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18th November 2013


ric C r o f n o s a the Se

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents/Carers,

The annual Christmas Drinks function for parents is being held on Friday 29th November. I really hope to see you there as it will be my last big official function at the College before I move off to prepare for my new role. Please book tickets quickly so that the team of caters have maximum time to prepare the finger food, which has always been of first-rate quality. Transitioning to a new P&F committee has been really easy in recent years because of the work that has managed to package up the various jobs into manageable short-term projects. The committees are able to carrying on their work without lots of drawn out meeting. I warmly welcome Rob Geeves to the Presidency of the committee and Sue Kenny to the role of Vice-Presidency. I owe a huge thanks to all of the committee members that have focused on good communication with families and on a positive and supportive relationship with the College Administration and office staff. There have a few recent announcements by staff members that have secured their jobs in others places. Ms Clare Brouggy is moving to the CEO Eastern Region Office helping support schools with students who have some difficulties. Mr Noel Ornelas has secured a job at Parramatta Marist High to work as a Mathematics teacher and Year Coordinator in the environment of Project Based and Problem Based learning. Mr Russell Kam is also moving on from Marist with his appointment to St Aloysius College, Milsons Point. We extend our congratulations and best wishes to each of the staff. I have been amazed and the generosity of families and students in making substantial donations to the annual Christmas appeal, the Bushfire appeal and The Philippines disaster appeal. The support for all of these appeals has been wonderful.

You will see later in this newsletter that we have a new team of Coordinators for the Second Hand Book Sale. This a big task to take on but I feel, with the support of all parents, the sale of second hand books will again be a very big help to the families. It is important that we all follow the clear instructions that come from Braelen Zwart and Mike Slater so that when it all comes together, it will be time efficient for all volunteers and practical to run. It is good to see students continuing success being highlighted in this newsletter with Arjun Mehrotra in tennis, Daniel Attewell and Zac Feaunati in Rugby Union and the latest Catholic Weekly showcased a yearly wrap of the College’s successful MCC Squash and MCC Tennis teams as well as the individual merits of Tom Schramko in rowing and Joshua Phillips in Athletics and Cross Country. Also of note is the 3rd placing of our ASX Stock Exchange team in an Australia-wide competition. Please read on to find out more about their fantastic achievement. Thank you and God bless

Br Peter Corr, fms Headmaster

FINANCE FEE STATEMENT A reminder that the final Fee Statement for the year was due early September. If you still have not finalised your account, please contact the Office on 9957 5000. Mark Brooks Business Manager

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER BELIEVE/FAITH Our theme for our year at Marist has been Believe. A key element in the development of this theme has been Faith. I recently came across this short reflection from Pope Francis that I felt was quite apt for who we are as Marist people and how we aspire to live our lives. Words like entrusting, love, accepts, sustains, directs, and transformed illuminates what believing and faith promote in seeing and feeling hope. “Believing means entrusting to a merciful love which always accepts and pardons, which sustains and directs our lives, and which it shows its power by its ability to make straight the crooked lines of our history. Faith consists in the willingness to let ourselves be constantly transformed and renewed by God’s call”.

Year 10 students finish school for the year on Friday 6th December. The final week for Year 10 will have some alternate arrangements where some of the focus will be preparing for the their senior studies. Further details will be sent home in a letter to parents. Year 11 (Year 12, 2014): Year 12, 2014 in most courses will be approaching or have just completed their first HSC assessment task. Remaining settled, focused, working with their teachers, and working collaboratively are ways to manage this busy time. Year 11 students finish school for the year on Friday 6th December. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster

Pope Francis, Encyclical Letter, Lumen fidei, June 29, 2013

FINAL WEEKS The final weeks are always busy and important times for staff, students and families. The following is an outline of each Year Group for the final weeks: Year 7, 8 and 9: The Year 7 and 8 Assessment Week is in Week 8 (25th November - 29th November). Year 9 students have their Assessment Week in Week 7 (18th November - 22nd November). All students will be or have been emailed a copy of their assessment schedule for these times. Students should be working with their teachers in preparation for the assessments. Years 7, 8 and 9 will conclude for the year on Thursday 12th December after the Christmas liturgy at approximately 12pm. Year 10: Currently Year 10 students have finished their exams as of 8th November. They should be receiving feedback and evaluating their performance, examining their strengths and developing ways to improve. Whilst the exams have finished, all Year 10 students have been reminded that the course content in all courses still needs to be completed and their cooperation and focus needs to be of a high standard.

PASTORAL CARE REACH FOUNDATION WORKSHOPS On Tuesday 12th November, Year 8 participated in a workshop titled Identity and Influence. The Reach Foundation employs young people to empower youth through thought-provoking and interactive activities. They also offer leadership training through local centres. To know more, visit their website for further information: The students engaged really well with the program and gave some good feedback: “The workshop was a new experience. The people who ran it were young and could relate to our situations. I learnt a lot about my classmates who I don’t usually talk to or interact with, and I think it will make me think twice before making comments or judging people”

Ethan Bick 8 Salta

Dawn Russell College Counsellor

FAITH FORMATION “WHERE THE HELL IS GOD?” That is probably a question that a number of people around the world are asking, particularly in The Philippines given the natural disaster that has just occurred. It is a valid question, one that many people have asked, will continue to ask and should be allowed to ask. While I definitely don’t have a divine answer myself, I was fortunate to hear from Fr. Richard Leonard who has written a book on this topic after a tragic accident involving his sister, which left her a quadriplegic. Fr. Richard offers seven steps to spiritual sanity when we are tempted to ask, “Where the hell is God?” 1) God does not directly send pain, suffering, and disease. God does not punish us. 2) God does not send accidents to teach us things, though we can learn from them. 3) God does not will earthquakes, floods, droughts, or other natural disasters. Prayer asks God to change us to change the world. 4) God’s will is more in the big picture than in the small. 5) God did not need the blood of Jesus. Jesus did not just come “to die”, but to live. God used his death to announce the end of death. 6) God has created a world that is less than perfect, and in which suffering, disease, and pain are realities; otherwise, it would be heaven. Some of these problems we now create for ourselves and blame God. 7) God does not kill us off. While I firmly believe we must be allowed to ask questions, as this leads us to a deeper understanding of our faith, we must also help our sons to explore finding answers to their questions. If you were looking for a good book to read, I would recommend: “Where the Hell is God?” by Fr. Richard Leonard. MARIST SOLIDARITY On Wednesday 13th November, the Marist Solidarity boys were presented at the Headmaster’s Assembly in recognition of their service they have provided, not just within the community of Marist North Shore but also the communities that our outreach programs work with.

As part of the assembly, Year 9 student Alec Morgan was asked to give a reflection on his experiences in Solidarity this year and I would like to share with you his speech as it was very heartfelt and he delivered it exceptionally well. The Oxford dictionary defines Solidarity as “unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group”. The word Solidarity has a different meaning for everyone. Some people believe that Solidarity is donating a gold coin every once in a while. However, at Marist we believe that Solidarity is much more than that. Solidarity involves putting yourself in situations that are out of your comfort zone. An example of this would be reaching out to the homeless on night patrols, which can be very confronting to young students who have never experienced the loss of homes, food, family, jobs, support, and so on. Solidarity is about having empathy and making yourself available to those people who are in need of some support and comfort. It doesn’t require making grand gestures, but rather doing the little things that will have a big impact on an individual. A conversation can have a positive impact on somebody’s day and is such an easy thing to do. I have a grandmother with Alzheimer’s in a nursing home in Melbourne and I hope that those around her show her Solidarity in the form of a conversation, friendliness and company. Also, my Uncle Leo is an 89-yearold Marist Brother who has dedicated his life to Solidarity through teaching and missionary work. My experience this year in Solidarity has been visiting the Georgian House Nursing Home and dedicating my lunches to make sandwiches for the homeless people. At Georgian House Nursing Home, we usually go as a group of three or four along with Miss Bucknole or Mr Dela Cruz. We play board games, dominoes and have a good chat. On special occasions, Mr Dela Cruz brings his guitar and plays a few songs. I have embraced this notion of Solidarity and would encourage you all to think about how much you make Solidarity a part of your life. It is not a one-off concept, but should be an ongoing part of your life.

FAITH FORMATION If you haven’t thought about joining the Solidarity group at Marist, I would strongly recommend you come along to any of the meetings. The Solidarity group is not a huge commitment time wise and the personal reward you feel from making someone laugh far outweighs the hour every third Wednesday you give up. I would like to thank Mr Versteegh, Mr Dela Cruz and Miss Bucknole for the opportunity to be involved with this program. Alec Morgan 9 Salta

Keep our hearts focused on the needs of those affected, even after the crisis is over. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen. Mary our good mother: Pray for us St Marcellin Champagnat: Pray for us And let us always remember: To pray for one another. Stephen Versteegh Acting Director of Faith Formation



I would like to thank you all for your support of the Christmas Appeal. The support has been absolutely amazing and shows the value this community at Marist North Shore places in standing in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters of all walks of life. I hope you continue to support our appeal as we aim to donate sixty hampers.

Lazarus at our gate: A critical moment in the fight against world poverty was the core theme of the 2013 Social Justice Statement. The 2013 Catholic Schools Social Justice Conference, was a day of intrigue, eye opening experiences and undeniable drama.

I encourage you to talk with your son about what happened in The Philippines and the questions they may have about God, but also hope that you will say the following prayer with your son.

The day was all about looking at world poverty from an understandable and youthful perspective while also embracing the spirit of the day and involving yourself hands on. It is the small things that us as individuals and schools which can fix the pieces to help solve world poverty.

Compassionate Lord, We pray for those who have been devastated by recent natural disasters. We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly. We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring them consolation and comfort. Surround them with our prayers for strength. Bless those who have survived and heal their memories of trauma and devastation. May they have the courage to face the long road of rebuilding ahead. We ask your blessing on all those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their security and their hope. Bless the work of relief agencies and those providing emergency assistance. May their work be guided by the grace and strength that comes from You alone. Help us to respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, in aid to the best of our abilities.

We wer treated to the sounds Australian Catholic singing superstar Gary Pinto who, with his smooth voice, shared inspirational messages with the students. All the students were separated into various workshops all exploring the vital issues at hand in our society all relating to poverty. Some boys discussed the confronting poverty in our own country faced by the indigenous Australians, the role of the Catholic Mission and there assistance in world poverty, while others were shocked and devastated at the true stories of the desperate attempts of Asylum Seekers desperately searching for refuge in a country of plenty like Australia. However all the activities led us to an important period of reflection where all schools had a chance to contemplate how we as a school can achieve and solve the issues so prevailing in our society and our closest communities. Samuel How 10 Chanel


The next Warren Buffetts (L-R): Zachary Munro, Karun Bhandari, Thomas McGowan, Zachary Richmond

Year 9 Commerce students participated in the National 2013 ASX Sharemarket Game as part of their studies on the commercial world. The students played both of the games held this year and were able to gain first-hand experience of how the sharemarket works. With a virtual $50,000 to invest over 10 weeks, students traded online in real market conditions and competed against their peers. The Game enables students to put theory into practice and to experience and discuss the changing nature of the economy, society and the world. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Year 9 Commerce students Karun Bhandari, Thomas McGowan, Zachary Munro and Zachary Richmond, who entered under the syndicate name Monstertrucks 101, won third place nationally and third place in the NSW division, in Game 2 of this year’s competition. The boys finished up with a portfolio value of $60,557. Their syndicate bought and held for the period of the Game. They purchased: JBH - JB Hi Fi, SEK - Seek, BGA - Bega Cheese and ANZ. These companies were across the consumer discretionary, industrials, consumer staples and financial sectors. In summarizing their overall Game strategy, the boys stated, “many factors were taken into account whilst deciding how to spend our initial capital of $50,000. The first and most important strategy was to diversify our portfolio - in layman’s terms this meant ‘not putting all our eggs in one basket’. Thus we decided to buy shares from different industries, including agriculture, banking and technology. This meant that a downturn in one industry would not affect our entire portfolio. When it came to choosing which stocks to invest in, we initially analysed the trends of assets available on the ASX.

We then decided on stocks we believed showed future growth prospects. In addition, we decided to take a more conservative approach when managing our portfolio as opposed to actively managing our portfolio. This is why we decided on the ‘buy and hold’ method.” As a result of the students’ winning efforts, the College will receive $1,500. The students will receive $600 to share between them and will also be awarded trophies to mark their achievement. Well done to all students who participated in the Game this year. In particular, congratulations to Karun, Thomas, Zachary M. and Zachary R. on their significant achievement in this national competition. Definitely future sharemarket traders to look out for!

Joe Alvaro HSIE Assistant Coordinator


North Sydney Community Carols in conjunction with

twilight food fair Special guest artists ✴ YellowKat ‘Christmas Show’

✴ The Jitterbugs Christmas Spectacular

✴ Meet Santa & the

Friday 6 December Christmas Fairy Princess 6.30pm to 9pm ✴ Kids craft corner Carols performed by ✴ North Sydney Girls Civic Park High School Choir and (Adjacent to Stanton Library) Miller St, North Sydney

Orchestra Come early and enjoy a picnic or buy dinner at the Food Fair

Wet weather hotline: 9936 8272


Marist College North Shore P & F

Second Hand Text Book Sale

Saturday, 7 December 9 am – 11 am La Valla Hall th

Payment for books is by cash and EFTPOS (Visa & Mastercard only) Personal cheques will not be accepted Book collection day for all Year Groups: Friday 6th December 2013 8 am – 11:30 am - La Valla Hall Foyer 11:30 am – 3 pm - La Valla Hall



Saturday 7th December 9am – 11am La Valla Hall

Friday 29th November, 6.30pm - 10.00pm

The Second Hand Text Book Sale will be held on on Saturday 7th December, 9 am – 11 am in La Valla Hall. Payment for books can only be made by cash or EFTPOS (only Mastercard & Visa credit cards accepted). Please note that personal cheques will NOT be accepted for payment. Books from all Year Groups will be accepted for sale, by parents or students, on Friday 6th December. As there will be an Academic Assembly taking place in the Hall on Friday morning, the books will be collected in the foyer of the Hall until the Assembly has concluded Please ensure that you bring any textbooks to be sold to the correct location to ensure the Assembly is not disrupted: 8.00am – 11.30 am La Valla Hall (foyer only) 11.30am – 3.00 pm La Valla Hall Information Packs have been distributed to all students in Years 8 -11 via their Tutor Groups. Families of students in Year 7 and 12 should have received their Information Packs in the mail. Please contact the P&F on the email address below if you do not receive this pack. Thank you to those parents who have kindly volunteered their time to help. However, we are in need of more volunteers on Friday 6th December from 8am – 3pm (for a minimum of 2 hours) to help collect and price the books and set up the Hall for the Sale. We also require volunteers on Saturday 7th December to sell the books. Please contact the P&F via their email: pnf@ if you are able to assist on either day. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Braelen Zwart and Mike Slater Second Hand Book Sale Coordinators 2013

A reminder to all parents that if you wish to attend our farewell to Br. Peter Corr
and end of year Christmas function, please refer to the booking link below: Tickets are selling fast, so be quick!

We look forward to celebrating a wonderful year that was
at Marist North Shore with you.

P&F MEMBERS We would like to say a huge thank you to our outgoing P&F President – Melanie Lindquist. Melanie has worked tirelessly for the P&F since her involvement started and has been very involved in all the events and behind the scenes. Her passion and happiness is infectious and we thank her for everything. Margaret Bridges our Vice President is also stepping down. We would also like to thank Margaret for her help and involvement. We welcome Rob Geeves as our new President and Sue Kenny as our new Vice President. Thank you for taking on these roles. P&F Committee


Check bac k next edition for more notice s!

Your help will make a difference. For the fourth consecutive year, Father Tony Smith S.J. is hosting a celebration for community members who are otherwise unable to celebrate Christmas in the company of others.

Wednesday 25 December 2013 Ron Dyer Centre, 42 Ridge Street North Sydney NSW 2065

Volunteers will be preparing an enjoyable day with a warm welcome, a sit-down lunch, traditional festivities, music and entertainment, plus a small gift. Organising such an event is not a simple task. We therefore invite volunteers and sponsors to call 8918 4101 or email A small team has already started work but many more volunteers are needed to:


contact various organisations to inform and invite guests serve and host guest tables greet guests, prepare food, plate, clean, etc. procure donations of non-alcoholic drinks, food and/or financial sponsorship ($35 per guest).

Contact us today! We are grateful for your support of our community members by helping them to participate in this memorable Christmas Day event.

Remembrance, Consolation & Hope - 2013 This service is open to all those who have experienced the loss of a child.  We come together to mark our enduring love for these children, to share  the sadness of their loss and to offer compassion and understanding to  others who grieve. Families will be invited to record their childʼs name in a book of remembrance which will be kept in the Mater Hospital Chapel.  Refreshments will be provided following the service. Graham Long, Pastor of the Wayside Chapel and father of James will  officiate and Vanessa Gorman, director/producer on Australian Story  and mother of Layla will be our guest speaker. Children are welcome and should remain quietly seated with their  parents throughout the service. Music:   Date:   Time:   Place:     RSVP 

The Café at the Gate of Salvation Friday 6th Dec 2013 7.30pm but please be seated by 7.20 pm. St Maryʼs Catholic Church, Miller and Ridge St, North Sydney (Parking is available along Miller Street and in   the car park adjacent to the church) for catering purposes to Darleen or Jenny on Tel - 9900 7675

During the service photographs of the children or other associated  images will be shown. If you would like to provide a digital image please  email it to Deb de Wilde at peterbarr@bigpond by November 29th. Any  queries please call Deb on 0412 514 996



Daniel Attewell

Arjun Mehrotra

Arjun Mehrotra (11 Salta) has been selected to be part of the Tennis NSW Player Support Team which is a Tennis Australia initiative for promising players. The team is under former ATP Player and David Cup coach, Wally Masur. This is a huge accomplishment and opportunity for Arjun as only twelves boys from all our the state, metropolitan and regional, are selected in the age group of 12 to 17 years. Arjun has also been commended on his attitude amongst the Tennis NSW staff. The team manager has expressed that he has been very impressed with Arjun’s work ethic, his good manners and the respect he showed his coaches and peers. We are proud of Arjun’s effort both on and off the court and wish him the very best!

Zac Feaunati

Zac Feaunati (8 Moore) and Daniel Attewell (8 Kelly) have recently just completed a two-week trial selecton for the Australian Rugby Union’s U/15 Sydney Gold Team. We commend the boys on their commitment as this was a huge process, with over 250 boys up for selection across all of NSW. The Australian Rugby Union were on the look out for future elite players, so the level was incredibly high. Unfortunately for Daniel, he was not selected but we congratulate him for being in contention amongst an incredible amount of talent. However there is fanastic news for Zac, as he has been chosen as member of the U/15 squad which will begin competiting in February/March 2014. This is a massive achievement for Zac given the level of competition. Zac just this past Sunday joined the squad, where going forward e and his team will be treated like elite rugby players in a professional environment. Congratulations to Zac on his fine achievement!



CANTEEN 18 Nov: Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliott, Andrea Morgan, Annette Bradford 19 Nov: Cathie Bladen, Julie Bourgeat, Louise Frith, Nola Xenakis 20 Nov: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Cindy Van Kampen 21 Nov: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead, Marg Mitchell 22 Nov: Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 25 Nov: Lisa Boyle, Louise Burton, Ann-Marie Hilliard, Cathy Kinsella, Leonie Siutz, Christina Young 26 Nov: Martina Anderson, Heather Cook, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson 27 Nov: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 28 Nov: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr, Sonya Schofield 29 Nov: France Booth, Anne Haron, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan

18-22 Nov: Year 12 VET Hospitality Work Placement Year 9 Assessment Week 18 Nov: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 20 Nov: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 22 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta) 25-29 Nov: Year 7 & 8 Assessment Week 27 Nov: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 28 Nov: Volunteers Thankyou Lunch 29 Nov: P&F Christmas Party 2 Dec: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 4 Dec: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot Marist Solidarity Christmas Gathering 5 Dec: Year 10 & 11 Champagnat Gold 6 Dec: LAST DAY FOR 2013 - YEAR 10 & 11 ONLY Solidarity - Sandwich Making (Moore) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 7 Dec: P&F Second Hand Book Sale 11 Dec: Year 7, 8 & 9 Champagnat Gold Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 12 Dec: LAST DAY FOR 2013 - YEAR 7, 8 & 9 (12.00pm) 17 Dec: Parent/Teacher Interviews (9.00am - 1.00pm) 18 Dec: HSC Results released Parent/Teacher Interviews (12.15pm - 3.30pm) 19 Dec: College closes for 2013 (12.00pm) 20 Jan 2014: College Office reopens for 2014 21 Jan: Uniform Shop open 22 Jan: Uniform Shop open 28 Jan: Year 11 Peer Support Training 29 Jan: Year 7 Orientation 30 Jan: ALL STUDENTS RETURN FOR 2014 31 Jan: College Swimming Carnival

UNIFORM 20 Nov: Anne Haron, Anna Ng, Leanne Bishop, Debbie Jenkins 27 Nov: Narelle James, Karen Whitehead, Gemma Metzker




A very BIG Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with the Year 7 Fitting Day on Saturday. Without your help the Uniform Shop would not function.

The Uniform Shop will open on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd 2014. If you are looking for something to do on either day, I would love to have you volunteer in the shop.

I would also like to thank Mrs Stephanie Lainey who will be leaving the school this year. Stephanie volunteered in the Uniform Shop for the first eight years and then assisted at every Fitting day for another four years. Stephanie has also volunteered in the Canteen for the twelve years she has been a parent at the school. I wish Stephanie all the best and thank her for everything she has done.

June Mitchell Uniform Shop

High Notes #16 - 18 November 2013  

Marist College North Shore newsletter

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