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Vol. 50

Issue #9

23rd June 2014

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Guardians, The Church has a sequence of major celebrations from Easter onwards. These are the Feasts of the Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and the Body and Blood of Jesus. In this way the Church is highlighting significant understandings of the nature of Jesus and of the Trinitarian God. Yesterday, the Church celebrated the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. We recall Jesus saying, ‘take and eat and drink; do this in memory of me’. It is because of this direction that we celebrate the Eucharist at the important times of the year and important times in our lives. Lord Jesus, you promised that when two or three would get together in your name then you would be present with them. May your Spirit lead us to grow more aware of your presence in our lives today and everyday Amen.

As we draw to the end of Term 2, I have been pleased with the work being done by our students in both their curricular and co-curricular activities. The following are observations of these activities: Musical Our 2014 musical, Guys and Dolls, was a success due to the hard work of our director Mr Jorge Vafeas. It was very pleasing to see the students singing, dancing, acting and supplying technical support. Debating The Debating Teams under the direction of Mr Greg Quinn and Mr Chris Moysa have had another good season. On Friday evening, the Year 11 team were successful against St. Patrick’s Strathfield. This team now progresses to the round of four in Catholic Schools Debating. Chess The Chess Teams under the direction of Ms Vicky Drivilas and Mr Luis Dela Paz have been competing this term. The Junior A Team will now move on to the quarterfinals. 2

Immersions Our three Immersion groups have been meeting and planning their trips. The India Immersion is being led by Ms Carolyn O’Brien. The Cambodia Immersion is being led by Ms Paula Reinhold and the Northern Territory Immersion is being led by Mr Stephen Versteegh. We have in total nine teachers and twenty-six Year 12 students on these Immersions. Our teachers have been very busy this term in developing their teaching programs for the new Australian Curriculum. This year, Year 7 and Year 9 student learning in English, Maths, Science and Geography is set in the new Curriculum. Next year students in Years 8 and 10 will also be working from the new Australian Curriculum. One of our local initiatives in the preparation of teachers for this new curriculum has been the Marist Cluster Days. Our Director of Teaching & Learning, Miss Ann McGovern had a major responsibility in the organisation of these days. Both this year and last year, Marist North Shore was joined by Marcellin Randwick and Marist College Penshurst in these Cluster Days. This means that we have a collegial Marist network in which our teachers can network and further develop their teaching ideas. Next year the Cluster will hold a joint Spirituality Day to focus on Marist Spirituality. Last Saturday, the Parents and Friends held their annual Trivia Night in the La Valla Hall. This gathering was supported by a large group of parents. The evening was tightly contested with the eventual winners being the table called the Young Ones, in memory of Rik Mayall, not in light of their significantly youthful faces. Mrs Claire Manning with the support from Mr Rob Manning, Mrs Elizabeth Byrne and the Parents and Friends, they did some great work enabling the evening to occur. I hope that you all have a safe and relaxing break and I look forward to all the students returning in Term 3. Tony Duncan Headmaster



As you may be aware the College last year introduced a new initiative, a program called Sentral that assists the College with data management. It has assisted the College with a variety of elements within school life like attendance, reporting, messaging parents and timetables to name just a few.

I would like to share with the Marist community Jack Garay’s address to the College as the Senior Champagnat Award winner for 2014. I think it reflects the wonderful qualities of Jack as a leader and the deep connection he has to the Marist community.

Within this program, there is a feature titled Student and Parent Portal. This allows both parents and students discreet information about each student’s progress in our school. The student portal was launched earlier this term and students are aware of the functionality of this portal.

Good morning Mr Duncan, Teachers and gentlemen; my brothers. It’s with great honour today that I’ve been rewarded with the opportunity to speak with you all about the aspects of Marist that makes this place like a home away from home. What makes Marist North Shore, Marist North Shore? I personally find it impossible to describe the overall aura of the school with a few simplistic adjectives or photo. From day one we’ve been drilled in the skills of school life and made to explore the foundations of the school itself, from the rules of the playground and the classroom, to handling the major events from carnival’s to the chess competition, and ultimately about the life of St. Marcellin Champagnat alongside the five charisms we’ve been able to derive from his work. The thing is the trick to ‘surviving and thriving’ I’ve discovered is that you have to learn to be apart of, and love, as many aspects of the school that you can.

The Parent Portal will allows parents access to features that include: 1. An overview of student attendance 2. Your son’s NAPLAN results 3. Your son’s timetable 4. Booking for Parent/Teacher Interviews A letter has been sent to parents regarding the details of the program and how it can be accessed. We hope to build on the functionality of the program for parents. We feel that this will continue to give parents a further connection with your son’s education. PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS A further letter will be sent to parents over the holiday break which will give details in regards to the process of booking interviews through Sentral. Parent/Teacher Interviews will open on Sentral on Monday 14th July at 7.00pm for Years 7 & 11 and on Tuesday 15th July at 7.00pm for Years 8, 9 & 10. CORRECTION: In the last High Notes, we incorrectly acknowledge another student for being awarded a Blue Tie. It was actually Thomas Colgan (Salta) who was awarded the Blue Tie for his service and leadership for the College. Apologies to Tom and congratulations!

Love of Work, Simplicity, In the Way of Mary, Family Spirit, Presence. It is these characteristics which resonate throughout this place. Love of Work is one charism that both staff and students can easily relate to. My first guide to surviving your schooling time here at the College comes directly from the ideal of learning to your best potential. Love of Work however, is not permanently linked in with simply ‘liking homework’ or ‘standing out in class’. Loving your work relies on your environment. It’s all about having those friends you can share notes with, not being scared to actually have a conversation with a teacher, and most of all, don’t... fall... asleep. The second step to thriving at the school, is to embrace the Simplicity. When was the last time one of you had a KISS moment? ...Come on be honest? You know one of those ‘Keep It Simple Silly’ moments? The fact you’re all part of one big schooling family here allows all your activities at the College to generally fly smoothly and easily. Life will always find a 3

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER way to help you balance things, so just do your best to enjoy your time here, both educationwise and with your friends, and the stressful side of life will surely make a turn for the best! In the Way of Mary is my third step, one that is linked directly with the religious side of schooling life. I know a lot of you guys may be less inclined to be in touch with your spiritual side, but this charism is one you can carry on with you. Looking at the life of Mary today, her life morals and values are still highly relevant in our present context. The ability of any one individual to place others before themselves, be spiritually content, love unconditionally and be forgiving in nature, is something hard to come by in today’s society. Through immersing yourselves in selfless caring acts, you may not only make a difference to someone else’s day, but you may just find you’ll get a kick out of it too! Doing simple things like helping Mum out with the dishes, taking time to help a friend with their homework, or even NOT attempting to kick a fellow student’s handball over the roof of the school are all simple steps towards gaining mutual support for one another. Marcellin saw Mary as the way we could easily access Jesus; all to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary for Jesus. Another way of finding the strength to thrive at the College is to immerse yourselves in the Family Spirit that lives here. Learning to feel included and to embrace the family sense within the school can become one of the most fearful and challenging exercises you undertake in the younger years. Getting used to the idea of leaving troublesome siblings at home, only to come to the comfort of the school environment to find yourself ‘misplaced’ inside a bin by your new older brothers can be quite a daunting daily routine. Experiencing the expert money ‘borrowing’ techniques of the older students at the canteen line is another hurdle we all learn to overcome. What’s a family without a bit of chaos, right? But amidst the chaos, we’re able to see what makes this place so special. The sense of support and compassion across the school is what turns peers to siblings, and staff to parents. The fact that we can build up these parental-like relationships with teachers and add ‘brothers’ to our families has to be my favourite aspect of the college, and I hope that every student gets the same opportunity to grow their family for years to come.


The conclusive guide towards making the most of your time here at the College is derived directly from the charism of Presence. It may be one of the cliche lines you hear at the College, but you have to do your best to ensure that you’re ‘present’ within the College community. St. Marcellin Champagnat made it his life work to be present in the lives of the children and young men he was able to educate, meaning we probably wouldn’t be standing in this hall today if it wasn’t for his dedication to being a part of his community. Your ‘school clock’ is on a count down from the day you start in Year 7, and if you ask any Year 12, we could all assure you that it’s been the fastest six years of our lives. You won’t get the chance to relive the times with your brothers, so if I can get through to you all on one aspect today, my message is - GET INVOLVED. No matter your mindset, if you’re offered the opportunity to be involved in any aspect of the schooling life, it will only make you a bigger person from it. Just remember, some of the worst experiences make for the greatest memories, and you can’t find your own strengths and talents unless you give something a go. The Leadership Team has even attempted to subliminally place the thought in your minds with the theme of ‘Service’ this year! Finally, I’d like to thank you all for making time here at the College so memorable. If I was told in Year 7 that I’d end up growing up with 130 brothers and having the best six years of high school imaginable, I wouldn’t of believed anyone for a second. The fact that I could be myself from day dot and enjoy my entire time here is what I think makes the College so special. It has been truly humbling this week to stand in the footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat to see that his dream is alive and well at Marist College North Shore. So don’t be scared to be who you are, and accept others for who they are too. Everyone has a story and everyone has a dream. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and hope you’ll always carry your own piece of Marist with you for years to come. All the best boys. Jack Garay Kelly House Captain Senior Champagnat Award Winner 2014

TEACHING & LEARNING YEARS 7, 8 & 11 REPORTS Years 7, 8 and 11 Semester One reports will be posted home on the last day of school this term. Please contact Mrs Joyce Kelly at the beginning of Term 3 if you have not received a copy by the end of the holidays. Please keep in mind that for some subjects only one completed assessment task is being reported on, so it is important to discuss any issues you may have with your son’s classroom teacher. Year 9 and 10 reports will be distributed at the beginning of next term. The Year 7 - 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be taking place during Week 2, Term 3 where you will be provided with further feedback regarding your son’s performance in particular subjects. Our Year 7 - 11 Academic Awards Assembly will be taking place on Monday 21st July at 10am. All parents, grandparents and friends are most welcome to attend.

practice amongst the three Marist schools. It was a very beneficial day and its success was as a result of the engagement of all teachers into the day. Special thanks to the thirty students who volunteered to help out on the day, the Marist North Shore teachers who ran workshops and the outstanding catering provided by Mrs Elizabeth Byrne who was assisted by her husband Conor, Mrs Annie Lucas and Ms Georgia Moloney. UPCOMING EVENTS TSFX, the School for Excellence, have launched their Trial HSC study timetable for July. I have left some flyers for Year 12 at the lectern near Mr Forrester’s office. Details can also be found here: www.tsfx.com.au


The ‘HSC in the Holidays’ programme is being run by UTS, Macquarie University and the University of Wollongong. I have distributed flyers to Year 12, but here is a link in case the flyers have been misplaced: www.hscintheholidays.com.au

On Monday 16th June we hosted a Teaching and Learning showcase day at Marist North Shore with Marcellin Randwick and Marist College Penshurst to share best Teaching and Learning

Please see below for information regarding studying in the USA Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning

U.S. Consulate General Sydney Level 10, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place NSW 2000 edadvsyd@gmail.com 9373-9230 2014 July Information Sessions The following is a list of the information sessions EducationUSA will be holding during the July school holidays. RSVP is essential at www.trybooking.com/89936. Details are as follows: US Undergraduate Information Session + Sports Scholarship Information Session Wed 2 July 2014, 1:30 for 2:00-4:00pm EducationUSA, US Consulate General Intended Audience: High school students aiming to compete in NCAA college sport + parents. A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process and NCAA eligibility process. RSVP is essential by Fri 27th June at (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). NCAA sponsored sports are listed under the sports tab at: www.ncaa.com. Please note: Men’s rowing is not an NCAA designated sport. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate.

US Undergraduate Information Session Mon 7th July 7 2014, 1:30 for 2:00-3:00pm EducationUSA, US Consulate General Intended Audience: High school students + parents interested in studying in the U.S. A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process. RSVP essential by Wed 2nd July (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate. US Undergraduate Information Session + Sport Scholarship Information Session Fri 11th July 2014, 1:30 for 2:00-4:00pm EducationUSA, US Consulate General Intended Audience: High school students aiming to compete in NCAA college sport + parents. A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process and NCAA eligibility process. RSVP essential by Tues 8th July (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). NCAA sponsored sports are listed under the sports tab at: www.ncaa.com. Please note: Men’s rowing is not an NCAA designated sport. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate. 5



All French classes in Year 8, the elective Years 9 and 10 classes and the Year 12 French Beginners class have been busy getting points on Language Perfect since the middle of Term 2. But what is Language Perfect? It is a wildly popular online language learning tool helping thousands of students from around the world get excited about learning a language. The French students at Marist North Shore have been thoroughly enjoying this multimodal, interactive and fun site where they learn new and relevant vocabulary to what they are learning in class that week. It is rapidfire answering - the quicker the typer you are, the better! Students have been learning to translate written French into English, and viceversa, as well as responding to spoken French. Marist North Shore was lucky to start Language Perfect just before they held the Language Perfect World Championships! Our students were clocking in thousands of answers in a race to get as many points as possible! At a future assembly, we will be awarding certificates to those students that did exceptionally well in the World Championships as well as awarding prizes including an iPod Nano from the Language Perfect team. We are looking forward to a great Term 3 using Language Perfect! 6

YEAR 10 ELECTIVE FRENCH A snapshot into a Language classroom: Year 10 are currently learning about part-time jobs and to see how much they’ve learned, they participated in an activity called Running Dictation. In groups of three or four, they had a “runner” who would run to the board to read a paragraph on parttime jobs in French. The “runner” would memorise a few words or a line at a time, and run back to their group at the other end of the classroom to relay the text. The group members had to try and write the correct spelling/punctuation of what was being relayed to them. Groups started to proclaim “Nous avons fini!” (“We have finished!”) only to find out they had missed a part of their text. After much excitement and annoyance at realising they had an accent the wrong way round on an “e”, the winning group was announced! Katie Bucknole French

CHESS JUNIOR A TEAM In Round 1 our team had a win against Balgowlah Boys High, 2.5 points our way with two wins from Jamie and I and a draw by Dylan. Our loss came from our board 4 being unable to make the game and therefore had to forfeit. Round 2 saw us play North Sydney Boys High on home ground and I personally was shaking with nerves facing a school with the reputation they have. Surprisingly though, we had another 2.5 point win; Dylan and I won. Jamie lost to their captain and Aron had a draw by stalemate. Then our team played Manly Selective in Round 3. We had a 2-2 draw against them with losses from Jamie and Dylan, a resignation win for Aron and an epic one hour and thirty minute game played by me which came down to a clock with a ten-minute timer. I won! We played Monte just down the road in round four. They are yet to record a win and is still are with wins to all our players including our new player Daniel Mooney who mysteriously hadn’t played a game until now. It was interesting though playing in such a relaxed atmosphere where they would chat away compared to our usual dead silent games. In Round 5, we played our own brethren, Marist C and our team had three wins and a draw against our tough Year 8 opponents. For Round 6, most of our team made it to Chatswood to play St. Pius X. We all won but had a forfeit due to travel problems. With these results and our last round in sight, we can fight for first place. Team Results: Name Results (win/loss) Jamie Burgess 4-6 Sean Auer 6-6 Aron Chanelian 3-4 Dylan Odenthal 3.5 - 5 Daniel Mooney 1-1 Forfeits 2

JUNIOR B TEAM - ROUND 5 Our match for Round 5 was against Killara A. Board 3 of their team were not present so Adrian Cheung moved down to Board 4. The game was very exciting, challenging and successful. We got off to a rocky start, with my game being very close to being lost, however I played a few traps and defeated my tough opponent. Thomas Chheou also did very well as usual, beating his opponent. Adrian unfortunately lost but there is always room for improvement in the game. Our sixth round in the competition was against St. Pius X. The game was tough and one of the most competitive out of all the rounds we have had. Special tactics had to be used in my game so I could win. Thomas and Adrian were very competitive, but unfortunately weren’t successful this time. Jack successfully defeated his opponent. Our results were 2-2, so it wasn’t our best game but we did our best. I hope to have a good game against Shore A to close up the competition for 2014. Frederick Krisman (C) 8 Chanel

Sean Auer 7 Kelly






At the end of Week 7 this term, the University of Sydney Chemistry department hosted seventeen of our Year 12 Chemistry students.

The curtain has fallen once again on Marist College North Shore’s annual production. This year’s production was the classic Broadway fable Guys & Dolls. Set in 1950s New York, the Marist North Shore production of Guys & Dolls was a colourful comic-book homage to the larger-than-life characters of Damon Runyon’s classic short stories. The funny and romantic story of gangsters, Sky Masterson (Roupen Minassian) and Nathan Detroit (Christopher O’Shea), and their gals, Sarah Brown (Rosie Oldfield), a straight-laced Broadway missionary, and Miss Adelaide (Skye Williams), a ditsy Broadway showgirl, was filled with memorable songs like “Luck be a Lady” and “Sit Down Your Rockin’ The Boat”, and witty dialogue, sharp choreography and snappy costumes.

Joel Brown, Matt Crowe and Ben Johnston with their thinking caps on

The program had been arranged by Dr. Jeanette Hurst and it aimed to assist HSC students with their understanding of first-hand experiments. Six PhD students from her department were excellent at organizing the activities and concisely explaining the key points.

This year’s show was filled with a talented cast of thirty students from Marist College North Shore, complemented by students from Willoughby Girls High School, Monte ‘Sant Angelo and Mercy Catholic College Chatswood. Together with the hardworking Marist College North Shore band and lighting, sound and stage crew, this year’s musical had over sixty students involved, making it one of the biggest productions to date! Roupen Minassian, Marist’s own Sky Masterson, commented: “Every year, Marist College North Shore puts on a great show for all to enjoy and the support we receive from the other students and the wider Marist community is beyond words. It really is one of the highlights of our school year!” It is with great pride and tremendous gratitude that I thank the cast, crew and band for their efforts in creating a flawless show. This gratitude also extends to the production team: Mr Kevin Camrass for his vocal coaching, Mr Rod Herbert for the band, Ms Kathleen McGrath for the costumes, Ms Carolyn O’Brien for her brilliant sets and Mr Alexander Casanova for his production management.

Mate Borovac, Anmol Sahlan and Harry Chan all very happy students

To their credit, all our students focused on their tasks spread over two sessions lasting two hours long each. It was an excellent day as endorsed by the happy students in the pictures. Greg Quinn Science 8

A big thank you also goes out to the many staff members that helped each night with Front of House, the intermission canteen and backstage with costumes and make up. Jorge Vafeas Director




Sean Parnell (Class of ‘83) has been the awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his service to the community for a range of volunteer roles he has fulfilled in the Northern Territory. Sean is an acting commander in the Northern Territory Police Force and has taken an active role in various community services ranging from St. Vincent de Paul Society, National Catholic Education Commission, Northern Territory Football League and the Northern Territory Police Museum and Historical Society just to name a few. During his time here at Marist North Shore, Sean was a Prefect and finely represented the College in CSDA Debating, CSDA Oratory and MCC Swimming. We congratulate Sean on all of his outstanding service and this very special recognition.

UNIFORM SHOP LOST PROPERTY Tracksuit Tops Hird Hampson C7 Size 8 no name Jumpers Josh M Jack Magee Pair Blue/grey new Balance sport shoes All school items not collected by the end of term will be washed and resold in the Uniform Shop, and all other items remaining will be sent to St. Vincent de Paul. 10



MOUNTAINBIKERS Thirteen enthusiastic Marist North Shore students recently competed in the 2014 All Schools Championship, held at Yellomundee in the Blue Mountains. Our representatives were: Ben Suthers Carlos Vega Vallejo Chris James Lucas Mayer Tom Keating Max Pickton

Nathan Gambi Morgan Hanan Caden Becker Alex Butler Declan Tobin Calum Danger

Around 220 students competed from schools all over NSW (most of which have Mountainbiking as a school sport). This was our third year participating and the riders and their loyal parents all had a great day. Our four teams put in a fantastic effort and achieved creditable rankings, with no injuries to bodies or bikes. Well done boys!! Peter Bennett Team Manager


VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 23 Jun: Lisa Brink, Penny Davis, Julie Moriaty, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg 24 Jun: Pip Byrne, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunders 25 Jun: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 26 Jun: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 27 Jun: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (Day in lieu of Expo) 14 Jul: Annette Bradford, Donalda Brown, Grace Ooi, Andrea Morgan 15 Jul: Louise Frith, Nina Stowers-Kahui, Nola Xenakis 16 Jul: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Janet Pereira, Cindy Van Kampen 17 Jul: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Marg Mitchell, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead 18 Jul: Paulette Bendixen-Brown, Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Vicki Robinson, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young UNIFORM SHOP 25 Jun: Donalda Brown, Debbie Jenkins, Taleen Avedissian, Mandy Arnold 16 Jul: Colin Wilson, Janet Gill, Luija Gribben, Janet Pereira, Sue Rennie

LOOKING AHEAD 25 Jun>8 Jul: Immersion 26 Jun: LAST DAY OF TERM 2 27 Jun: COLLEGE CLOSED (Day in lieu of Expo) 14 Jul: TERM 3 COMMENCES Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 16 Jul: Year 11 Ministry Week Prep Day Year 8 Subject Information Evening La Valla Hall, 4pm Year 10 Subject Information Evening La Valla Hall, 5pm 17 Jul: MCC Semi Finals Round 18 Jul: CSDA Debating - Semi Finals Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 21 Jul: Year 7 - 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews HALF-DAY FOR STUDENTS, 12pm 22 Jul: Year 7 - 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews PUPIL FREE DAY 24 Jul: MCC Winter Finals 25 Jul: CSDA Debating - Finals 28 Jul>8 Aug: HSC Trial Exams 28 Jul>1 Aug: Year 10 Work Experience 28>31Jul: Year 11 Ministry Week 28 Jul: Year 7 Geography Excursion - Part 1 Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 29 Jul: ICAS English Competition 30 Jul: Year 7 Geography Excursion - Part 2 30>31 Jul: Year 8 French Cooking & Festival 31 Jul: Year 11 Reflection Day Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly)

Surf Education at your School FREE presentations on Sun & Surf Safety

ACCOUNTS FEE STATEMENTS A reminder that your second Fee Statement was due for payment at the end of May. The College would greatly appreciate if families finalise their accounts as soon as possible. Please contact us at the College on 9957 5000 or at accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au Mark Brooks Business Manager

We will come to your school to conduct a 45minute presentation (includes question time) at a time that suits you during Term 2 and 3. Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches and The Cancer Institute NSW have for the past two years continually been able to deliver free presentations to all schools in the area on Sun Safety and Surf Safety. We also offer a three-hour Surf Awareness program on the beach in Term 4 for $22 per student. The on-the-beach course follows up on the classroom presentation, gives students and teachers an opportunity to spend a day at the beach, improves surf awareness skills all whilst fulfilling part of the PDHPE syllabus. Contact marcial@surflifesaving.net.au or call 9913 8066 to make a booking. Marcial is only too happy to visit your school and explain


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High Notes #9 - 23rd June 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

High Notes #9 - 23rd June 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter