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26th May 2014

Year 12 Retreat Marist Hermitage, Mittagong

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, On Friday, the College was represented by boys from the Chanel House at the Mary, Help of Christians Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Bishop Comensoli spoke to the senior students from each Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Bishop Peter said that we stand on the shoulders of those Catholics who went before us in the development of Sydney from colony to city. The Cathedral was dedicated, when founded, to Mary, Help of Christians. The Bishop further offered that we must pray for guidance in our understanding of the situation of the asylum seekers that we are sending to Manus Island, Christmas Island and Nauru. These people that we are confining to detention centres such as Villawood in Sydney’s west. This is not Christian to confine these people to such cruel living conditions.

As we approach mid-year, I can see how many of the school’s plans for the year are coming together. The emphasis that the school places on Teaching and Learning is very real. Our Leaders of Learning are busy developing their teaching programs for the new Australian Curriculum. This year students in Years 7 and 9 are the first groups to experience the new curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and Geography. We are busy developing units of work for Years 8 and 10 for delivery in 2015. The Year 12 Retreat last week was very successful. The success is already evident in the faces of our senior students. The retreat has developed over the years to being one of the traditions of the school.

I believe that these people have not committed any crime and yet we are locking up families and young people. We must pray that the Government and the Opposition re-think these poor policies. The idea that we are suggesting that people from these centres be ‘re-settled’ in Cambodia is also not a just plan. We are encouraged to pray to Mary, Help of Christians as patron saint for Australia to help Australians to act justly; to build harmony and peace in our world.

Almighty ever-living God, Who placed the love of Our Lady, Help of Christians in the hearts of those who brought the Catholic faith to these shores, grant, through her intersession, wisdom to our leaders and integrity to our citizens, so that, under her protection, Australia may know harmony, justice and peace. Our Lady Help of Christians, Pray for us.


Last weekend, our three Immersion groups began their Immersion preparation with a retreat. This is a vital aspect of the formation of the students for their experience at the end of this term. The three groups this year will be heading off to Cambodia, India and the Northern Territory. Tony Duncan Headmaster

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER THE NOW “Patience is not a waiting passivity until someone does something. Patience asks us to live in the moment to the fullest, to be completely present to the moment, to taste the here and the now, to be where we are. We behave if the real thing will happen tomorrow, later and somewhere else. Let’s be patient and trust that the treasure we look for is hidden in the ground on which we stand.”

At times we can be so consumed with what lies ahead or what we have done in the past, that we lose sight of enjoying special moments within our day. This moment can be as simple as laughter with friends, the silence you never seem to find, the joy of victory, the love of family members or a prayer with God. Recognising the beauty of these moments and feelings provides a sense of fulfilment in being immersed in the day. The anxiety of the past or the future is forgotten when we can centre on the beauty of the moment to understand what Robin William’s character described in Dead Poets Society as ‘sucking the marrow out of life’.

- Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was a respected pastor from Canada who wrote with a focus on Wisdom and Faith. His reflection focuses on the importance of being patient in order to finding quality moments. Patience is a difficult virtue to master especially within the extraordinarily busy world we live in. How do we find this patience to live in the moment? To have clarity in our minds and a balance in allowing our lives to be planned but not rigid enough that we miss the beauty of a special moment could be considered the key. The last few meetings I have held with each Year Group have been about preparation for events that are coming up in the next few weeks. I have stressed the importance of being organised, planned and prepared. It is a constant message that I am sure our young men think ‘here he goes again’. They are all important qualities to possess in moving forward in busy schools and in our busy lives.

However, reflections like the one above have made me pause and think about the importance of living in the now.

Furthermore, wonderful memories with family and friends can come from unexpected moments. Being present to the now will allow unexpected moments to be grabbed and fully appreciated. This point can be no more relevant than what our Year 12 students have just experienced from their Year 12 retreat. Taking the time to move away from their normal lives and distractions, provided our young men with time to reflect and pray in the now for beyond. I am sure that they had some preconceived ideas about what to expect, but came back with some unexpected emotions that were discovered and explored. Essentially, this space allowed the freedom for our young men to centre upon themselves. The feedback from both staff and students from the retreat has overall been very positive and the richness of immersing themselves hopefully allowed them to leave with some wonderful, lifelong memories. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster


TEACHING & LEARNING YEAR 12 The Year 12 study afternoons have already begun. I would encourage as many students as possible to utilise this time to collaborate and help each other prepare for remaining upcoming assessment tasks including exams. Please find a schedule for this term below. Note: There may be other teachers present on the afternoon after this publication date. YEAR 12 STUDY AFTERNOONS LIBRARY: OPEN FROM 3:30PM - 5:00PM YEAR 12 TERM 2 YEAR 12 STUDY STAFFING English / Ms Durand Week 1 Essay Writing Miss McGovern French: Miss Bucknole Speaking & Listening / Task 3 Week 2 General Mathematics

Ms Conde

YEAR 12 STUDY AFTERNOONS LIBRARY: OPEN FROM 3:30PM - 5:00PM YEAR 12 TERM 2 YEAR 12 STUDY STAFFING Hospitality: Ms Eggins Extended Response Exam Week 9 Techniques Mathematics topic

Mr Bennett

There is a General Mathematics workshop being run at the Catholic Education Office this year on Wednesday 9th July. Please refer to the flyer on the next page. The School for Excellence has released the dates for the HSC Trial revision sessions. Please click on the following link to find this year’s schedule from the 30th June - 13th July: www.tsfx.com. au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/TSFX-NSWTrialsLectures-Brochure-Yr12-2014-WEB.pdf

Week 3 Physics Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

HSC focus questions from RAP analysis English / Essay Writing Business Studies: Business Report & Extended Responses Mathematics topic PDHPE: Exam Practice Questions Mathematics topic Economics: Extended Response Mathematics topic



Ms Durand Ms Devitt Miss McGovern Mr Pedicini

Mr Bennett Mr Hill

Mr Bennett Mr Pedicini

Mr Bennett

There are several sure-fire ways to make this a great year. 1. Build positive relationships with everyone you know. Parents, teachers, friends, everyone! One of the ways of reducing your stress levels is to set out to have as many positive friendships this year as you can. 2.

Challenge yourself. You are much, much smarter than you know. If you practice doing your best in life you will succeed because very few people ever practice doing their best.

To do your best, you have to get out of the habit of predicting that things won’t go well for you. If you look for what’s going to go wrong, you will always find it. If you look for what works, life just gets a lot easier. Go to: www.andrewfuller.com.au/extras/ downloads/159.%20Setyourself%20up.pdf Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning

General Mathematics HSC Preparation Day aaaa



9th July 2014 Year 12 HSC Trial Preparation Maximise your HSC performance! Hosted by Neila Darrough, K-12 Archdiocesan Mathematics Education Officer Open to all Year 12 students in the Sydney Archdiocese 9.30 am – 3.30 pm (lunch provided) CEO Sydney 38 Renwick St Leichhardt

go to http://goo.gl/6Fe5bc to Join Enrolments close 2nd July 2014



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FAITH FORMATION YEAR 12 RETREAT Last week I had the pleasure of accompanying our Year 12 students and our retreat staff to Mittagong for the Year 12 Retreat. Working on the themes of ‘Trust, Love, Live’ our students explored relationships in life and their own spirituality. The Marist Retreat Centre was a perfect venue, steeped in Marist heritage. It allowed the students to take part in the programme in custom-built facilities, and in free time to explore the grounds of the retreat centre, taking in the majestic views of the Southern Highlands. I was most impressed with how the boys entered into the retreat experience, embracing the opportunity to take time out from the busyness of life and the pressures of the HSC to pause and reflect with each other. I particularly enjoyed listening to the students’ explanation of their relationship with God, as expressed through clay modelling.

“I’ve created a table where you can sit alone and with others. Like this, our quest for God is both personal and communal” “Like this clay, my relationship with God may never be the perfect size or shape, but I’m going to continue to work on it” “Without God there is a void in my life complete darkness”


These were just some of the profound and insightful statements from our fine young men. All of our boys are at different stages of their faith journey and I was proud of just how well they could articulate this throughout the programme.

Year after year, our senior boys’ exit surveys indicate just how much they valued the retreat experience. May we always keep our Year 12 boys in our prayers. My sincere hope is that they can apply some of their learnings and experiences from this retreat experience to their lives back at school and at home.

FAITH FORMATION TWITTER Throughout the year, the Faith Formation team has been trialling the use of Twitter as one of ways in which we highlight the various events, activities and achievements of our students here at Marist College North Shore. If you have a Twitter account, I would encourage you to follow us @Marist_NthShore. ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION We are very fortunate in the Archdiocese of Sydney to be using such a comprehensive and widely acclaimed Religious Education curriculum. The quality of our curriculum is so strong and well-resourced that many other dioceses within NSW, Australia and beyond use it as their Religious Education curriculum. At Marist College North Shore we place great value in delivering quality Religious Education to your sons. Our teachers have tertiary qualifications in Religious Education and Theology – many at a postgraduate level; and they have a passion for Teaching and Learning that is second to none. With this in mind, it would come as no surprise to you that we expect all students at the College to fully embrace Religious Education classes and to treat the subject with the same academic rigour as they would any other. This includes areas such as classwork, homework and assignments.

to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God.’ (2226). You might ask yourself ‘How can I do this?’ I would start by simply having a conversation with your son. Ask him to explain what he has learnt in Religious Education today. Ask him to show you his workbook. Read his textbook and talk to him about his assignments. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much your son knows. Together, through a strong relationship between school and home, we can continue our wonderful Marist tradition of ‘making Christ known and loved’ and in turn, produce fine young men who graduate from the College with ‘strong minds and gentle hearts.’

WHAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TEACHES ON ASYLUM & MIGRATION We regularly hear on the news debates about the Federal Government’s policies on asylum seekers and their subsequent treatment. With this in mind, I thought it timely to share the following literature from the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office - see next page. I recommend that you visit this website: www.acmro.catholic.org.au I would also strongly encourage you to discuss this material with your son at home.

Anthony Munro Director of Faith Formation

Thanks to the encouragement of high academic standards in Religious Education from the start of Year 7, the flow-on effect is tremendous. When our students reach Year 12, they have the motivation and skill set to sit for HSC examinations in Studies of Religion, which in turn can contribute to the calculation of their ATARs. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that ‘Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children…(2223)’ and that ‘Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another 7

Join the 2014 Vinnies City2suRf team Mums, Dads and Children of all ages are welcome RegistRations foR this yeaR’s City2suRf aRe now open. 1. Visit www.city2surf.com.au to register

Join the 2014 Vinnies City2suRf team Mums, Dads and Children of all ages are welcome RegistRations foR this yeaR’s City2suRf aRe now open. 8

1. Visit www.city2surf.com.au to register 2. Select St Vincent de Paul Society from

2. Select St Vincent de Paul Society from the charity listings 3. Our team will contact you to formalise your participation whether you want to walk, jog, side step, skip, moon walk or run the course your support will make a life changing difference. For more information contact kristina.kanaris@vinnies.org.au or call (02) 9568 0266





Last Friday, my fellow students and I from Chanel 8 and 9, travelled to St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city with Mr Duncan and Mr Munro, for the celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, Help of Christians. We arrived at St. Mary’s in awe of its size, history and importance, before moving inside the Cathedral for the celebration. All Sydney Catholic secondary schools were represented at this Mass, filling the Cathedral to capacity. Celebrated by His Lordship, Bishop Peter Comensoli, the Mass celebrated the significant role of Mary as Patron Saint of Australia.

Our next event is the Trivia Night on Saturday June 21st so why not get a table together? Tickets are now available for purchase at: www.trybooking.com/85906

Throughout his homily, Bishop Peter guided us through three major artworks depicting Mary, Help of Christians over the centuries, after whom the Cathedral is named. The first of these artworks was the statue of Mary, Help of Christians in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Second was the stained glass window above the eastern entrance to the Cathedral and finally, the twenty-first Century painting of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, located at the College Street entrance (pictured).

If you have anything to donate for the silent auction, or big ticket items for the live auction, then please email: pnf@maristns.catholic.edu.au Thankyou to those families who have so kindly made donations to the night so far. We look forward to seeing you there! Claire Manning P&F Secretary

COUNSELLING YEAR 7 CHILLED PROGRAM Parents of Year 7 students are invited to consent to their sons’ participation in a Macquarie University program to teach cognitivebehavioural skills related to stress and anxiety. A letter will go home with you son this week, and parents are welcome to email or call us for further information. Dan Mackertich and myself will facilitate the course over eight weeks. Please contact us on 9957 5000 or at dawn. russell@syd.catholic.edu.au for further enquiries regarding counselling at Marist North Shore. Dawn Russell College Counsellor

Bishop Peter also issued us a challenge to us as Christians to reach out and help others in need, just as the early Catholics in Australia prayed through Mary to Jesus in their times of need. Through participating in this Mass, we gained a greater appreciation for the role of Mary in the Catholic Church, not only for us as Australians, but also as the Mother of all Catholics in our universal Church. Jordan Veitch 11 Chanel

FINANCE FEE STATEMENTS A reminder that the second Fee Statement was sent out via email and/or Australia Post two weeks ago. If you did not received a copy to email accounts ASAP on accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au Mark Brooks Business Manager 9





CAREERS @ Marist BREAKING NEWS: All 2015 university publication are now in! The Australian Catholic University and Macquarie University are included. UNI OPEN DAYS University of Wollongong Saturday 16th August International College of Management Sunday 17th August UTS, City campus Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm University of Sydney Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm Notre Dame University Saturday 30th August 9am - 3pm

The ATAR and HSC As Year 12 students move quickly into the business end of their HSC studies, I have included a few timely reminders about the HSC results and ATAR processes. It is important that all HSC students remain well informed about these important aspects. There is much confusion and incorrect interpretations of how the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is calculated. The UAC (Universities Admission Centre) has produced some simplified videos and information pamphlets to help demystify the process. They are able to be accessed via the UAC website. I have include some of the links that you may find useful. All about your ATAR (video): www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRzU4IjhYB0 All about your ATAR: www.uac.edu.au/undergraduate/atar/ All About UAC-FAQ about the ATAR: www.uac.edu.au/documents/atar/ ATAR-FAQs.pdf


Similarly, the Board of Studies has produced an excellent parent brochure on the HSC calculations. Understanding HSC results flyer: studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au/documents/understanding-hsc-results.pdf

ANU Saturday 30th August ACU, Canberra campus Saturday 30th August UWS, All campuses Sunday 31st August 10am - 2pm University of Newcastle Thursday 7th August Port Macquarie campus Saturday 16th August Central Coast campus Saturday 23rd August Newcastle campus ACU, North Sydney campus Saturday 6th September 8:30am – 2:30pm



UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6th September 11am - 1pm





CAREERS @ Marist INFORMATION EVENINGS / EXPOS MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY HEALTH PROFESSIONS INFORMATION EVENING Tues 3rd June, 6pm – 8pm Australian Hearing Hub, Level 1 Lecture Theatre www.mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate/coming_events/ health_professions_information_ evening/ UNSW YEAR 10 SUBJECT SELECTION EVENING Tues 3rd June UNSW Campus, Kensington www.whatson.unsw.edu.au/ egateway/students.splash UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY YEAR 10 INFORMATION EVENING Wed 4th June & Thurs 12th June sydney.edu.au/future-students/ domestic/undergraduate/ upcoming-events/index.shtml UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING & IT YER 11 & 12 PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT Thurs 5th June sydney.edu.au/engineering/infonight/ DISCOVER NURSING, UTS CITY CAMPUS Thurs 12th June, 5:30pm - 7pm Nursing City Campus www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ health/about-health/events-andbrochures/discover-sessions BASAIR AVIATION COLLEGE SYDNEY SEMINAR Thurs 19th June, 7pm – 8.30pm, Bankstown Airport Tues 29th July, 7pm – 8.30pm, Bankstown Airport NOTRE DAME PARENT INFO NIGHT Tues 24th June Broadway Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/info

INFORMATION EVENINGS / EXPOS MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY PARENT INFORMATION EVENING Wed 25th June mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate AFTRS NEW DEGREE BACHELORS OF ARTS (SCREEN) INFORMATION SESSION Sat 28th June, 10am - 2pm Bachelor of Arts (Screen) Information Session: Sat 28th June, 10.00am – 2.00pm, AFTRS, Building 130 The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park www.aftrs.edu.au/awardcourses/new-bachelor-of-arts AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE INFORMATION SESSION PARRAMATTA Wed 25th June, 6,30pm – 8.30pm, 9 George Street, Parramatta Phone: 13 19 01 www.facebook.com/ DefenceJobsAustralia/events UTS LAW UNDERGRADUATE INFORMATION EVENING Wed 25th June 25, 6pm – 8pm, CM05B Haymarket, Building 5, Block B www.uts.edu.au/about/facultylaw/events/law-undergraduate-

SCHOLARSHIPS USYD: SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION EVENING Thurs 26th June sydney.edu.au/future-students/ domestic/undergraduate/ upcoming-events/index.shtml



PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS INTERNATIONAL FILM SCHOOL SYDNEY Sat 14th June, 10am - 3pm 41 Holt Street, Surry Hills ifss.edu.au/whats-happening/ open-days-events WHITEHOUSE INSTITUTE OPEN HOUSE Fri 20th June – Sat 21st June, 10am – 3pm 2 Short Street, Surry Hills whitehouse-design.edu.au/ events-calendar.html#2014open-house SYDNEY AVIATORS OPEN DAY Sun 29th June, All day - 8.30am Phone: (02) 9793 8900 www.sydneyaviators.com.au/ Event.aspx?pid=121

GAP YEAR SOUTHERN CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE INFORMATION SESSION Tues 3rd June, 7pm – 9pm Lane Cove Library, Library Place, Lane Cove Tues 17th June, 7pm – 9pm, Lane Cove Library, Library Place, Lane Cove www.scce.com.au/programs/ information-sessions/ STUDENT EXCHANGE AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND: INFORMATION SESSION Thurs 5th June, 7:30pm Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney, Corner of Kent & Bathurst Streets, Sydney CBD studentexchange.org.au/infosessions/in-person-city-sessions/ LATITUDE GLOBAL VOLUNTEERING INFORMATION SESSION Surry Hills Tues 10th June 10, 7pm - 8:30pm Surry Hills Community Centre, 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills www.facebook.com/ lattitudeaustralia/events




CANTEEN 26 May: Lisa Brink, Julie Moriaty, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg, Penny Davis 27 May: Pip Byrne, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunders 28 May: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 29 May: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 30 May: Dominica Edwards, Melanie Lindquist, Susan Mayall, Joanna Milenkiewicz, Michele Mulligan, Jennifer Vahldieck 2 Jun: Annette Bradford, Donalda Brown, Grace Ooi, Andrea Morgan 3 Jun: Louise Frith, Nina Stowers-Kahui, Nola Xenakis 4 Jun: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Janet Pereira, Cindy Van Kampen 5 Jun: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Marg Mitchell, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead 6 Jun: Paulette Bendixen-Brown, Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Vicki Robinson, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young

27 May: Year 10 Career Testing Cambodian Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 29 May: Northern Territory Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 30 May: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV/DtPa) CSDA Debating - Elimination Round 31 May: Year 7, 2016 Interview Day 2>6 Jun: CHAMPAGNAT WEEK 2 Jun: Champagnat Mass, 9.00am Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 4 Jun: UNSW ICAS Science Assessment 5 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 5 Indian Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 6 Jun: Marcellin Champagnat Feast Day Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 9 Jun: PUPIL FREE DAY (Queen’s Birthday) 12>14 Jun: Musical 12 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 6 13 Jun: CSDA Debating - Elimination Round 2 16 Jun: PUPIL FREE DAY (Staff Day) Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 19 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 7 20 Jun: CSDA Debating - Quarterfinals Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 21 Jun: P&F Trivia Night 25 Jun>8 Jul: IMMERSION 26 Jun: LAST DAY OF TERM 2 27 Jun: COLLEGE CLOSED (Day in lieu of Expo) 14 Jul: TERM 3 COMMENCES

UNIFORM SHOP 28 May: Ann Haron, Anna Ng, Angie Ong, Sira Tchaprazian, Elizabeth Hipwell 4 Jun: Megan Sturrock, Cheree Fullwood, Natalie Chanelian, Lizzy Chant

Good at Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding or XC Skiing?

Be part of the 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Competition! 2nd - 5th July 2014 - Thredbo

All public transport

stops, platforms

& taxi ranks

sm ke-free

If you would like your son to be part of this fun event, please contact:

The smoking ban applies to covered & uncovered areas, including where people queue or gather.

Meg Neuhaus 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Coordinator 0412 112 754 Ian_and_Meg@bigpond.com

1800 357 412


We are looking for skiers and boarders from Year 7 to Year 12 interested in competing in the 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Competition. All supervision, transport and accommodation requirements are the responsibility of each participant’s parents or guardians.

A $300 on the spot fine may apply for anyone who fails to comply with these laws. For more information on the amendments to the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 visit health.nsw.gov.au/smokefree

Tobacco Information Line: The Tobacco Information Line can be accessed by non-English speaking people via the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50


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High Notes #7 - 26th May 2014  

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