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“Raymierik is a special needs child and comes from a single parent household. He had tried unsuccessfully to learn how program. Since the summer, he has to swim through many different programs. He finally found the right fit in the successful component in particular has shown him how to set goals, not just continued to blossom in the pool. The in the water, but in his personal life as well. Where he let his disability stop him in the past, he is now on a mission to help out around the Clubhouse as much as possible. He is learning to look beyond his disability and help others.� im instructor, Boys & Girls Club Madison Square (Bronx, NY)


Promoting healthy and active lives, especially for children, by expanding their opportunities in the sport of swimming.


The im safety lessons, recreational aquatic activities, organized The im swimming, as well as health, wellness and goal-setting safety lessons, recreational aquatic activities, organized instruction at a world-class level. As participants make offers line-up of water safety lessons, The im a multi-faceted swimming, as well as health, wellness and goal-setting their way through im safe, im fun, im fast, im healthy recreational aquatic activities, organized swimming, as well as safety lessons, activities, organized instruction at arecreational world-classaquatic level. As participants make and im successful, they have the opportunity to earn health, wellness andim goal-setting instruction at ahealthy world-class swimming, as well as health, and im goal-setting their way through safe, im wellness fun, im fast, 8 im As medals ofatheir very own.The im program is program’s currently level. participants make their way through the instruction at world-class level. As participants and im successful, they have the opportunity to make earn their way through im safe,own.The im fun,fast, improgram fast, im is healthy bubbles, safe, fun, healthy and five 8 im medals of their very im currently Olympics countriesthey worldwide. Over 3,500 participants and im successful, have the opportunity to earn successful, theycompleted have the opportunity to earn eight world-wide have imsafe and are now 8 im medals ofvery theirown. very own.The im program is water-safe. currently Olympics countries worldwide. Over 3,500 participants medals of their world-wide have completed imsafe and are now water-safe. Level Fieldcountries Fund-Swimming is aOver grant-giving program Olympics worldwide. 3,500 participants that provides support for talented swimmers with financial world-wide have completedisimsafe and are now water-safe. Level FieldFund-Swimming Fund-Swimming isgrant-giving a grant-giving program Level a program that need.Field To date, the Level Field Fund has helped supported that provides support for talented swimmers with financial provides support for talented swimmers with financial need. more Field than 40 athletes across sports and Level Fund-Swimming is 5 a different grant-giving program need. To date, the Level Field Fund has helped supported awarded more than for $137,000 financial support. that support talentedin financial moreprovides than 40 athletes across 5swimmers different with sports and need. To date, the Level Field Fund has helped supported awarded more than $137,000 in financial support. Caps-For-A-Cause programdesigned designed fundraising Caps-For-A-Cause isisaaprogram to to aidaid thethe fundraising more than 40 athletes across 5 different sports andto efforts of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations committed awarded more than $137,000 in financial support. Caps-For-A-Cause is program designed to aid the fundraising growing sport ofaswimming and/or encouraging children growingthe the sport of swimming and/or encouraging to live healthy and active lives. Through an application process, children to live healthy and active lives. Through anfundraising application Caps-For-A-Cause is aof program designed toauthenticMichael aidencouraging the growing the sport swimming and/or these non profits can apply to receive an Phelps process, these non-profits can apply to receive an authentic children to live healthy andinactive an application signed swim cap to offer their lives. silent Through or liveauction fundraisers. growing the sport of swimming encouraging process, these non-profits can apply to receive an authentic These caps raised nearly $20,000 forand/or organizations in 2012. auction fundraisers. children to live healthy and active lives. Through an application process, these non-profits can apply to receive an authentic auction fundraisers. The Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic is the largest The Foundation Golffor Classic is the largest annual fundraiser annual fundraiser the Michael Phelps Foundation. auction fundraisers. The Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic is the largest for the Michael Phelps Foundation. The Golf Classic weekend The Golf Classic weekend includes a Celebrity Poker annual fundraiser for theTournament, Michael Phelps Foundation. includes a Celebrity Poker two rounds of golf, and Tournament, a dayFoundation of Golf andGolf awards as well as The Phelps Classic is the largest The Michael Golf Classic weekend includes a Celebrity Poker awards ceremony as well as the opportunity to raise awareness opportunities to raise awareness about the Michael annual fundraiser the Michael Phelps Tournament, a dayfor ofand Golf and awards asFoundation. well as about the Foundation its programs. The Golf Classic weekend includes a Celebrity Poker opportunities to raise awareness about the Michael Tournament, a day of Golf and awards as well as opportunities to raise awareness about the Michael

FOUNDER MESSAGE Despite what some believe, when I first entered the pool I did not swim the butterfly stroke gracefully from end-to-end. Like most of our program participants, I was afraid. In fact, I started swimming on my back because I didn’t like to get my face wet. And because I had someone to encourage me, who understood the importance of water safety, I developed a comfort level for the water. The more time I spent in the water, the stronger I became and my passion for the sport grew. Swimming provided me the opportunity to stay healthy, while learning about hard work, determination, and setting goals. I’m proud to say these principles guided me through my career and are the foundation to our im program. Over the past year, we were able to expand im in the Boys & Girls Clubs by 75%, introducing thousands of children to watersafety instruction, as well as healthy living and goal-setting education. We heard countless stories about the positive impact im had on communities, but one particular really sticks out that shows the type of impact your support is helping us achieve that I would like to share with you. Like the majority of our program participants, seven-year-old William from Knoxville,TN, came from a single parent household afraid of the water and unable to swim. At a young age, a cousin pushed William in the water unaware that he could not swim. The memory kept him out of the water for years. After hearing about im, William was determined to face his fears and signed up for the program at the Tennessee Valley Boys & Girls

Clubs. He learned lifesaving water skills and quickly progressed through the program. Quickly, the pool soon became a safe place for William to set and achieve his goals while overcoming a major fear. Around the same time, William’s father re-entered his life only to be taken away by a violent crime a couple miles from the club. But William showed great courage and prevalence and returned to the club three days later because he “wanted to swim”. His story inspired me and was a great reminder that it’s not just about swimming. It’s about being safe in the water, overcoming fears, and having a healthy life. After hearing his story, I was inspired and wanted to meet William and was able to with the help of our friends at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and P&G. William boarded an airplane for the first time and arrived in Omaha during Olympic Trials. And it didn’t stop there; P&G flew him to the 2012 Olympics in London where he was able to see me swim my last race and I was able to present William with the “Confidence Award”. It was an incredible experience for us both. William is just one example of the thousands of kids we are successfully reaching through our relationship with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Special Olympics International. Your support is making a big difference and for that I thank you.

Michael Phelps President and Founder

Me and William in London


GLOBAL NEED 2nd leading cause of death for children 14 years and younger is drowning.

International Drowning Statistics According to the World Health Organization: Across the globe, half a million people drown every year More than half of all drowning victims worldwide are children

6 out of 10 African-American and Hispanic/Latino children do not know how to swim; nearly twice the number of Caucasian children

For American Indian and Alaskan Native children, the fatal drowning rate is 2.3 times higher than for white children.

2 key barriers preventing children from learning to swim were fear of injury or drowning and the lack of parental encouragement

Youth drowning rates in ethically-diverse communities are 2-3 times higher than the national average

Of these unintended drowning deaths, 97% occurred in low and middle income countries Both China and India have particularly high drowning mortality rates and together contribute 43% of all drowning deaths worldwide

2012 PROGRAM H I GH L I GH T S In 2012, 28 Boys & Girls Clubs of America including one naval installation in Naples, Italy participated in .

3,412 Boys & Girls Club members participated in 68% of participants never took a swim class prior to 88% of participants were 12 years old or younger 72% of participants were African-American or Latino 94% demonstrated a measurable increase in their knowledge of health and nutrition 98% believe they can set and achieve their goals 2,320 newly enrolled participants earned their safe in water certificates

B OYS & G I R L S C LU B 2012 program highlights “We are so proud of our relationship with tbe Michael Phelps Foundation. In 2012, we reached 75% more clubs reaching more than 3,400 kids. With im, members learned life-saving swimming skills because of the work and skills provided to Club staff to teach our kids how to be safe in water. Michael, thank you so much for all you do for Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the youth we serve.”

Frank Sanchez, Vice President, Sports, Entertainment & Alumni Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

2012 Boys & Girls Club of America

program Grant Recipients

MPF supported 28 clubs and donated over $312,000 in grants. Clubs averaged 152 . children over two sessions of Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware | Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis | Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio | Hurlburt Youth Programs | Waterville Area Boys & Girls Club | Lawrence Boys & Girls Club | Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua | Sarah Heinz House | Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama | Boys & Girls Clubs of Valdosta | Boys & Girls Clubs of Cascade County | Boys & Girls Clubs of Stockton | Boys & Girls Club of Camden County | Naples Italy Navy Youth Center | Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine | Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue | Boys & Girls Club of Taunton, Inc | Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County | Harford County Boys & Girls Club | Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo | Boys & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley | Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas | Madison Square Boys & Girls Club | Boys & Girls Clubs of Deep East Texas | Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club | Boys & Girls Club of Adair County Schools | Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties | Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands, Inc.

B OYS & G I R L S C LU B 2012 program highlights

“One of our Native American male club members, with a family history of diabetes, has greatly benefited from all areas . Native Americans are at of an increased risk of developing diabetes so it is really important for these children to learn heathy served as a lifestyle habits. conformable non-threatening platform to discuss these important issues and was a life changing experience for this young man. This program will have a great impact on our Native American members and our community.�

Boys & Girls Club of Green Country, Omaha, NE

S P E C I A L O LY M P I C S Our seven international pilot programs in China, India, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Brazil and USA offered to more than 110 athletes. As the official swimming training program of Special Olympics, the Michael Phelps Foundation participated in the inaugural World Aquatics competition in Puerto Rico in the fall. We held a training seminar for new Special Olympics coaches and dispersed application for new teams worldwide.

Success Story: “My daughter Abbey recently completed in Medal. Queensland, Australia and received her Abbey has a chromosone disease, Cri Du Chat & Autism, this program has given her a sense of achievement to reach her goals and immense pride which she doesn’t always get through main stream swimming. Abbey also received news last Friday she had been selected for the Special Olympic Australia Junior National Games 2012. Thank you so very much for introducing such a great program for children with special needs.” Mother of program participant Special Olympics Australia


Smith has Downs Syndrome and is very stubborn. We both can get very frustrated and learning is always a challenge. We have tried other learn-to -swim classes but had negative experiences and little success. So, naturally we were apprehensive to enroll in the Young Athletes program. However, a friend of mine told me her child participated in safe and was seeing great results. We are so happy that we enrolled. We love the water. All I can say is T H A N K YO U M I C H A E L P H E L P S !

Nacho -

pa rti ci

pa nt

Parent of im program participant



S P E C I A L O LY M P I C S 2012 program highlights “What we learn through the program is that it’s not only learning to swim, but it’s also learning what to do outside of the pool. It’s learning that to be a good swimmer you have to watch your weight, you have to eat the right foods. It’s really a comprehensive program for our athletes to not only to become great swimmers but to lead more healthy and active lifestyles. I think the end product will be that we will have a lot more people in the pool, a lot more athletes swimming and being successful.” Peter Wheeler, Chief, Strategic Properties, Special Olympics

Shanghai, China

Special Olympics Programs located in Bharat, India Sydney, Brisbane, Australia Johannesburg, South Africa Edinburgh, Scotland Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Omaha, USA

P R O G R A M PA R T N E R S was created in collaboration with Michael Phelps Swimming and KidsHealth.Org.

Michael Phelps Swimming (MPS), programming of Michael Phelps Swim School, is a world-class program of swimming methodology that has been developed and enhanced over the course of three decades of practice and instruction. Designed for swimmers of all ages and abilities, Michael Phelps Swimming is rooted in its comprehensive understanding of how individuals develop their motor and cognitive skills, both children and adults, as it relates to the properties of water through the programs’ philosophy of the four “B’s”: Body Position, Buoyancy, Breathe Control and Balance. The principles of Michael Phelps Swimming offer an environment of teaching and coaching that is customizable to meet the needs and abilities of swimmers individually. WWW. MPSWIMSCHOOL.COM is the #1 site devoted to children’s health and development in English and Spanish. Each year, over 250 million parents, kids, and teens turn to for expert answers, making it the Web’s mostaccessed site on children’s health. KidsHealth. org has been honored as one of the 30 Best Websites by U.S. News & World Report, one of the 50 Coolest Websites by TIME magazine, and the Best Family Health Site “For Moms” by Good Housekeeping. KidsHealth also creates KidsHealth in the Classroom, a free website for educators featuring standards-based health curricula, activities, and handouts. KidsHealth comes from Nemours, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit pediatric health systems and a founding member of the Partnership for a Healthier America, a national movement led by First Lady Michelle Obama to solve the childhood obesity challenge. For more information about KidsHealth, please visit

LEVEL FIELD FUND SWIMMING runemann: Bac k-t ly B i oEm B

2012 program highlights ac


rld Wo Cup winner 2 011

Michael Phelps Foundation helped establish Level Field Fund - Swimming in 2010, a grant giving program offering financial assistance to talented swimmers in need. In 2012, Level Field Fund - Swimming awarded ten grants totaling $17,435. Grants ranged from $1,000 to $2,890 to help promising athletes with training and competition needs they would have not been able to afford.

Alex Me yer :

20 12

O pe n-

er at W

O ng mi im Sw

ian lymp

“For me, competition experience has been the greatest way to learn and improve as an athlete. Level Field Fund provides funding for promising athletes to have these necessary experiences which they might not have been able to afford otherwise. Last year, Level Field Fund enabled me, among others, to concentrate on being the best I can be without having to worry as much about funding my competition schedule and now I’m on the National Team and competing in my first Olympics.”

Alex Meyer, Level Field Fund-Swimming recipient and first athlete from the U.S. to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics)

AWA R D S A N D R E C O G N I T I O N Media exposure

Michael Phelps and the Foundation were featured on 60 Minutes. Michael spoke about his career, motivations and his continued passion to work with children through his Foundation. They captured Michael’s visit to the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx, which offers , and Michael shared with im participants the importance of goal- setting and living a healthy lifestyle.

AWA R D S A N D R E C O G N I T I O N awards Michael Phelps and the Foundation was honored at several events throughout the year for the impact the Foundation have made around the world. • 34th Annual American Image Awards: Humanitarian Awards • Boys & Girls Clubs Congressional Congressional Breakfast: Champion of Youth Award presented by Denzel Washington • IPG Diversity & Inclusion Competition

AWA R D S A N D R E C O G N I T I O N sponsor recognition 2012 Olympic Trials Hosted at the Hilton, both the Boys & Girls Club of Omaha, NE and Special Olympics Omaha participants joined Michael Phelps for breakfast to send him off to the Olympic Games.

2012 Olympic Games participant Michael Phelps presented William Watson III from Knoxville, TN with the inaugural P&G Head & Shoulders Confident Award. William not only watched Michael Phelps receive in 22nd Olympic medal, but received this honor in London for his hard work and dedication in the program.

Post-2012 Olympic Games Wheaties created a custom Michael Phelps Foundation box of the popular brand cereal. Topps Topps created trading cards specific to the Michael Phelps Foundation program. With a card for each bubble and a special Phelps signature card, participants will have their very own set as they hit milestones throughout the program. SOL Republic SOL Republic auctioned off Michae Phelps signed headphones worn by Michael Phelps throughout the London Olympics. All proceeds went to the Michael Phelps Foundation to support our efforts. Furthermore, a portion of all sales of Michael Phelps Anthem headphones support the Foundation.


The 3rd Annual Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic, presented by USA Swimming, was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was a great success with 150 attendees including special guests Hank Haney, Lenny Krazyelburg, Ross Powers, and Seth Wescott. Attendees celebrated the mission of the Foundation and provided financial support to keep the Foundation’s programs active around the world. We would like to thank our sponsors USA Swimming, Warnaco/Speedo, SOL Republic, Master Spas, Garia Luxury Golf Cars, and Visa for helping make it such a successful event. This year’s classic was the largest grossing event in the Foundation’s history and provided a great platform to continue raising awareness about the Foundation’s mission and program success.

FINANCIAL OVERVIEW According to the Better Business Bureau, non-profit organizations should: • Spend at least 65% of its total expenses on program activities • Spend no more than 35% of related contributions on fund raising.

Fundraising 12%

MICHAEL PHELPS FOUNDATION Statement of Activities Year Ended December 31, 2012 Unrestricted net assets: Support and revenue: Contributions Golf Classic Total Expenses: Program services General and Administrative Fundraising Total


G&A 12%

617,565 117,619 923,217

609,780 97,324 99,393 806,497

programMING 76%

The Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic was our largest fundraiser in 2012. The Golf Classic raised nearly 80% of our program budget, which includes implementation, materials and training costs.

2012 CONTRIBUTORS $50,000-$99,999 Proctor & Gamble Under Armour Warnaco Foundation SOL Republic


Topps Yahoo Inc. Speedo Baltimore Ravens Omega Master Spas Wheaties USA Swimming Hilton United States Olympic Committee Meadowbrook


Warnaco Boys & Girls Clubs of America Garia Ortholite College Colors Day Subway

To $999

Fluid Impulse

Donated Goods, Services, Prizes

Harrah’s Atlantic City Country Club Hilton VISA Under Armour Subway SONY Ortholite SkyCaddie Big Mountain GolfSmith Golf Channel Taylor Made Crocs

Our contributors leave a legacy with their generous support. Their financial gifts demonstrate a commitment to provide opportunity to those that need it most.


559 “Hi Michael, I believe you are doing a great job with your Foundation. I started to swim again because you inspired me.” Oscar de Armas

Harry L. You Paul Greene Dave Silverman Ken Buck Kathy FoulonGil Foulon Charles Fahy Gil Foulon Mari Segal Oscar DeArmas Bovero Laura Castellanos Eleanor Glime Beverly Perrin John Ferguon Paries Chambers Sophia Whitsett John Lloyd Ryan Atross Dorothy Neri Lydia Feinauer Nermeen Emily Gillett Ally Condie Edythe Ressler Rebecca Thomas Yi Kin Liu Stephane Moillen Judy Greco Joyce Walsen Chantelle Prince Claire Keck Eileen Colbert Esq. Ryan Lundquist Maria Guiang Reid Blanchett Carlos Rodriguez Anne Sion Roni Bergerson Amy Fritz MAD Crafters LOLITA CUISON Stephanie J Thies Sulinda Fawcett Melanie Berlier Trina Escartin Andrea Rochet Alexandra Nordby Wen Lee Margaret Bohan LINDA WIKTOROWICZ Doris Schwartz Irollie Marketing LLC Molly Barendse Paul Reimer Ryan Luu Armin Berloui Kimberly Frezza Robert Winkers Beth Gainer Rosemarie Freeman Crystal Gutierrez Wendy Stahl - Pocock David Powell Maria F Garcia kym stclair Pamela Farias Andrea Hidalgo Irollie Marketing LLC Isaac Jose Gonzalez Amo Amy Williams Sabine Buhlmann Christine Dusek Laleh Hashemi Debra Shehan Je sica Hargrove Sabine Buhlmann Ronald Montesi Jonathan Becker Gwendolyn Chan Sandra Rochet Michael Krumbak Olando York Darya Jordan Daniel VanRoekel Stefanie Davies Amanda Modenbach Gwendolyn Chan ALEJANDRA CUEVAS Daniel Jacques R BEN TORRES Parmis azimi Hillary Rockey Gwendolyn Chan Tamie Mancini Cynthia Maurer daniela damgova VictoryStore. com, Inc. James Lawson Toni Morris Peter Wong Guylaine Therrien Jeff Darlington Carol Dietz Ronald McHenry maureen holmes Adriana Ruiz Bovero Magali Cheryl Fair donna Shroyer Hillary Rockey Amy Williams Adrienne Washington Rabbit Air Patricia Castle Je nifer Bessey Loreena Hermitanio terrell yiannikis Tina de Jonge Allan Schiby Lucia Crawford Christine Stocker Tooanh Nguyen Larry Chase shirley gordon Chris Simpson James Albright sandra nosek Danika Barringer Tiffany Johnson Pamela DelVecchio Elizabeth Reveal David Becker Erin Shields Vicky Smith Alejandra Gonzalez Calle Graciela Delgado Carol Dietz Amy Woodworth Renate Hartland Lori Williams Guylaine Therrien Allison Langus Guylaine Therrien Brett Holmes barbie wilson Patricia Wiersma Lynda Glenn Supplyline Inc Jessica Vipperman Michelle Oliver Eforia Mcelvaney Jodi Araujo Annemarie Mak Shawn Spain Jorge Leiva Jean Cornil Rachelle Albury dorene sprague Colleen Wilburn ezBeans Espresso Ltd. Co. Tonya Tillman Linda Guerra Larry Tuon Chelsea Beckmann melissa jackson Ian Jackson perry cisneros Allen Walker Kim Petiford Mireylis Curbelo Thao Tran Sama tha Fritz Jeanne Bailey Jimena Moncayo Kaitlin Watterson Beth Jamnik Phuong-Anh Nguyen Carolynn Wright Brandi Pasquini Simone Duarte Mathilde Nielsen co. Strande jeffrey starling Marina Emilova Georgieva Will Regla Erica Cachia Castelletti Elizabeth Ferrufino Petra Federl Lauren Berg Elizabeth Ferrufino Cody Means Penny’s Travels David Striet Leon Ingleright shawn miller katia kotakova Catherine HAVARD RIchard A Collins Ramiro Sanchez Kelly Borbely Sarah Scudder Kristin Lepley Scott Murray Eduardo Flores Melanie Webb Alicia Webb Brook Roberts Sharon Haines Landon Harlan Ross Weiland Thomas Delaney Kristen Hanson Robert Netter HANS T ANDERSSON Gwendolyn Chan Acirema Bastida Adrienne Washington Cindy Thierry viktorija cusma Lor onna J Miller Svetlana Smirnov M Wyatt April Shilling ATHINA THEODORIDOU Richard VanOrnum Paula Classen Leslie Landey Karen Shelton Shannon Fischer Norberto Matos Allison Williamson Janet Liao Malia Ott Oscar Bravo Gonzalez Catherine Jensen Richard VanOrnum Jennifer Witkop Margaret Rush Adrienne Washington francisco hernandez Bethel Henry Jeanette Hagemann Monique Bencivenga peihsi kuo HUGO PARRA LOLI Bovero Magali Amy Vidrine Kevin Yeung Nancy Ruda Malia Ott Diana Hirshfeld Kimberly Wolford Patti Taylor Jeanne Borghesi Elena Giorgalla Gabriele Finocchio peihsi kuo ALEJANDRA LOPEZ CORDOVA agnes lai Elena Giorgalla mary sallee Anna Spies maximiliano manrique Penny Ascora johnson aja Marie-Josée Durand Melissa Loeck WIL JONES Charlotte Mordaunt Margaret Guinto Stephanie Geosits Darlene Selmarten Angela Fadlovich Regina VanMatre Zoe Carrubba Kirsten Textor-Broch Beatriz Nino Gaston Howard Lori Dangremond Katherine Goebel Brandi Pasquini Katelyn Jones MAXIMILIANO MANRIQUE Eve Van Devender Debra Apperson ERIKA GARCIA Fredrik Jonsson BosComp Patrick Gannon Tracy Davis Maria MA DICH Janet Scheraga Meredith Hernandez robin mendel rosenberg Jean McKenzie Julie Wilske Laurie Williams Thomila Smith Mary Cregan Keli Friden Matthew Bickert Michael Phelps Jane Evora dorothy maurer Rebecca Kidd Lisa Weatherbee danielle carlson Diane Holland Petty Goodman Carly Engbrock Stephanie Loh Aimee Marsh Alison Deane Kathleen Piraino David Eichelberger Mike Simpson Sharon Schauer Andrew Basile Jillian Gabrhel JACQUELINE GARDNER-KONCOR Karli Higdon Jason Bunn Melinda Mizr chi William Schnitger Keith Oshiro Patricia Langeleh Robert Crabtree cherie haas Melissa Roman Carla Elmore Andrea Ramsey, LMT Tanya Barsony Erika Carruth Diane Gruntman Judith Gray beth kelly Regina VanMatre Clayton Billion Faith Wang Scott Holloway Chrissy Barua Gaston Howard Shane Loomis shahrzad parviz Bank Account Robyn Beers Joseph Grillo Catherine L Shutt Chris Goodson Heather James Maria Zobel-Trabert janice Evans Stacey Stephens Hayneedle, Inc. Rui Catelas Catherine Filion-Picard Barbara Delbridge Sonya Stranges Thorsten Bolz Marijana Rucevic Veronica Myne-Joslin Christina Tu Candy Gunderson Valerie Ralph Christopher N Greenwood Thorunn Bacon Erin Haase Michael Köll Lisa Alcorn Trilogy Shop Inc crystal zick Rebecca Miller jamie miller Lus Claudiu Beth Kelly Sheila Martin Chris Goodson Ashley Paulino Adrian Mayhew shannon wood Karen Kourlesis Carl Johnson Tyler Magalis natalie fox Glenda Chang Lawrence Chang vy tran Diana Mendoza Barbara Rafalski Monica Quiros Aaron Reza Ngan kim Nguyen Lucy Tran Geoffrey DiMasi Sabina Bunic kenneth overstreet Ngan kim Nguyen James Hulderman Tamra Kapavik silvio brandao tinna cox-potter alexandra collins Patrick McCubbin Magalie BUCHENET Richelle Dillingham Peter Rodrigo Sophie Boulter Krystel Ocasio Nicola Hammett HUGO PARRA Rebecca Quek Snehal Oswal Tim Crahan Kenneth Ashby Kathryn Gottschalk Ngan kim Nguyen Susan Loerke Mason Zimmerman Cappie Alverson Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. Smitha Krishnamurthi Heather Kerr Mike Hess Marlene Beyer June Maranville Keri Fovargue Claudia González de Reynoso Gary Mulkigian Cheryl Christoffersen Yuke Xiang Cynthia Rhodes Michael Hall Rhonda Lee Hannah John Zuzanna Przewloka Kaitlyn Lucero-Sickman Bob Lee Cara Lee Jimmy Pa tin Mark Donadio Garret Lefferson Jane Lew Abigail Cottrell Courtney Kiefer Lorenzo Lanao Pueyo Courtney Kiefer Catherine Johnson Yvonne Carlascio Debbie Domeck Simon SAKSIK Douglas M Slama Jennifer Simpson Evelyn Beliveau Sharom Woullard s abrahams U.S. Postal Service s abrahams Megan Rumph Kumudini Gupta Matthew Barendse Megan Rumph mark owen Diane Utter Janis Cannon Jackie Phyu Jackie Phyu Daniel Jordan Tanna Pugh Anne Young Macy Tucker Carla Foster Jose Morcelo Alicia Zhu Tan Alicia Zhu Tan Antonio Celauro Lentina Villa Aaron Snow mary lea ferguson PayPal Mary Lea Ferguson Bard Ferguson Torsten Langner Philippe saksik Nicole Andrade Cortney Bourkard Alexandra Vidunas Ramandeep Brar Paula Reynolds Ramandeep Brar Chase Franklin Aaron Drews Nadia So Judith Raizy Nathan Foster Palmer Ann McFarland Quynh Lam shani dunscomb Kirk Stanford Elizabeth Seba John M Rex Jr Kendra Smith Joel Moody Tatjana Weser Susan Ayers Kmax Investment LLC Matt Cheung Anahita Yousefiani Julianne Medel Amanda Harley-Angelov PayPal sandra williams shani dunscomb Christian Velez Lisa Moran Michael Zarrillo Andrew Zarrillo jamie card roberto luconi Network Marketing Today Mitchell Alves patricia wilhelm dorothy neri Tamsin Lamb Denise Gregory James ODonnell sabino fernandez Martha Stockland octavio valdiosera Teresa Davis Elizabeth White Beth Whitsett Le lie Zuckerman Ann McFarland Raul Silva Thomas Lachocki Rachel Lancianese Carmen Pagan MELISSA ESCAMILLA ANDREW M. REMM rochelle ADAMS Eric Long Tonya Cochran-Cooper jamie card Bernice Sprigings Uri Ephrat sigal tenenbaum victoria reno mariarose pawlyk Maria Guiang Mark Smelt Lauren Lipira Lindsey Nicholson Hui Yan Kei Angela Phillip Racies Ylia Perez nydia garcia Orlinda Bartlett Laurel Dunlap Victor Mogollon Kevin Banning Sharon Haines Juan Pablo Margni Dr. Mollie Marti, Inc. Magali Velasquez Marianella Williams robert torres peter marinsek CaSandra Arthur Nicole Nichter Susan Evans Christine Duque Mary Quinn Sandy Freisleben Kelleen Guyer Jennifer Hammond ARLIE AVENIR Richard Clough Patrick Hoy Marcela Garrido Jackie Twamley Hellard Corey Salm Tiago Faro Pedroso


Like us on Facebook/michaelphelpsfoundation Join our 27,000 + followers and find out what is happening with the Foundation Follow us on Twitter


Donate by visiting us online at or by mailing a check. Fundraise by creating your own campaign with proceeds going to the Michael Phelps Foundation. Email us at for more information. Our individual donors are important because they not only help fuel the growth of our programs but they also demonstrate world wide support of our mission.

B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S / S TA F F L I S T 2012 has been record-breaking for the Michael Phelps Foundation, and we truly appreciate the continued support from our Partners, Sponsors, Friends and Fans. PRESIDENT: MICHAEL PHELPS is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished athletes of all time. With 22 Olympic medals, and more gold medals, world championships and world records than any other swimmer in history, Phelps used his $1MM performance bonus from Speedo to create the Michael Phelps Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthy and active lifestyles, especially for children. Phelps’s international titles and record breaking performances have earned him the World Swimmer of the Year Award six times and American Swimmer of the Year Award eight times. His unprecedented Olympic success in 2008 earned Phelps Sports Illustrated magazine’s Sportsman of the Year award, and his work with the Michael Phelps Foundation earned him the AAFA’s Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2012. SECRETARY: DEBBIE PHELPS is currently the Director of the Education Foundation of Baltimore City Public Schools. As a former Principal of Windsor Middle School in Baltimore and a long tenure in the education system, Deborah is a strong advocate for the promotion of education in the Baltimore school system and beyond. As a public speaker, Deborah addresses a range of topics related to education and child development. She also sits on multiple business and community-advisory boards.

BOARD MEMBER: BOB BOWMAN achieved great success at the international level as personal coach for the Olympic Legend Michael Phelps. Bowman’s contribution to the sport has been awarded with the USA Swimming Developmental Coach of the Year and the ASCA Coach of the Year awards. Bob began coaching at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (NBAC) in 1996 until 2004, serving at the head swimming coach of the University of Michigan’s club team from 20052008. Since 2008, Bob has served as the CEO/Head Coach for NBAC. TREASURER: LENNY KRAYZELBURG is a four-time Olympic gold medalist. His first three gold medals were earned in 2000 and as USA’s Olympic Team Captain he earned one more in 2004. In 2005, Krayzelburg started the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy to teach children to be water safe and inspire love for the water. The Academy is operating in several locations including California, New York, New Jersey and Kentucky. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: PETER CARLISLE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: Marissa Fortier OPERATIONS DIRECTOR: MYA THOMPSON

Michael Phelps Foundation 15 Lund Road, Suite 101 Saco, ME 04072 (p) 207-274-2015 (f) 207-775-3400 email: facebook:

MPF 2012 Annual Report  

Check out all the great things MPF did in 2012. Thanks for the support.

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