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BLÜCHER GOES ALLIN AT NOR-SHIPPING West Jutland’s Blücher, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of drainage systems in stainless steel, has high expectations for Nor-Shipping. The company offers drainage solutions for everything from bathrooms over large industrial facilities to luxury cruise ships. Blücher was founded in Denmark but is today owned by the quoted US concern Watts Water Technologies. Blücher has subsidiaries and offices all across Europe, in Russia, the Middle East, the U.S. and China - but the headquarters are still in Vildbjerg in West Jutland.


lücher is a regular at Nor-Shipping, where the company has exhibited through many years, and 2019 will be no exception. - The Norwegian shipping industry is extremely important to us. There are a lot of shipyards in Norway, and we deliver to nearly all of them, says Blücher’s Export Manager Marine, Michael Tønnesen. - A large part of the projects we deliver to: passenger ships, oil & gas and large fishing trawlers, often begin in Norway - either via a Norwegian shipping company or a Norwegian ship architect. That’s why we spend a lot of time on lobbying in Norway, we communicate with a lot of stakeholders. When the projects are decided, we follow up on them in the local markets - Russia, Romania, Poland or other countries. But if we do not have these stakeholders from the start unless we are included in the specifications from the start - then we rarely win the projects, says Michael Tønnesen. SALES ARE NOT BASED ON PRICES - Our sales of products and systems are not based on our prices. We might be the most expensive on the market. That is why a large part of what we do is specification work, where we go out and speak to shipping companies and ship architects to tell them why they should use Blücher on future projects. - We go to Nor-Shipping to maintain and take care of our Norwegian marine customers, but part of it is also about marketing development. We get to invite a lot of interests that we want to speak to. That is why we bring a lot of products and systems that they haven’t seen before, Says Michael Tønnesen.

NEW PRODUCTS Are you brining new products to Nor-Shipping ? - Yes, we definitely are. We have a new product called non-welded penetrations. Normally, if a shipyard wishes to install this kind of product, they will have to weld it into the construction. We have made new types with a screw-on solution, which means that all the welding is eliminated. This enables an installation time of 2 minutes instead of 20 minutes, says Michael Tønnesen. - We have launched ned design friendly floor drainage solutions. You might know them from bathrooms, where there used to be a square drain grate, which has been replaced with a slim grate that looks good. We now deliver these to ships as well. ADVANTAGES OF STAINLESS STEEL - As always, we focus heavily on safety. We are basically the only ones on the global market who offers a completely non-flammable system in stainless steal. We believe that we can offer a complete system so that customers dont have to collect pieces from several different manufactures. We deliver it all – in stainless steal, says Michael Tønnesen. GROWTH IN NORWAY Is the reason for going all-in at Nor-Shipping, that you are seeing growth in Norway? - The Norwegian market has seen better days, especially back when the oil-and gas business was successful. We are still far from the level in 2014, but Norwegian shipyards are busy once again. No longer dealing with oil and gas projects, but instead with passenger ships. Especially the so-called expedition cruise ships segment is busy, and we deliver a lot of work for them. Also for large shishing vessels and service ships for the breeding industry.

- That is why we believe we can expand our market at Nor-shipping – In Norway and in other countries, says Michael Tønnesen. FOUNDED IN 1965 Blücher was founded in 1965 by Johannes Blücher Skibild, a skilled and visionary plumber with both his feet on the ground. The company’s range of products includes more than 2,500 standard products, including custommade floor drains, drainage pipes and industrial floors. All products are stainless steel to ensure quality, flow capacity and hygiene combined with low maintenance. The products are manufactured in a module system, where separate components are combined to create complete products. Blücher also offers custom-made solutions, where flexibility and the craftsmanship in the production phase are important elements of the process.


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