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ISLAND The deck located above the navigation bridge houses some of the ship’s most important equipment – for example, the aerials, the radar mast and the magnetic compass.


echnically, the deck is called either E deck or F deck - depending on the height of the ship’s accommodation facilities or superstructure, that is, the tall white structure to the aft of the ship, which houses the galley, mess rooms, offices, cabins, laundry, fitness room and, not least, the ship’s navigation bridge at the very top. E deck or F deck comprises the flat roof of the navigation bridge and thus the top of the accommodation facilities. This deck is also termed the monkey island. - The monkey island is an important place on the ship, because this is where we find the equipment that enables the ship to communicate with the rest of the world. The ship’s aerials are installed on the monkey island, and without communication with the wider world - which also depends on an orbiting satellite or two - our ships would be in trouble, says Alex Hjortnæs, Senior Newbuilding Manager, Norden.

The monkey island is the deck located above the navigation bridge where equipment such as the radar mast (left) and satellite aerials (right) are installed.

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