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HOME Gardening Delicious Recipe

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Spring 2019


Enrolling now for 2020 and 2021 St Martin’s is educating the next generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers and strategists by introducing out-of-the-box thinking into the curriculum to challenge students and teachers alike. At St Martin’s we value our School’s history and Anglican Christian ethos. We develop partnerships with our students and their families to drive education into the future. If your child is ready to be a part of the next generation of South African thought leaders, become a part of the St Martin’s community. Pre-Preparatory School • Preparatory School • High School • Boarding


Where every child is known 6 6


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Spring has sprung early this year with the mildest July/August on record in South Africa.

Home Owners Association Fanie (HOA Manager):

Our Cynodon lawns will be greening up soon as the ground temperatures climb above 10

Judith (Levy Accounts Dept):

degrees. Rain is only expected in October so we have a hot dry month ahead of us, let’s remember to conserve water.

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The second Phase of the Village Apartments is now under construction. Updates from the

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marketing and construction teams soon. In other construction news we have 191 houses

Shuttle Bus:

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under construction at the moment and I am sure everyone is trying to get finished before December so they can spend the holidays at Eye of Africa.

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With the pool warming up in Central Park we should be swimming by Spring Day. There is a new shaded area outside the Deli to be constructed soon so the “Al Fresco” dining is more comfortable.

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Our first MTB race came through and was a great success. Gavin Steyl was the man leading

071 106 1440 / 010 500 0407

the charge and allegedly the bunch at some stages too. The trails are in tip top shape and are much safer to ride than the roads. Strava has all the routes on and the times to beat.Time to get in shape for Summer and ride to the highest point in Gauteng up at “The Masts”

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“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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Come springtime, most of us are eager to throw open the windows and clean out the closets. It’s also time to give your house, inside and out, a good once-over. After the cold weather and time spent indoors, there are plenty chores that need to be done so that our summers can be a bit more carefree.

are empty, give it a good cleaning. Once you have sorted out the cupboards, move top to bottom and back to front in each room. Follow the same formula in every room.

You aren’t going to get much done if your spring clean begins as an impromptu decision. Re-organising and cleaning your entire house will need careful planning to make sure that you don’t leave anything out. Allocate a specific day to start your spring cleaning. Do this a few weeks in advance. The sooner you put this time aside, the better you can plan your diary ensuring that social engagements and activities don’t disrupt your plan. Commit your spring clean plan to paper. Write up a detailed checklist and itinerary (i.e., Wednesday afternoon – deep clean bathroom & shower) and stick it up somewhere prominent in the house. Getting organised this way means it’s harder to shrink away from your commitments! Make a list of spring cleaning goals. Think about what you need to prioritise this year – what do you want to get out of your spring clean? Running out of space to stack new books? Then one of your goals should be, “Clear space for more books in the study.” Similarly, if you think that you have a relatively clutter-free home, but the cleanliness of your bathroom is putting you to shame, then think about putting, “Deep clean all the shower grouting.”

Start indoors, and work your way outdoors INDOORS

It’s always wise to start reorganizing rooms and de-cluttering them before you start cleaning, this means that each room would look as it normally does with daily cleaning - bed made, dishes cleaned. Your ritual should begin in your bedroom and end in your kitchen. Once you have decluttered move on to your storage areas in each room, meaning your cupboards and drawers. Now is the perfect time to empty cupboards and sort winter clothes. I’m sure you’ll find things that you haven’t worn in years. These items should be added to your discard box. Clothes that you want to store until next year should be stored away properly, make use of the hard to reach places in your cupboards for storage. While the cupboards 8

Bathrooms acquire the kind of messes we don’t find elsewhere in the house, they do take more work to clean. Start by soaking soap scum build up in the shower and on the grout by spraying thoroughly with a soap scum remover, spray the sink, vanity, and toilet with a disinfecting cleaner. Let that sit while you continue working. Place dirty clothes, mats and towels in the hamper and take it to the laundry. Remove everything from the vanity, tub surround, shelves and back of the toilet tank. You might want to pay attention to expiry dates on beauty products and medication, discard all the expired items. Gather anything that belongs in another room and place it in the clutter box. After you’ve emptied each space, wipe it clean with a damp cloth before returning the contents neatly. Clean the doors, window sills, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and end with wiping the disinfectant spray off of your vanity, sinks and toilet. Rinse the soap scum remover from your shower and the grout. Clean the mirror, shine the faucets, towel racks and don’t forget the toilet paper holder. faucets and towel racks, and don’t forget the toilet paper holder.

Do Some Pest Control

Everyone is ready to get outside, including the insects, rodents, and other pests that have been snug inside. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, pest control is essential to keeping a clean home inside and outside.

Time for


As with indoors the same applies with outdoors, start at the top and work your way down, but first Conduct an Outdoor Walk Around Inspection. Grab a pencil and paper to make a list of spring cleaning chores and maintenance necessary. This is also the perfect time to take a look at your yard equipment to make sure everything is in top shape. Give the lawnmower a tune-up, and sharpen the blades. If you are handy, do a complete roof inspection to look for loose tiles, cracks, or broken seals around pipes. All gutters should be cleaned out and debris removed before the Spring rains. Leaving gutters and downpipes packed with leaves not only looks messy, but it can also cause leaks, rotting wood, moisture and mildew problems. If ladders and heights are not your thing, hire a professional. Once your gutters are cleaned it’s time to give the house a bath. Spot-clean heavily soiled areas then using a high-pressure hose, or an ordinary garden hose, attach a siding cleaning kit to the hose. Start by spraying your walls from top to bottom. Pay special attention to your windowsills and all the nooks and crannies. Move onto your driveway and outside paving. Next clean all the windows and doors. You might need to restore the lustre of your door by polishing the hinges and knobs. Paint or stain the door with a colour that stands out, yet also compliments the trim. Put out a clean, new welcome mat - and make sure the doorbell works. You may not have used your patio all winter and chances are the dust has settled everywhere. Remove your outdoor furniture cushions and inspect them, are they looking a little rough? Give them a good clean or look at replacing the covers. Wash all outdoor furniture, ornaments and braai. Test your pool water, treat it if necessary and start running your pump 8 hours a day. As the ground temperature starts to rise so will your grass. Now is the best time to re-seed your lawn, filling in bald patches before the summer heat. Don’t rely on the spring rain, start your watering cycle as soon as you have re-seeded. Plant your perennials, and give them plenty of water. When the grass starts to grow, it is time to fertilize the lawn, if you do not plan on watering the grass do not fertilize. Strategically placed plants can conceal unattractive aspects of your house or yard. Place large pots or hanging baskets around the stoep or patio. Bushes or hedges can hide air-conditioning units or propane tanks, and flower beds and window boxes will stylize a stark facade. Prune dead branches, trim back overgrown shrubbery and remove any obstructive plantings. Spread mulch or bark around trees, shrubs and flowers for a weed-free, well-kept look.


Sanitize your sponges. In a bowl, add one part bleach to nine parts water and let your sponge sit in it for a minute. Then, rinse the sponge and use it to wipe down your countertops, kitchen counters, along with your refrigerator, stove and cutting boards to help keep your food space germ-free. Same goes for the bathroom sponges, too. Use the washer and dishwasher as your secret cleaning weapon. A fast fix for dust or dirt? Toss your curtains, quilts, table clothes and throw pillows in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, the heat will kill the dust mites and the dust will go out through the exhaust. Another lazy hack, clean and sanitize everything from oven and dish drying racks to light switch covers in the dishwasher. Clean your microwave by simply turning it on. Heat a cup of equal parts water and white vinegar in a glass measuring cup and microwave on high for 5 to 10 minutes. The caked-on crud will come up with a simple swipe of a sponge.

The simplest way to get rid of a lot of accumulated clutter is to use the ‘four box’ approach Sort all your ‘miscellaneous’ items into four boxes: ‘Keep’, ‘Discard’, ‘unsure’ and ‘Clutter’. For those items you are unsure about, put them in a box and store it away for six months. If after six months, you haven’t touched any of the items then they can safely be given away.

www.communityeoa.co.za 9

The Eye of Africa recently introduced a Panic application system to all residents free of charge. The panic application is available to residents via their cellphones.


A word from the


The HOA recently went out on tender for our Landscaping Services. Various tender applications were received and after considering various aspects such as management structures, equipment to be placed on site and staff compliments, the HOA decided to retain the services of Servest. We managed to negotiate a significant saving on the monthly costs, as well as an increase in staff compliment. With the additional staff more focus can be placed on detailed landscaping within the Estate. Our focus for the next few months will be to improve some barren grass areas and open spaces in Phase 2. Stricter measures have been implemented to ensure that all residents plant according to the planting palette and compliance with Landscape plans are followed through. An extensive process of eradicating invasive plants throughout the Estate was recently completed and we are looking forward to continuous beautifying our Estate. Invasive that were removed included numerous Blackwattle trees and Pampas grass. The cutting of all veldgrass is nearing completion.


Two further owl boxes and one bat hotel were recently installed, and we are looking forward to these boxes been filled with owls and bats.


The Estate has completed their annual maintenance program. All Jungle Gyms have been repainted, street signage has been added to areas in Stone Quarter and all the speedhumps have been repainted. Two of the three water features in the parks have been waterproofed after many years of service. Boundary fences are regularly kept clean to ensure that no overgrowth occurs on the fence line.


As of July 2019, 671 houses, sectional titles and clusters have been completed. A further 191 clusters and houses are currently under construction. Frequent on-site visits done by Control Architects monitor compliance with building Architectural guidelines as well as compliance with plans and the neatness of the building sites. Having this additional service has proved positive and we are satisfied that we have taking building control inspections to a new level. It is with great excitement when we see houses completed, new owners moving in and more families joining the Eye of Africa community.


With almost 191 houses and clusters under construction, managing the contractors as well as their access to the Estate receives high priority. Since the beginning of 2019, 3119 contractors were registered.



The Eye of Africa have been able to maintain a status free of serious and violent crime. We have now started implementing a criminal record and identity verification process for all domestic employees and tenants. We do envision this process to be extended to contractors as the success of the project is assessed. We urge all residents to please consult the HOA ahead of any employment. We do keep records of cases reported, and can advise our Residents should any discrepancy found with a prospective employee. The hardware services at the Main gate has recently been upgraded, which includes the RFID tag readers. This included the additional RFID reader to the visitors exit lane, hoping to create a faster exit process from the Estate in the mornings. It is friendly requested that all residents who uses a RFID tag for access to reposition the location of the RFID tag to the middle of the windshield (on the right-hand side of the rearview mirror when seated on the driver’s seat) The RFID tag readers has been configured in such a way that it will easily locate and provide access to activated tags. Please contact the Security office should you experience any problems with this access system. We are happy to report that that our CCTV installation has reached completion, with expected operational outputs exceeded. We will ensure that our analytical features attached to the system is updated, fine-tuned, and available for view to any resident. Please send the Security and Risk manager an email should you wish to view the CCTV installation. Although we maintain a healthy relationship with neighboring property owners, the SAPS and other interested parties, I request all our residents to be vigilant when driving out of the Estate. Safety for oneself is constant. Please get in touch with our control room should we be able to assist, no matter where you are. Kindly take note of the following 24-hour numbers to call at any time for assistance:


010 140 4396 079 582 2545 064 874 4372 060 369 7452 11

Share the Eye Experience Refer a Friend Today Reward of R20 000 offered for every successful lead


An Exclusive Offering to Eye of Africa Residents. C O N TA C T D E TA I L S :

Roxi: +27 (0)83 682 2668 Email: roxi@eyeofafrica.co.za Terms & Conditions • • • • • •


All buyers must be referred via +27 (0)83 682 2668 / Whatsapp or by emailing roxi@eyeofafrica.co.za. The reward will be paid within seven days of the ‘transfer of the property’ going through. This special runs until the 31st of December 2019 (this date refers to the referral deadline and not the transfer). Referrals will be confirmed within 24hrs of receipt thereof and if there is a negotiation that is currently with the client taking place no referral will be payable. Eye of Africa will pay on multiple referrals for more than one client. Eye of Africa reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to revoke this promotion.

NEWS ON THE GOLFING FRONT If that was winter, then I don’t want to see what summer has in store for us. That would have to go down as one of, if not the warmest winters we have experienced. Fortunately for you, we now have some winter gear in the pro shop on sale. This would normally be our time for spring treatment, we have pushed that out to January which means that our greens will be great right through till next year. A minor verti drain will be done in September but recovers far quicker than hollow tining. We have already seen the benefit of this decision by welcoming some new golf days to our calendar. Even though the winter months are renown for being quiet, we were fortunate enough to continue the trend of improving every year. Our membership is steadily growing and with this we saw a second better ball side created, spear headed by Mark Conradie. He was quick to hustle up the players and even though they were off to a very nervous start and saw the side lose their first two games, in style might I add, they bounced back to finish second in the league and continue the trend of our other league sides, and got promoted. Well done fellows. The Mercedes Benz challenge hosted by us this year was just as successful as last year’s BMW event. Wikus Landman and Tim Ray qualified for the finals at Arrabella Golf Estate, with Tim winning a week at The British Open next year for him and his wife. We have had a great response for our couple’s golf tour to Champagne Resort in October, and if there are any couples who would like to go, please contact the pro shop. I would like to extend a very big thank you to all our members who participated in the Sanlam Cancer Challenge. This year we raised a record amount of R10 000. For a small club like ours, it was a very commendable effort. Thank you. Congratulations to our final two major winners, Chis Keeling winning the US Open and Tim Ray who seems to be on a bit of a role this year taking home honors in The British Open. Please continue to look at your newsletter that is emailed and available on the community website, as we have some exciting new events planned for our residents and members. May the golfing gods be with you over the next few months, cheers.



OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER Sun 1 Wed 11 Fri 13 Tue 17 Thu 19 Tue 24

National Golf Day Mathew Muller Golf Day BBCBE Golf Day (private) Ladies Golf Special Riverside Community Church Golf Day Heritage Day - Course Open

OCTOBER Fri 4 Sun 6 Tue 8 Thu 10 Fri 18 Thu 24 Tue 29 Wed 30

Playmoregolf Event (private) Model Liquor Distributors Golf Day Tshepang / Afribiz Golf Day Lusito Association Golf Day Marist Brothers Golf Day Waterstone College Golf Day Ladies Golf Special Midvaal Golf Day

NOVEMBER Mon 4 Thu 7 Tue 26

Eye of Africa Pro Am Stepping Stone Hospice Golf Day Ladies Golf Special



RECYCLE RECYCLING DATES: September: 4 & 18 October: 2, 16 & 30 November: 13 & 27

Golf Director



BMW GOLF DAY - Our little ones were super excided to spot the Easter Bunny and collect all their hidden treats. Thank you to all that came down to the Deli for our Easter Egg Hunt. A big thank you to the Old School Deli for supplying all the eggs and to our bunny who was treated like the celebrity that the he is.

WALK WITH GAVIN - Residents enjoying a guided walk by Gavin. It’s always beautiful seeing the eye from on top even in the dry season. Thank you Gavin.

QUIZ NIGHT - A lot of brain storming and hushed whispers as all were fighting to claim the title. Our Quiz Night was a fun night out that had a question for everyone, young and old. 14

what happ ’s been ening at the E ye...

XMAS MARKET - The Estate was abuzz with residents and visitors who attended the Xmas Market in July. The stalls featured kids goodies, arts and crafts, wooden crafts, jewellery, handmade cards and a host of treats, to name a few. This is always an opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy some fun times with the neighbours and friends.






Chlorophytum comosum ‘Gold Nugget’


Dietes grandiflora (wild iris), Dierama pendulum (hairbells), Chasmanthe floribunda, Chlorophytum comosum ‘Gold Nugget’ (miniature hen-and-chickens), Chlorophytum saundersiae (weeping anthericum) and Bulbine abyssinica (yellow cat’s tail) all grow fast and soon form thick clumps that will be ready to divide into more plants next autumn.



Argyranthemum (marguerites or daisy bushes) are big spring favourites as they prefer temperate weather to flower well. There are also lots to choose from! Collect them all and plant them in cheap clay pots on a sunny patio to create a portable daisy garden.

BEDDING BESTIES Add bright colour to the hottest and sunniest spots in your garden with bedding verbenas, which are available in a wide colour range from soft pink and hot pink to purple and reds. These bushy little guys grow about 25cm high and wide. They love sandy, well-drained soil and a regular amount of water.



Spring tips




Spring is all about planting flowers and pretty plants, and you will see plenty of other ideas elsewhere in this issue. But don’t forget these old stalwart perennials for bold patches of spring colour: Aquilegia hybrids (columbines): Charming long-stemmed cottage-style flowers on tall stems above lacy green leaves. Geranium incanum (carpet geranium): Ground-hugging plants with lacy dull-green foliage and masses of mauve flowers. Diascia hybrids (twin spur): Prolificflowering indigenous perennials available in many shades, from the softest of pastels to the brightest orange and rust-red. Felicia amelloides: Crisp green leaves that form cushions tht are topped with masses of bright blue daisies. Iris hybrids (bearded iris): A wide array of stunning hybrids in all colour shades. Scabiosa columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’ (cornflower): From dense mounds of greygreen foliage appear many lavender-blue pincushion flowers on slender stems.


Diascia h ybrid

Hot tip: All of these are perfect

companion plants for rose beds as well.



APHID PATROL Symptoms of an aphid infestation are the appearance of colonies of aphids on young plant stems, leaves and buds, as well as honeydew on leaves and fruit, with black sooty mould or yellowing leaves. Plant growth is stunted, leaves eventually die off due to sooty mould fungus, bud growth is prohibited, and the plant will die. Eradicate biting and sucking insects like aphids by spraying with a contact insecticide every two weeks or with a seasonal soil drench with a systemic insecticide.



Remove all weeds that compete for moisture in established garden beds, build up the soil with lots of organic matter like compost, feed with a slow-release fertiliser, water, and add a final layer of mulch.

7 BEWARE THE BORER! In warmer weather, keep an eye out for invasions of lily borers in plants like clivias, arums and agapanthus, which can cause huge damage and kill off the plants. As they feed, the yellow-and-black striped larvae tunnel deep into the centres of the plants. Holes and prominent tunnel marks in the leaves are an indication of their presence. Catch them by hand to kill them or use a contact insecticide. This pest usually causes damage from September to April.



MANY MORE CLIVIAS FOR YOU I’m always reassured that winter is finally over when the vivid orange blooms of clivias appear once again. These evergreen, shade-loving rhizomatous bulbs with their glossy strap-like leaves and huge flower heads will liven up the dullest shady corner if planted en masse. They are equally impressive in large containers on a shady patio. All you need to do to enjoy the beauty of these rewarding plants is supply heavily composted, well-draining soil and regular watering in summer – they prefer to be kept a little drier in winter.

9 PLANT FRUIT TREES Celebrate arbour week by planting a fig tree (Ficus carica) this spring. All the wellknown hybrids like ‘Adam’, ‘Black Velvet’, ‘Cape Brown’ and ‘White Genoa’ are easy to grow. Also plant some olive trees. These hardy but beautiful trees, which have dull green leaves with a silver underside, can tolerate very cold temperatures and wind. Good varieties are ‘Manzanilla’ and ‘Mission’. Olive trees are not only functional but become really pretty shade trees that blend well within any planting scheme or garden design. Pomegranate ‘Wonderful’ (Punica granatum) is a leading cultivar with a resistance to adverse conditions and a high yield potential of huge blush-red fruits. It is a small deciduous tree (2.5m high) for climates with cool winters and hot summers.

GENERAL YARD STUFF • Start planting begonias and impatiens in shade and sunpatiens in sun. • Start spraying fruit trees against fruit fly and codling moth once about 75% of the blossoms have dropped off. Spray every 10 – 14 days. • The flower power of some tall-growing perennials that are dormant in winter can be increased by pinching out the main stems in spring when they start emerging again and are about 20cm high. • Berries of all kinds are good for your health, and different varieties are readily available. To ensure a good crop prepare beds by working soil over with a fork and adding compost and a balanced fertiliser for fruit and flowers prior to planting. • You are not done with bulb planting, as the summer-flowering bulbs are now on sale. Start planting coloured calla lily hybrids and dahlias. • Weed regularly before they get out of hand. Treat weeds on paving, pathways and in gravelled areas with a broadspectrum herbicide. • Prune hibiscuses and poinsettias and other winter-flowering shrubs. • Your top flower priority is to fill sundrenched spaces with indigenous gazanias, which are now in flower and available in seedling trays everywhere. New hybrids of these spectacular plants appear every year, sporting huge flowers in stunning colour ranges. 17

Kids CORNER Pipe Cleaner Monkeys YOU WILL NEED Brown pipe cleaners – 3 per monkey Wooden beads Googly eyes Hot glue Brown felt Brown and tan acrylic paint Yellow pipe cleaners – for bananas TIPS You can find wooden beads at any arts and craft store. Try and get 2 different sizes. A larger one for the monkeys head (preferably with no hole) and smaller beads for the bodies of our monkeys. If they are not the right colour you can paint them to match your pipe cleaners. It doesn’t matter to have it perfect. Monkeys can be colourful too!! INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Paint or draw a mouth on the bead you choose for the monkey’s head. Glue on the googly eyes STEP 2: Start with 3 pipe cleaners, and twist them together as shown in the picture. The top three strands will be for the head and arms. The bottom three will make the legs and tail. STEP 3: Slide the body bead onto all three lower strands. STEP 4: Then start bending the pipe cleaner legs to make feet. The legs look best if they have a double layer of pipe cleaner. So form the feet, and then bend the excess upward. I either tucked the end into the body bead, or wrapped it around the monkey’s “waist” (below the bead). Just do whatever works. Then bend the arms. STEP 5: Cut the head strand so that you have just enough left to fold over to be a neck. STEP 6: Attach the head with a little hot glue. STEP 7: Now cut tiny rounded ears out of felt and glue them to the sides of the head.

Ta-da! Isn’t he cute? You can use a short piece of a yellow pipe cleaner to make a banana.The monkey’s hands are posable, and he can hold things.


WHY WE SHOULD NEVER STOP PLAYING? Spring season is the best and most favourite season of the year. People (especially children) are fond of this season because of its beauty, slight cool and comfortable nature. It is the queen of all seasons of the year and considered as the favourite season of the poets. On the arrival of spring season everything on earth looks adorable and charming. All the trees get new clothes in the form of new leaves, flowers start blooming and fragrancing, birds start dancing and singing on the tree branches, the sky becomes clear, cloudless and blue, fields become full of green grasses and so many changes occur in nature. Spring season is the season of flowers and festivals thus brings lots of joy and happiness. Colorful flowers completely win the heart and green grasses give us a nice ground to walk and play on. It is also amazing that a pack of wolves, is almost bursting with energy, as the spring sets in. As they wake up after their naps the little wolf family all leap up, lick themselves on their backs and catapult the others into the air with their paws. Peace only returns slowly. But the two little wolves haven’t yet had enough. They play at hunting and catching and have finally discovered that sliding down the hill is terrific fun. The first thing that they want to do is to play and have fun. Spring brings about a new energy and a new sense of play. Nature is telling us that children should be allowed to play more, have fun and enjoy the wonders of outdoors.


Show off your skills on the golf course. Date: Friday, 20 September 2019 Time: 10:00 (registration) |11:00 (tee-off with shotgun start) Venue: The Eye of Africa Golf Estate Cost: R4 000 per four-ball (includes golf cart, halfway house, dinner and prize-giving) Prize-giving: 19:00 For more information, contact Vernon Rorich on 087 286 8360 or at vernon.r@curro.co.za.

Play is a practical method of communicating with one another, a good physical workout and a strengthening of social bonds. Play is a time for learning and training in which everyone gathers experiences to help their fellows. But it is also a way of interacting on a high ethical and moral level, in which social roles are taught or reversed and fair play is practiced. Through play children learn fairness, cooperation and what is allowed and what isn’t. They learn that there is a chance of being injured if they don’t stick to the rules, and that their fellow playmates will lose interest in playing if they are too rough and reckless.

Sometimes I wonder whether children these days actually know how to play with each other and if schools allow more play or are we too academic driven. If they spend their time looking at iPhones or iPads, the social activities so important for children’s development don’t take place. And what about playing amongst adults? Do we know how to do that? We’re preoccupied with our everyday routine that we often don’t even have time to play in the family. There always seems to be something more important to do. So – who has the right idea about the significance of play, animals or humans?

Every game a child plays requires a decent portion of curiosity. It is a source of constant surprise. They take nothing for granted, as they strive to get to the bottom of everything. Every playtime promises miracles, discoveries and surprises as far as children are concerned.

“September hath put a spirit of youth in everything” William Shakespeare Sonnet 98 (Adapted)

Vernon Rorich

Waterstone College - Executive Head 19

f o r e v e r I n o u r Homes & rate le corpo Incredib porate gift/cor e/staff incentiv e/ incentiv t staff gif


Exclusive Offer for Eye of Africa residents Own Your Own Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela Blanket ff The blanket is made a l O er i c of the highest quality Sp

DTY Polyester Yarn 250D/122F. Dimensions: 240cm X 200cm | Weight: 4kg. 0001

R750 incl VAT per blanket with a genuine numbered, signed certificate of purchase.


ve R20


Valid till December 2019 only.

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Theuns Botha 0833778522 theuns@southeastcommerce.co.za www.winniemandelablanket.co.za Eye of Africa Golf Estate, 52 Stone Quarter, 33 Cayman Road, Eikenhof

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INGREDIENTS 400 g ground Beef 4 tbsps. Butter 1 large Egg 4 to 6 tbsps. Mayonnaise 300 g Green beans cut in half Black-Pepper and salt to taste

INGREDIENTS CRUST 1 packet of Tennis Biscuits 4 table spoons Butter (melted)

METHOD 1. Mix meat, salt and pepper, egg and oregano together and form eight medium balls. 2. Preheat a skillet over medium high heat and add the butter and the meat balls. Brown the balls on medium heat until it’s almost done, turning often. 3. Add the green beans to one side of the pan and cook the green beans until tender.

METHOD CRUST Finely crush the biscuits and mix in four table spoons of melted butter. Mix well. Press down in a 20 cm oven proof pie dish. Do the sides of the pie dish too. Cool in the fridge.

Serve with mayonnaise.

FILLING 1 tin Condensed milk 2 large Eggs separated 100 ml Lemon juice 4 table spoons Granulated sugar

FILLING Mix the egg yolk and condensed milk add the lemon juice and whisk vigorously until it thickens. (Don’t overmix). Pour mixture over the biscuit base. Now make a meringue by beating the egg whites to almost stiff and then add the granulated sugar (spoon-by-spoon). Cover the pie with the meringue. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160ºC for about 8 to 12 minutes or until the meringue has a nice golden colour. Cool down and serve. This pie will keep in the fridge for up to two days.

“This is an excellent, filling and quick meal, plus Lemon Meringue is the best way to end off on a tasty high“


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• Project Management (Home Construction) • Home and Office Maintenance • Pool Maintenance • Damp Proofing • Aluminium Doors and Windows Installation and Repairs • Glass Door Decals • General Handyman Services Contact

Garreth Blair Cell: +27 (0)64 514 1528 Email: garreth.blair@gmail.com



Miss Jo’burg South: Friday, 27 September at 7pm Kids & Teens of the South Fashion Event: Saturday, 28 September at 11am

With live entertainment by the sensational Kurt Darren, celebrity judges and fabulous prizes up for grabs

Entries are open to girls aged 3 17 (Kids and Teens fashion event) and 18 – 26 (Miss Jo’burg South). T’s & C’s apply. Entries open from 16 August 8 September 2019 The fashion events will be take place in the Platinum Court by Entrance 5

Profile for The Eye Magazine

The Eye Magazine - Spring 2019  

Community magazine for The Eye of Africa Residential and Golf Estate

The Eye Magazine - Spring 2019  

Community magazine for The Eye of Africa Residential and Golf Estate


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