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DANISH MARITIME DAYS 2018 The three promoters behind Danish Maritime Days - Danish Shipping, Danish Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority - are preparing the next edition of the major maritime event that takes place on May 2-4 2018.


n the beginning of the autumn a meeting is convened, where all those wishing to host an event in connection with the Danish Maritime Days are invited. This applies to those who have previously contributed with events, as well as newcomers. Danish Maritime Days were launched in 2014 with significant financial resources from both maritime funds and public funds. A significant part of these funds went to the completion of the Danish Maritime Forum, which will not be part of the DMD platform in the future setup.

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After the 3-year start-up phase, Danish Maritime Days is now flying on its own, which means that there are not that many financial resources available. COMMON CALENDAR The Danish Maritime Days Secretariat, which in 2018 is under the leadership of Danish Maritime, will, in line with previous events, stand for a common calendar on the Danish Maritime Days website, where all events will be announced. All events are welcome, however, attempts will be made to coordinate the events so


that events with overlapping content does not take place at the same time. UNDER THE SAME ROOF LokomotivvĂŚrkstedet, where the Danish Maritime Fair takes place, will also host many of the events taking place during the Danish Maritime Days 2018. You can contact the Danish Maritime Fair if you wish to investigate the possibilities of hosting a Danish Maritime Days event at LokomotivvĂŚrkstedet. Call +45 2646 0106 or send an email to

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