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Vol. 49

Issue #11

12th August 2013

Ministry Week 2013

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dear Parents and Guardians, It was announced last Friday that I have been nominated by our Marist Provincial, Br Jeffrey Crowe to the Bishop of Baucau, as the new Director of the Catholic Teachers’ College in Baucau, East Timor, starting in January 2015. Therefore, I will be completing my term as Headmaster of Marist College North Shore in December 2013 and spending next year in language preparation. In speaking to the students before lunch on Friday regarding my announcement, I reminded them that the school is currently running very well with most students being cared for properly not only by teachers but also other students through their House and vertical tutor group system. Even our enrolments are quite secure for the next few years. And while this change means I will be leaving Marist College North Shore, most other teachers will be continuing their work at the school and the community will keep humming along. The Catholic Education Office in conjunction with our Parish Priest Father Ed Dooley S. J. and the Marist Schools Australian network will begin processes of consultation and advertisement to source a very capable Headmaster to lead the school community for the coming years. I am still enjoying my time here at the College and I am also looking forward to the new challenge which I expect will be quite satisfying in that it is providing a much needed service to a very poor South East Asian country by giving young people credentials to be teachers. With this certification, the graduates of the Catholic Teachers’ College in Baucau, East Timor are able to educate the children of the country.

The cover page collage will give readers an insight into the variety and style of Ministry Week placements that Year 11 were lucky enough to secure for their recent week-long experience working in a social outreach activity. The purpose of the placements is to broaden students’ attitude about life to include the helping of others into their “things to do” into the future. Students report this week as being very rewarding for them.

My thanks are extended to the students who participated and to the Faith Formation team who managed the placements and the visiting of students during the week. A special thanks to Ms Kathleen McGrath and Br Michael Hill who were both required to do more work related to this week than in previous years due to the absence of Mr Stepthen Versteegh and Mr Michael Dela Cruz who attended World Youth Day in Brazil. Year 12 students are back full time now after the completion of their recent HSC Trial Exam. This is the time to work quite specifically to improve their readiness for the HSC itself coming up next term. Year 11 is currently readying themselves to move into the senior leadership positions within the College with this process getting underway last week. I wish them all the very best. I have received a number of congratulations from people about both our Year 7 and Year 8 students. After the Year 7 excursion to the Blue Mountains, the presenters at the centre they visited commended the accompanying teachers about the excellent behaviour of our students. A similar commendation regarding Year 8 students attending the Opera House recently was also received. I commend these two year groups on their behaviour. Best wishes for the coming fortnight, Br Peter Corr, fms Headmaster

…Funding for all Catholic Schools has been assured…

a letter to sydNey catholic school pArENTS

dear Parents, carers and school staff I write to you today to confirm that, after extensive consultation and negotiations with the Federal government, Catholic schools have reached an agreement regarding the new ‘Better Schools’ funding plan. Funding for all Catholic schools has been assured. The Federal government has guaranteed our Catholic school system the flexibility and autonomy to move forward with funding certainty and to allocate funds to our local school communities where they are needed most. We appreciate that the Federal government has understood that it is this flexibility that has made our system of schools a success for so many years. I have always maintained that the guiding principles of any new funding model should be excellence, equity and choice. This is why we had negotiations with the Federal government – to ensure the government’s response to Gonski in the ‘Better Schools’ model satisfies these three principles. ExCELLENCE The negotiated funding model provides stable funding over the next six years that allows Catholic schools to plan for the long term. Additional investment will enable a

stronger focus on building teacher capacity that will allow teachers to effectively tailor programs for individual students – targeting areas where the need is greatest. The guarantee of ongoing funding will also allow us to continue to sustain major innovations and evaluate school programs to ensure that we keep delivering ongoing benefits to students. EqUITY I am pleased there is now a model designed for all children and all schools across Australia. The agreed model is based on assisting all students achieve to the maximum of their potential. Extra funding has been allocated for students who require extra support, especially students from low socio-economic backgrounds, Indigenous students, ESL students, gifted students, and students with a disability or other special need. CHOICE Along with stability and equity, the funding for Catholic schools recognises that parents have a right to choose the educational environment that best suits the needs of their child. We take very seriously the financial stewardship of the resources we have available to

fund our Catholic schools. Our priority has always been, and will always be, to provide a highquality Catholic education for every child and to deliver on our commitment to keep Catholic school fees affordable. We are pleased that significant fee rises will be avoided, and our fees will remain affordable for Catholic families. On average Catholic schools operate at about 90% of the resourcing level of government schools – even when parent contributions are taken into account –but as a system we now have the flexibility to direct resources to where the needs are greatest. Overall, the new schools funding model is a satisfactory outcome for Catholic schools. In the short term, the immediate investment in our schools will not be significant, as the State government freeze on funding applies until the end of 2014. However, in the longer term, we are expecting significant gains in funding with lasting and tangible benefits to our students from 2017 onwards. More details of the new school funding model, and the associated Catholic system implementation plan, will be provided to you in the weeks and months ahead.

with warm wishes Dr Dan White

executive Director of Catholic Schools


July 2013

PN 4115


FROM THE DEPUTY HEADMASTER MARIST CONFERENCE Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Australian Marist Schools Conference, an annual event that brings colleagues from Marist schools across Australia and neighbouring countries together. The key note speaker was Br Emili Turu, the Superior General of all Marists. One of his messages that struck an accord with me was the notion of our spirituality being superficial if we continue to move so fast. This notion was prefaced with questions that included: What are our levels of exhaustion/stress?, Are we putting energy and love into our relationships? Do we become angry, frustrated or distracted quickly. Are we quick to blame and judge? In response to these questions, Br Emili’s challenge was to make greater use of the right side of our brain, that is to focus more on the now. He shared that he believed our most important question should be, what comes to our minds when we think of God? Through focusing on the now, we have a greater opportunity to focus on this question. Subsequently, opportunity to reflect, pray and be still with God in the now ables us to centre our relationship with God, thus build our interiority. It was St Paul who said “In God we live, we move, we exist”. The challenge that comes to mind for us here in our local context is to continue to open spaces and provide opportunities to encounter our living God. Here at Marist College North Shore we endeavour to provide these opportunities through Reflection Days, Immersions, Ministry Week, but essentially a key focus is to foster an active daily prayer life within our communities. In all these things we do the importance of linking our relationship to God is the cornerstone of our work. There are many organisations with strong moral codes who work at the service of others, but what makes us authentic in our Catholic and Marist context is reflecting our works through and with God. Fittingly I share with you a reflection from Pope Francis: “There is an urgent need to see once again that faith is a light, for once the flame dies out, all other lights begin to dim. The light of faith is unique, since it is capable of illuminating every

aspect of human existence. A light this powerful cannot come from ourselves, but from a more primordial source, in a word, it must come from God. Faith is born of an encounter from the living God who calls us and reveals his love, a love which precedes us and upon which we can lean for security and for building our lives” Lumen fidei, Pope Francis, June 29, 2013 STAFF SPIRITUALITY DAY Monday 26 August will be a pupil free day. Staff will be involved in our annual spirituality day. We will be focusing and exploring on similar experiences that Year 11 students are involved in whilst on Ministry Week. This information has been on the College website and will be sent as a further reminder through e-mail and an alert on the College app the week before this event. WALKATHON The College Walkathon is on Friday 23 August. All students should be busy collecting sponsors for the event. Our theme this year is “When I grow up.....”. This is a compulsory day for all students and is a highlight of the College year to build spirit and join in with a sense of fun. Parents helper are more than welcome on the day and are asked to contact our Walkathon co-ordinator Mr Chris Maoudis if you can assist. David Forrester Deputy Headmaster



POINTS 2420 1984 1982 1948

TUTOR GROUP RANKINGS AS OF TERM 3, WEEK 4: RANK 1st 2nd 3rd =4th =4th


POINTS 242 184 178 175 175


YEAR 12 Year 12 will begin to receive their Trial HSC results in the coming week. Due to security reasons we are unable to give the boys their papers back before the Monday 19 August for the Catholic Trial and the Friday 23 August for the Independent Trial. When the boys get their papers back, it is really important that they take on board any feedback the markers and their teacher have provided. The Trials are not the end of school for the boys and the coming weeks are crucial for revision and trying to improve overall as a cohort. HSC Subject Seminars have been running during Thursday sport again this Term and it is important that students take advantage of teachers offering their extra support during this time. We are also continuing to run our study sessions in the Library of a Wednesday afternoon. During the final week of school, staff will be available on additional days to supervise the study sessions and help guide the students. Please find the schedule for the Wednesday and Thursday sessions in the next column. Ann McGovern Director of Teaching & Learning

ONE LAST SESSION! “Mastering the Exam”

Our popular examination strategy lectures has been scheduled one last time. Valued over $200, this course is free of charge to students studying in Year 11 and 12. Date: Sunday 25 August, 10.00am - 2.00pm Where: The University of Sydney For further information: Call 1300 364 143

WEDNESDAY STUDY TIMETABLE - TERM 3 2013 WEEK DATE SUBJECT 1 Wed 17 July Maths 2 Wed 24 July Chemistry/English 3 Wed 31July DT/Industrial HSC TRIALS BEGIN 4 Wed 7 Aug Modern History 5 Wed 14 Aug Ancient History 6 Wed 21 Aug Legal Studies 7 Wed 28 Aug DT/Hospitality 8 Wed 4 Sept English 9 Wed 11 Sept Industrial Tech 10 Mon 16 Sept DT/IPT 10 Tues 17 Sept Maths/English 10 Wed 18 Sept Economics

THURSDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS - TERM 3 2013 WEEK DATE SUBJECT 1 Thurs 18 July Drama/Visual Arts/ TAS Workshop 2 Thurs 25 July Music/TAS Workshop HSC TRIALS BEGIN 3 Thurs 1 Aug Trials 4 Thursday 8th Trials/TAS workshop August 5 Thurs 15 Aug Modern History/ Drama 6 Thurs 22 Aug Legal Studies/Drama 7 Thurs 29 Aug Business Studies 8 Thurs 5 Sept English 9 10

Thurs 12 Sept Thurs 19 Sept

Ancient History Geography

FAITH FORMATION WORLD YOUTH DAY Greetings from Buenos Aires! I am writing this article at the airport as eight students and myself wait for our flight back home to Sydney after spending the better part of three weeks on pilgrimage through South America for World Youth Day. World Youth Day was initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985 to mark the International Year for Young People. The first WYD was held on Palm Sunday 1986 in Rome. It continues to be celebrated on Palm Sunday each year, with an international gathering held every two to three years in different host cities. The international WYD gatherings are a week-long celebration which include youth festivals, catechesis, Stations of the Cross and conclude with a final mass celebrated by the Pope. To be one of the 3.5 million people celebrating Mass with the Holy Father this year and to share the sacrament of the Eucharist with people from all corners of the world was truly something special. The Holy Father is a remarkable man that has had a major impact on the Church in his short time, challenging the Church and all of us to become a Church for all. “Jesus Christ is counting on you! The Church is counting on you! The Pope is counting on you! May Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, always accompany you with her tenderness: “Go and make disciples of all nations”. The theme for this year’s World Youth Day comes from the Gospel of Matthew, 28:19: “Go make disciples of all nations”. Our experience in Peru was one that opened our eyes to this calling. Being Catholic and Christian in a country where over 80% of the population is Catholic and very open about their faith is very different to what we experience back in Australia. We saw the pride that the Peruvians have in their faith and their willingness to openly express this. It was something to behold as we visited the churches of Lima and marvelled at their pure beauty, with religious images lined with gold. We were told that these churches were built and paid for by all the citizens, from the very rich to the poor. In many cases, the poor gave most of their earnings. We were also very fortunate to visit the home of St. Rosa of Lima, as well as buildings where she, along with St. Martin de Porres, studied and developed their deep love of God.

These saints put others before themselves and were deeply humble people. Part of our time in Peru was spent working in the shantytowns. This was an eye opening experience to see such poverty. Despite these conditions, the people are some of the richest people you could meet as they value the simple things and place value on the importance of their family and faith. For the students involved in the pilgrimage, witnessing this openness of faith has allowed them to be more open about their own faith and to share this within our group and the wider community that we have been traveling with. For them, this has raised the question of how we at school and in the home can create an environment where students can be open to explore their faith, as well as invite others to experience the love of God. MINISTRY WEEK Ministry Week is one of the highlights of student school life here at Marist North Shore, as it gives students an opportunity to work and stand in solidarity with people who may be on the outer edges of society. Students learn about people they may not otherwise encounter in their daily lives and gain an appreciation for the people they encounter, as well as the organisations they will be working for. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Kathleen McGrath, Mr Chris Maoudis, Miss Julia Heaton and Br Michael Hill, for all the work they did in preparing and organizing. YEAR 9 REFLECTION DAY Year 9 students participated in their annual Reflection Day on Monday 29 August, which was a great success. I would like to thank Miss Emily Devitt for organizing the day and Iook forward to sharing the experiences of the students with you in the next edition of High Notes. I wish you all a lovely week and hope that you continue to encounter and see the face of Christ in the people that you meet. Stephen Versteegh Acting Director of Faith Formation


What was foreseen as a normal assisting job at Truscott Street Primary School turned out to be an indubitably confronting experience. Over Ministry Week, I had the opportunity to help and socialise with a range of disadvantaged students from K to 6 as they pursue to overcome cerebral palsy, stroke and autism. Peter Boyer (11 Kelly)

Hudson Whealing and myself volunteeried at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst. It had to be one of the most rewarding and morally educating experiences we have come across, being able to leave a place associated with sadness and death with a new sense of respect for life. We were able to immerse ourselves within the week, assisting with the two different sections of the facility - palliative care and rehabilitation. Through spending time with the carers and doctors of the patients, we were able to gain a new medical understanding of the illnesses. However, the most rewarding part of our time at the health centre had to be simply talking and connecting with patients,, talking and laughing like any friends would - proving even when surrounded by misfortune and melancholy, there is still joy to be found within life and the people in it. Jack Garay (11 Kelly)

We attended the Marist Brothers Hermitage in Mittagong for Ministry Week. Throughout the week we rotated through different activities. One of these was working on the farm collecting firewood and feeding the animals. We also went to St. Michael’s Primary School, where we listened and helped them with their reading, played sport and assisted their teachers. The last of our activities was to assist the elders of the local nursing home where we listened to their stories and played games with them. During the week we were able to reflect and work together as a group to finish and achieve the challenges we were faced with. Ben Johnston (12 Moore) and Jammelow Santerva (12 Chanel)

SCIENCE A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT TO REMEMBER Fire. Lightning. Smoke. All these happened and more on Friday 2 August. It was 9.30am when the kids from Sacred Heart Mosman and Blessed Sacrament Clifton Gardens swarmed into the school like bees, their brains and curiosity at their zenith, excited and ready for the scientific day ahead.

The students remained focused throughout the day, asked perceptive and intelligent questions and got involved in the spirit of the day. The Marist students gained valuable leadership and organisational skills.

The main focus of the day was to introduce the students to the wonderful world of the science laboratory, an experience some of them do not get to live until high school. Not only did they have a great time, but so did we. The main focus for us on the day was to build up our leadership skills and responsibilities. But the day was mainly for the children, to teach them about their topic ‘Monster Storms’.

Throughout the visit we focused on eight different activities, the main focus being on air pressure, temperature and static electricity and how they contribute to weather. Spread out across the three science labs and Room 20, we spent four periods doing everything from making lightning to sticking balloons to our head.

Should the program continue next year? We believe so, as it was a fantastic day for both the primary school students and us. It will be a memorable experience and the skills that we learnt from it will stay with us. A big thank you to Mr. Kam, as he was the one who organised the day. We would love to see this become a Marist tradition in future. Jacob Rizk & Nathan Niguidula Year 9 Kelly



At the beginning of the term, Grand Theatrics came out to the College and ran a Shakespeare workshop. Unlike past incursions where students are passive participants, this one really took them out of their comfort zone and they became the actors. Below is a little of what ensued. ________________________

First Tuesday Book Club is coming to Marist North Shore! So, if you love reading we will expect to see you there!

“To be good or not to be good?” - the question on everyone’s lips as Year 10 (somewhat) immersed within the realms of Shakespeare. The day progressed as every class got their share of the action, always coming out willing and armed with knowledge for the successors. It wasn’t long until our class’ inevitable time had come upon us. We were greeted by heavy anticipation, not much before us but purple and grey palm cards linked by an enthusiastic instructor. Before we could settled in the hall, we found ourselves confronted with a challenge (one of many to come!). We were plainly given an image of a cow, something so simple right? The gauntlet had been thrown down. We had a challenge to turn ourselves from simple school students to Hollywood actors, or close enough. We had to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and describe the definition of a cow from the differing perspectives of a farmer, politician and environmentalist. Next we moved onto some more content rich areas, a drama connoisseur’s dream. Students were to interpret and contrast the differences between the perception of the ideal ‘Elizabethan male’ and the ideal ‘modern male’. With some skillful acting from the boys and a somewhat over-enthusiastic coach, this was pulled off very well. Some recognition should be given to Chris O’Shea and Roupen Minissian for their thrilling re-enactment of Macbeth and Macduff - Hollywood’s waiting! During the brief workshop encounter, all participating boys gave acting their best shot, and worked very well with their peers. The day was a brief snippet into the intriguing world of Shakespeare, exploring how he expressed hierarchy, and why his plays befit our modern world so well. Overall an enjoyable, educative day and what a way to immerse ourselves within the dynamic realms of Shakespeare! Luke Gallen & Hamish Buchanan Year 10 Moore

But, what is First Tuesday Book Club, I hear you ask? Well, next term Ms Durand and Mr Kaddissi are starting a book club that will meet every second Tuesday in the library at lunchtime. Year 7 and 8 will be reading, Mahtab’s Story by Australian author, Libby Gleeson. They will be focusing on the refugee experience and reading a series of novels that consider this theme. Year 9 and 10 will be reading the contemporary classic, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. They will be reading a series of speculative fiction texts that unearth truths and concerns about society. It would be great to see students seize this fabulous opportunity to read novels that are relevant and interesting but that we do not get the opportunity to read and study in English classes. So, young men of Marist College, see you there! And remember, reading is cool! Janette Durand English Coordinator


LE CAFÉ MARIST A mini le Café will be held Week 5 Monday recess in Room 2. Bring your recess and come play French games & read French cartoons, plus more! Look out for other sessions of le Café this term - Year 12 students are particularly welcome as Graduation draws closer! Katherine Bucknole French

CREATIVE ARTS HSC DRAMA After a year of careful planning, research and rehearsal, the stage was set for the HSC Drama boys to perform and present to an audience of friends and family as part of their Trial HSC. A key aspect of the HSC Drama course is the Individual Project. This Project can take many forms - a solo performance, a design work (costume, set, poster and promotion), or a written work (script, research project, director's folio). The HSC Drama Performance Night held on Thursday 25 July was a chance for the boys to perform and present these projects for the first time to an audience.

(L-R): Declan McWhinney, Michael Romarate, Liam Pratt, Daniel Cavalcanti Martins and Taner Gates

The audience laughed at the antics of some of history’s greatest writers in “The Av’ng’rs of L’t’r’t’re” and chuckled at how our brains are devolving in “Oh, The Humanity!”, both GroupDevised Performances. All the boys performed with energy and commitment and the audience throughly enjoyed all the performance and presentations. A special ‘thank you’ to Ms Loretta Iffland, a very experienced Drama teacher from Marist College Kogarah who acted as a marker and gave the boys some wonderful feedback.

Declan McWhinney and Deren Altera

On the night, the boys performed their Group-Devised performances, as well as their Individual Performances and Projects.

Thanks to the College Executive for their support, Mr David Forrester and Br Michael Hill for their attendance and Ms Carolyn O’Brien for videoing the event. Jorge Vafeas Drama

Calling all future cadets:

Any boy still interested in participating in cadets, we are still recruiting!

For further information, visit:

CAREERS TVET & SBAT 2014 All existing TVET students MUST submit a re enrollment form for respective course. This is a priority and should be done this week. Individual forms have been distributed to the students via their tutor group. If boys have not received this, they should see Mrs Brown for another copy Any current Year 10 student who has expressed an interested in a TVET course as part of their Preliminary studies in 2014, MUST submit a paper TAFE application. This needs to be handed to Mrs Brown directly by the end of this week. Current and prospective SBAT (school based apprenticeship) students are also required to submit TAFE application forms. Any students who are thinking of this pathway must see Mrs Brown this week. 2014 UAC APPLICATIONS All students who have qualified for an ATAR, should have received in the mail their UAC PIN. It is important that this is placed in a safe spot as it will be needed when applying. The UAC COURSE directory has arrived at the College. Year 12 student should collect their copy from the APC. LINKS TO CAREER INFORMATION Year 11 and 12 students should be looking at the linked Careers newsletter. Of particular importance – information about the upcoming University and Higher Education Open Days in August. All current careers information regarding events, open days, expos and information sessions are updated each newsletter. Click on the noticeboard link to view. Nicola Brown Careers Adviser TVET/SBAT Coordinator

TERTIARY OPEN DAYS: UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE Central Coast: Saturday 17 August, 10am - 3pm Newcastle: Saturday 24 August, 10am - 4pm Port Macquarie: Thursday 29 August, 3pm - 6pm INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT Sunday 18 August, 10am - 2pm MACLEAY COLLEGE Saturday 24 August, 10am - 2pm TAFE NSW (Ultimo Campus) Saturday 31 August, 9am - 4pm UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY Saturday 31 August, 9am - 4pm UTS (City Campus - Broadway) Saturday 31 August, 9am - 4pm ADFA (Canberra) Saturday 31 August, 9am - 4pm UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Saturday 7 September, 9am - 4pm


Click here f or the latest Careers ne ws!


P&F COMMITTEE FATHERS’ DAY BREAKFAST 2013 Our Annual Fathers’ Day Breakfast will be held on Friday 30 August 2013, 7.00am - 9.00am. The Guest Speaker will be announced shortly. Please use the link below to make your booking. This is a very popular event, please book early. Bookings close (unless sold out prior) on Monday 26 August.

We take this opportunity to wish our seniors every success with their trial HSC exams and for the near future. Year 12 has been making good use of the library in between exams to catch up on some vital study. If you haven’t seen it yet, come in to the library and have a look at our new main piece art work. It has received much positive feedback and I would like to thank Mrs Lewis for her dedicated effort in choosing the best piece. We have added many new titles and videos to our collection, including new subscriptions to Australian Science Illustrated, Australian Popular Science, and Hyper. The new magazines are proving popular. Also we have just added Australian Woodsmith for our D&T boys. Finally, Ms Durand has started a new book club to be run in term 4 in the library. We thank her for her preparations and the club is filling quickly. Come and put your name on the lists in the library.

Tickets available: Father & Son $35.00 Extra Student/Guest $17.50 ASSISTANCE REQUIRED We are asking for volunteers to assist the following times: Hall Setup - Thursday 29 August, 12pm – 3pm Food Preparation - Friday 30 August 5am -7am Service and Clean - 7am -11am Any help is greatly appreciated! Please contact Elizabeth Byrne on cmbyrne@ P&F Committee

Happy Reading, Simon Kaddissi Teacher Librarian

STUDENT MEDICAL INFORMATION If your child suffers from Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, or any other condition that requires ongoing management, the College must be supplied with all updated action plans signed by the child’s treating doctor and any relevant medication. If your child has been prescribed an adrenaline autoinjector, had previous or subsequent anaphylaxis, has any changes in allergies, and any other health care needs or disabilities (including learning difficulties) that may affect anaphylaxis management you must notify the College Headmaster. If your child has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis you should provide the College with

an ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis completed and signed by your child’s treating doctor. You should also provide an adrenaline autoinjector to the school, even if your child carries their own in case your child does not have it on them when needed. If your child carries an autoinjector to school then we need to be informed of the location of where he keeps it (e.g.pocket, school bag, etc). This information should be placed in an envelope marked ‘medical in confidence’ addressed to the Headmaster and handed in at the College office. Ms Christine Purdie Sick Bay Attendant

Marist College North Shore P & F Committee

FATHERS’ DAY BREAKFAST Friday, 30 August 7 am - 9 am La Valla Hall Guest Speaker (to be announced in the coming weeks)

Cost $17.50 per person (Includes buffet-style hot and continental breakfast)

Booking and payment can only be made by credit card, via the secure online website

Please RSVP early as bookings must close on 26 August For any enquiries please contact the Event Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Byrne:

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


We would appreciate the help of mothers to set the Hall up on Thursday and to cook Breakfast and clean up on Friday morning. If you can help, please return this section of the flyer to the School Office by 25 August or email your availability to the P & F at

Name: ………………………………...............…………....................……………. Phone: .....………............…….…..….…. Email address: ………………………………………………..........................................………..……………………..………  Thursday, 30 August 12:00 – 3 pm:

 Friday, 31 August 5:00 – 11:00 am:

I can help from……........….….to….......….....…..…

I can help from……......…...….to…...…...........……

Thank you for your assistance

Gordon Junior Cricket Club

REGISTER NOW Register now to play cricket for Gordon Juniors in 2013/14 Go to Season starts September Teams from U13s through to U16s/U17s EMAIL ENQUIRIES TO

Gordon Juniors is your friendly, community-based club on the lower north shore. We believe in equal opportunity for all players. Our simple philosophy is: we love cricket!



CANTEEN 12 Aug: Donalda Brown, Rosalind Elliot, Andrea Morgan, Theodora Manos, Annette Bradford 13 Aug: Cathie Bladen, Julie Bourgeat, Louise Frith, Nola Xenakis 14 Aug: Joyce Aimond, Elizabeth Byrne, Dianne Pastuszak, Cindy Van Kampen 15 Aug: Lynda Challenger, Sally Engeman, Margaret Weller, Karen Whitehead, Marg Mitchell 16 Aug: Brid Bowers, Mim Gazzoli, Sue Rennie, Teresa Ukrainetz, Anne Young 19 Aug: Lisa Boyle, Louise Burton, Ann-Marie Hilliard, Cathy Kinsella, Leonie Siutz, Christina Young 20 Aug: Martina Anderson, Heather Cook, Sandra Fitzgerald, Kirsty Hudson 21 Aug: Amanda Gallen, Meg Neuhaus, Sarah Panozzo, Ruth Scholes, Sue Van Twest 22 Aug: Rosina Aloe, Barbara Doll, Catherine Dovgan, Liz Parr, Sonya Schofield 23 Aug: France Booth, Anne Haron, Fiona Lucas, Jane O’Shea, Irene Tan

12 Aug: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Moore) 14 Aug: Year 10 & 11 Drama excursion Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 16 Aug: 125th ANNIVERSARY WHOLE COLLEGE PHOTO Solidarity - Sandwich Making (Moore) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Chanel) 20 Aug: Year 7 Science excursion - Taronga Zoo 21 Aug: Uniform Shop open Assembly - Immersion Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 22 Aug: MCC Athletics Carnival 23 Aug: WALKATHON 23 > 25 Aug: Ski Trip 26 Aug: PUPIL FREE DAY (Staff Day) Solidarity - Night Patrol (Salta) 26 > 30 Aug: CULTURAL WEEK 28 Aug: Assembly - Cultural Solidarity - Matthew Talbot Uniform Shop open 29 Aug: Winter Sport Photos 30 Aug: P&F Father’s Day Breakfast Solidarity - Surry Hills (Kelly) UNIFORM 2 Sep: Year 12 Reflection Day 14 Aug: Julie Gaidzkar, Jaxkie Searson, Solidarity Meeting (Chanel & Salta) Colin Wilson, Elizabeth Hipwell 4 Sep: Assembly - Winter Sports 21 Aug: Janet Gill, Luija Gribben, Margaret Kamma, Uniform Shop open Sue Rennie Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 28 Aug: Margie Weller, Mandy Arnold, 5 Sep: MCC Golf & Tennis Rep Day Lynda Challenger 9>18 Sep: YEAR 11 ASSESSMENT WEEK 4 Sep: Anne Haron, Anna Ng, Leanne Bishop, 9 Sep: Solidarity - Night Patrol (Chanel) Debbie Jenkins 11 Sep: Uniform Shop open Solidarity - Matthew Talbot 13 Sep: Solidarity - Sandwich Making (Salta) Solidarity - Surry Hills (Moore) The Alpha Course in a Catholic Context 16 Sep: Year 12 Thankyou Lunch Date: Mon 12th Aug – Mon 14th Oct 18 Sep: Year 12 Mini Book Sale Time: 7pm – 9.30pm
 Uniform Shop open Location: St Phillip Neri Hall, Sailors Bay Solidarity - Matthew Talbot Road, Northbridge 20 Sep: Year 12 Graduation Assembly (La Valla Hall) Year 12 Graduation Mass (St Mary’s North Sydney) Explore the meaning of life. Year 12 Graduation Ball (The Four Seasons, Sydney CBD) What is Alpha? The Alpha course is an END OF TERM 3 opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low key, friendly and fun.

lic Context 2013

There is a meal together at the beginning of each session which gives you an opportunity to get to know each other. There is no cost although a donation towards the meal is welcome. Listen, learn, discuss and discover, and ask anything. Alpha is a place where no question is too hostile. 
 Alpha runs every Monday for ten weeks with a Day Retreat in the middle. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never been in a church, left the church or just curious. Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life. Enjoy a meal each week, make new friends, listen to a talk then chat about what you’ve heard. 
 For further information: Call Lyn 0419 977531 or Zoe 0410 688507 or email:

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High Notes #11 - 12th August 2013  
High Notes #11 - 12th August 2013  

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