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How we can install a ballast water system and an energy saving system on the pumps on board. FACT FINDING Desmi Ocean Guard have seen, that shipping companies have been out in a fact finding mission to find out what the new ballast water regulations, which today is close to the necessary ratification of IMO countries prior to the introduction, will mean for them. - They especially look at what it will mean in terms of costs. And we’ve been busy being out and talking to the owners and being aboard their ships to understand how the systems could be installed and what the prices for installation and equipment would be, says Michael Lassen. - But now we are so close, that the shipping companies are beginning to place orders on ballast water systems. It’s something they have to do, despite the fact that it is a great expense to them. There is nothing called a return of investment calculation in such an installation. It’s something they are forced to do.

- Now we are at a point where the introduction of the new regulations is so close, it can be a problem keeping up with demand. There is however a year’s transitional period – and then the installation have to follow the docking intervals.

That is when we believe that the market prices will rise slightly, says Michael Lassen and adds: - In this situation it may be a good idea for companies to make some contracts now. Scrubbers

Michael Lassen estimates that there are companies who have already set their sights on some suppliers: - The market has many suppliers, but not everyone can deliver yet. So, customers choose among individual suppliers, while they also look at who has previously supplied and has operating data.

- In addition, we are also presenting some equipment that fit the scrubber systems that will reduce sulfur emissions from ships, he says.

Since Desmi was created in 2009 it has developed and has delivered. Desmi has ballast water equipment onboard 30-40 ships, so there is a lot to tell at SMM. - We hope that we can be competitive when we get down there. But since there has not yet been any final ratification, there will be lower offers. But let’s see what happens when it is a must that the equipment shall be installed.

- Although we don’t supply the actual scrubbers, we supply the pumps for the systems. The pumps are stainless steel that can handle the chemical based systems that are designed to prevent corrosion damage. This requires pumps that can withstand the media being pumped. - There we saw a pump with the SMM to show what we can in this area. - This means that we are bringing the most relevant topics to the table: Ballast water systems, energy conservation and scrubber systems. And we want to present all this at the fair, says Michael Lassen.


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Dmm 4 16  

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