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The old ferry that sailed on Nærøyfjord was close to having to be replaced, and the company had to find a replacement for the old ferry. But it could not just be one of the same kind. Times have changed. THE VISION - We want to build a new fleet based on sustainable principles. Ships in harmony with the unique nature they display. Ships that are meeting future environmental requirements already today, says Rolf Sandvik. The requirements for the new ferry were very clear: High environmental standards were undisputed, as was the price - max. 90 million Norwegian kroner. For the sake of narrow passages on the 19 km long fjord, the ship can be no more than 42 meters long and 15 meters wide. Nevertheless, it must seat 400 passengers. And it was to be built and ready for delivery within maximum one year from the purchase order.

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When the requirements were set, The Fjords contacted four shipyards. Three of them quickly turned it down and said that it simply could not meet all requirements. Only one shipyard said: Fine – we will do. It was the local shipyard Brødrene Aa in Nordfjord. THE SHIPYARD Brødrene Aa was founded in 1947. In the beginning, the brothers built small ships from wood, a material which has since been replaced with fiberglass. In the 80’s, they built fast catamarans, before it in 2002 completed its first ship in composite. Today, the company has been taken over by the sons and nephews and they now exclusively produce composite ships. Typically ships with a focus on high speed and low weight in order to keep fuel consumption down. The yard currently has 110 employees. DESIGN Vision of the Fjords, which is the name of the new ferry, looks like no other ship. Beautiful, sharp lines and materials completely in black,


white and stainless steel make the ship unusually harmonious to look at. Futuristic bound together by the long outer ramps that connect the ship’s deck and at the same time ensures that all passengers outside have first row seats to the magnificent nature, this without blocking the view of those passengers who choose to enjoy nature behind the large windows. The architect of the beautiful and innovative design is Torstein Aa, graphic designer and third owner generation. He has literally grown up in the yard, and with the view of the steep mountains in Nordfjord. It is from the side of those mountains that Torstein Aa have drawn the inspiration for the ship’s lines. - The paths that go up the mountains are always going in zigzag. So that the increase will not be too abrupt, and to take advantage of the mountain’s width, says Torstein Aa. - It is those zigzag lines that are at the core of the design. The large outdoor ramps move in

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