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An adapter for big cranes on rigs being lifted in place for assembly. The picture illustrates how major the elements being handle don the open sea are.

More than 1000 companies in Schleswig-Holstein, such as Dantysk and Butendiek, located west and southwest of Esbjerg, work within the field of wind energy and with offshore wind farms. The German northern state makes up for almost half

that alone in the Helgoland cluster, which operates mostly in the German Bay and along the Wadden Sea coast, an additional 1000 MW will be added by the year of 2025. In addition to this, expansion in other fields will continue.

handling sea transport of wind turbine towers for MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, the deal covers turbines, turbine blades and gear systems. The German shipping company has worked within the offshore wind power industry since 2008. This was the point where Germany gained a serious interest in the field of renewable energy. The larger step towards energy transformation came a couple of years later, when the country decided to shut down a large number of its nuclear power plants. The reason for the sud-

The two major producers of wind power account for 75 percent of the world’s wind turbines. The cooperation between the two companies is therefore important for the entire value chain. - CEO, Glenda Napier,

In cooperation with their employees, facilitates strategically collaborations on innovation. - We are the Danish offshore industry’s neutral platform for trustworthy cross-industry cooperative work. The purpose is to strengthen the network amongst the cluster organization’s 240 members, and build regional links and bridges to international markets, says Glenda Napier.

of German wind power. Knowhow, economy and political battles have been key problems within German wind power, which the Foreign minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel stated to Maritime Denmark a couple of years ago. At that time he was the finance minister and initiated the DanTysk offshore wind farm, which is the Swedish energy group company Vattenfall are in charge of running.

COOPERATION WITH A NEW PERSPECTIVE It was indeed this perspective that played a significant role, when at the end of October embarked on a joint venture with the German company ”Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency, EE. SH” located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost state. According to Glenda Napier the joint venture carries with it major perspective for the Danish offshore industry.

DENMARK IS A PIONEER COUNTRY Denmark is a pioneer country when it comes to wind power. The Danish offshore clusters strengths are found in areas such as installation, project commissioning and logistic services, which appear to be popular on German territory. In the area of logistic service a close cooperation between Blue Water in Esbjerg and shipping company BREB GmbH in Bremen is already in motion. The company has great expertise in transporting equipment to the offshore wind industry from its hotspots in Cuxhaven and Sassnitz.

- The German offshore industry has great potential, Glenda Napier continues to explain. - We know

The two companies – Blue Water and BREB GmbH – have made a long-term agreement. Aside from

den change was the fear for disasters, such as the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima had experienced when it was hit by a tsunami on the 11th of March that same year. April 2018 will mark two years since Glenda Napier took position as CEO of By now she has had a wide range of experience working with cluster networks – which aside from her current position, is a result of her former work as area manager in the cluster organization CLEAN, as well as cluster development work she did in Region of Southern Denmark and from her time working in Erhversstyrelsen. EXPENSES MUST BE CUT As a facilitator, Glenda Napier has already made a noticeable amongst the big companies of the business. Now they cooperate in the wind power industry towards common standards, which will contribute to cutting the price of wind in half, which will ultimately be for the benefit of consumers. This was announced at the annual meeting in the late autumn of


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Danish Shipping Industry - Facts and Figures: In 2017, the Danish fleet has grown considerably and reached an all-time high when measured by...

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Danish Shipping Industry - Facts and Figures: In 2017, the Danish fleet has grown considerably and reached an all-time high when measured by...