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FACTS Vision of the Fjords Length: 40 m Width: 15 m Material: Carbon fiber sandwich Seats: 400 Class: DNV light craft Main Engines: 2 x 749 kW diesel engines Electric motors: 2 x 150 kW Propeller: CPP Propeller Battery pack: 600 kWh

zigzag up to the viewing platform on the top of the ferry. The absence of steps makes it easy for both the very young, elderly and disabled to move around the ship. The ramps are also wide, so there is room to stand and enjoy nature from the ramps, while other passengers are moving up and down. Finally, the ramps are placed so they do not block the view from the three indoor lounges, that are made up of simple, natural materials – not to steal attention from the nature outside.

electric motors, while in the World Heritage protected Nærøyfjord.

THE SHIP The yard was able to build the ferry in just one year partly due to the fact, that they did not have to start from scratch. They already had the right hull, although not in the exact dimensions, and a lot of experience from building composite catamarans over many years.

The trip back and forth to the entrance of the Nærøyfjord is done at 22 knots and this is where the diesel engines are used to power the hybrid ferry’s electric motors. At the same time, the diesel engines charge the batteries back up.

When it comes to fast ferries, the light hull keeps the fuel cost down and when it comes to Vision of the Fjords, the low weight makes it possible to operate the ferry by batteries connected to

The maximum speed in the fjord is no more than 8 knots, which the batteries have no problem supplying. The batteries operating the ferry also insure that it can move silently through the water without polluting the air. The special design of the Hull also means, that the ship leaves very few waves in the water, which helps to preserve the delicate coastline.

TECH The technical parts below deck are as advanced as the beautiful lines above water. Technically speaking, the ferry is hybrid, since the energy required for propulsion can come from both the diesel engines and the batteries.

The ABB Onboard DC Grid System ensures the transfer of energy between diesel, battery pack, electric motors and propellers. The two main engines each deliver 749 kW. The battery pack is 600 kWh while the two electric motors each has 150kW. The battery pack has a life expectancy of 15 years, and depending on the technical development up to the time of replacement, the Vision of the Fjords could possibly be converted into a purely electric ferry at the time. SATISFACTION The Fjords are more than satisfied with the Vision of the Fjords, which was put into operation in late June. The plan is that the new ferry will complete 700 trips per year. If the operation is as successful as the ship, Vision of the Fjords may get sister ships. - It is too early to say yet. But we have defiantly thought about it, says CEO of The Fjords Rold Sandvik with a big smile.


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