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21st October 2013


FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents/Carers, It has been announced that Mr Anthony Duncan will be the Headmaster of Marist College North Shore from the beginning of 2014. Mr Duncan is an experienced Principal coming to us from Marist College, Penshurst where he has been the Principal for eight years. In addition, Mr Duncan has been on the leadership teams of a number of Catholic schools. We congratulate Mr Duncan on his successful application and we welcome him to the College community at Marist College North Shore. Over the coming weeks, I will be having a number of handover meetings with Mr Duncan so that the transition will be a smooth one. The Year 12 Graduation functions went extremely well and the Year 12 class deserve congratulations for the manner in which they conducted themselves during that period. They are a credit to the College and to their families. Our Year 12 students seemed to have prepared themselves well for the HSC examinations and are reporting a high degree of satisfaction with the exams that they have sat to date.

information for their introduction to Marist College North Shore. The Year 11 reports are being prepared at present and on Wednesday evening, 23rd October, we have the Year 11 Prizegiving and HSC Information Evening. It is important that all families are represented, as information will be disseminated about the HSC year, which these students have just begun. Our hearts go out to the victims of the natural disasters that are currently being report not only from other parts of the world but in our own backyard with the devastation of the fires in the Sydney area. We are organising a fundraising day at the school with the amount raised being matched dollar for dollar by the Catholic Education Office, so please help us all that you can with this appeal. The money will go to Catholic Care Social Service unit for distribution to these victims. Thank you and God bless, Br Peter Corr, fms

I have encouraged all students to be focused in their study during this term because summer weather can give the impression that the holidays are imminent and this can lead to some laziness in attitude. The results at the end of the year are important for the students so that they can move into next year with a sense of having a capacity to make a difference in their own learning by applying themselves consistently and well. Assessments for Year 7 to 10 are very near so I wish students the best of outcomes for these. And, I am a firm believer that the students who have applied themselves consistently well will emerge with good outcomes. Chanel House organised the Pink Cupcake Day last week with outstanding success both in raising money for breast cancer research and raising awareness of the need for the research. Thank you is due to Ms Kathleen McGrath and the Chanel House leaders for organising this and to all the students of Chanel House who made the effort. The Year 7/2014 Information Evening was held last Wednesday with the incoming students and their parents receiving packets of essential

FINANCE FEE STATEMENT A reminder that the final Fee Statement for the year was due early September. If you still have not finalised your account, please contact the Office on 9957 5000. Mark Brooks Business Manager

FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER PASTORAL CARE LESSONS Last Wednesday, all students in Years 7 to 11 were engaged in a pastoral lesson. As mentioned previously, these lessons look to examine relevant issues in our student’s lives. It gives them an opportunity to listen, learn, reflect and discuss with their teachers and peers some ideas around a specific issue. I encourage parents to discuss with their sons these ideas that were explored on the day to gain an insight on what was discovered. The year groups examined the following topics with their teachers and guest speakers: Year 7: Year 7 participated in a session that focused on healthy living practices. Information and discussion around the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol was a focus. Teachers centred on our young men making positive and informed decisions and providing problem solving techniques in relation to their well being. Year 8: Year 8 in their pastoral lesson examined information about the dangers of drugs, the risks that are involved, negative influences and strength in decision making. Year 9: Our school Police Liaison Officer ran a presentation for our Year 9 students on drug education. He examined the dangers of drugs to our wellbeing and elements regarding law and drugs. Year 10: Year 10 students were engaged in a presentation by staff on a topic titled, Safe Partying. The messages explored within the pastoral lesson was making rational and thoughtful decisions rather than turning to violence. This lesson and its themes were developed using confronting videos and some engaging discussions in various groups. Each student received an information booklet as an informative resource. Year 11: With our Year 11 students now entering their HSC studies, they focused on looking at the importance of monitoring their own wellbeing. Key elements examined were striking the correct balance between their studies, family life, friends and other commitments.

Models of five essential elements to wellbeing were developed and the importance of fostering a spiritual wellness was put forward to our senior students. A booklet that provided a stimulus was given to each student. SUN PROTECTION I have spoken to all students over the last few weeks about the importance of being well prepared when it comes to being exposed to the sun. In particular with Thursday sport, students have been reminded to bring their hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. Their hat, sunscreen and water bottle should be left in their bag and used when appropriate. The importance of being planned is the key as students are aware through our communication and education of the dangers in being exposed to the sun. YEAR 11 Year 11 have officially begun their HSC studies and should be working closely with their teachers to continue to develop a positive routine towards their studies. Year 11 have been permitted to sign out at the end of the day if they have a study period in Period 6. They also have been allowed the privilege in being senior students to leave the College premises during lunch. It has been clearly explained that in having such privileges there comes responsibilities. These responsibilities relate to wearing uniform correctly, displaying mature behaviour and returning to the College on time for Period 5. Furthermore, this Wednesday 23rd October is the Year 11 HSC Information and Prizegiving evening. A note with all the relevant details was issued to the students last week. The College leaders for 2014 will also be introduced to the parents. This is a compulsory event for all students and a parent representative is required. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster

FAITH FORMATION Welcome back to Term 4, to what has been a busy start following on from a frantic end to Term 3. One of the joys of being a teacher in a Catholic school is celebrating Mass with students. The Mass is an integral part of our Faith and it is wonderful to see students celebrate and express their Faith. As part of the Year 12 celebrations, the students have Mass before heading off to their graduation dinner. To see the students procession into the Church to the sound of bag pipes and watch them express their Faith and the importance of having a Faith is something very special. It was also beautiful to hear their booming voices as they sung Sub Tuum, a great Marist Hymn that has been sung by Marists for years in prayer to Mary whilst leaving the church. Being able to celebrate this special event and openly expressing their Faith is something I hope the boys remember for many years to come.

the Spanish revolution. I invite you to read the short story of Br. Cristano, one of the Martyrs: Br Crisanto was in charge of twenty-five young men in formation at Les Avellanes. Faced with threats, these young men were accepted by various families of the little village of Tartareu. Br. Crisanto visited and encouraged them: “I cannot separate myself from the young men who are under my care”. Summoned by the local Revolutionary Committee, he presented himself trustingly. He told the people of the village: “If I am killed, it will be only because I am a Marist religious and because I am doing my duty. If that is the case, I am happy! How could I abandon my dear children! As long as I live, and with the help of the Blessed Virgin, I will take care of them.”At the moment of his murder, he appealed to his executioners: “For the love of God, don’t kill me, let me look after my young men.” Br. Crisanto was killed but the young men succeeded in crossing the French border. According to eyewitnesses, Br. Crisanto went to his martyrdom smiling and tranquil, saying goodbye to the persons nearest to him. I would encourage you to take the time this week to learn more about our Marist family and the sacrifice that these Spanish brothers made whilst staying true to their Faith. Stephen Versteegh Acting Director of Faith Formation

CALLING VOLUNTEERS! Timothy Fung receiving his crucifix from Mr Noel Ornelas, Kelly House Coordinator

In the coming weeks, a number of students will be invited to participate in Catholic Education Youth Forums and Social Justice days. These days provide opportunities to explore their Faith in other ways and I look forward to being able to share with you their experiences. As Marists, we are connected to our brothers and sisters from all corners of the globe. Recently we celebrated with our Marist family the beatification of over sixty Marist Brothers on 13th October in Tarragona, Spain. The Brothers were martyred in Spain between 1936 - 1939 during

Any current parents who are willing to give their time to help out in the College Canteen and Uniform Shop in 2014, don’t be shy and let us know as we’d love to hear from you! You can notify the College on 9957 5000 or email: We sincerely appreciate all the help we receive and look forward to another busy year her at the College. Shelley Kemsley Canteen Manager

June Mitchell Uniform Shop

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF TEACHING & LEARNING HSC ACADEMIC AWARDS Congratulations to the following students who were recognised their First In Course placement and commitment award at the Graduation Mass on Friday 20th September: FIRST PLACE Calan Andrews Liam Baker

Hospitality Design & Technology Visual Arts

Goran Belobrajdic

=1st English Standard

Nicholas Bolevich

Business Studies

Joel Brown


Michael Collins Harrison Cornay Dennis De Caires Beau Drummond

=1st Chemistry

COMMITMENT Calan Andrews Liam Baker

Jake Bredeson


James Brew


Mithun Chauhan


English Advanced Hospitality

Lewis Criniti


Dennis De Caires

Visual Arts

Beau Drummond

Biology Mathematics General Business Studies Economics

Alexander Fong

English Advanced Mathematics Extension I

Modern History =1st English Standard

Studies of Religion II Mathematics General

Industrial Technology Advanced English

English Extension II

Anthony Borgeest

Physics PD/H/PE

Business Studies

Studies of Religion I Timothy Fung


Alexander Geary


William Hardie


Alexander Jack

English Standard

Maxwell Madden

Design & Technology

Thomas Manos

English Standard Industrial Technology

Timothy Fung

=1st Information Processes & Technology

Lachlan Hardie


Nicholas Khzouz

=1st English Standard

James McQueen

History Extension

Harry Lambrou


Dylan McDermott

Maxwell Madden

Mathematics Extension I

James McQueen

Declan McWhinney


Gabriel Mead

Legal Studies

Ellis Mitchell-Paterson

Hadden Power-Cohen

=1st Information Processes & Technology

Toby Plasto

Arshag Rajoyan

TVET Award

Alexander Radovan

Modern History

Jose Sollano-Antonio

Catholic Studies

Yianni Saragas

Industrial Technology

James Tomkins

=1st English Standard

Carl Trevena

Ancient History

Manveer Singh

Information Processes & Technology

Liam Tully

Studies of Religion I

Tom Terado

Ancient History


Divyesh Thakkar


English Extension I

Naynesh Thakkar

Angus Wheeler

Thomas Windeyer

English Extension II Mathematics General

Harrison Thomas

Studies of Religion II

Elliot Vella


Ancient History History Extension Drama Chemistry Mathematics Extension II

English Standard Catholic Studies Economics Legal Studies Mathematics General

Angus Wheeler

Modern History

Thomas Windeyer

English Extension I

CREATIVE ARTS DRAMA Term 3 was a very busy for the Drama department at Marist North Shore. From HSC Trials and Performances, to excursions and Year 9 Performance days, all boys in all years had a great time participating in a number of different experiences, which all enriched their knowledge and enjoyment of Drama. A big thank you to all the staff, parents and students who continue to support Drama at Marist North Shore. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Sydney Theatre Company Performance On 14th August, Year 10 and 11 went to the Sydney Theatre Company to see their production of Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The play is absurd and follows Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as they try and discover their purpose in life whilst also fulfilling their roles in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Tim Minchin played the ever-so gentle and slightly dim-witted Rosencrantz while Toby Schmitz played the serious and narcissistic Guildenstern. The show was incredibly entertaining and kept the audience on the edge of their seat for the entire performance. It was a enjoyable performance and both Year 10 and 11 would like to thank Mr Vafeas for organising the excursion and Mr Taylor for coming along to supervise. - Harry Berton (11 Chanel) Year

11 Performance - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Abridged) On 5th September, after a term of rehearsing and learning lines, the Year 11 Drama class (with the help of some Year 10 understudies!) performed the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Abridged). It was great to watch our performance come to life after rehearsing during the term and the audience of supportive parents and staff were taken on the entertaining, yet confusing, journey of two of Shakespeare’s lesser known characters as they tackle questions of existence and life in very funny and absurd ways. The actors would like to thank Mr Vafeas for his hard work in preparing us for the performance, as well as the audience for coming to support us in what was one of the best plays I’ve been able to perform in with the best group of actors I’ve performed with. - Joshua Harkin (11 Salta)

Year 9 Playbuilding Performances During the last week of Term 3, both Year 9 Drama classes came together to perform and watch each others playbuilding performances. Playbuilding is the creation of play from virtually nothing, and are a theatrical response to contemporary issues and current events. Both plays were very similar and were set around wild parties that got horribly out of control. Both classes really enjoyed watching each other perform for the first time. - George Condon (9 Salta) Jorge Vafeas Drama PHOTOGRAPHIC & DIGITAL MEDIA

George Condon (9 Salta) lining up his shot

On Wednesday 16th October, twenty-one enthusiastic photographers from the Year 9 PDM class went on an Artists’ Journey to Cockatoo Island. The aim of the excursion was to document the fascinating structures which take one back to another age - the industrial side of Sydney’s history. The boys were armed with cameras, tripods, block out and of course, lunch. We journeyed by train and then ferry to the island and then were fascinated by the amazing interior space and light in the old industrial workshops with rusting machines. The convict area offered commanding views of the harbour and the Georgian buildings. Upon their return to class, the students will develop a Body of Work for their Term 4 assessment. I look forward to seeing their interpretation of the island and hope to have a display of their works. Carolyn O’Brien Creative Arts Coordinator

CHESS CHESS TOURNAMENT 2013 On Tuesday 3rd September, 120 of the best Chess players at Marist North Shore came together to battle it out for their House. There was a wide variety of players from all four Houses and with seven games to play, the heat was on. Players from all Houses and all year groups were set up to play against each other in the La Valla Hall. For entering the tournament everyone received one point, every win would also earn you one point, if you came first you earned an additional twenty points, ten for second and five for third. We were lucky enough to have the Sydney Academy of Chess organise this event. They set up boards all around the hall that were numbered. Your board number and what colour you were playing was displayed on paper and stuck on the hall walls. At first what board you played on was completely random but once you played a game, your next opponent would be someone who had won the same amount of games as you. As this competition progressed, your opponent was more of a match for you. The competition was higher as you got closer to Board One. To add to the pressure, Chess clocks were used. Players were given fifteen minutes each to make their move. Once you had made your move, you had to press the Chess clock and your opponent’s time would start. The first person to lose their fifteen minutes or get checkmated loses. While this adds pressure to make a move quickly and possibly make a vital mistake, strategy could play a significant role in winning. If your opponent has moved and they have not pressed the clock, you don’t have to remind them. In this case you can wait until the end of their time then catch them out or until they finally realise. This gives you a definite time advantage. If your fifteen minutes runs out and your opponent has not noticed, you don’t have to say anything and you can continue playing to checkmate your opponent or until their time runs out. These Chess clocks really get to some players as it’s always in the back of their minds

while they make a move. On the other hand, others use them to their advantage. Dead silence filled the room as the players clashed pieces; everyone determined to win. Certain people had specific Chess strategies that could be both offensive or defensive. Material is always a key factor for winning when playing Chess and one wrong move could easily cost you the game. Although if it’s not material that wins or loses you the game, it’s probably position. If you make a blunder of material but are still in a good position, hope is not lost! It is just a matter of outthinking your opponent and throwing something at them that they didn’t see coming. By the last game there were only two students with a perfect score and twelve with only one loss. All eyes were on the final games where we could see careful thinking and strategy in play. Some games were developing at flying speeds, while others had enough time to carefully think out their moves and still play aggressively. At the end of competition the results were: Overall Placings: 1st: Isaac West - 10 Kelly (U/16 - W7/L0) 2nd: Dominic West - 8 Kelly (U/14 - W6/L1) 3rd: Divyesh Thakkar - 12 Kelly (U/17 - W6/L1) Age Champions: U/12: Thomas Chhoeu - 7 Kelly (W5/L2) U/13: Ube Silva-Lindsey - 8 Salta (W5/L2) U/14: Joshua Rizk - 9 Moore (W5.5/L1.5) U/15: Thomas Priddle - 9 Kelly (W4.5/L2.5) U/16: Kristopher Kamma - 10 Moore (W5/L2) U/17: Jakub Grzybowski - 11 Kelly (W6/L1) U/18: Tom Windeyer - 12 Chanel (W6/L1) As a proud member of the Salta House, it was disappointing to see Kelly House take the title by a significant amount of points. Nevertheless, Salta came in second place, followed by Moore and Chanel so I can’t complain too much! This was a truly thrilling and enjoyable day that challenged all of the competitors and I really hope we can continue to run this for the foreseeable future. Matthew Failla 8 Salta





POINTS 4471 4183 3963 3548

TUTOR GROUP RANKINGS RANK 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


POINTS 439 403 399 398 382


POINTS 95 77 72 72

We congratulate Ms McGrath and her Chanel House boys on a successful 2013 campaign. It was an impressive display by all students this year participating in a diverse range of College activities as well as conducting themselves in a manner that warranted reward through the various Bronze, Silver, Gold and Headmaster’s Awards that were signed off this year. We look forward to another competitive year amongst the Houses as each student strives to be their best and, more importantly, participate in all that Marist North Shore has to offer.


Chanel House held their annual Pink Cupcake Day sale on Friday 18th October. Once again, it was another successful fundraising event for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The students through their generosity (and appetite) raised $1359.20. A huge thankyou goes to the parents and families who donated their time and cakes to make this event one of our best to date!


SCULPTURES BY THE SEA This year’s Sculptures by the Sea exhibition will be a little difference thanks to the effort of Marist North Shore student Marcus Woodfield (11 Salta). Marcus’ efforts were showcased in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 19th October in the Best Weekend lift out. Marcus was selected by the Sculptures by the Sea committee to develop and launch the youth focused initiative, Sculptures by the Sea Youth. The initiative aims to engage high school students and foster the event’s continued spirit of curosity and optimism. Marcus and the event team hope to offer a new perspective on the art at the exhibition.

Thomas Colgan receivng his Queen Scout Award from Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales

On Saturday 7th September, Thomas Colgan (11 Salta) was recognised, along with fiftyone other NSW Scouts, with the Queens Scout Award. The Queens Scout is the highest award in Scouting and to achieve this award a Venturer Scout must be able to set a goal, plan progress towards that goal, organise their self and others and maintain the determination to overcome difficulties and complete the task. Tom also had to achieve the Venturing Skills Award and complete the requirements in four award areas: • Adventurous Activities - Tom participated in a 24hr Mountain Bike endurance race in a team, (and his team actually won their category). Tom also learned to Abseil and organised a 2 day hike in the Blue Mountains. • Community Involvement - Tom completed at least thrity hours of community service; attending council meetings and also achieved the Advance First Aid Certificate Additionally, recipients must prove their skills in Leadership Development and Personal Growth. Tom’s pursuit to challenge himself and achieve his best has even rubbed off on his little sister who has also become a Scout. We congratuate Tom on his fine achievement!

For any student who is interested, there will be ‘My Perspective’ tours of the Sculptures by the Sea exhibit site on Saturday 2nd and 9th November at 2pm. No booking is required, just turn up at the south Bondi headland.

AMEB EXAMINATION Jacob Abraham (8 Salta) has successfully completed his 5th Grade Alto Saxophone AMEB Examination. This is a high level of achievement and we congratulate Jacob on all his hard work.



We happily report that William Neuhaus (8 Chanel) has had another successful ski season, gaining some fantastic results in his first international competitions:

Marist North Shore students represented their school and themselves proudly at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships across the 10th - 13th October. The results were:

• 1st - U/16 NZ Secondary Schools’ Cross Country Skiing Championships • 2nd - U/16 Trans Tasman Junior Biathlon Challenge Sprint race

Joshua Phillips (8 Chanel) 1st - U/14 Steeplechase 1st - U/14 3000m

• 3rd Overall (Fast Male Individual) - NZ Seconary Schools’ Cross Coutnry Skiing Championships • 3rd - U/16 Trans Tasman Junior Biathlon Challenge Mass Race

William’s results secured him an invitation to attend a five-week junior development and racing camp in British Columbia, Canada along with other exceptional Cross Country athletes from NSW.

Matthew Crowe (11 Kelly) 1st - U/16 400m hurdles 4th - U/16 400m 4th - U/16 110m hurdles Joe Burgess (11 Chanel) 2nd - U/17 Steeplechase 5th - U/17 800m

We congratulate Will on his efforts and wish him all the best as he embarks on this fantastic opportunity in Canada in the school holidays.


Simon Cox (11 Chanel) 8th - U/17 110m hurdles 8th - U/17 400m

Joshua, Matthew and Joe have now secured their place on the NSW team to compete at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in Townsville on 6th - 8th December 2013. Congratulations to these boys on their outstanding achievements and all the best in your future competitions.

Mr Chandler’s U/14 cricketers had a fine time watching WA vs. Victoria in a Ryobi Cup match on Tuesday 14th October after their training.



CANTEEN 21 Oct: Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliot, Andrea Morgan, Theodora Manos, Annette Bradford 22 Oct: Cathie Bladen, Julie Bourgeat, Louise Frith, Nola Xenakis 23 Oct: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Cindy Van Kampen 24 Oct: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead, Marg Mitchell 25 Oct: Brid Bowers, Sue Rennie, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 28 Oct: Lisa Boyle, Louise Burton, Ann-Marie Hilliard, Cathy Kinsella, Leonie Siutz, Christina Young 29 Oct: Martina Anderson, Heather Cook, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson 30 Oct: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 31 Oct: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr, Sonya Schofield 1 Nov: France Booth, Anne Haron, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan

14 Oct - HSC EXAMINATIONS 7 Nov: 23 Oct: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot Year 11 Prize Giving & HSC Information Night 25 Oct: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) 28 Oct: Year 9 St. Edmond’s Visit 30 Oct: Year 11 RYDA Day Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 1 Nov: Year 7/2014 Orientation Day & Allwell Testing Class of 2012 Reunion 4-8 Nov: Year 10 Assessment Week 4 Nov: St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal begins Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) 6 Nov: Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 8 Nov: Solidarity - Sandwich Making (Kelly) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) 13 Nov: Uniform Shop open Assembly - Solidarity & Staff Appreciation, P.2 Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 15 Nov: End of Year Solidarity Meeting 18-22 Nov: Year 12 VET Hospitality Work Placement Year 9 Assessment Week 18 Nov: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Kelly) 20 Nov: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 22 Nov: Solidarity - Surry Hills (Salta)

UNIFORM 23 Oct: Kirsten O’Riley, Angie Ong, Meg Neuhaus, Melinda Wardlaw 30 Oct: Julie Gaidzkar, Jackie Searson, Colin Wilson, Elizabeth Hipwell



Saturday 16th November 2013 The Uniform Shop is once again in need of volunteers for the Year 7 Fitting Day. On this day, the Uniform Shop outfits close to 100 students in the incoming Year 7 cohort. To enable the shop to handle this number, we need more volunteers on the day. Volunteers are required between 8am and 4pm, with coffee and lunch provided. If you can help out for any part of the day, please email: au with the time you can assist, or just turn up. All help is greatly appreciated!

Junior College Coats will also be available for sale in Term 1 for any student requiring a new or larger size jacket. Please check your son’s coat size and purchase early!

YEAR 11 COLLEGE COATS The Uniform Shop will no longer do a fitting for College coats for students going into Year 11, unless any parent feels their son requires one. The Senior College Coat will be available for sale from Term 1, 2014. Coats will need to be purchased before Week 8, Term 1 to enable the Uniform Shop staff to cope with the demand.

HOSPITALITY STUDENTS Students taking up Hospitality in Year 11 are required to purchase the Hospitality Uniform. This includes Chef’s pants, top, hat, apron, neckerchief and the kitchen equipment kit. Students will be fitted at the end of Term 4, 2013 and the cost of the Uniform is $200.00 with payment of $100.00 required one week after the fitting. For any enquiries please contact me via email: June Mitchell Uniform Shop

High Notes #14 - 21 Oct 2013  

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