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SCANDINAVIAN COLLABORATION - DOOR TO DOOR The Danish ship owner company Terntank wanted to make sure that all reports and approvals regarding the safety equipment on board their newest vessel were in order. So Terntank’s ship management company, based on the small island Donsö, Sweden, hired the Swedish company C-Survey to perform the inspections. As it turned out, C-Survey is a service provider certified by the Danish company CRALOG - which happens to be nearly-neighbour to Terntank at its residence at the Port of Skagen, Denmark.


t’s a small world, especially when you work in the maritime industry and set your goals high when it comes to taking safety on board seriously.

in China, even though the inspections are not compulsory until one year after the launch of a new vessel. This was mainly due to meet the customers’ expectations.

Terntank was originally established as a ship owner company in Sweden in 1958, but in 2009 a cross border merger was completed, and the Swedish Tärntank Rederi AB moved to Skagen, Denmark, and became Terntank Rederi A/S, but kept its management company on Donsö, Sweden.

Since the establishment in 2009 C-Survey has maintained inspections of the fleets of several local ship owners at Donsö. In 2015 the crew from C-Survey carried through their first CRALOG course in order to be certified to maintain inspections of Life Saving (LSA) equipment such as rescue boats, life-raft cranes, davits and loose lifting gear.

For several years Terntank Management has been using the skilled workforce of the neighbouring company C-Survey on the small archipelago island Donsö just off the coast of Gothenburg in Sweden. - Our collaboration with C-Survey makes everything so much easier for us, since they make all the inspections required in one, explains Östen Johnsson, technical manager at Terntank Management. MEETING HIGH DEMANDS The inspection of the new building Tern Ocean was carried out at the Avic Dingheng ship yard

WORLD WIDE NETWORK - The growth and efficiency of C-Survey is a role model for all our service providers. In the first year after their training at CRALOG Academy C-Survey made 300 inspections. They are now counting six trained technicians and

one more is on its way. None of our 27 locations World Wide has made such astonishing progress in such short time, says Ian Fleming McCurdie, managing director of CRALOG, based at the Port of Frederikshavn, Denmark. CRALOG educates service providers for inspections of life saving and lifting appliances all over the world. - Our World Wide network of certified personnel are all trained at our own academy. Today we count skilled staff at 27 locations around the globe. Providing local certified man power to ship owners is part of our success. In that context, it is a rather funny coincidence, that our Swedish service provider is so closely connected to a ship owner company, which is now located in our back yard so to speak, Ian Fleming Mc Curdie says.


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