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- Even in competition there will always be niches or markets, where one company is stronger than the other and one can help the other move forward. Furthermore, there might be complementary products that can fill a gap. We clearly see that they use each other in such ways as well, says Troels Ankerstjerne. AIR LIFTS FUEL ECONOMY Tuco Marine in Faaborg is among the exhibitors at this year’s Danish Maritime Fair. Director Jonas Pedersen, Tuco, is looking forward to the fair: - We did get some contacts last year, with whom we are still in contact and continuously work with, but besides that we must say that we see no direct payoff in terms of actual orders. - However, we do find it important to support that we in Denmark have a professional maritime exhibition and a meeting place, which we have not had before. Danish Maritime Fair is indeed a step forward, and we believe that it is important that we, as a representative of the industry show our support and are present. Being part of a cluster is also a way to be part of the community, says Jonas Pedersen, who for Tuco’s case is excited to present its Pro Zero series of fast workboats: - We bring some exciting items and just before fair, we will release the news of the sea trials we have made based on a newly developed product; an ASV work boat that shows very attractive fuel savings based on a technology where compressed air is trapped under the hull, he said. Fayard: Looking forward to active dialogues - We present our facilities and we would also like to present our mindset, but this is difficult to show on a board. Such things are communicated between people and this is why we are here says Ivan S. Larsen, Fayard.

- Being a shipyard makes it difficult to bring and show our facilities. We must show our presence as an eye catcher and therefore, we have no need of a large stand. Mostly, it is about presence. - We also exhibited the last year and my expectations for this year is that there will be more visitors, and that the shipowners in Copenhagen and the nearby countries will make use of the fair. I hope that the Danish Maritime Days activities will take place more or less in the same location and not all over the city. This will allow more visitors at the fair and where we are available - including” speed dating” and the like instead of simply presenting technology. DAMPA: INTERNATIONAL FOCUS Sales manager Lars Stokholm Dampa says: Our expectation is that being together at the fair as Funen maritime cluster will show a slightly stronger image externally. Our aim is creating good relations with other companies, e.g. Danish suppliers. This is the idea of t​​ he cluster; that we can draw on each other’s experiences. We

all gather information from around the world and the more we share the better. - Generally, we would like to raise the flag and show the customers at the show our ceilings, our news and the various possibilities in our products, he says and elaborates: - The news we bring is primarily on surfaces where we have seen great development during the past two-three years. More and more we supply to cruise ships, where the demands are increasing. We need to keep up - from traditional surface to laminate, fabric surfaces, leather, or whatever else customers want. Dampa values that there is an international maritime exhibition in Denmark. - Denmark is not our largest market, but we hope to meet new customers as well as meeting existing ones to show that we are still active with new initiatives.


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Welcome to the Danish Maritime Fair 2016: In this issue of the Danish Maritime Magazine we focus on two pavilions; the pavilion of the Funen...

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