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We focus on quality, flexibility and reasonable prices. We have a great location, not only geographically but also in relation to the companies we are surrounded by. And last - but not least - we have great employees.


s often as both Lars and I can, we go for a walk around the yard to have a talk with employees. It is always nice and there’s always a good mood. We keep a very simple structure, and our doors are always open, says Christina Ørskov, Director at Orskov Yard. Besides Lars Fischer and I, there are four others in our management team, and we are working very, very closely. We are a great team. Lars and I stay clear of the individual departments; they are run by the managers they have. We are often asked if we’re going abroad - as there’s a trend that you must establish yourself

here, there and everywhere. We decline to this. We believe that we should focus on what we are good at. And what we are good at, is running this yard here in Frederikshavn.

departing all the time. But it is very important for us that people realize, that the yard also generate revenue in many other places - hotels, restaurants, shops etc.

It is important to us that we get hold of the young people. We have a firm rule that at least 10 percent of our workforce must be apprentices. It’s our belief, that “you cannot expect to find the right labor, if you do not care to educate.”

These days, offshore customers are no longer waiting in line. But the fact is, that we have a wide cover. We are very competent in many segments, indeed more segments than ever before. The competition is fierce. But we have a very good reputation, and our customers appreciate the high quality we provide.

We also use a lot of time to make the yard transparent. There are no association in Frederikshavn that haven’t been invited to visit us. Anyone can see it is a yard - with ships arriving and

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