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ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT An army marches on its stomach… To be sure, the cook is one of the most important people on board the vessel. And Filipino Norfel Trinidad takes his job as a cook with Norden very seriously.


is favourite literature is cookbooks, he participates in courses, he is always working hard, he makes sure that the messroom as well as the vessel’s refrigerated and cold stores are clean. And what is more, he does not just make whatever meal comes to mind. He asks the other crew members what they would like to eat and then tries to make a meal that would be to the taste of the majority of the crew on board. To him it is not just a matter of always heating up the popular – but also high-calorie – deep fryer. The food should also contribute to a physically healthy life on board the vessels, where you are usually easily tempted to resort to the easy calories in all sorts of wrappings. - As a ship’s cook, you must remember that food is a sensitive subject on board. You cannot satisfy every single crew member every time he or she sits down at the table, but you can be open to

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the suggestions that everyone makes, says Norfel Trinidad, who most recently embarked the almost new built product tanker Nord Geranium. QUALITY He pays a lot of attention to checking the quality of the vessel’s stock of provisions on a continuous basis, ensuring that the meals to be served on the dishes in the vessel’s 2 messrooms a couple of hours later are of a quality that measures up to Norden’s standards. And they do not just focus on serving food that is delicious and healthy. The food must also be safe to eat, as there is no time for the crew to be dropping like flies when you are on board a ship where every single hand is necessary to operate the vessel. That aside, it is no fun being ill when the nearest medical assistance is hundreds or thousands of nautical miles away. There is a very simple explanation to Norfel Trinidad’s decision to become a ship’s cook.

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