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Danish Maritime Fair is also something that, going forward, will position Denmark in the blue growth agenda. Løf Henriksen, Enterprise Advisor from Danish Port answers:  “Danish Ports support the Danish Maritime Fair because of the event’s function as a platform for spreading knowledge and creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and professional networking”.  How does Danish Ports fell they can benefit from being present at the fair?  “Danish Ports have a direct focus on the ports role as a key link in the transport chain. The daily challenges in world trade requires a strong network and that you understand the potential of close cooperation” Bjarne Løf Henriksen replied.  Is there any long-term potential for your members, to have a major international maritime event on Danish soil?  “Danish Ports sees a potential in strengthening the community between the various players in the industry, but the Danish Maritime Fair is also something that, going forward, will position Denmark in the blue growth agenda”.  Countless meetings have been held in the process behind the vision of the DMF. Within the last year, the team behind the DMF has participated in Europort, Ajour, Digital Ship,

- Bjarne Løf Henriksen, Enterprise Advisor, Danish Ports

APM Singapore and Sea Japan, each event with its own touch and profile. The big question is now, which direction DMF should move in? In conversations with all the key decision makers that make up the Danish maritime industry, there are three clear trends: In the future, a big maritime event in Denmark should only take place every 2 years. If there is one every year, it will drain the industry’s resources and won’t provide the necessary time to set up a big event.   Seen with maritime glasses, Denmark is “Shipowners Territory” and therefore the event must contain elements of professional and also entertainment value, which will attract shipping company representatives.  The timing of DMF must be aligned with the international event calendar, so as not to conflict with some of the major events both in Denmark and abroad.  Jakob le Fevre, who is responsible for the Danish Maritime Fair adds: 

“Blue Denmark has a unique opportunity to create an event that will attract people from around the world. It will create attention towards the Danish maritime industry and with an event like that on Danish soil, we will be able to work together to find potential synergies and create new businesses together. We will create a more direct path from the investor to the entrepreneur and ultimately strengthen the Blue Denmark in a competitive way. This could also help increase exports and consequently create more jobs”. “The only requirement is that everyone that have shares in the joint project called “Blue Denmark” does not focus 100% on what they can get out of it, at least not in the beginning, but instead accept to invest in a common goal whose outcome will be beneficial to the entire industry” said Jakob le Fevre.  Danish Maritime Fair will be held from October 25th to 27th 2016. Read more at


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