed and they aim for “full house” with a total of 15 companies. Hence, there is still room for those who could be interested. The Funen Maritime Cluster has one of the most attractive locations in the hall. The pavilion is 112m2 and it will be interesting to see the layout and their exhibition programme. We are excited to see how the Swedish pavilion turns out and we are thrilled that our neighbours see the potential of the Fair. 14 Swedish companies are participating in the Fair so far, however, not all registered Swedish companies will be part of the national pavilion. Companies representing educational institutions will exhibit in the Blue Career Lounge and most have found their way to the Fair through our partner and organizer of the Swedish pavilion, “Swedish Maritime Technology Forum”. The above mentioned Blue Career Lounge has shown as a successful initiative and as a result of the large interest we have now doubled the size of the stand from 70 to 140m2. The lounge now danish maritime magazine

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counts 11 educational institutions as well as Force Technology who just this week confirmed their participation. They will bring a simulator to the stand, which will offer a hands-on experience. Shipowners’ Lounge is a strong concept. Six Danish shipping companies have so far confirmed their presence at the 84m2 large pavilion and their objective is not to sell products or services but to support the project by sending representatives from procurement as well as HR people and technical decision makers. A detailed programme and more information about the events on the lounge is announced by the end of August. The exhibitor list is available in the appendix. The list reflects the diversity of the maritime industry. Most exhibiting companies are Danish however, the number of foreign participating companies is still growing and they come from afar. This year, we welcome exhibitors from e.g. USA, Canada and Singapore. Don’t miss our invitation to the big social event at the Fair: “Networking Dinner & After Party” in the end of the theme. This event brings together the Danish Maritime Days attendees for an evening where ties are loosened and good food and drinks can be enjoyed in good company.


We present unique entertainment to break the formal atmosphere. The conference rooms of the Fair are virtually all booked and more events are continuously announced on the Fair’s website In short; Denmark has now a recurring maritime event of international standard. For your information, planning of the next Fair in already progress, dates are scheduled for May 2018. The frequency of the Fair will in the future be every second year and it is absolutely essential that the date is coordinated taking the global maritime event calendar into account. We are still getting the last details on track and we can hardly wait to welcome the maritime industry to a fantastic and unique event October 25th – 27th 2016. On behalf of the dedicated exhibition team.

Jakob le Fevre Exhibition Manager

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Welcome to the Danish Maritime Fair 2016: In this issue of the Danish Maritime Magazine we focus on two pavilions; the pavilion of the Funen...

Dmm 4 16  

Welcome to the Danish Maritime Fair 2016: In this issue of the Danish Maritime Magazine we focus on two pavilions; the pavilion of the Funen...