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Vol. 50

Issue #6

12th May 2014

Mother’s Day Assembly

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, Last week we celebrated our Mothers and I was delighted with the wonderful response. We were joined at our assembly by over 300 Mothers. I was taken back by how powerful this ceremony was for all of us. This is an important occasion especially in a boys’ school.

St. Jerome said that it is through knowing the scriptures that we come to know Jesus. So it is interesting that Jesus himself is using the scriptures to explain about himself and his mission. Before leaving them, Jesus joined them at the table, said the blessing, broke the bread and it was then that the disciples recognised him. St. Augustine used this story to describe how we come before the Lord with our feelings and emotions and, are often down cast. It is Jesus that listens to us. When we come before him in the Mass, we bring our problems and Jesus listens to us. It is here that we meet the risen Christ. It is great to be an Easter People. YEAR 7 & 8 STUDY SKILLS

Mrs Alison Farnham, our guest speaker at the Mothers Day Assembly, with her sons Cameron (9 Chanel) and Daniel (11 Chanel)

Mother’s Day Prayer by Gaynell Bordes Cronin

On Monday 5th May, over 500 students and parents gathered in the La Valla Hall to listen to Prue Salter about study skills and organisation. As a Principal, I was very excited by the level of conversation between parents and their sons on the subject of organisation and their son’s learning.

I love you, Mum. I love your aliveness, your joy in living, your understanding, your giving. And what I love best of all is that you love me. God of all Mothers, thank you for my mum! —From the book Friend Jesus: Prayers for Children

REFLECTION Last Sunday’s Gospel was the Emmaus Story. This has always been one of my favourite Easter stories. It is about two people walking on the road to Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking about all that had happened with Jesus being crucified, dying and rising on Easter Sunday. Jesus himself joins them but they did not recognise him at first. They told him how they had great hopes for Jesus and yet he was taken from them and then on the third day rose from the dead. They were not in a happy state; filled with confusion. Then Jesus explained to the two disciples the message of the prophets and of scripture. 2

A full house at the Year 7 & 8 Study Skills evening with Prue Salter

I was equally delighted during the week while speaking to some of the students to hear their reflections and learnings from the evening. I discovered several boys in the Library drawing up study timetables during lunchtime. It is so important that we continue this conversation about learning at all levels and ages in the Marist North Shore community. Tony Duncan Headmaster



As explained in the last edition of High Notes last term, each Wednesday the Library is open until 5pm for all students. Year 12 students are meeting in groups and are assisting and working together. Teachers of Year 12 are conducting specific seminars for their students. Students from Year 11 have been rostered to act as mentors for students in junior years who may need assistance with organisation, planning or providing some guidance with assignments and homework. The first two weeks have seen twenty-five to thirty students working in the Library and it has been pleasing to see students and teachers focused on improving student understanding of curriculum outcomes.

It was wonderful to see so many Mothers at our assembly last week. It is a highlight of our school year and is an important celebration for our young men to recognise the beauty of Motherhood. I thought it would be apt after such a community building event to share the wisdom of Alison Farnham’s (Mother of Cameron, 9 Chanel and Daniel, 11 Chanel) entertaining speech:

WEEK 3 Week 3 (12th - 16th May) proves to be another busy week with Year 12 on retreat and Year 7 and 9 completing NAPLAN exams. Year 12 Students in Year 12 have been briefed and prepared on the details for the retreat. I pray that all students see the value and worth of such an experience and that the Holy Spirit touches and guides each individual in their spiritual and personal journey. Students, when not on the retreat are reminded to make use of this time to study and focus on upcoming assignments. Students who are involved in MCC games on the Thursday will need to be at the College by 12pm in their sports uniform in order to be transported to and from their game. Year 7 and 9 The NAPLAN exams are as follows: • Tuesday 13th May: Language Conventions and Writing Task • Wednesday 14th May: Reading Task • Thursday 15th May: Numeracy Students need to be even more mindful on these days to be at school on time. If your son is sick on any of these days, I ask that you contact the office first thing in the morning. All students will be given a pencil to work with for the exams. It is been explained to students that it would be a good idea to bring a spare pencil and eraser. On Thursday, students will require a calculator for the Numeracy exam.

Good morning Mr Duncan, Mr Teachers, boys and fellow Mums –


Firstly, I would like to say I love being a Mum! It has been my career choice for close to seventeen years. However, up until today, I have never really appreciated what ‘being a Mum’ meant. As with all of us Mums, I have watched my boys grow from babies to childhood and now into adolescence. It has been a journey – an ever evolving, ever surprising and challenging journey! Sometimes the journey has been difficult, lonely and frustrating but for the most, it has been joyful, exciting and absolutely awe inspiring! When looking for inspiration for this speech, I looked at my fridge… and no it wasn’t to check if there was enough milk, bread, eggs, cheese, juice to fill my endlessly empty boys’ stomachs. Not long after my eldest son Daniel was born, I bought a fridge magnet. Not a really significant purchase, except for what it says: To become a Mother is not hard, to be a Mother is. I remember buying this magnet early in my Motherhood journey at a time when I felt vulnerable and exhausted, and when I was on the steepest learning curve of my life. I obviously felt I needed the encouragement to keep going, keep moving forward as the journey has just begun! It is at this point in my speech that I could ramble on forever about my boys when they were little. How cute, innocent and impressionable they were! The sleepless nights, nappy changes, temper tantrums, teething, nap time and Play Doh eating. Learning to crawl, walk and talk. How did I manage? But the journey had just started and ‘being a Mother’, as I was learning, was more than this. As my boys moved into childhood and entered pre-school and school, my role as Mother shifted. It was no longer just about satisfying their ‘basic’



needs – warmth, nourishment, safety – the road on my journey led me in a different direction. The boys’ needs changed and with that, ‘being a Mum’ was evolving! With friendships, hobbies, sport, interests, passions and artistic pursuits, I now became a taxi service, events manager and life coach. I spent endless hours organising play dates and themed birthday parties – anything from dinosaurs and pirates to wizards! I have stood on the sidelines of nearly every soccer match cheering, no yelling,“GET IN THERE…!!!”


I have revelled in the glow of successful theatrical pursuits. I have shared my boys’ successes and disappointments, their joy and fear. However, just as I settled into this part of my journey to ‘being a Mum’, the road turned again. I was now the Mother of teenage boys. Teenage Boys… where do I start? This road has had and continues to have many twist and turns. It has been an equally exciting and terrifying part of my journey. In some ways the boys need me less. In other ways they need me more. My role has evolved again! I am not only a chef, laundry service, cook, nurse, baker, motivational coach, nutritionist and PA, I am also a confidant, a sounding board and counsellor and that’s only when they decide to talk of course! Watching my boys grow – not only physically, but emotionally, has been the most exciting part of my journey so far. I am blown away by their wit, intelligence and compassion. I am enjoying the conversation and debates. I am realising, at this stage of my journey, that my boys are becoming independent, not just in the physical sense, but in their ideas about the world. What I have discovered while on this journey to ‘being a Mum’ is that as my boys have matured, I have matured as noted in my cleverly covered grey hairs, wrinkles and failing eyesight! I have realised that as I have learnt about my boys’ likes and dislikes, similarities and differences, beliefs and ideas, I have also begun to understand, as I learn more about them, I am discovering more about myself. I now know what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have learnt how to be a better listener, be more open-minded, more self-aware, more empathic and patient(although this one still requires work!). And in learning these things about myself, I am teaching my boys more. They are a reflection of me. What I also realise is that ‘being a Mum’ is a hard journey! A journey that will never end but what a wonderfully exciting journey of self-discovery it will continue to be! David Forrester Deputy Headmaster

The NAPLAN tests for Years 7 and 9 commence on Tuesday 13th May and conclude Thursday 15th May. Please see the timetable on the College website with regards to specific areas of testing. Extra information for parents and carers regarding the test can be found on the following website: www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu. au/naplan/info-for-parents.html It is important that all students at our College sit the tests. If a student is away for any reason, please contact the College before 8.30am. SENIOR STUDENTS There are two upcoming Careers Expos that Year 10 - 12 students in particular may be interested in. The Sydney Morning Herald HSC and Careers Day is taking place from the 29th May-1st June at Moore Park. The Western Sydney Careers Expo is taking place from the 19th June-22ndJune 2014. Limited flyers are available in both my and Mrs Brown’s office, or alternatively you can find details on the following websites: hscandcareers. com.au and westernsydneycareerexpo.com.au STEVE BIDDULPH I stumbled across a flyer recently that some of you may be interested in. Renowned psychologist and author of Raising Boys and Manhood, Steve Biddulph, will be speaking at St. Mary’s Cathedral on Wednesday 21st May 2014. Please click on the link for details: www.smccsydney.catholic. edu.au/uploads/notes/PR/Steven_Biddulph.pdf OPEN HIGH Many of our students choose to study a language through the Open High School. Open High is having their Open Day on Saturday 24th May from 12noon – 3pm and have cordially invited all parents from Marist North Shore to the day. Please refer to the flyer on the next page for further details. IAN LILLICO – BOYS’ EDUCATION On the next page is an excerpt from one of Ian’s latest newsletter. To read the whole article, please click on the link:

TEACHING & LEARNING Insight into Boys #23 “Boys and their Masks”: Most teenage boys (and girls) show a front to their real selves. The mask is their protection against bullying and breaking the peer group rules by not showing emotion, acting cool and looking tough. We must not communicate with these masks because these are not our kids – they are hidden behind those masks. We must let them know that it is them we want to talk to and not the characters they are trying to imitate – the tough guy heroes they watch and mimic from the media.


Studies of Religion I = 1st English Extension II

Peter Boyer

Studies of Religion I = 1st

Christopher Brown

Mathematics Extension I

Joel Brown

Physics Ancient History

Joe Burgess

English Extension I Modern History

Good communication occurs when we remove our masks as well - whether we are parents, teachers or school administrators. If the boy has given us the privilege of seeing his real self, we must respect him by letting him see us as we really are, also. Once he rejoins his mates, however, the mask comes back on. However, once he has opened up to us and we have resolved the situation together, we know the real boy in him and henceforth see through the mask he wears – and he knows it.

Liam Carlson

email.boysforward.com.au/t/ ViewEmailArchive/r/D3BA998B0F58C0842540EF23F30FEDED/C67FD2F38AC4859C/

Alexander Gwozdecky

Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning


Studies of Religion I = 1st English Standard = 1st

Jordan Clarke

Industrial Technology

Alexander Coyle

Mathematics Extension II

Christopher Fung (Yr 11) Mathematics Harrison Gallagher

English Standard = 1st English Advanced

Jack Garay

PDHPE = 1st

Ethan Grenot

Music = 1st French Beginners PDHPE = 1st Studies of Religion I = 1st

Joshua Harkin


Nisal Jayalath


Thomas Johnston

Senior Science

Ben Macintosh

Studies of Religion I = 1st Hospitality

Mark Mackay

General Mathematics Studies of Religion I = 1st Business Studies

Tim Mimis

Economics Biology

Cameron Munro

Studies of Religion I = 1st

Anmol Salhan

Studies of Religion I = 1st

Michael Shippen

Visual Arts

Daniel Stefanowski

Studies of Religion II

Robert Stevenson

Design & Technology Music = 1st

COMMITMENT Patrick Adams


Peter Boyer

English Extension II

Joel Brown

Chemistry Mathematics Extension II

Joe Burgess

Studies of Religion I

Jonathan Cheng

English Standard

Simon Cox

Modern History 5

TEACHING & LEARNING Alexander Coyle Samuel De Swardt

Mathematics Extension I Physics Drama Visual Arts

Matthew Edwards

Studies of Religion I

Jakub Grzybowski

English Extension II Hospitality

Joshua Harkin

General Mathematics Studies of Religion II

Luke Hovehanesian


Rory Hutchings

Studies of Religion I

Thomas Ingram

Business Studies

Nisal Jayalath

English Extension I

Benjamin Johnston

English Standard

Thomas Johnston


Nicholas Kain

English Standard Biology General Mathematics

James Kirk

Modern History History Extension Studies of Religion I

Joshua Konopka


Harrison Lewis


Will Liu

General Mathematics

Ben Macintosh


Mark Mackay

Business Studies

Tim Mimis


Cameron Munro

English Advanced

Last week Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services (www.enhancedlearning.net) ran a study skills evening with Year 7 parents and students. The evening helped families put systems in place to help students work towards achieving their personal best in an efficient and effective way. Students examined their home study environment, the way they organise and manage their papers, how to work effectively at home and deal with distractions, how to manage the workload in high school, and the steps to studying in high school: making study notes, learning the notes by testing yourself and doing as much practise as possible. Parents are encouraged to review the handout from the session with students and discuss the main areas identified where changes need to be made. Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website: studyskillstoptipsparents.com

COUNSELLING YEAR 7 CHILLED PROGRAM Parents of Year 7 students are invited to consent to their sons’ participation in a Macquarie University program to teach cognitive behavioural skills related to stress and anxiety. Any parent whose son has been diagnosed or shown signs of anxiety is welcome to email or call us for further information. Dawn Russell and Dan Mackertich will facilitate the course over eight weeks.

James O’Connell (Yr11) Mathematics Tristan Oldfield

Ancient History

Joshua Panozzo

Senior Science

Sian Ramirez Johnson


Anmol Salhan


Michael Shippen

French Beginners

Daniel Stefanowski Christopher Testa

Biology English Advanced English Standard Industrial Technology

Jarred Van Kampen

Catholic Studies

Stuart Williams


Marcus Woodfield

Design & Technology

NEW PROVISIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST We welcome Dan Mackertich (MCNS 2007) to the counselling team on Tuesdays for 2014. Dan is in his fifth year at Macquarie University, studying for a Diploma of Professional Psychology. He will work at the school as part of his final year of studies. He has already completed a BA and a Graduate Diploma in Advanced Psychology and is registered with AHPRA as a provisional psychologist. We believe he will be a great asset to the team. Please contact us on 9957 5000 or at dawn. russell@syd.catholic.edu.au for further enquiries regarding counselling at Marist North Shore. Dawn Russell (Registered Psychologist Tues-Fri) Alicia Mitchell (Registered Psychologist Mon) Br Michael Hill (Registered Psychologist Mon-Fri)


FAITH FORMATION YEAR 12 MARIST YOUTH FORUM On the weekend beginning Friday 2nd May, Tristan Oldfield, Zachary Mansfield and I attended the Year 12 Marist Forum at The Hermitage, Mittagong. It was a chance for students to connect with other ‘Young Marists’ from NSW and ACT, with the aim of discussing a number of issues based around vocations and offering the chance to think about what they wanted to do when they leave school and later in life. The term vocation is used to describe a person’s life decisions or calling based their gifts and talents, given to them by God, in their personal and working life. Sister Noelene (part of the Marist Sisters for forty years), Br. Anthony (a Marist Brother who works on the Mittagong farm), Emma (one of the Marist Youth Ministry team members and artist), a priest and a married couple (from Marist North Shore, Mr. Stephen Versteegh and his wife) all gave us a great insight into what life might be like if we chose a vocation similar to theirs. Outside of the vocation discussions, there was time to pray and reflect on some of our own private thoughts in the chapel, which also became the home for our group ‘Mandela’, a spiritual and ritual art piece made up of individual patterns - see above.

As part of the spiritual experience, students also went to the onsite cemetery that is owned and maintained by the Marist Brothers who live in the Mittagong community. At the cemetery, we visited the resting place of Br. Peter Salta (see picture), a long time teacher at Marist North Shore and whom Salta House is named after. Overall, the Year 12 Marist Forum gave the thirtysix students who attended the chance to form new friendships and focus on what life has to give in the future and was enjoyed by all those who took part. Cian Byrne 12 Salta


For HSC Studies of Religion, we visited the Sydney Jewish Museum and the Central Synagogue of Sydney. This was very productive for the Studies of Religion cohort due to it shedding light on some key topics that we are learning about Judaism. These included Hassidism, Marriage and Bioethics. Rabbi Moss was a dynamic speaker who assisted in clarifying and strengthening our knowledge on these key examinable topics for the HSC.

The Sydney Jewish Museum was intriguing due to its thorough portrayal of the Jewish Holocaust and showed how the properties of the Jewish faith created a community impervious to even the worst of hardships. This excursion was a necessary step in the education of my classmates and I. I believe this enlightenment of the Jewish faith will ensure that the students of Studies of Religion will maintain the highest grade possible. Daniel Stefanowski 12 Chanel 7

MARIST PILGRIMAGE During the past three weeks I have had the humbling experience of journeying to the heart of the Marist story and ventured to India, Italy and France on the 2014 Marist Schools Australia Pilgrimage. A sense of awe and wonder abounds as I collect my thoughts upon returning to Sydney, however, there are some thoughts and experiences that linger at the forefront of my mind. I am not going to recount here the daily travel log of my experience, however I aim to reflect on a few key thoughts that struck me whilst on pilgrimage.

within each one of us. This is inexorably linked to Mary of the Annunciation; • Level 2 – “Community” – the home of Champagnat’s table – this can be seen as Mary of the Visitation – this is where we build community and share in the message of the gospels, providing inclusion for all; • Level 3 – “Mission” - with large windows out onto the world – this is the place where we go out into the world and make Jesus Christ known and loved, just like Mary of Pentecost.

A key question that has sat with me upon my return is how Marists today take that intangible leap into the future? As pilgrims we were asked to explore the challenges facing Marists across the world. How do we want to be perceived and what is it that will underpin the future of the Marist project into the future? At the heart of what it is to be Marist in an ever-changing world is looking forward to new possibilities whilst simultaneously embracing the past. Our Marist foundations in France hold the key to the Marist mission into the future.

It seems to me as I reflected at the beautiful Notre Dame L’Hermitage, which is nestled at the bottom of the valley on the River Gier, that we here at Marist College North Shore are embracing what is at the heart of being Marist. As a centre of evangelisation we are awakening the spirit (Interior) of our boys, who are welcomed around the same table (Community), which seeks to experience connections to the world in which they live (Mission). This is education for life, with a Marian face, which ultimately seeks to make Jesus Christ known and loved. Certainly a highlight for me was visiting the roots of the Marist project in France. The original house in the small hamlet of La Valla is a key symbol of our Marist past and Marist future. Recently renovated, the place where Marcellin Champagnat set about forming the Marist Brothers has been symbolically transformed into the three key pillars that underpin the future of the Marist Institute: • Level 1 – “Interior” – the embracing of our inner spirituality and the fire and desire that burns 8

It is very obvious to me after three weeks journeying to the heart of the Marist story, that Marist College North Shore epitomises the face of Marist education today and that we are certainly open to the newness of the calls of God. Chris Maoudis General Coordinator

IMMERSION 2014 IMMERSION FUNDRAISING DINNER On Friday 4th April, our twenty-five Immersion students and nine teachers hosted a highly successful fundraising dinner for the children in need from each of the Immersion projects. All profits raised from the dinner will go directly to the Immersion projects in: • India: The Chetana Tribal Boy’s Hostel, near Kolkata • Cambodia: Sala Lavalla School, near Phnom Pehn • Australia: Parish Centre at Wadeye, Northern Territory

In seven weeks time on Wednesday 25th June, the staff and students will be journeying to their Immersion experience where they will be placed in situations where the normal pattern of their existence is disrupted by a new set of circumstances. They will gain a new perspective on the world and the way other people live their lives. They will learn from the people they meet and stand in solidarity with them. For many, it will be a life-changing experience. The College’s 2014 theme Service is embraced wholeheartedly by the Immersion team, where they will serve with humility and action to those in need in Marist communities in India and Cambodia.

The total raised was $16,921.00, which is testament to the generosity of the Marist community who supported the evening. There were many people who donated items for the silent auction and items for the evening’s success. In particular, I would like to thank Elizabeth and Connor Byrne for their significant donations and support. The food, prepared by Ms Sally Kim, Ms Georgia Moloney, Ms Rochelle Eggins, Mr Peter Sherringham and the Year 12 Hospitality class, was outstanding with many people asking for recipes. Sally’s vision and expertise in food preparation and service is of a professional standard. The Hospitality team’s continuing generosity and support for this event is a key contributor to the success of the evening.

Jarred Grobler, Harry Berton, Cameron Kinsella, Robert McKee, Harrison Lewis, Jack Garay and Tim Langereis serving dinner on the evening

Finally, the support of the Year 12 Immersion students’ parents was outstanding. The evening relied on their presence and the gathering of friends and family to the dinner.

Our Immersion groups for 2014 with Mrs Jane Rorke

2014 IMMERSION GROUPS Wadaye, Northern Territory Jack Garay Harry Berton Jarred Grobler Benjamin Johnston Cameron Kinsella Timothy Langereis Robert McKee Harrison Lewis Mr Tony Duncan Mrs Jane Rorke Mr Stephen Versteegh Kolkata, India Patrick Adams Alexander Coyle Jordan Mann Robert Stevenson Ms Patricia Kratochvil Ms Carolyn O’Brien

Christopher Brown William Eriksson Ben Macintosh Hudson Whealing Mr Anthony Munro Mrs Dawn Russell

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Harrison Gallagher Zachary Mansfield Dominique Ratcliffe Stuart Williams Daniel Young Mr Zachary Pedicini

Joshua Konopka Tristian Oldfield Rohan Tailor Steven Xenakis Miss Katie Bucknole Ms Paula Reinhold 9



ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE WORKSHOP EXCURSION On Monday 28th April, the Year 10 Elective and Year 12 Beginners French classes travelled to the Alliance Française in the Sydney CBD for a two-hour lesson with native French speakers and teachers. When we arrived at the Alliance, we were greeted with croissants and chocolat chaud at Le Grand Café, before being split into three groups which separated Year 10 and 12.

The Marist College North Shore Band played in the Anzac Day March on 25th April 2014. We put on our satin black and gold sashes and huddled under shelters as the rain pelted down. Sacrificing our blazers, we marched on in the downpour. We slowly made our way towards the dozens of bands waiting to join the march. In a solemn procession, we marched past the Cenotaph in Martin Place and turned our heads to face it with respect. I felt grateful to those who gave their lives and fought in all the dreadful wars.

The Year 12 students and some Year 10 students participated in a HSC Oral Exam Practice workshop and the remaining Year 10 students participated in a Pronunciation workshop. Once reunited, we returned to school, having vastly improved our speaking and pronunciation abilities. The morning at the Alliance was beneficial for the entire group as it was something out of the ordinary, where we were able to experience French language and culture to the largest possible extent whilst still being in Sydney. James Muil and Thomas Kay 10 Chanel and 10 Kelly

As we turned into George Street, all you could see were masses of people waving Australian flags, clapping and smiling. We played Sub Tuum as the jeep ahead of us carried elderly veterans. I was happy that we played for them. It took about twenty minutes to march from George Street to Hyde Park. We played Sussex By the Sea, Tipperary, 60’s SuperHits and Advance Australia Fair. The crowd gave the biggest cheer as we played the National Anthem. The whole experience made me feel proud to represent my school and I also felt very honoured to march with the veterans. We were soaked but it was worth it! Leo Metzker 8 Moore






On Monday 21st April, twenty-one students and Ms. Eggins attended the Sydney Coffee school for a Barista Course. The first stage of the course was food handling. There we learnt about proper handling and hygiene. A popular part of that stage was when we rubbed a certain type of soap and the instructor shone an ultraviolet light onto our hands. This was supposed to show how much dirt and grime was on our hands and the results were very interesting! After that, we were told how to properly wash our hands and were re-tested under the ultraviolet light. Students had to sit a small exam which everybody passed with flying colors and we secured our food handling certification which we can now present to an employers.

Our next event is the Trivia Night on Saturday 21st June, so why not get a table together? Tickets are now available for purchase at: www.trybooking.com/85906

After our lunch break, we headed over to the Coffee School. As we walked into the small room, we were all amazed by how many coffee machines there were. After a small intro and some theory about coffee which included the fundamentals of coffee and the flavours of coffee beans, we started the fun bit making coffee. For many hours we continued to create abominations and hazards of coffee but as we pushed through, the coffee that was made became better and better. The coffee machines that we were using were top of the line, which involved the user having to grind the coffee and heat the milk and water. We learned how to froth the milk just right so we would not burn it. By the end of the day, we had gained so much knowledge about how coffee were made and created and left with a stronger understanding on coffee. We had another exam, and then left the the Coffee School, smelling like a Barista. It was a fun experience that was very rewarding!

If you have anything to donate for the silent auction, or big ticket items for the live auction, then please email: pnf@maristns.catholic.edu.au Thank you to those families who have so kindly made donations. We look forward to seeing you there. Claire Manning P&F Secretary

Join the 2014 Vinnies City2suRf team Mums, Dads and Children of all ages are welcome RegistRations foR this yeaR’s City2suRf aRe now open. 1. Visit www.city2surf.com.au to register 2. Select St Vincent de Paul Society from the charity listings 3. Our team will contact you to formalise your participation whether you want to walk, jog, side step, skip, moon walk or run the course your support will make a life changing difference. For more information contact kristina.kanaris@vinnies.org.au or call (02) 9568 0266

Samuel Hodson 10 Moore 11

CHESS METROPOLITAN SECONDARY SCHOOLS CHESS COMPETITION The first term of Chess this year has been great! Held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch in Room 19 by Ms Drivilas and Mr Dela Paz, our sessions have been going from strength to strength since the beginning of the year. It has been fantastic to see more and more kids join every week, with some very good competition developing. The year started out pretty well, with lots of kids putting their minds on the game and enjoying the game.

Marist College North Shore A (Junior 5) Jamie Burgess (C) 7 Chanel 5 Sean Auer 7 Kelly 4 Dylan Odenthal 7 Chanel 1 Aron Chanelian 7 Kelly 3 Rd Date 1

9 May

2 3 4 5 6 7

16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun

Home Balgowlah Boys A MCNS A Manly D Monte MCNS A St. Pius X C MCNS A

Away v MCNS A v v v v v v


Marist College North Shore B (Junior 4) Frederick Krisman (C) 8 Chanel 9 Thomas Chheou 8 Kelly 4 Adrian Cheung 8 Kelly 3 Jack O’Brien 7 Salta 2 Samuel Van Kampen 8 Kelly 8

Students focusing during one of the many coaching sessions hosted by the Sydney Academy of Chess

Only a few weeks in and already a great number of kids were coming in everyday to have a game, with some people even having enough time for two! The Open Day was fast approaching and it was fantastic to see so many people put their hands up to hold the fort in the Chess exhibit. No one could resist a game, not even some of the other Marist boys themselves! Last term, we also had our first coach come in and give us some basic first lessons and promising to come back in for the second term. With the Metropolitan Chess competition having been announced, it is great to see that Marist College North Shore has nine teams in the competition. For all those involved, please see the team lists and schedules. James Miller 8 Chanel


Rd 1 2 3 4 5 6

Date 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun

Home Shore C MCNS B Nth Syd Girls A Nth Syd Boys C MCNS B St. Pius X B

Away MCNS B St. Aloysius B MCNS B MCNS B Killara A MCNS B

v v v v v v


20 Jun


v Shore A

Marist College North Shore C (Junior 5) James Miller (C) 8 Chanel 8 Daniel Mooney 8 Salta 1 Angus McKee 8 Salta 1 Cameron Priddle 8 Kelly 2 Rd Date 1 9 May 2

16 May


23 May

4 5 6 7

30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun

Home Manly E MCNS C Nth Syd Boys B MCNS C MCNS A Monte MCNS C

Away v MCNS C Balgowlah v Boys A v MCNS C v v v v

Nth Syd Boys D MCNS C MCNS C St. Pius X C

CHESS Marist College North Shore A (Intermediate 4) Felix Powling (C) 9 Kelly 8 Matthew Failla 9 Salta 8 Ube Silva-Lindsey 9 Salta 3 Dominic West 9 Kelly 9

Marist College North Shore D (Intermediate 3) Thomas Priddle (C) 10 Kelly 1 Joshua Rizk 10 Moore 3 Christopher James 10 Chanel 4 Tyson Roch 10 Chanel 7

Rd 1 2 3 4 5

Date 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun

Rd 1 2 3 4 5

Date 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun


13 Jun


13 Jun


20 Jun


20 Jun

Home St. Aloysius MCNS A Manly F Shore C MCNS A Nth Syd Boys B MCNS A

v v v v v


v MCNS A v

Nth Syd Boys E

Marist College North Shore B (Intermediate 3) Matthew Hutchings (C) 10 Kelly 4 Lewis Boyd 10 Chanel 3 Kay Sharma 10 Chanel 9 Lewis Watts 10 Kelly 4 Rd 1 2 3 4

Date 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 May

Home MCNS B St. Ignatius B MCNS B St. Pius X B

v v v v


6 Jun



6 7

13 Jun 20 Jun

Shore A BYE

v v

Away MCNS D MCNS B Killara A MCNS B Nth Syd Boys C MCNS B

Home MCNS B BYE MCNS D Killara A MCNS D Nth Syd Boys C MCNS D

Away v MCNS D v v St. Ignatius B v MCNS D v St. Pius X B v MCNS D v Shore A

Marist College North Shore A (Senior 3) Timothy Langereis (C) 12 Kelly 2 Joel Brown 12 Kelly 3 Daniel Stefanowski 12 Chanel 5 Nicholas Ticehurst 12 Moore 4 Jarred Van Kampen 12 Kelly 3 Rd 1 2 3 4 5 6

Date 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun

Home Shore A MCNS A St. Aloysius C BYE MCNS A Monte


20 Jun


Away v MCNS A v St. Aloysius A v MCNS A v v MCNS B v MCNS A Nth Syd Boys v A

Marist College North Shore C (Intermediate 4) Bradley Anderson (C) 10 Moore 1 Peter Ng 9 Moore 1 Matthew Parker 10 Moore 7 Jamie Timmins 10 Moore 7

Marist College North Shore B (Senior 3) Isaac West (C) 11 Kelly 2 Duke Adams 11 Salta 1 Abhishek Raju 11 Moore 9 Jay Swami 11 Salta 5

Rd Date

Rd Date


9 May

2 3 4 5 6

16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun

Home Nth Syd Boys E MCNS C Manly C MCNS C MCNS A Shore C


20 Jun


Away v MCNS C


9 May

v v v v v

2 3 4 5 6 7

16 May 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun

St. Aloysius MCNS C Manly F MCNS C MCNS C Nth Syd Boys v B

Home Nth Syd Boys A MCNS B St. Aloysius A MCNS B MCNS A BYE MCNS B

Away v MCNS B v v v v v v

Shore MCNS B St. Aloysius C MCNS B Monte 13

CAREERS @ Marist Science Outreach at UTS Students who are interested in exploring Career Options in Science are encouraged to participate in the excursion to the University of Technology, Sydney Student Outreach program. The excusrion will take place on Tuesday 24th June and is designed to engage our students with the UTS Science faculty. They will undertake hands on learning, experience university life and converse with the faculty regarding career options and pathways. This exciting opportunity is available to boys in Years 10, 11 and 12. Permission slip will be available from Mr Ivanov and should be returned to him directly.


It has been pleasing to see completed work experience documents being returned to the College. I would encourage all parents and students to be mindful that all forms are due back to the College by Week 8 this term at the latest. Given this date, all boys should have made their approach to a potential employer at this stage and have made a serious start on this process. Any boy who has misplaced or damaged their documents are reminded that there are plenty of spare copies in the Careers Classroom. Boys should seek these out at lunchtime or during their Careers lesson.

White Cards For Work Experience Students who are undertaking work experience at a construction site or will be visiting a construction site are required to have undertaken an OHS General Induction to Workplace Safety training day. This will be delivered at the College on Monday 23rd June. Permission slips are available from Mrs Brown and via the College website. Any boy who wishes to participate in this are required to complete and return the permission form before Friday 31st May. All permission notes must be given to Mrs Brown directly.

SHORT COURSES The Writing Workshop After-school, school holiday, online and in-school creative writing workshops and activities. School holiday courses take place at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay. www.writingworkshop. com.au 14

AFTRS Pixar Animation Course and Open July School Holiday Courses www.aftrs.edu.au/ short-courses/schoolholidays

Participate Film Academy: Certificate III in Media School Holiday Course The course can be accredited for up to 4 units of the HSC. participate.com.au/ film-courses/certificateiii-media

UNI OPEN DAYS University of Wollongong Saturday 16th August International College of Management Sunday 17th August UTS, City campus Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm University of Sydney Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm Notre Dame University Saturday 30th August 9am - 3pm ANU Saturday 30th August ACU, Canberra campus Saturday 30th August ACU, North Sydney campus Saturday 6th September 8:30am – 2:30pm UNSW Saturday 6th September 9am – 4pm UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6th September 11am - 1pm ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13th September 8:30am – 4pm UWS, all campuses Newcastle University TBA






BLUE MOUNTAINS INTERNATION HOTEL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL Tue 15th July – Thu 17th July www.bluemountains.edu.au/ apply/discovery-days/

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS & ECONOMICS EVENING Wed 14th May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate

COLLEGE OF EVENY MANAGEMENT INFO SESSION Fri 16th May, 6.30pm collegeofeventmanagement. com.au/campus/informationsessions

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NOTRE DAME NURSING STUDENT Wed 2nd July Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/aditl

UTS BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION EVENING Tue 20th May, 6.30pm – 7.30pm, City – Broadway CB02 Building 2 Room CB02.04.29 www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ business/business-study-areas/ accounting/bachelor-accounting

ACADEMY OF INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT OPEN DAY Sat 17th May www.aie.edu.au/ announcements/open-daysaturday-17th-may

CADETSHIPS ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY CADETSHIPS (ETCAD) @ WESTPAC Applications for the Engineering & Technology Cadetships (ETCAD) Program are now open. Program may be found at: www.etcad.com.au University & TAFE 2015 Course Available These can be accessed in two ways: Electronically on the institutions website via the future students section and; hard copy via the Careers Room. Faculty guides from Sydney Uni and UTS have already arrived. Course guides for Northern Institute of TAFE are also available for students.

HSC WORKSHOPS/ INTENSIVE STUDY SPECIAL TERTIARY ADMISSION TEST For university applicants without a recent Year 12 certificate. Applicants who undertake the test may have the opportunity to gain entry to University. www.acer.edu.au/tests/stat/ overview34 HSC STUDY INTENSTIVE NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY Mon 7th – Fri 11th July www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney ACU - HSC ENRICHMENT Tues 8 July - Economics & English Thurs 10 July - Business & Law www.acu.edu.au/study_at_acu/

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL INFORMATION EVENING Wed 21st May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME CAREERS IN LAW & BUSINESS Wed 21st May, 6pm www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney NOTRE DAME PARENT INFO NIGHT Tues 24th June Broadway CampusAL Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/info MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY PARENT INFORMATION EVENING Wed 25th June mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate NOTRE DAME NURSING INFORMATION EVENING Tues 30th September, 6pm Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/nursing-info MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL LEAVERS INFORMATION EVENING Wed 10th December mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRAMATIC ARTS OPEN DAY Sat 27th May, 10am – 4pm www.nida.edu.au/about-nida/ open-days-and-tours

GAP YEAR LATITUDE GLOBAL VOLUNTEER: ONLINE WEBINAR Tue 6th May - Tue 13th May www.lattitude.org.au/index. php?nodeId=166 YOUNG PEOPLE WITHOUT BORDERS START YEAR SCHOLARSHIP Applications are now open and close Fri 27th of June ypwb.org.au/startyear/ PROJECTS ABROAD INFORMATION SESSIONS Wed 14th May, 6.30pm – 7.30pm Sydney Central YHA 11 Rawson Place Online Information Session: Tuesday 27th May, 6pm (AEST) www.projects-abroad.com.au/ about-us/meet-us/informationevenings/






Overall Placings: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Chanel Salta Kelly Moore

1298 pts 1229 pts 1076 pts 853 pts

Age Champions: 12’s 1st 2nd 3rd

Lucas Simpson Kyle Devine Austin Brown

80 66 58

13’s 1st 2nd 3rd

Lachlan Don Sebastian Herbert Georges Sineux

60 48 48

On the Thursday 3rd April, Marist North Shore successfully represented at the MCC Cross Country Carnival at Rozelle. Marist North Shore finished 2nd overall in the aggregate placings with 180 points, only five behind the winners Marcellin College Randwick. Some notable achievements were: • Joshua Phillips (9 Chanel) and Hugo Douglas (9 Moore) placing 1st and 2nd in the U/15’s

14’s 1st 2nd 3rd

Ube Silva-Lindsey Dante Vivanco Dominic Panetta

62 56 40

15’s 1st 2nd 3rd

Austin Hake Luke Carah Tim Ferrero

80 48 42

16’s 1st 2nd 3rd

Matthew Parker Carl O’Riley-Schultz Bradley Ford

68 50 48

Seniors 1st Matthew Crowe 2nd Simon Cox =3rd Stuart Williams =3rd Joe Burgess

88 56 40 40

New School Records Set in 2014: Matthew Crowe (Seniors) - 400 metres, 50.38sec Matthew Crowe (Seniors) - Long Jump, 6.81m Joshua Phillips (15’s) - 1500 metres, 4.16.00sec

• Joe Burgess (12 Chanel) and Jack McPhee (12 Chanel) placing 1st and 3rd in the Opens

Congratulations to these students on their efforts and well done to the whole team on a strong performance. The following boys have been selected to represent the MCC in the NSWCCC Cross Country competition: Kyle Devine (U/12), Luke Hurley (U/13), Georges Sineux (U/13 reserve), Dante Vivanco (U/14 reserve), Joshua Phillips (U/15), Hugo Douglas (U/15), Austin Hake (U/15 reserve), Callum Ferguson (U/16), Joe Burgess (Opens), Jack McPhee (Opens), Daniel Virgona (Opens) and Dom Ratcliffe (Opens). 17

Good at Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding or XC Skiing?

Be part of the 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Competition! The first series of the 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Competition will be held during the July School holidays from 2nd - 5th July 2014 in Thredbo. Last year, over 6,200 High School students from across Australia competed in the Interschools Competition series and more are expected this year. It’s a great opportunity for Snow Sports fans to have heaps of fun! We are looking for skiers and boarders from Year 7 to Year 12 interested in competing in the 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Competition. All supervision, transport and accommodation requirements are the responsibility of each participant’s parents or guardians. If you would like your son to be part of this fun event, please contact: Meg Neuhaus 2014 Interschools Snow Sports Coordinator Ian_and_Meg@bigpond.com 0412 112 754


U/13 Norths Pirates Rugby Union are looking for new players to join the team to play Rugby Union on weekends. Most games are played on Sundays, with the occasional Friday night game here and there. If you’re interested please contact Richard Leffers (U/13 Manager): 0450 020 320 or richard_leffers@yahoo.com 18

SPORT REPRESENTATIVE HONOURS Joel Brown (12 Kelly) recently competed at the Gymnastics State Championships. He competed in the Level 9 Open Division and came away with a third overall. Joel also achieved gold and bronze in two individual apparatuses as well. With these results, Joel has been selected to represent NSW at the upcoming Australian Gymnastics Championships to be held in Melbourne from the 19th - 26th May. Well done Joel! Congratulations to Connor Bennett (11 Salta) who competed for his club at the National Waterpolo Club Titles in Newcastle.

David Caputo (12 Moore) has successfully qualified for the 2014 Acrobatic Gymnastics State Team where he will represent NSW at the National Championships on 27th - 31st May. Best of luck David!

Well done to Harry Lawson (11 Salta) who was selected to represent Australia at the Sailing World Championship following his impressive results recently at the NSW Sailing Championships. Tom Schramko (12 Chanel) has been chosen to represent Australia in the Men’s Single Scull at the World Junior Rowing Championships in Hamburg in the first week of August. Additionally, Tom has been selected to be part of the Australian Youth Olympic Team to represent Australia in the Men’s Single Scull in Nanjing, China following the World Championships. Congratulations to Tom on this outstanding achievement!

VOLUNTEER ROSTERS CANTEEN 12 May: Louise Burton, Cathy Kinsella, Jennifer Sheldon, Leonie Siutz, Tara Smith, Christina Young 13 May: Katherine Borkowski, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson, Melanie Sanchez 14 May: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 15 May: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr 16 May: France Booth, Selena French, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan 19 May: Linda Fung, Debbie Jenkins, Liz McGuire, Izabel Silva-Lindsey, Veronica Valderas 20 May: Deborah Brown, Maria Pagano, Colin Wilson 21 May: Sam Adderton, Erica Keri, Soula Lekopoulos, Robyn Mathôt-Gwozdecky, Dimi Mills 22 May: Lizzy Chant, Leanne O’Grady, Antoniette Raynaud, Jenny Winter 23 May: Karen Ferguson, Suzanne Fraser, Sandra Garratt, Lisa James, Kim Walker UNIFORM SHOP 14 May: Karen Whitehead, Margie Weller, Margaret Kamma, Grace Ooi 21 May: Gemma Metzker, Tracy Pitts, Josie Spano, Katherine Borkowski

LOST PROPERTY COLLECTION The following items are currently in our Lost Property. Please have you son(s) come and collect these items from the Print Room during recess and lunch on Mondays-Wednesdays and Fridays. • Plastic Cake container – Lewis Boyd (Chanel 3) • Black Trackpants – Warringah Rats printed down leg • College Jumper – ‘Joshua M’ • Newish size 16 track top – no name • Well worn size 18 jumper – no name June Mitchell Uniform Shop Manager

LOOKING AHEAD 11>17 May: Year 12 Retreat 13>15 May: Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN 15 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 3 16 May: CSDA Debating - Round 5 19 May: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 22 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 4 23 May: College Photo Day CSDA Debating - Round 6 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 27 May: Year 10 Career Testing Cambodian Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 29 May: Northern Territory Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 30 May: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV/DtPa) CSDA Debating - Elimination Round 31 May: Year 7, 2016 Interview Day 2>6 Jun: CHAMPAGNAT WEEK 2 Jun: Champagnat Mass, 9.00am Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 4 Jun: UNSW ICAS Science Assessment 5 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 5 Indian Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 6 Jun: Marcellin Champagnat Feast Day Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 9 Jun: PUPIL FREE DAY (Queen’s Birthday) 12>14 Jun: Musical 12 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 6 13 Jun: CSDA Debating - Elimination Round 2 16 Jun: PUPIL FREE DAY (Staff Day) Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 19 Jun: MCC Sport - Round 7 20 Jun: CSDA Debating - Quarterfinals Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 21 Jun: P&F Trivia Night 25 Jun>8 Jul: IMMERSION 26 Jun: LAST DAY OF TERM 2 27 Jun: COLLEGE CLOSED (Day in lieu of Expo)

FINANCE FEE STATEMENT The second of the three main Fee Statements of the year will be emailed and posted out this coming Friday 9th and Monday 12th May. If you do not receive a copy please contact accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au as soon as possible. Mark Brooks Business Manager


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High Notes #6 - 12th May 2014  

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