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Year 10 students should well underway in regards to finding suitable work Experience Placements. All the relevant Work Experience documents have been issued to the boys. If your son has misplaced these, he is to collect a replacement copy from the Mrs Brown in the APC. All Year 10 students have been strongly encouraged to start finding these placements now. This process is often time consuming and can involve many hours of legwork. Furthermore, competition for some Work Experience opportunities is strong.

World Education Program Scholarships

Applications close Tue 8 July 2013. World Education Program (WEP) is awarding two $3000 scholarships and a number of smaller scholarships for semester and year-long student exchange programs to Argentina and China commencing in 2014. To win, students must submit a video about why they want to go on exchange.

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International structor UNSW Year 10 wboard In o n S d Subject Sele n a StudentVolunteers’ High EA Ski ction & Courses After School – What Then? Information ructor Internship School Program Evenings offer inst da, rd a o Workshop for Parents of Students with b All evenings w ana Sno ISV’s High School Program is run from d USA, C ki and n S u ro A a E s Develo pmenta rt l Disabilities 6pm to 7:30 rnships reso an 18 day program for high pm. ralia. Inte ships at st Whilst it is the responsibility of each u rn These evenin A te d in This n worksh a op is for parents of students r as an pan gs provide school students that combines ealand, Ja a job offe have students Z d with inform n w a e Year 10 student to source his own Work N in g Years 9-12 in who have developmental ation about volunteering and holiday travel. full, EA itial train UNSW admission pr include in a resort. Previously ir Ski and disabilities and need ongoing formal Experience, I am available to advise ocesses and t The program takes students a the what HSC su instructor support places on after re leaving o school. Program m and provide guidance where needed. Ye bjects to study in 9 to Thailand, Vietnam, Costa lease ternship re In st ars 11 & 12 r ju Webina to rs ada. – Tue c 14, Thu 16, Fri 17 & Wed 22 . Instru Rica or South Africa. The n in Can Please encourage your sons to engage Thu 23 Snowboard 13/14 winter seaso May – Kensin programs e 20 gton Campus run boar during the in this process and seek help if required. Wed 29 May – during th Contact: workshops@family-advocacy. iandsnow sk a .e w Kensington w /w 2013/2014 Campus summer holidays -courses/ . Ski: http:/ com or 1800 620 588 internship askiandsnowboard isk s/ e s r http://netwo u .e o w c w Sydney Coll /w : http:/ oardege of Even au/ events/view/ Snowboard ard-courses/snowb t Managemen 31 /y o ea b r-10-subject t Informatio au/destination/thailand/highselection--com/snow com/2012/11/28/after-school-what-then/ n informationurses/ Sessions schoo l-pro rnship-co ev grams te en in in g Wed 10 Apr & Mon 13 May, 6:30pm Level 9, 28 Fo nship reers in Citize veaux Street, e r tu n e Royal Agricultural Society Ca dv Surry Hills y a YEAR 12 AND POST SCHOOL DECISIONS M Rotary A 8 ) 1 AIC Sat 11 – in Agriculture Seminars nship (R Contact: 130 e iz it C g in 0 725 846 or Mar week-lon venture enquiries@co Thu 21, Fri 22, Wed 27 & Thu 28 n filled rses fu r otary Ad With mid-course exams now completed, fo R d llegeofeven n s a lt u tmanagemen ays Cou r Show, ste d Ea ng ad i yal tensive u l Ro o in ney o y Syd the n H ing re a l . dur a a p o li is a he time has come for ALL Year 12 students o re tr p h s c u http://colle help f A geofeventm April S 0pm each day. S 1:3 gram to itizens o students and c R ro m anagement. 30a p 3 T 10: s d campus/info 1 a F n to seriously examine their individual plans 0 a A n 2 rmation-sess ipatio r 11 vision e ions l ney Showground ir e Syd e e, full partic around 45 Yea T Dom th The m, Roo lle y ervi y for 2014. With the increasing multitude of Som Film lida ar sent b Each ye stralian ering school ho rk. options for tertiary study, travel and gap year u nberra. These seminars provide students, s) are a A te C a e g le ” e a to Th n s off eP (the d clubs mfort School i tudios in Moor esig and teachers the rs programs, work and on the job training, this otary o ise their co i R adv D s d eer f a car o f l R a t t c s s u o lo g ir p e o n o mong e e h n h a k t t s i ta t and k t s ion a r e s n opt s o eer s re can be a confusing and often stressful time. car a e ces, nce to learn about . They a course aking W ri 19 Apr e “T udy Ev :30pm urry m new pla w things cha s e m n l i to u o ry F in ust d l o 7 S zones sked to pathways into the agricultural ind The Rea rs) – Mon 15 - F e St et, miteh s and a pril e A c th fa Wh rt Tim r 6:30p rt Stre 2 I have been impressed this year with engagement ea 1 w . Y e ri n :F (15-18 Pa 1 Ma n pr of some in this regard. However, all students ho s o ns Close A i o t n ti S 7 a a 1 c o li m / i p i d u p t 2 e n A 2 g.a A , -W AFTRS Open Sh y op w.raic.or Digital Thu ampus Hills Mon 15 ort Courses – ) http://ww s should be engaged in conversations about their stud shion, g r a Th e e C Y A e ustralian Film 281 (12-17 Television and 5 t tim s of fa ndisin ney 6 r 0 d 0 plans. Students are able to book appointments / a Sc 0 y u Ra ho 3 a p d ol offers a w io e S a ntact: 1 ide range o o C t the isciplin l merch u c f o with myself to start this transition planning. Parents ur sh o se o ort s throughout th d b e year. Course ://www. p rn a in the s, visua t t h a a va s ila a e are also most welcome to these meetings. re ble for all age L r le idays s and all skill le erio ilab @ Contact: 1300 hoolhol c vels. y s r i ava ery, int g. 06 5 281 or qu n n open@aftrs.ed r en Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Brown at milli arketi o u. a u 9 9 m u 7 a 8 . 7 u and the College. 26 .ed ntshttp://www.o 02 9 esign eve / : t u c a d au/ . m ta rt-ti edu Con ehouse ign. ign-pa s t e i es e-d wh ous te-of-d ng h e t s hi ni ta ://w eve ml# http ationn m cale y-infor d stu

STUDENTS: See Mrs Brown in the APC for more information PARENTS: Attention Mrs Brown to

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