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LINKS php/2010/08/18/the-evolution-ofthe-batsuit/

This video compared Batmans modern suit and breaks down its components scientifically. Comparing them to real life gadgets and armor.

This video showed the inspiration behind the Batsuit in the 1989 Batman film. Tim Burton and other share their insight on the decisions made for the suit. This article named, “How the Batsuit Works,� by Robert Valdes gives a detailed overview on the compnonents of the Batsuit and how it functions. http://philipssoapbox.blogspot. com/2011/09/batman-throughyears-comparing-batsuit.html



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Editor’s note Batsuit Evolution

5 What lies beneath: The motivation behind Batman/Batman Return Batsuit 7

The Breakdown: An in-depth look at the features of the latest Batsuit

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What exactly is SUITED zine? SUITED is a zine designed for all comic book fans. We gather the most loved comic book superheroes and analyze the piece of them that makes them recognizable worldwide, their suits. For our first edition our hero is Batman. Batman has been depicted on the small and big screen. For every adaptation of the loved superhero the batsuit has evolved. In this issue we gathered the break down on the two most popular batsuits yet. Not every batsuit made the cut but we didn’t forget to mention some iconic ones from the past. We hope you enjoy the zine. Mariela Ramirez Editor-in-chief


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1 1995





1989 1 2

as seen on BATMAN/ BATMAN RETURNS (FILMS) Directed by Tim Burton Worn by Michael Keaton 3


What lies beneath

The motivtion behind Batman/Batman Returns Batsuit




The idea for the cape was influenced by real life bats. Bob Ringwood the desinger if the batsuit thought of using a table as a mold fot the cape. They sprayed latex on the mold to create the shiny bat-like texture the cape embodied. The circular cape was created to create a dramatic entrance when Batman arrived on a scene. The cowl and cape were one piece on this suit. The idea was inspired by the depcition of Batman in the comics that were present while creating the suit. This enabled Batman to physically move his head. Therefore, every time Michael Keaton need to turn he had to move his entire torso. This was later known as the, “Batman Turn.”

Before these movies were made Batman was represented in a leotard. Tim Burton decided that he wanted Batman to look scary and intimidating. This lead to the creation of an all black costume made out of armor. Michael Keaton was not as built as Batman’s true identity, Bruce Wayne, this was where the body armor helped get Keaton into true character. The costume designers made a live body cast out of Michael Keatons body. The armor was sculpted on top of the body cast and they created a costume than was more muscular than Keaton. It gave off a tougher look with the hopes of having Batman be taken more seriously.

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EYE MAKE-UP The eyes beneath the cowl had a carnival mask look to it without any make-up. To achieve a more seamless look the costume designers felt that the eyes would give off a more intimidating look if they were made up. It added the intensity to the costume that was adopted in every Batman film since.


BOOTS Nike created the boots for this batsuit. The boots were inspired by cross trainers they had designed at the current time. The boots were loved by Keaton because they were comfortable. Unlike the heavy batsuit the boots were easy to move in.

The Breakdown

An in-depth look at the features of the latest Batsuit


COWL The cowl is sculpted out of a impactresistant graphite-composite exterior. Inside of the cowl there is bullet-proof Kevlar plating that protect Batman from small-arms fire. Within the bat ears there are high-gain microphones and a radio antenna. The radio antenna allows Batman to be the first on the scene as it monitors police and emergency services radio. The microphones in the ears are connected to special ear pieces that give Batman enhanced hearing. The microphone amplifies Batman’s voice which is heard through a speaker on his suit. This is what gives Batman his harsh intimidating tone.


ARMOR The armor on the Batsuit is called a nomax Survival Suit, an advanced infantry armor system. The material is light and waterproof. The armor helps maintain Batman’s body temperature and protects his muscles fro freezing. The over armor is composed of six components: Knee guards, Calf guards, Leg armor, Arm guards, full-torso vests and a spine guard.


UTILITY BELT The utility belt is a prototype climbing harness. It serves as a gear attachment system. The belt is built so that Batman can easily grab and replace items. The items featured in this utility belt are: the magnetic grappling gun, a flexible fiber-optic periscope, Batarangs (razor sharp alloy throwing stars, ninja spikes to climb walls, mini mines additional non-lethal explosives to distract enemines, a mini cellphone and a medical kit.


GAUNTLETS The gauntlets help protect Batman against bladed weapons. The blades of the gauntlet help add extra power to Batman against bladed weapons. The blades of the gauntlet help add extra extra power to Batman’s strikes. the gloves Batman wears are also made of Kevlar like various parts of the suit.


CAPE The cape is made of memory fiber and acts like any other fiber, but when an electric charge is applied it becomes stiff. This helps Batman glide from tall buildings. It slows down his falls and allows short flights.


BOOTS The boots have a heel that contains a ultrasonic signaling device. The signaling device calls to live bats that appear to cover batman while he escapes a scene.

2008 1

as seen on THE DARK KNIGHT (FILM) Directed by Christopher Nolan Worn by Christian Bale


3 4




SUITED Classic Batman Batarang but I don’t think it fit’s in that utility belt.

Leotard does not display a very intimidating look.

Material is normal fabric. No body armor.

as seen on BATMAN (TV SERIES) 1966-1968 Worn by Adam West

Drawn eye-brow line and nose on mask

worst moments

Nipples? Not exactly sure what that does to fend off enemies.

as seen on BATMAN & ROBIN (FILM) 1997 Directed by Joel Schumacher Worn by George Clooney









A zine created on Batman

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