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Vol. 50

Issue #5

7th April 2014

r e t k c a e t Mul i UL U l w

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, Last week was another good Marist North Shore week. The staff began the week with our Staff Spirituality Day at the Marist Brothers’ Hermitage at Mittagong. The Hermitage has for a long time been the home and sacred place for Marists in our part of the world. For many years, the Marist Brothers received their training on these grounds. Our presenters were Br Michael and Carole Wark from Marist Schools Australia. Their topic, Service, was a neat fit with our school. It is our contention as Christians and Marists that Jesus asks us to be of service to one another and particularly to the most needy in our society. I am pleased that our school has such a strong understanding of this Gospel message. Our students are regularly being given opportunities to be aware of the needy.

This week was also our Multicultural Week. Ms Kathleen McGrath, together with the student Multicultural committee, highlighted the importance of multiculturalism in our country. The Headmasters’ assembly was addressed by Mr Hans Zerr who is the father of Benjamin and Angelo Davy. Mr Zerr spoke beautifully of his own culture from the Black Forest region of Germany and then of his travels through many countries in Asia ending with his happy discovery of Australia with its appreciation of many cultures. 2

Congratulations to our Blue Tie recipients at last week’s Headmaster’s Assembly (L-R): Tristan Oldfield (Kelly), Sian Ramirez Johnson (Chanel), David Smith (Chanel) & Cian Byrne (Salta)

Lunch on the Wednesday was very enjoyable. Our boys managed to eat their way through the normal excellent canteen provisions before finishing off an extraordinary amount of food from all over the world. On Friday, students from Years 10, 11 and 12 met Paul Dillon who presented some important information about safety with alcohol and the dangers of drugs. I would very much encourage parents of these young men to open a conversation with their sons on this presentation. Paul will be addressing parents this Tuesday night at 7.00pm. Paul has some strong advice for parents in raising their sons. The week ended on a great note with our Immersion Fundraising Dinner. This dinner is organised each year to provide funds for the communities that the three Immersion groups visit. Ms Carolyn O’Brien’s organisation was meticulous. Our La Valla Hall hosted 160 visitors for a wonderful meal that Ms Sally Kim and Ms Rochelle Eggins orchestrated, overseeing senior Hospitality students in our kitchen, providing a restaurant quality feast. The boys and staff who will be going on the Immersions took the role of waiters and were of service to the guests. This is a great way for the school to prepare for the Immersions. My first term at Marist College North Shore is drawing to a close and I am still being surprised and enthused by my findings. I hope that all families will find an opportunity to rest over the holidays and a chance to visit with their parish communities as we move into the Holy Week activities. Tony Duncan Headmaster

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER POTENTIAL GROUP In Term 2 a new initiative at the College will begin on Wednesday afternoons where students can receive assistance with homework/study or assignments. These Wednesday afternoon sessions will be called the Potential Group. Students may attend the sessions on their own accord or some students will be asked after consultation with their parents to attend these sessions in order to improve the standard of their studies. Senior students will act as mentors and staff will be present. The Potential Group will be open to all students from Years 7 to 12. We encourage students to work in groups at these times and there will be some afternoons that have a specific focus i.e. literacy skills, organisational skills, Maths afternoon. Further details will be placed in the High Notes of when these seminars will take place.

at the maturity and deep understanding these fine young men have in exploring the issues of a Multicultural society:

In this week we celebrate our individuality and our cultural diversity. In the times we may struggle to love ourselves for who we are, let us acknowledge the cultural beauty which makes us who we are. Let this week open our hearts and minds to the greater, richer cultures which make up our Marist community. Let the stubbornness and selfishness within our hearts be melted, so we can truly embrace the joys of the cultures which surround us. For those who have faced adversity, who have been silenced in the name of their culture, may they find strength and look past the history of ancient belligerence. Let the rain wash away these pains, and as the sun rises upon a more Multicultural future, may we be encouraged to look past skin colour, accents and gender and bask in the warmth of a Why this focus?: greater more Multicultural future. Lord, it is in you 1) To continue to raise academic standards we pray that we can answer the cries of your and raise the profile of academic children imprisoned by the bonds of race and potential. colour, let us open our ears to hear these cries. Provide opportunities for students to work Let us have courage to face these challenges, 2) together. and answer the cries of the hungry. Let our 3) Challenge poor work ethics. hearts be open, and our minds see beyond the 4) Students who work as mentors gain a boundaries of our races. We thank you for the valuable leadership experience. beauty and diversity of the land we live in; may 5) Work in collaboration with staff on specific we live in shelter and harmony under your love. areas targeted from HSC data analysis. EASTER BLESSING MULTICULTURAL WEEK I hope that this Easter season brings Marist families As I was sitting in Mass last week, I had my three a sense of joy, holiness and togetherness. Our year old son crawling over me with his cars and students during the Lenten season have been trucks, thus finding it hard to concentrate. The focusing on the importance of sacrifice and one line that I did catch and centred on was in alms giving. The importance of service to others the first reading from the book of Samuel was, using Jesus as our perfect example has been “God does not see as man sees, man looks at our guiding light. I hope that families look to appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart”. attend Easter celebrations and see and feel the I was caught by this when reflecting on the blessings and spirit that the Easter season brings. message of Multicultural Week. If we centred on May the glory and the promise what good lies in the heart of each other and of this joyous time of year, we’re not focused on being judgemental then Bring peace and happiness to you we have a world that values what good comes and those you hold most dear. from the heart; that is of love and compassion. And may Christ, Our Risen Saviour, As we strive to build this understanding in our always be there by your side, community we look to make our world a better To bless you most abundantly place by living and promoting this message. and be your loving guide. In support of this, I would like to share with you the reflection written by Samuel How (11 Chanel) and Joshua Hortinela (11 Kelly) at this week’s David Forrester Multicultural Week assembly. I am truly amazed Deputy Headmaster 3

TEACHING & LEARNING INTERIM REPORTS Parents of students in Years 7 - 11 should receive their Interim Reports in the mail before the holidays. Please contact Mrs Joyce Kelly at the start of Term 2 if your son’s report has not arrived by the end of the holidays. The Interim Report does not contain any formal assessment marks but is intended to give parents some simple feedback regarding how their son has started the year in a particular subject. It is important that parents and students take note of the effort grades and try to address any issues earlier rather than later. If parents have any concerns about a particular report, please do not hesitate to telephone the relevant teacher for some extra feedback and guidance. YEAR 12 Year 12 Wednesday afternoon study classes and the Potential sessions will commence at the beginning of Term 2. A roster of teachers and available subject focus areas will be made available through Google Drive to students at the beginning of next term. The roster will also be included in the next High Notes. ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES Just a reminder that parents of students in Years 9- 12 are required to contact me if their son is absent when an assessment task is due. A Doctor’s Certificate must be presented to me the very first day the student returns after being absent. I am concerned that some students are not following these procedures. Extensions for students in Years 9 – 12 can only be granted by me if a student has a legitimate reason and sees me before the due date. Extensions will not be granted on the day of the task or after the due date. Normal penalties apply for late submissions. The detailed assessment policies and procedures can be found in the relevant Assessment Booklet which was given out earlier in the year. An online version can be found on the College website under the Learning @ Marist link. US SCHOLARSHIPS For those students interested in applying for study scholarships in the USA, there are information session being run during the holidays. Please refer to the information provided in the next column. 4

EducationUSA U.S. Consulate General Sydney Level 10, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place NSW 2000 sydney@educationusa.info 9373-9230 The following is a list of the information sessions EducationUSA will be holding during the April school holidays. RSVP is essential. Details are as follows: 1. US Sport Scholarship Information Session + US Undergraduate Information Session Date: Monday 14th April, 2014 Time: 1:30pm for 2:00-4:00pm Location: EducationUSA, US Consulate General, Level 10, MLC Center, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney Intended Audience: High school students + parents. Other Information: A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process. RSVP essential to: rsvpsyd@state.gov by April 10 (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). Please include the full name/s of everyone attending and your high school. To see which sports are sponsored by the NCAA please check the listings under the sports tab at: www.ncaa.com. In the subject line please indicate the date and time of the session you are attending. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate. 2. US Sport Scholarship Information Session + US Undergraduate Information Session Date: Wednesday 16th April, 2014 Time: 1:30pm for 2:00-4:00pm Location: EducationUSA, US Consulate General, Level 10, MLC Center, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney Intended Audience: High school students aiming to compete in NCAA college sports + parents. Other Information: A free general information session on the US undergraduate application process. RSVP essential to: rsvpsyd@state.gov by April 14 (places may be filled before the RSVP deadline). Please include the full name/s of everyone attending and your high school. To see which sports are sponsored by the NCAA please check the listings under the sports tab at: www.ncaa.com. In the subject line please indicate the date and time of the session you are attending. Photo ID is required for entry to the Consulate.

Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning

FAITH FORMATION FAREWELL CARDINAL PELL Student leaders from Years 11 and 12 recently had the opportunity to farewell His Eminence Cardinal George Pell at two Masses to recognise and celebrate his thirteen years as the Archbishop of Sydney. Pope Francis has appointed His Eminence as the new Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy at the Vatican. Schools from across the Archdiocese gathered on Tuesday 25th March where the youth of the Archdiocese could give thanks for everything that the Cardinal has done for Catholic education. Our Year 12 House and Service and Mission Captains, along with our College Captain Keenan Singh, attended and were fine ambassadors for the College. Keenan had the tremendous privilege of reading a prayer of the faithful, which asked God to bless and protect Cardinal Pell in his new ministry.

Our leadership team meeting His Eminence Cardinal Pell (L-R): Joe Burgess, Keenan Singh, Hudson Whealing, Stuart Williams, His Eminence Cardinal Pell, Benjamin Johnston, Ethan Grenot, Jack Garay, Robert Stevenson

We were very privileged and honoured to experience such a significant occasion in the history of our Church and we wish His Eminence all the very best in his new role, working for the Universal Church. Stuart Williams Salta Service & Mission Captain

Parenting Programs Child & Adolescent Parenting

Marist College North Shore ambassadors for the Archdiocese’s farewell to His Eminence Cardinal Pell Back (L-R): Stuart Williams, Keenan Singh, Ethan Grenot Middle (L-R): Benjamin Johnston, Hudson Whealing Front (L-R): Mr Anthony Munro (Director of Faith Formation), Robert Stevenson, Jack Garay, Joe Burgess

On Thursday 27th March, our school was privileged to attend a Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving at St Mary’s Cathedral, along with other Archdiocesan agencies of the Church to farewell His Eminence. Along with a small selection of students from St Mary’s Cathedral College and Marcellin College Randwick, Mr Duncan, Mr Munro and student leaders from Years 11 and 12 got to represent all of the Catholic Schools in Sydney. The music was very different to what we experience here at North Sydney with the pipe organ and St Mary’s Cathedral Choir.

Tuning into Teens Courses Skills to communicate with your teenagers so that you understanding each other better and are able to build positive relationships. Chatswood 5wks/2.5hrs 19/5-23/6, 7-9.30pm Dealing with Teen’s Backchat Workshop Learn how to restore a respectful and positive relationship, understand what its like being a teenager and learn how to talk to that they listen to you. Chatswood 12/5, 7-9.30pm Resilient Kids Workshop (Year 7) Helping your child recognise, accept and express feelings, develop optimistic thinking, coping skills and problem solving, deal with negative emotions. Chatswood 15/5, 7-9.30pm Enquiries: 9887 5830 www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/services/CAP



The College Sacramental Program, which provides opportunities for students to explore their faith, receive the sacraments and deepen their involvement in the Catholic community has now been running for several years. In 2014, we invite students from Years 7 to 12 to participate in the Sacramental Program allowing them to search, question, discover and understand more deeply what it means to live a life of faith within the Catholic community. If your son has expressed an interest to receive the sacraments in which we fully encourage him to go deeper to explore the richness of our faith community. The Sacramental Program is a school-based program designed to allow boys at various stages of their spiritual and life journey to embrace more fully the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Catholic Church through a process of Christian initiation. As boys are at various stages of their sacramental and faith development, some boys will seek Baptism, First Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Boys who have been baptised will want only to receive either or both of the remaining sacraments of initiation: Confirmation and Eucharist. The program will build on their current Religious Education program and facilitate deeper reflection upon their relationship with God.


The College theme for 2014 is ‘Service’ and with this in mind, we will explore in depth the meaning of this theme in relation to the sacraments. The program will begin in the first week of Term 2 and will go until Term 4. You will be advised if there are any changes to the program due to any College events. The program will culminate in a Celebration of Christian Initiation – a special Mass during which the boys will be formally and sacramentally welcomed into the Catholic Church. It will be an opportunity for the boys to celebrate with their parents, friends and the wider community the gift of God’s Grace that they will receive through the Sacraments. If you wish your son to participate in this year’s sacramental program or if you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to contact Mr Michael Dela Cruz during school hours on 9957 5000 or email at michael.delacruz@syd. catholic.edu.au

Michael Dela Cruz Youth Ministry Coordinator


Refugees. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Who are these people, and what do they mean to everyday Australians? There is a constant manipulation by the media, depicting these human beings in derogatory forms. ‘Boat People’ is a popular yet belittling term which creates substantial racism, and a negative attitude within our society towards these refugees, absconding from their countries in fear. Why aren’t we letting these people, who are fleeing from countries devasted by war, into our own? This is the big question. Our own country, safe and plentiful is denying the safety of others. At this term’s solidarity meeting, we were questioned about our own actions as individuals, and our country’s attitudes towards refugees. Australia only just scrapes into the top fifty of countries who accept refugees. Countries with a significantly less amount of wealth and resources are accepting asylum seekers, while we are just about happy to sit on the sideline. Boys who attended the Solidarity meeting were questioned about our own perceptions on refugees, and what we as a school community could be doing to improve our attitudes towards refugees. It’s by no means a small feat, but its the small things that can make the biggest difference.

As we start to count down the days to the Easter holidays, our Lenten appeal heads towards its final stages. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Marist community for your donations so far. Your support will help continue the great work of the wider Marist community in the Asia and Pacific region.

As well as donation, there is a strong focus to help educate the students about the work of the Brothers as well giving students opportunities to stand in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters through out Marist family.

Living in horrible conditions and facing great oppression is a lonely business. That is why many search for a place to feel safe, whether it be a new home or in this case a new country to provide a safe haven. We as individuals may not be able to provide these things, but what we often forget is that we can provide the open arms of someone who cares. Samuel How 11 Chanel

Once again thank you for your generosity and support and we wish you a safe and holy Easter break. Stephen Versteegh Solidarity Coordinator


Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Vanuatu Vietnam Thailand


Food for Education

New Horizons

Negombo, Sri Lanka




Quoc Oai, Vietnam


Young people will receive wholesome meals throughout the school year so that the pain of hunger is no longer a distraction.

Young people will be offered primary and university tutoring to avoid unemployment on completing their education.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$26,900 over 3 years will get this program up and running.


= 1.9 Million People


of those age 15 and over cannot read and write.

= 3.4 Million People


of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition.


7.6% = 5.3 Million People


...because young people matter.





Rural Health Outreach

Trichy, India


Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$32,000 will fund the program over 2 years.



children will not survive beyond 5 years of age due to the lack of bvasic health care.

or 1 in 18

= 1.36 Million Children every year


of the population is currently living with HIV/AIDS.

Why work with Cambodians?

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

= 360 Million People

= 2.4 Million People


Young people and other familiy members will have access to basic and emergency health care and health education.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$43,000 will fund the extension of the current facilities. of the population live under the national poverty line.

Pailin, Cambodia


Young people and families affected by HIV/AIDS will be able to gather for crucial support through medical camps and workshops.


of children age 5 to 14 must work in child labour to support family.

...because young people matter.


Current Population

of those age 15 and over cannot read and write.

= 2.5 Million Children

Operation Rainbow Hall Extension

Why work with India?

of the population live under the national poverty line.

= 10.2 Million People

= 324 Thousand Children



Current Population

Current Population



of the population live in poor rural locations.


of the rural population live under the national poverty line.

= 12.1 Million People

= 4.1 Million People


children will not survive beyond 5 years of age due to the lack of basic health care.

or 1 in 20

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF


of the population live under the national poverty line.

Why work with the Vietnam?

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

Why work with Sri Lanka?

Current Population

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

$4,000 will fund the food required for these students.

= 19 Thousand Children every year

...because young people matter.

...because young people matter.









Multicultural Week attracted much excitement and enthusiasm again this year. The College community have shown exceptional support for this week, in particular for the festivities associated with the Multicultural Lunch and Assembly. On Wednesday 2nd April, we were fortunate to have a member of our Marist community, Mr Hans Zerr (father of Chanel students Ben and Angelo Davy) speak at our Multicultural Assembly. Mr Zerr shared stories from his life, from birth in Germany to travel and work throughout the world, with Mr Hans Zerr speaks a focus on how to the boys Multiculturalism has impacted him as a person, his family, his world view and his growing interest and understanding of other cultures. We are immensely grateful of Mr Zerr’s generosity in giving his time to inform students, staff and guests of his personal story. As has been tradition, we later celebrated our Multicultural connections through a shared lunch with food stalls, displays and music. We are constantly amazed by, and blessed to have, such a strong supportive family spirit within the College. Boys and parents went to exceptional effort to produce and donate an array of food which was enjoyed by all. In total as a community we raised $3,431.15, with all proceeds being donated to MAPS (Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity).

On Friday 28th March, thirty-two HSC Physics students attended a series of interactive workshops at the University of Sydney. The KICKSTART program is specifically designed for HSC students to undertake core topic experiments linking directly to the HSC Physics course and are held in the iconic Physics building. Assisted by fourth-year students, our boys were able to be engaged, questioned, and involved in a series of experiments ranging from AC/DC motors and generators, ballistics, transmission of microwaves, and even working on experiments that couldn’t be solved by the smartest scientists in the early 1900’s until Einstein gave it a go. It was a long day, but an excellent opportunity for the boys to be a part of, with a strong sense of accomplishment among them. The University had commented that they were impressed with the knowledge and interest amongst the boys and that they were able to develop a great working relationship with the University staff. On behalf of Mr Quinn and myself, I’d like to thank the boys for proudly representing themselves and the College on the day. Videos of some of the experiments undertaken can be found on the YouTube channel http://goo. gl/oHCd4h or via the QR code below.

Thank you to everyone for being involved and making this a memorable week on the College calendar. Kathleen McGrath Multicultutal Week Coordinator Conrad Ivanov Acting Head of Science


DRAMA The boys have hit the ground running in Drama in 2014! We’ve had a new class of enthusiastic Year 9 students start, Year 10 have been making short films becoming mini-Spielbergs in the process, Year 11 have been learning about the history of theatre and Year 12 have continued their HSC study by exploring two seminal Australian plays, The Removalists and Norm and Ahmed. In addition to this, we’ve had two excursions - Year 11 and Year 12 went to see OnStage, a presentation of the top performances from the 2013 HSC and Year 9 went to Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Michael Frayn’s classic British farce, Noises Off. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF YEAR 9 DRAMA In Year 9 Drama, we have been looking at the Elements of Drama - the difference between ‘role’ and ‘character’, and TheatreSports which is acting games to help with improvisation. We have already been on an excursion to see Noises Off at the Sydney Opera House, which was a lot of fun. Mr Vafeas has taught us many new ways of performing in Drama whilst having plenty of fun. My favourite thing in Drama so far has been TheatreSports because I enjoy improvising and the spontaneity and very funny way we perform in these scenes. Lucas Kirwood 9 Kelly YEAR 9 EXCURSION TO ‘NOISES OFF!’ On Wednesday 26th March, Year 9 Drama went to the Sydney Opera House to see Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Noises Off. It was a wonderfully messy show, complete with hilarious situations and fantastic performances. Noises Off was truly great in every sense of the word. From the moment the show begins, after some fun introductions to the cast and characters, the audience is treated to one hysterical scenario after another. There was so much energy on stage during the show and each character played off one another marvelously, with their voices and with their actions. The cast looked like they were having 10

tons of fun, and the audience was sharing in the fun with them, often in huge fits of laughter. When it comes down to it, the production of Noises Off was simply an extremely enjoyable show! Lachlan Veitch 9 Chanel YEAR 10 SHORT FILM MAKING This term Year 10 Drama have been creating short films for our Term 1 assessment. We started by learning about short film narratives and different camera angles and shot types. We then started planning and writing our own short films about issues relating to teenage boys, such as bullying and cyber-bullying. My favourite part of making a short film has been the process of filming because it feels like we’re on a real film set, having to act in our film, as well as being the cameramen and directors. I have learned that with careful planning and some creativity, making a short film isn’t as difficult as it looks! George Condon 10 Salta YEAR 11 & 12 EXCURSION TO OnSTAGE On Friday 14th February, the Year 11 and Year 12 Drama classes went to go see OnStage. OnStage is a presentation of different HSC performances that all received Band 6 in the 2013 HSC. There were a variety of different performances including works that the students had created and written together as a group, as well as monologues. My favourite performance was a group performance about a detective solving a murder in 1930s New York because of the clever way the performers used four ropes suspended from the roof to create different spaces on stage including a train, a bridge and a jazz bar. OnStage was a great experience, giving us a broad idea of what to expect for our HSC. They were all very talented actors and actresses and set a high standard for us to strive for, or even surpass. We are very grateful to Mr Vafeas for taking us to OnStage and can’t wait to maybe be part of OnStage ourselves in a couple of years! Raine Graham 11 Salta

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT CLIQUE CHALLENGE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION George Condon (10 Salta) has once again received recognition for his photography in the Clique Challenge Photography Competition through the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (Competition across NSW & VIC).

Queen Victoria Building by George Condon

In the Junior Category, George received a Highly Commended Award with his photograph of the Queen Victoria Building. Congratulations George!

JUMP FOR A GOOD CAUSE Maric Wichman (10 Chanel) put himself to the test two weekends ago by jumping out of an aeroplane - all in the name of charity. Maric’s challenge was to raise money for Type 1 diabetes in the JDRF’s Jump to Cure Diabetes campaign.

Type 1 Diabetes is something that Maric has been thoroughly familiar with since his diagnosis since he was aged eight. Maric raised the highest individual amount in the challenge with a total of $2,585.00, exceeding his goal of $2,000. All this could not have been achieved without Maric’s initiative and lots of of help from his Mother. In Maric’s words, the experience of jumping out of a plane was, “insane... I would recommend it to everyone”! Congratulations Maric on your wonderful feat and here’s to finding a cure! MOSMAN YOUTH ART PRIZE

Ryde Eisteddfod 2014 The annual Ryde Eisteddfod is a highly prestigious competition where it is open in several disciplines for all ages, solo or group performances. * Vocal (online entries close 25th April) * Dance (online entries close 23rd April) * Speech and Drama (online entries close 30th April) * Seniors (online entries close 30th April) * Instrumental (online entries close 25th April) The Eisteddfod is from Saturday 12th July to Saturday 6th September Online information and entry: rydeeisteddfod.org.au Phone enquiries: Gabrielle O’Donnell 9817 2019 Chancey Williamson 8007 6614 We have many students at the College who are involved in Music Tuition, the Band Ensemble, Drama and other areas who could be open to the challenge of preparing for an eisteddfod. Questions? See Ms O’Brien.

My friend Ube by Dominic West

Dominic West (9 Kelly) won second prize at the Mosman Youth Art Prize on Friday 28th March for his painting My friend Ube. Dominic also featured in last week’s edition of the North Shore Times for his win at the Australian Catholic University’s Clancy Prize Competition as previously reported in the last High Notes. Congratulations Dominic! 11

CAREERS @ Marist UNI OPEN DAYS University of New England Friday 2nd May University of Wollongong Saturday 16th August International College of Management Sunday 17th August UTS, City campus Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm

Preparing for the HSC? Delivered by HSC in the Holidays and hosted at the UTS City campus, this event will give you strategies to reduce anxiety during the HSC year, as well as tips on HSC prep and study strategies. Date: Tuesday 20th May, 2014 Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm (Registration and light refreshments available from 6pm) Audience: Students preparing for the HSC (Years 11 and 12) and their parents Cost: This event is free. However attendees are requested to make a $10 charity donation upon registration to Youth off the Streets. Where: UTS, City Campus - Broadway, Ultimo Register: hscintheholidays.com.au/seminar-form/ AFTRS PRODUCTION VOLUNTEERS INFORMATION SESSION Wed 9th April, 4.30pm AFTRS Foyer, Building 130, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

University of Sydney Saturday 30th August 9am - 4pm Notre Dame University Saturday 30th August 9am - 3pm ANU Saturday 30th August ACU, Canberra campus Saturday 30th August ACU, North Sydney campus Saturday 6th September 8:30am – 2:30pm

AFTRS student productions requires a range of volunteers including individuals for positions in the art department, sound, lighting, UNSW production and makeup. Learn more at the information night. Saturday 6th September 9am – 4pm

Contact: (02) 9805 6556 or attachmentscheme@aftrs.edu.au www.aftrs.edu.au/events/volunteer

SHORT COURSES USYD HSC ESSAY WRITING COURSE Mon 14th April & Tue 1st July University of Sydney, Darlington This course is about how to properly write essays in a HSC exam situation. cce.sydney.edu.au/course/ESHS SPEAK OUT EDUCATION SHORT COURSES Speak out provides 2 & 3 day holiday workshops in public speaking, debating and mock trial to equip students with expert communication skills. speakouteducation.com.au 12

UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6th September 11am - 1pm ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13th September 8:30am – 4pm UWS, all campuses Newcastle University TBA


CAREERS @ Marist TERITARY EXPERIENCE DAYS MACLEAY COLLEGE INDUSTRY DAYS Mon 14th April – Fri 18th April www.macleay.edu.au/ news/2014-april-industry-daysmacleay WILLIAM ANGLISS INSTITUTE SYDNEY TRIAL-A-TRADE DAY Tues 15th April, 10am http://tiny.cc/rxpucx AIE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE DAY Wed 16th Apr, 10am - 3pm www.aie.edu.au/ied BLUE MOUNTAINS INTERNATION HOTEL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL Tue 22nd April – Thu 24th April Tue 15th July – Thu 17th July www.bluemountains.edu.au/ apply/discovery-days/ A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NOTRE DAME NURSING STUDENT Wed 2nd July Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/aditl


INFORMATION EVENINGS / EXPOS UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG YEAR 10 FUTURE FINDERS EVENING Tue 8th April, 6.30pm www.uow.edu.au/future/events/ futurefinder/index.html MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS & ECONOMICS EVENING Wed 14th May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL INFORMATION EVENING Wed 21st May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME CAREERS IN LAW & BUSINESS Wed 21st May, 6pm www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney NOTRE DAME PARENT INFO NIGHT Tues 24th June Broadway Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/info


YFU STUDENT EXCHANGE ONLINE INFO SESSION Wednesday 30th April, 6:30pm www.yfu.com.au/quest/connect/ information-sessions/

HSC STUDY INTENSTIVE NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY Mon 7th – Fri 11th July www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney

SOUTHERN CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE INFORMATION SESSIONS Tue 6th May, 7pm–9pm www.scce.com.au/programs/ information-sessions/

ACU - HSC ENRICHMENT Tues 8 July - Economics & English Thurs 10 July - Business & Law www.acu.edu.au/study_at_acu/ courses/applying_to_acu/useful_ links/events/hsc_enrichment_day

PROJECTS ABROAD ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION Tues 15th April, 6pm–7pm www.projects-abroad.com.au/ about-us/meet-us/online-infosessions/

University & TAFE 2015 Course Available These can be accessed in two ways: Electronically on the institutions website via the future students section and; hard copy via the Careers Room. Faculty guides from Sydney Uni and UTS have already arrived. Course guides for Northern Institute of TAFE are also available for students.


PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS NATURE CARE COLLEGE CAREERS DAY Sat 12th April, 12.30pm – 4.30pm www.naturecare.com.au/#3 ACPE ACADEMY OPEN DAY Sunday 13th April, 9.45am – 12pm academy.edu.au/about-theacademy ACADEMY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFO DAY Tue 6th May, 6pm – 8pm www.ait.nsw.edu.au/events/ SYDNEY AVIATORS OPEN DAY Sun 27th April, 8.30am www.sydneyaviators.com.au/ Event.aspx?pid=121 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL: INFORMATION EVENING Tue 29th April, 6.00pm – 8.00pm www.catc.edu.au/events/opendays-and-open-nights/sydneyevents/information-eveningtuesday-29th-april-2014 APM COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & COMMUNCATION & WILLIAM BLUE OPEN DAY Sat 3rd May, 10am – 2pm www.apm.edu.au/about-apm/ upcoming-events sydney/aditl AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL COLLEGE OF BEAUTY OPEN DAY Sat 3rd May, 10am – 1pm www.ancb.edu.au/open-daysevents/open-day-sydney-3rdmay BILLY BLUE CAREER DISCOVERY DAY Sat 3rd May, 10.00am – 1.30pm www.billyblue.edu.au/nwsevents/upcoming-events/ sydney/sydney-cd-may



On Wednesday 26th March, eleven boys from Years 10 – 12 went to the University of Technology Sydney for the BiG Day In. It is an IT careers conference designed for students to assist them in engaging with industry professionals and giving them an insight into the professional IT world.

There will be no hard line phones; rather all phone call communication will take place via mobiles. Other groups such as Deloitte and IBM were discussing the possible internships that students can take up while they are studying at university or outside of their education.

At this event, we listened to industry professionals who talked about their role in the IT world and where they thought that technology in business was heading. These people came from a variety of different groups including the CSIRO, Westpac Group, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Deloitte and AAAhhhhhh-liance Insurance. Each of these respected industry representatives talked about how they use technology in their businesses. All speaker were able to highlight the importance of IT skills across different professions. A technologist from the Westpac Group described his role in designing Westpac’s office buildings. Their new space at Barangroo will be moving away from individuals working from a desk and on office owned equipment and moving towards bring your own device and internet based systems. 14

Overall, the day showed that IT is still at the heart of all businesses and will continue to grow as an important part of all industries, whether you are involved in the human resources department of a large multinational or running a small business of your own. Cian Byrne 12 Salta



Monday 5th May 2014 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Marist College North Shore will be hosting a workshop conducted by Prue Salter for Years 7 and 8 students and their parents in relation to study skills and organisation. With over 20 years’ experience in high school education, as well as stints in both industry and academia, Prue has written twenty resources for schools to use to help students improve their study skills and has developed and manages a subscription-based study skills website for schools and is in high demand for her study skills seminars in schools. This is an important date not to be missed! Please contact the College for further information on 9957 5000 or at northshore@ maristcollege.com


MacKillop Library & Resource Centre Marist College North Shore Paul Dillon, Director of Drug & Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), will present on the topic of ‘Drugs, Alcohol and Young People’. More information on Paul can be found here: darta.net.au/biographicalinformation/

Tom (centre) with the Thomas Keller Trophy after his win in the Australian U/19 Single Scull Championship

Tom Schramko (12 Chanel) competed at the Australian National Rowing Regatta across the 23rd - 30th March at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith. Tom had an outstanding competition placing in all his events, three of which were gold. Tom represented NSW in the Interstate Men’s Youth Eight, collecting bronze. In the Australian U/19 Double Scull Championship, Tom partnered with Tyron Boorman (Uni. of Melbourne) to claim gold. In individual honours, Tom competed and won gold in the Australian U/19s Single Scull Championship and the Australian Schoolboy Single Scull Championship defeating Nudgee College Brisbane in a championship record time of 7:10.7 seconds for the 2000m event. It was an impressive feat given the forty-three entrants from around Australia all vying for contention in the event. As Tom raced under the Marist College North Shore banner in the Schoolboy Championships, it is another record we at Marist North Shore can claim - thanks Tom for doing all the hard work! We congratulate Tom on his fantastic set of achievement at the regatta and wish him the very best for his next event.




CANTEEN 7 Apr: Linda Fung, Debbie Jenkins, Liz McGuire, Izabel Silva-Lindsey, Veronica Valderas 8 Apr: Deborah Brown, Maria Pagano, Colin Wilson 9 Apr: Sam Adderton, Erica Keri, Soula Lekopoulos, Robyn Mathôt-Gwozdecky, Dimi Mills 10 Apr: Lizzy Chant, Leanne O’Grady, Jenny Winter, Antoinette Raynaud 11 Apr: Karen Ferguson, Suzanne Fraser, Sandra Garratt, Lisa James, Kim Walker 28 Apr: Lisa Brink, Julie Moriaty, Janelle Jones, Maureen Knox, Jackie Pickton, Lee Sternberg, Penny Davis 29 Apr: Pip Byrne, Lyndal Jenney, Theodora Manos, Andrea Morgan, Chris Saunders 30 Apr: Leanne Bishop, Ann Catanzariti, Margie Morgan, Katharine Watts 1 May: Julie Gaidzkar, Maureen McKee, Sandra Robinson, Anton Singh, Kasumi Tucker 2 May: Dominica Edwards, Melanie Lindquist, Susan Mayall, Joanna Milenkiewicz, Michele Mulligan, Jennifer Vahldieck

7 Apr: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 8 Apr: Paul Dillon (DARTA) - Parent Presenation MacKillop Library, 7pm 9 Apr: Year 10 Reflection Day 10 Apr: Year 7 - 11 reports posted 11 Apr: COLLEGE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL LAST DAY OF TERM 1 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 28 Apr: TERM 2 COMMENCES 30 Apr: Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews 3.30pm - 8.00pm 1 May: MCC Summer Sport Photos MCC Winter Sport - Round 1 2 May: Year 12 Marist Youth Forum (Mittagong) CSDA Debating - Round 3 5 May: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 7 May: Mother’s Day Assembly, 10.00am 8 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 2 9 May: Metropolitan Chess Competition CSDA Debating - Round 4 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 11>17 May: Year 12 Retreat 13>15 May: Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN 15 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 3 16 May: CSDA Debating - Round 5 19 May: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 22 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 4 23 May: College Photo Day CSDA Debating - Round 6 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 26>30 May: Year 11 Hospitality Work Placement 27 May: Year 10 Career Testing Cambodian Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 29 May: Northern Territory Pre-Immersion Dinner, 6pm 30 May: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV/DtPa) CSDA Debating - Elimination Round

UNIFORM SHOP 9 Apr: Talin Boghossian, Maria Failla, Kirsten O’Riley, Meg Neuhaus 30 Apr: Debbie Jenkins, Elizabeth Byrne, Dimi Hills, Mandy Arnold

We wish every one in our Marist North Shore community a safe and blessed Easter. 16

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High Notes #5 - 7th April 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

High Notes #5 - 7th April 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter