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Prejudice, racism, sexism, etc are all terrible, but very real things that occur in everyone’s daily lives. But, is the way they experience it the same as a different person? Well, according to Dr. Houston she feels that white women should never try to justify or claim to understand how a black woman feels after or when she experiences prejudice. I think that the quote that Dr. Houston uses to explain her opinion is very well written and has a valid point.

After reading this quote, I can say that I definitely agreed with Dr. Houston. I know that everyone experiences prejudice in their own way...but notice how I said in their own way. I have been segregated and looked down upon because I am a young female and I would call that prejudice. On the other hand, my boyfriend is Hispanic and he has definitely experienced prejudice and racism, but I would never claim to completely understand how that person feels, because no prejudice is the same. All of those categories represent similar feelings, but none of the same. I do believe that people should not claim to understand exactly how another person feels, especially if they are a different race. Unless you are the exact type that is experiencing the prejudice, you do not completely understand how they feel.

I think that a lot of how I felt is stated in the above paragraph, but I’ll just reemphasize it here. I think that everyone has their own personal opinions and ways of how they feel when they experience prejudice. It is unfortunate that this even occurs today in our society, but it is not preventable. I think that white women should not claim to understand how black women feel, because I really think they don’t know. They may have experienced prejudice in another way, but different prejudices never reveal the same feelings.

I think that a person can respectfully express understanding of what another person is going through to an extent. I feel that the second you start to claim you know exactly how that other person feels is when you start to diminish them and what they’re saying. I think that if you nicely explain how you felt and how it compares to how they feel, there may be a better understanding between the two of them. Explaining that you have felt awful like this before, but in a different way may create a better understanding and bond between the different genders, races, etc.

Case Study 2  

In this case study, I am responding to a quote that Dr. Houston stated. I am responding with my opinion about white women claiming to unders...

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