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Vol. 50

Issue #4

24th March 2014


FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents, Students and Friends, Our Purpose... I have been following a couple of themes this term with the boys. I hope your son can tell you at least one of these themes. Ask him what is it that I am talking about. It would be great if you would then talk to him about this same topic. I have been a student of boys’ education for some time. I began this year by asking the boys to do one thing – their best. I have moved on with this theme to how do we achieve our best. Great to have an aim but not much good if we have no way of getting there.

Whenever I am talking about sport I am really talking about learning. I have not told the boys this yet. I love sport but my passion is for them to be great learners. The other ingredient being self-belief is something we need to nurture in the boys. We must be careful in our approach – realistic. We are asking the boys to be the best they can be and definitely no better. To be setting unrealistic goals would be setting them up for a fall. Criticism is a quick way of removing self-belief. Though criticism is done for the most noble of reasons it must be measured. Affirmation many times and then careful criticism.

Last week we watched our swimming team swam beyond expectation. The senior team won the Senior Shield. We knew something was happening when we watched them win their relays. At the assembly the next day Mr Maoudis explained that the boys had trained very hard. As I watched the relay teams swim they had a conviction about their swimming. They had self-belief and they swam as a team. These are the two ways of achieving your best – hard work or training and self-belief. Our boys need to understand that nothing worthwhile in life comes without hard work. Hard work is not an option but a privilege.

The idea of teamwork is part of the way our school can help the boys to achieve their goals. This term the students have been successful in a variety of sports that required teamwork. As learners our boys can achieve so much more if they work together - work together with each other and work with their teachers. This week I will be asking the Year 12s to approach their studies as a team. All of this sounds pretty good but what is the point. Our goal is to have these young men become the men that God wants them to be. We want them to develop their God given talents. We want our boys to achieve their purpose in life. The purpose that God has in mind for them.


Paul Dillon, Director of Drug & Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), will present on the topic of ‘Drugs, Alcohol and Young People’. More information on Paul can be found here: darta.net.au/biographical-information/ Tuesday 8th April, 7pm MacKillop Library & Resource Centre Marist College North Shore 2


Tony Duncan Headmaster

Parents wishing to enrol their younger son/s at Marist North Shore for Year 7, 2016 must do so by Friday 28th March 2014. Interviews for Year 7, 2016 will be conducted towards the end of May 2014.

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER WINTER UNIFORM A reminder to all parents that all students should be in full winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3. I ask that parents organise their son(s) now with the correct uniform to ensure that they are in full winter uniform as of the first day in Term 2. The Winter Uniform consists of: • Mid Grey College Trousers • Black belt (leather) • Sky Blue Long Sleeved shirt • College Tie (Years 7 - 10 striped, Years 11-12 black) • Navy Blue College Jumper with crest • College Blazer • Black or Grey Socks • Lace-up Black Leather school shoes No part of the Sports uniform should not be worn with the College school uniform at any time i.e. sports jackets substituting for a jumper or blazer.

Paul is the Director and founder of DARTA which specialises in providing education in the area of drugs and alcohol and does so to hundreds of schools community every year. The presentations that Paul provides are supported by research that DARTA offers on a wide range of alcohol and drug issues. Paul is passionate about ensuring that our community has access to accurate and up-todate alcohol and other drug information and I believe this will be a beneficial experience for your son. There will also be a Parent Presentation taking place on Tuesday 8th April, 7pm in the MacKillop Library here at Marist North Shore which all parents are welcome to attend. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster

All Year 7 and Year 11 blazers have arrived at the Uniform Shop. Students need to be sized for their blazers at the Uniform Shop on a Wednesday in within the next few weeks.


Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 1st April

Yr 7 and Yr 9 Vaccinations Multicultural Day

Wednesday 2nd April

Friday 4th April

(Staff Spirituality Day)

(Luncheon and early dismissal)

Year 10, 11 & 12 Drugs & Alcohol Information Session with Paul Dillon Immersion Fundraising Dinner

DRUGS & ALCOHOL INFORMATION SESSION On Friday 4th April, Paul Dillon from the Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) will be a guest speaker at College. He will be speaking to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students about the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol.

Parenting Programs Child & Adolescent Parenting Tuning into Teens Courses Skills to communicate with your teenagers so that you understanding each other better and are able to build positive relationships. Chatswood 5wks/2.5hrs 19/5-23/6, 7-9.30pm Dealing with Teen’s Backchat Workshop Learn how to restore a respectful and positive relationship, understand what its like being a teenager and learn how to talk to that they listen to you. Chatswood 12/5, 7-9.30pm Resilient Kids Workshop (Year 7) Helping your child recognise, accept and express feelings, develop optimistic thinking, coping skills and problem solving, deal with negative emotions. Chatswood 15/5, 7-9.30pm Enquiries: 9887 5830 www.nslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/services/CAP






On Thursday 6th March, Keenan Singh, Ben Coyle and myself were invited to attend an evening with other Catholic Schools from within the Sydney Archdiocese to discuss important issues that affect the Catholic Church. The Pentecostal Consultation Night is a gathering that brings two students from each school to establish a dialogue with Cardinal George Pell who will release a statement for Pentecost based on the theme of ‘Human Rights and Religious Freedom in Australia’. However, due to his recent appointment in Rome, His Eminence was represented by Auxiliary Bishop Peter Comensoli, who is currently the Apostolic Administrator.

As a part of our preparation for the upcoming season of Easter, it is through the season of Lent that we take stock of our lives and really focus on what is important in life. As part of this preparation students are challenged to help raise funds for the College’s Lenten appeals, Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity (MAPS) and Caritas. Raising funds is one thing but students are also encouraged to learn about work that Marist Brothers are doing throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Ben Coyle (Kelly Sports Captain) and Keenan Singh (College Captain) attending the Pentcostal Consultation Night

After gathering for a light supper in the Catholic Education Office at Leichhardt, the evening began with a presentation by Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor of Australian Catholic University. Afterwards, students from different schools formed small groups to discuss a question that was assigned to them. Ben’s group discussed the notion of practicing religious values in a secular society while Keenan’s group discussed the value Australian society places on a diverse, multicultural and multireligious society. After much discussion, each group presented six ideas raised from each topic and posed a question for Bishop Peter Comensoli and Professor Greg Craven to respond to. Keenan Singh participated in the presentation by asking the two guest speakers whether law enforcement had the right to identify Muslim women who wore a face covering burqa. The evening was successful and insightful, sparking much interest and discussion regarding the issues that affect the religious landscape in Australia today. Michael Dela Cruz Youth Ministry Coordinator 4

The theme for MAPS is ‘Young People Matter’. Each week during Lent, a specific project is highlighted, as well as some of the issues that young people are facing in that country to help raise funds to support MAPS projects. As well as learning about the project, students also learn about the issues young people in that region are facing. Students are encouraged to bring a gold coin every Wednesday and Friday to tutor group as well to participate in the major fundraising activity for that week. Please read about each of the Marist projects the College is supporting on the next page, and thank you for helping our Marist Community show the world young people matter. Stephen Versteegh Solidarity Coordinator

Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Vanuatu Vietnam Thailand


Food for Education

New Horizons

Negombo, Sri Lanka




Quoc Oai, Vietnam


Young people will receive wholesome meals throughout the school year so that the pain of hunger is no longer a distraction.

Young people will be offered primary and university tutoring to avoid unemployment on completing their education.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$26,900 over 3 years will get this program up and running.


= 1.9 Million People


of those age 15 and over cannot read and write.

= 3.4 Million People


of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition.


7.6% = 5.3 Million People


...because young people matter.





Rural Health Outreach

Trichy, India


Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$32,000 will fund the program over 2 years.



children will not survive beyond 5 years of age due to the lack of bvasic health care.

or 1 in 18

= 1.36 Million Children every year


of the population is currently living with HIV/AIDS.

Why work with Cambodians?

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

= 360 Million People

Young people and other familiy members will have access to basic and emergency health care and health education.

Data provided by in country project manager represents expected outcome on project completion.

$43,000 will fund the extension of the current facilities. of the population live under the national poverty line.

Pailin, Cambodia


Young people and families affected by HIV/AIDS will be able to gather for crucial support through medical camps and workshops.


of children age 5 to 14 must work in child labour to support family.

...because young people matter.


Current Population

of those age 15 and over cannot read and write.

= 2.5 Million Children

Operation Rainbow Hall Extension

Why work with India?

of the population live under the national poverty line.

= 10.2 Million People

= 324 Thousand Children



Current Population

= 2.4 Million People

Current Population



of the population live in poor rural locations.


of the rural population live under the national poverty line.

= 12.1 Million People

= 4.1 Million People


children will not survive beyond 5 years of age due to the lack of basic health care.

or 1 in 20

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF


of the population live under the national poverty line.

Why work with the Vietnam?

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

Why work with Sri Lanka?

Current Population

Data sources: 2014 CIA World Factbook & UNICEF

$4,000 will fund the food required for these students.

= 19 Thousand Children every year

...because young people matter.

...because young people matter.






HSIE YEAR 11 GEOGRAPHY On Friday 14th March, the Year 11 Geography classes undertook fieldwork in the Lane Cove River to collect some research for the upcoming assessment task. The classes traveled by bus to three different locations in the catchment area so that we could collect a multitude of samples such as the pH levels, habitat assessments and macro invertabrates sampling.

The excursion was led by Mrs Brown and Mr Jones along with two coordinators from the Second Nature Field Studies Centre. We started at the upper catchment area in North Ryde near the north west railway. The second sampling site was further down the river at a more open space. The last area was located in West Chatswood at the most industrialised part of the river.

Over all the excursion was both fun and educational for all the students that attended. Good luck Year 11 with your assessment tasks! Cameron Walker 11 Moore 6




2014 LAW SOCIETY OF NSW INTER-SCHOOL MOCK TRIAL COMPETITON Marist College North Shore has entered a team into the 2014 Law Society of NSW Inter-School Mock Trial Competition consisting of:

Game 1 of the 2014 ASX Schools Game is currently underway with from Marist College North Shore selling company shares through

Sharemarket 157 students buying and the Game.

For over 30 years the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game has been giving students real world experience and teaching them about the business world. The Game gives students practical experience and encourages students to take an interest in current affairs through their effect on the sharemarket. Students compete as a team or individually as they build their portfolio of shares.

Darcy Bowers Luke Gallen Joshua Hortinela Stephen Keosseian Thomas Priddle

Hamish Buchanan Guiliano Gonzales Samuel How Rahul Mishra Jacob Rizk

These students are to be commended for taking up the challenge to represent the College through the Mock Trial Competition and for taking up this opportunity to gain the many benefits of the competition. On 12th March, Marist College North Shore hosted Round 1 of the competition, acting as the Plaintiff in the civil case Lee Hilton v Andy Maguire. Wenona School acted as the Defendant.

With a virtual $50,000 to invest over ten weeks, students trade online in real market conditions and compete against their peers to win a share of the $17,000 prize pool. In the Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) learning area, students learn about the sharemarket. This Game enables students to put theory into practice, to experience and discuss changing circumstances and to adjust their decision-making in response to these changes. Last year a team from Marist College North Shore won third place nationally and third place in the NSW division in Game 2. We wish all students who have entered Game 1 this year every success. Don’t forget the tutorial videos on the Game website. Happy investing! Joe Alvaro Assistant HSIE Coordinator

Stephen Keosseian, Guiliano Gonzalez and Hamish Buchanan in the courtroom

The following students are to be commended for taking on the following roles and working together as a team to win Round 1 of the competition: Stephen Keosseian (1st Barrister), Hamish Buchanan (2nd Barrister), Guiliano Gonzalez (Solicitor), Joshua Hortinela (1st Witness), Luke Gallen (2nd Witness) and Thomas Priddle (Magistrate’s Clerk). Marist North Shore (223 points) defeated Wenona School (213 points). The team is now preparing for the next round of this challenging and exciting competition. I congratulate the team on their success so far. Joe Alvaro Mock Trial Coordinator 7





The College has entered three students into this prestigious art competition which is open to all Catholic schools across Sydney. The 2014 theme is from St Francis of Assisi who in 1226 prayed, “Be praised my Lord for the gift of life; for changing duck and dawn; for touch and scent and song”. Each student interprets St Francis’ theme and spiritual life in the creation of artworks. We would like to wish the following students all the best in the competition: Liam Baker (2013 HSC Visual Arts student) “Anamnesis” - Multimedia; Dennis De Caires (2013 HSC Visual Arts student) “Silence Yourself” - Film/Video; and Dominic West (9 Kelly) “Mimi” - Portrait.

On Wednesday 5th March, the HSC French Beginners class attended one of the 2014 festival films, Quai d’Orsay, at Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Cremorne. Subtitles are always provided for the Festival’s films, now in it’s 25th year. This was good news for the students who found the pace of the dialogue challenging at times - however, they thoroughly enjoyed this political comedy.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that two of our students were presented with prizes. Dominic West won the Brian Jordan Prize, receiving $1,000.00 and Liam Baker won ACU School of Education Prize of $100.00. In recognition of our success in the competition, the College received a book by William Robinson entitled the “The Transfigured Landscape”. The opening is on Friday 21st March commencing at Liam presenting his artwork 6.00pm at the McGlade Gallery at ACU Strathfield, Gate 3, 25a Barker Road, Strathfield.

Our Year 10 Elective French class on Monday 17th March had an incursion in their classroom, “attending” one of the 2013 festival films, Astérix et Obélix. Here’s Jack Rogers’ bilingual review: Sur lundi, le 17 mars, le Year 10 Français classe ont regardé le film pour le Alliance Française festival du film. Nous avons regardé ‘Asterix et Obelix: au service de Sa Majesté’ (2012) et nous avons pensé c’était les deux plaisant et éducatif. Le film était rempli avec action, comédie et drame, et a gardé les garçons sur le bord de leurs sièges! Bien que ce n’était pas les cours de typique, les garçons ont bénéficé de l’accents et vocabulaire dans le film et espérons régarder un autre film bientôt! The Year 10 class watched a film from the Alliance Française French Film Festival. We watched Asterix et Obelix: God save Britannia and we thought it was both enjoyable and educational. The film was filled with action, comedy and drama and the kept the boys on the edge of their seats! Although it wasn’t a typical lesson, we benefited from the accents and vocabulary in the film and we hope to watch another movie soon! - Jack Rogers 10 Chanel

Carolyn O’Brien Creative & Performing Arts Coordinator

Katie Bucknole French Teacher

Dominic with his parents at the show. His artwork is in the background on display.




1st Prize: Robert Csano (Central Coast Weekend) 2nd Prize: Lynda Challenger (Blender) 3rd Prize: Troy Chee (Union Hotel Voucher) TRIVIA NIGHT Don’t forget the next big event is the Trivia Night on Saturday 21st June. More information will be announced closer to the date but please put the date in the diary. We are also putting out the call for donations so if you have anything for the silent auction, or big ticket items for the live auction, then please email pnf@maristns.catholic.edu.au Claire Manning P&F Secretary

Ryde Eisteddfod 2014 The annual Ryde Eisteddfod is a highly prestigious competition where it is open in several disciplines for all ages, solo or group performances. * Vocal (online entries close 25th April) * Dance (online entries close 23rd April) * Speech and Drama (online entries close 30th April) * Seniors (online entries close 30th April) * Instrumental (online entries close 25th April) The Eisteddfod is from Saturday 12th July to Saturday 6th September Online information and entry: rydeeisteddfod.org.au Phone enquiries: Gabrielle O’Donnell 9817 2019 Chancey Williamson 8007 6614 We have many students at the College who are involved in Music Tuition, the Band Ensemble, Drama and other areas who could be open to the challenge of preparing for an eisteddfod. Questions? See Ms O’Brien.

UNIFORM SHOP BLAZERS A reminder that all Year 7 and Year 11 students need to purchase their school blazer before the end of Term 1. If any other student (Years 7 12) requires a replacement blazer, they too are requested to place in their order prior to the end of Term 1. Year 7 parents are also reminded that students require trousers for Terms 2 & 3. These are available now at the Uniform Shop. Parents could you ensure all uniform items are labelled. At the moment we have a large number of unnamed items in the lost property bin. Items including school trousers, track tops, sport shoes, beach towels and many more. If your son has misplaced an item please have him check lost property. June Mitchell Uniform Shop Manager


CAREERS @ Marist UNI OPEN DAYS University of New England Friday 2 May University of Wollongong Saturday 16 August

UNSW Science Parent and Student Information Evening Science. Explore the possibilities. UNSW Science invites Year 11 and Year 12 students and their parents to attend an information evening with guest speaker Professor Fred Watson AM, astronomer and popular scientist. This evening will include talks and a career market, giving students and parents the opportunity to talk directly to current students and academics. Register online www.science.unsw.edu. au/infonight Wed 26 March, 6.30pm–8.30pm The John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington campus

UNI SCHOLARSHIPS UTS BIT – an IT course with a business and leadership focus Applications open 28th April Available for Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) co-op scholarship program students. www.uts.edu.au/future-students/ information-technology/it-undergraduate/ bit-co-op-benefits USYD Scholarships Information Evening Opportunities for current Year 11 and 12 students www.sydney.edu.au

International College of Management Sunday 17 August UTS, City campus Saturday 30 August 9am - 4pm University of Sydney Saturday 30 August 9am - 4pm Notre Dame University Saturday 30 August 9am - 3pm ANU Saturday 30 August ACU, Canberra campus Saturday 30 August ACU, North Sydney campus Saturday 6 September 8:30am – 2:30pm UNSW Saturday 6 September 9am – 4pm UTS, Kuring-gai campus Saturday 6 September 11am - 1pm

NIDA has a range of short courses for people aged between 12 and 18. These courses include a HSC Drama Group course and a HSC Drama Individual Project course to develop techniques to analyse a play, create a character and perform a dynamic monologue. www.open.nida.edu.au/courses/Demographic/Young+People 10

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is a unique university where you’ll get paid to study a degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). You’ll also undertake military leadership training and learn to become an officer in Australia’s Navy, Army or Air Force. In addition to the salary all tuition fees are covered. Applying for ADFA is a dual application process that can take up to 12 months, so get started now. Find out more information here: www. defencejobs.gov.au/education/adfa/ howToApply/applicationProcess.aspx

ACU, Strathfield Campus Saturday 13 September 8:30am – 4pm UWS, all campuses Newcastle University TBA


CAREERS @ Marist TERITARY EXPERIENCE DAYS MACLEAY COLLEGE INDUSTRY DAYS Mon 14th April – Fri 18th April www.macleay.edu.au/ news/2014-april-industry-daysmacleay WILLIAM ANGLISS INSTITUTE SYDNEY TRIAL-A-TRADE DAY Tues 15th April, 10am http://tiny.cc/rxpucx AIE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE DAY Wed 16th Apr, 10am - 3pm www.aie.edu.au/ied BLUE MOUNTAINS INTERNATION HOTEL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL Tue 22nd April – Thu 24th April Tue 15th July – Thu 17th July www.bluemountains.edu.au/ apply/discovery-days/ A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A NOTRE DAME NURSING STUDENT Wed 2nd July Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/aditl

HSC WORKSHOPS/ INTENSIVE STUDY HSC STUDY INTENSTIVE NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY Mon 7th – Fri 11th July www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney ACU - HSC ENRICHMENT Tues 8 July - Economics & English Thurs 10 July - Business & Law www.acu.edu.au/study_at_acu/ courses/applying_to_acu/useful_ links/events/hsc_enrichment_day University & TAFE 2015 Course Available These can be accessed in two ways: Electronically on the institutions website via the future students section and; hard copy via the Careers Room. Faculty guides from Sydney Uni and UTS have already arrived. Course guides for Northern Institute of TAFE are also available for students.




UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG YEAR 10 FUTURE FINDERS EVENING Tue 8th April, 6.30pm www.uow.edu.au/future/events/ futurefinder/index.html

ACADEMY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION DAY Tue 1st April, 6pm – 8pm Tue 6th May, 6pm – 8pm www.ait.nsw.edu.au/events/

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS & ECONOMICS EVENING Wed 14th May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate

SYDNEY AVIATORS OPEN DAY Sun 27th April, 8.30am www.sydneyaviators.com.au/ Event.aspx?pid=121

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL INFORMATION EVENING Wed 21st May mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME CAREERS IN LAW & BUSINESS Wed 21st May, 6pm www.nd.edu.au/events/sydney NOTRE DAME PARENT INFO NIGHT Tues 24th June Broadway Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/info MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY PARENT INFORMATION EVENING Wed 25th June mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate NOTRE DAME NURSING INFORMATION EVENING Tues 30th September, 6pm Darlinghurst Campus Register: www.nd.edu.au/events/ sydney/nursing-info MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL LEAVERS INFORMATION EVENING Wed 10th December mq.edu.au/future_students/ undergraduate

APM COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND COMMUNCATION & WILLIAM BLUE OPEN DAY Sat 3rd May, 10am – 2pm www.apm.edu.au/about-apm/ upcoming-events sydney/aditl AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL COLLEGE OF BEAUTY OPEN DAY Sat 3rd May, 10am – 1pm www.ancb.edu.au/open-daysevents/open-day-sydney-3rdmay NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRAMATIC ARTS OPEN DAY Sat 27th May, 10am – 4pm www.nida.edu.au/about-nida/ open-days-and-tours

EXCHANGE / TRAVEL SOUTHERN CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE INFORMATION SESSIONS Tue 1st April, 7pm–9pm Tue 6th May, 7pm –9pm www.scce.com.au/programs/ information-sessions/ PROJECTS ABROAD ONLINE INFORMATION SESSION Tues 15th April, 6pm–7pm www.projects-abroad.com.au/ about-us/meet-us/online-infosessions/ 11


SPORT MCC SWIMMING The 99th Metropolitan Catholic Colleges’ Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 20th March at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Following a disappointing performance in 2013, the Marist North Shore squad was looking to improve on our points total. So with a determined focus and eight weeks of training done, the boys performed exceptionally well. Across different individual events there were strong finishes and exceptional performances: • Alexander Walton 1st Senior 50m Breaststroke Championship 2nd Senior 50m Freestyle Championship • Alexander McQuarrie 2nd Senior 100m Freestyle Championship • Alec Morgan 2nd U/16 50m Freestyle Championship 2nd U/16 100m Freestyle Championship • Harry Liu 2nd U/16 50m Breaststroke Championship • Simon Cox 1st Senior 50m Freestyle Division • Aaron Wilkie 1st Senior 50m Backstroke Championship • Robert Fitzgerald 1st Place U/16 Backstroke Championship • Tom Goddard, Thomas Luck, Luke Hurley & Luca Pona 2nd U/13s 4x50m Medley relay • Robert Fitzgerald, Harry Liu, Alec Morgan & Connor Bennett 2nd U/16s 4x50m Medley relay • Timothy Forti, Patrick Bezzi, Nicholas Kain & Christopher Brown 1st Senior 4x50m Freestyle relay • Aaron Wilkie, Alexander Walton, Simon Cox & Matthew Crowe 1st 4x50m Senior Medley relay Overall the trophy results were as follows: • Juvenile – 6th place • Junior – 2nd place • Senior – 1st place • Aggregate – 3rd place Our improved performance this year can be attributed to the excellent training and determination from the boys. Thank you to Mr Peter Giles, Mr Daniel Kulk and Mr Peter Bennett for assisting me in coaching the boys this season. It has been most enjoyable and rewarding working with the students in achieving excellent results. Chris Maoudis Head Coach - Swimming



MCC CRICKET The U/16 cricketers having won a stunning semi final against Lewisham CBHS with three balls to spare and due missing two key players, captain Tom McGowan and opening bowler/batsman Josh Rizk, the team headed to Randwick to face off with Marist Kogarah confident of their chances with an almost injury free side taking the field. Kogarah won the toss and elected to field. A solid team effort saw North Shore 7/124 at the conclusion of our twenty overs. A great score in a grand final. Brad Ford produced a Michael Bevan/Brad Haddin type performance and anchored the innings. All who batted produced solid contributions making the final score possible.

The U/16 cricketers were presented to the College with the Cup in hand

Kogarah faced one very intimidating maiden over from Will Coyle and the portents for North Shore were looking good. But the rains came and joint premiers were declared. A fair outcome in the circumstances. I want to thank all of these boys for their great effort and outstanding sportsmanship. They are all a credit to our College. John Bullivant Coach


The Squash team presenting the MCC trophy to the College

The Squash team this year again continued the tradition, playing in their fourteen Grand Finals and this our thirteenth win. The boys under the coaching of Simon Jenkins, an ex-student of the College, trained well and developed the fitness and skills necessary to win in what turned out to be the closest result for some time. Their dedication and willingness to be part of a hard working highly committed team says much for the senior boys who brought the juniors into the idea that effort was required if they were to win, and effort they supplied. The team comprised of the following students: Dominique Ratcliffe (C) Thomas Ingram Harrison Fisk Ethan Grenot Benjamin Burgess Tristan Oldfield Harrison Hird Thomas Hampson Luke Carah Oliver Grenot Josiah Gwozdecky Ryan Lange Harrison Mentis-Bullock Tristen Van Rhoon Congratulations to these boys for carrying on a marvelous legacy! John Collins Manager Dominique Ratcliffe (MCC Squash Captain) recently competed and won the Big River Junior Open U/19’s division. It was a long weekend with Dominique playing six matches against some of the top ranked players in NSW and Australia. After this win, Dominique’s ranking will jump to 3rd in NSW. Next up, he will be off to the Coffs Harbour Junior Open which should be a strong competition. Congratulations and best of luck Dominique!


Roger Rogowski Finalist (Reserve: Felix Powling) (U/16 Singles)

Marist North Shore have been very fortunate over the years in winning the MCC Tennis aggregate trophy and last Thursday 13th March the good fortune continued. Nearly 40% of this years team were new to the MCC Tennis competition and, with limited preparation due to rain and the rescheduling of the tournament back into Term 1, it was most pleasing to see the boys bring about victory. Full results are listed below including outstanding performances from Arjun Mehrotra in the senior singles and Daniel Stormon and Brad Falconer in the senior doubles, both of whom won their respective championships. It has been a very long time since winning the senior singles title so a special congratulations to Arjun.

The MCC Tennis squad showing off the retained championship trophy

Congratulations to the whole team on a fine win and also to Mr Giles and Mr Jones for their work in organising and running a most efficient tournament. The results were: Hayden Stormon (U/13 Singles)

Just missed the semis (Reserve: Patrick Goodyer)

Jack O’Brien & Adam Goodyer (U/13 Doubles)


Nicholas Panetta Semi-finalist (U/14 Singles) (Reserve: Maxim Gwozdecky) Fred Kemsley & Adrian Cheung Semi-finalists (U/14 Double) Henrique de Mattos Semi-finalist (U/15 Singles) (Reserve: Josiah Gwozdecky) Michael Moran & Harrison Hird (U/15 Doubles)


Lukas Powling & James Tai Semi-finalists (U/16 Doubles) (Reserve: Jarrod Parchi) Arjun Mehrotra Champion (Senior Singles) (Reserve: Jackson McGenniss) Daniel Stormon & Brad Falconer Champions (Senior Doubles) (Reserve: Francois Galvez)

Luke Hill Coach MCC GOLF

The new and ‘Most Improved’ MCC Golf squad

On Thursday 13th March, the MCC Golf Carnival was held at Bexley Golf Course. The team consisted of Thomas Luck (U/13’s), Aiden Powter (U/14’s), Angus Simpson (U/15’s), Tim Ferrero (U/16’s), Tom Criniti (U/17’s) and Tim Claremont (Opens). The boys were incredibly competitive on the day with Aiden Powter, playing up an age group, winning the U/14’s competition with +5 over par. Other notable achievements on the day were Thomas Luck’s second placing in the U/13’s with +14 over par and Tim Claremont second placing in the Opens with +10 over par. As a team the boys did tremendously well and won the Most Improved Trophy on the day. Congratulations to all the boys and we look forward to being even more competitive next year. Jeff Davidson Coach




CANTEEN 24 Mar: Annette Bradford, Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliot, Grace Ooi, Andrea Morgan 25 Mar: Julie Bourgeat, Louise Frith, Nina Stowers-Kahui, Nola Xenakis 26 Mar: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Janet Pereira, Cindy Van Kampen 27 Mar: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Marg Mitchell, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead 28 Mar: Paulette Bendixen-Brown, Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Vicki Robinson, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 31 Mar: Louise Burton, Cathy Kinsella, Jennifer Sheldon, Leonie Siutz, Tara Smith, Christina Young 1 Apr: Natalie Bollard, Katherine Borkowski, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson, Melanie Sanchez 2 Apr: Amanda Gallen, Meg Meuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 3 Apr: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr 4 Apr: France Booth, Selena French, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan

24 Mar: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 28 Mar: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) CDSA Debating - Round 1 31 Mar: PUPIL FREE DAY (Staff Day) 1 Apr: Year 7 & 9 Vaccinations (HPV & Year 8 Catch Up) 3 Apr: MCC Cross Country 4 Apri: CDSA Debating - Round 2 7 Apr: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 8 Apr: Paul Dillon (DARTA) - Parent Presenation MacKillop Library, 7pm 9 Apr: Year 10 Reflection Day 10 Apr: Year 7 - 11 reports posted 11 Apr: COLLEGE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL LAST DAY OF TERM 1 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 28 Apr: TERM 2 COMMENCES 30 Apr: Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews 5.30pm - 8.00pm 1 May: MCC Summer Sport Photos MCC Winter Sport - Round 1 2 May: Year 12 Marist Youth Forum (Mittagong) CSDA Debating - Round 3 5 May: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 7 May: Mother’s Day Assembly, 10.00am 8 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 2 9 May: Metropolitan Chess Competition CSDA Debating - Round 4 Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 11>17 May: Year 12 Retreat 13>15 May: Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN 15 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 3 16 May: CSDA Debating - Round 5 19 May: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 22 May: MCC Winter Sport - Round 4

UNIFORM SHOP 26 Mar: Donalda Brown, Mandy Arnold, Debbie Jenkins, Taleen Avedissian 2 Apr: Maureen McKee, Elizabeth Byrne, Julie Gaidzkar, Dimi Hills

ACCOUNTS FEE STATEMENTS A reminder to all Parents/Guardians that the first Fee Statement for the year was due for payment on the Monday 24th February. Payment would be appreciated for those families that have yet to do so. If you did not receive a Statement please email accounts@maristns.catholic.edu.au A reminder notice has also recently been sent out to those families by Australia Post and via email. Mark Brooks Business Manager


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“I am a Girl”

An inspirational feature length documentary on what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. Wednesday 26 March 2014 Ron Dyer Centre, St. Mary’s North Sydney Parish 42 Ridge Street, North Sydney 6.30pm - Champagne and Canapes, 7.00pm - “I am a Girl” Screening Meet Australian Film Producer and Director of ‘I am a Girl’, Rebecca Barry

Adult/Student: $25.00 RSVP and payment online www.trybooking.com/EJXL by Monday 24th March, 2014.

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High Notes #4 - 24 March 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

High Notes #4 - 24 March 2014  

Marist College North Shore newsletter