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DESMI PRODUCES ACTUAL RESULTS From the very beginning of Desmi, the SMM in Hamburg has been a must as an international platform for the presentation of its latest products and contact with customers from all over the world. This year, Desmi is presenting its frontline products within both ballast water, energy conservation and scrubber pumps.


roject Manager Michael Lassen, Desmi A/S says about the company’s program: - We participate in SMM, as we have done for many years in a row, because it is the place where the maritime businessmen, companies and suppliers meet. It is the largest fair in Europe. - This year we will present our new ballast water system called RayClean. Solutions to ballast water issues are quite popular now because we are facing the new regulations for ship owners, he says.

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- In addition, energy savings is something we are focusing on this year. We are presenting a system where you can optimize energy pumps on board the ships. It’s called an OptiSave system, he says, adding: - The fact is that a ballast water system uses energy on a ship. Often the ship is not designed to handle the extra consumption on board, but you can actually combine a ballast water system with our energy system onboard, so that the installation is at least energy neutral and may even provide more savings than energy costs, says Michael Lassen. He builds his experiences


in Desmi Ocean Guard’s dialogue with various shipping companies. - We collect the companies various experience when we talk to them about retrofitting systems on existing ships. So, it turns out that there is often a problem of energy balance on the vessel. - Now it is not because our ballast water system uses very much energy, but a little bit here and a bit there actually means that they will have problems. - We have good examples of solving this, and at the fair, we will tell people how we do both.

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Welcome to the Danish Maritime Fair 2016: In this issue of the Danish Maritime Magazine we focus on two pavilions; the pavilion of the Funen...

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