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Winter 2019

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From R1 199 000

Build Your Dream Home

Incl. VAT. No transfer duty


Incl. VAT. No transfer duty

Cluster Homes

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Luxury Homes

Incl. VAT. No transfer duty

From R1 455 000 2 & 3 Bedroom Units

Ready to move in, built off plan.

From R2 890 000 3 & 4 Bedroom Units

Occupancy May 2019.

From R4 590 000 3, 4 & 5 Bedroom Units

Already built ready to move in.

S a l e s : 0 8 61 420 420 | Em a il: b r i a n @ eye of af r i c a .co. z a | We b s i te: w w w.eye of af r i c a .co. z a

Central Park

Swimming Pool & Ice-cream Parlour

“Vibrant recreational, social and community hub.”

The Greens Grillhouse Grillhouse & Wine Bar

“Join us at The Greens Grillhouse and experience dining par excellence.”

Old School Deli

Delicatessen & Restaurant

“The restaurant is immaculately laid for customers to enjoy their meals.”

Central Perk

Espresso-Based Coffees


“Prepared by trained baristas, accompanied by delectable cakes.” S a l e s : 0 8 61 420 420 | Em a il: b r i a n @ eye of af r i c a .co. z a | We b s i te: w w w.eye of af r i c a .co. z a

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No matter what the season, we focus on what’s really important to you...

Property Specialists for all your Property needs Benedict Mopeloa 071 891 1543 (rentals)

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For Peace of Mind

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Disclaimer The Eye Magazine is a quarterly magazine. It is intended for residents of the Eye of Africa Golf Estate and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the EOA HOA. Neither the magazine nor HOA can be held responsible for the quality of goods and services advertised in the magazine. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form without prior permision of the publisher.

Winter 2019



St Martin’s is educating the next generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers and strategists by introducing out-of-the-box thinking into the curriculum to challenge students and teachers alike. At St Martin’s we value our School’s history and faith-based ethos. We develop partnerships with our students and their families to drive education into the future. If your child is ready to be a part of the next generation of South African thought leaders, become a part of the St Martin’s community. Pre-School • Preparatory School • High School • Boarding • Alumni


Where every child is known 6 6


A message from THE DIRECTOR

EOA OFFICE: Elize 010 140 1626 admin@eyeafricahoa.co.za

Any queries, complaints or concerns can be sent to this email address.

Security Contol Room:

010 140 4396

Thami (Security Manager): 064 874 4333

This may be the winter edition but we certainly appear to be having an extended summer.

Home Owners Association Fanie (HOA Manager):

Our cynodon lawns are still green as the ground temperatures have yet to drop,

Judith (Levy Accounts Dept):

Global Warming?

066 479 7458 011 467 6691

Molefi (Maintenance Manager): 079 876 5061

The golf course is in brilliant condition and we are currently sourcing a new top level

Gert (Building Controller):

082 446 6706

greenskeeper to “keep” it that way. The winter always shows a reduction in golf rounds

Sales Office:

which is surprising since you can drive like a pro on our rolling fairways. Impress your friends,

Shuttle Bus:

010 500 0405 010 140 1626

bring them for a “round”, show them how massive your drive is. Building on the estate continues at a frenetic pace. Completed and occupied homes are

ProShop General Enquiries and Bookings:

010 500 0300

sitting at the 700 level and we currently have 200 homes under construction.

Grant (Golf Director): 082 551 4515

The much vaunted elections have come and gone in an orderly and peaceful fashion. The

Janine (Marketing and Events):

010 5000 304

Democratic Alliance have maintained their control in our municipality. There have however

The Greens Grillhouse Reservations and Orders:

been many changes in their structure and let’s hope for the better, as we continue to

071 106 1440 / 010 500 0407

negotiate better service levels for the estate. No doubt the marketing team will soon have a “Christmas in July” event on the go. Would be great if we had a little snow to go with it.

... sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in Winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, we hope it, we know it…” “… No winter lasts forever; No Spring skips its turn…” Hal Borland

Mark Mc Govern Chief Operations Officer

Top Performing Municipality in Gauteng -Ratings Afrika, 2015

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Public Holidays

Restaurant Hours:

7:00am - 6:30pm 7:00am - 7:00pm 7:00am - 7:30pm 7:00am - 8:30pm 7:00am - 8:00pm 7:00am - 6:00pm 7:00am - 6:30pm

The Old School Deli Reservations and Orders:

066 473 6175

Tues - Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday Public Holidays Monday Tues - Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday

Restaurant Hours:

2:00pm - 9:00pm 2:00pm - 10:00pm 8:00am - 10:00pm 8:00am - 8:00pm normal trading hours

Central Perk Hours:

7:00am - 6:00pm 7:00am - 9:00pm 7:00am - 10:00pm 7:00am - 10:00pm 7:00am - 8:00pm

Police Station Kliprivier SAPS:

011 903 8205/6

Patrol Car Number:

071 675 7352

www.midvaal.gov.za midvaallocalmunicipality


47 Waterval Street, Kliprivier

Municipailty - Midvaal:

Switchboard: 016 360 7400 Emergency Line: 016 360 7500



How do you pick the best school for your child? Whether you are choosing a public, private or home schooling, careful planning is a must. Remember, you are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child and you as rewarding as possible. We have put together a few steps to consider as well as school offerings in our area.



Start your search for the best school by thinking about what you want a school to do for your child. Perhaps your child has special language or education needs. Ask yourself, does my child need a more structured or less structured environment? Or is it a case of having more challenging work or individual attention. A child’s learning style must also be taken into consideration, do they learn best by seeing how things work, or are they more artistic or mathematical. These are the things to consider when looking at the perfect school for your child. Keep these in mind. After all, you know your son or daughter better than anyone else does.



When investigating schools, you may talk to friends and family and make your decision from there, or purely rely on the reputation of the school, however it’s advised that you make the phone calls, collect written material from different schools and attend their open days to get the information you need to decide. The hard work will be worth your while to find a school that brings out the best in your child. Along with the school’s curricula and philosophy, the school’s approach to learning and their academic performance, it’s important to note the school’s behaviour policies, safety and services. Parents may also wish to consider the after-school programs a school offers, for example, sports, clubs, tutoring, or academic enrichment. You may also want to ask if the school has supplemental educational services, including free tutoring, that are offered outside of the regular school hours. As we live in a community that is ‘secluded’ find out if they offer transport to and from the Estate.



Contact the schools you are interested in and make an appointment for a visit. If possible, tour the schools during regular school hours


and visit a few classes. Avoid visiting schools during the first or last week of a term in order to get a realistic sense of how the school operates. A good way to have your questions answered is to schedule an appointment with the school principal. If possible, attend an open day, parent-teacher meeting, or other school functions that would also provide valuable information about the attitudes of staff, students, and parents. By doing this you will get a sense of the culture and see how much parent and community involvement a school has. Listen closely to what teachers say about the school. The teachers will be the adults closest to your child, and you will want to know if they are well prepared, dedicated, and happy in their work.



Once you select the school(s) that you think will be best for your child, you will go through a process of applying to a school (or schools) of your choice and enrolling your child. Consider applying to more than one school, in case your child is not admitted to their first choice. You will want to begin this process as early as possible in order to ensure you meet all the deadlines. Admissions processes can vary. Your child may need to be tested or interviewed, and you may need to provide a school transcript, recommendations, or other information. It would be helpful to learn about admissions criteria for the schools. You will want to double check to be sure you have accurate information on when and how to apply. Always remember to follow up, schools have hundreds of applications to go through so make sure you are on the ball. Your child will benefit tremendously from your active concern and involvement with his or her education. By collecting information, talking to other parents, visiting schools, and exercising your right to choose, you can take the lead in making sure your son or daughter gets the best possible education. However, this is only the beginning. By staying involved in your child’s education, encouraging your child to work hard, and providing additional opportunities to learn at home and in the community, you can help your child go further still. Remember it is your right, as well as your responsibility, to seek the very best education for your son or daughter.

Guide your child


www.curro.co.za/gauteng/waterstone-college/ 0872854740 At Waterstone College, we follow a Christian ethos and pride ourselves on providing quality independent education. Our enriched curriculum with structured academic, sports and cultural programmes ensures that your child will flourish in his or her school career. Our integrated approach to transitioning between phases prevents major educational gaps and helps your child settle in easily. Our vision is that every learner becomes a well-rounded individual with excellent values, who excels in various areas of life, and can make a positive contribution to society. QUICK FACTS: Co-educational (girls and boys) English Controlled class sizes School times vary depending on the Grade. See school times for more information. Aftercare available: every day until 17:30 IEB examinations (Grade 12)

MARIST BROTHERS www.maristbl.co.za 011 435 0646

Marist Brothers Linmeyer has a long and respected history of academic excellence. Founded in 1966, our school is a non-profit organisation that follows the rich traditions of the Catholic Church and accepts girls and boys from Grade PR to Grade 12. We pride ourselves on instilling 21st century skills in our students. Our stimulating and nurturing educational environment is founded on creativity and innovation and fosters engaged critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills. We prepare our students to succeed in a world that is constantly being reinvented.

QUICK FACTS: Spiritual values and Gospel principles Over 50 years of Academic Excellence Strong Family-School relationships Academic, Sporting and Cultural activities Educational Support Centre Learn-to-Swim programme Nurturing and stimulating Aftercare Comprehensive Learning Support Systems Technology-enriched environment High Tertiary Success rate

ST MARTIN’S SCHOOL www.stmartin.co.za 011 435 0735

Set amongst a charming landscape, with a rich history, St Martin’s School is a beacon of excellence in the south of Johannesburg. As an independent co-educational school that is valued by parents who seek a top class education in a diverse, faith-based community, our purpose is to develop socially mature, family-oriented people equipped to interact successfully with their environment. The favourable staff-to-student ratio assures parents of an intensive level of teaching, supervision and pastoral care. The high school boarding facilities offer secure home-like co-educational facilities. St Martin’s has developed an all-encompassing range of facilities to complement and enhance the learning experience for all our students, which include academic, cultural and sporting resources, amongst others. QUICK FACTS: Co-educational School boarding facilities available from Form One Classes from Grade 000 – Form Five English medium of instruction Controlled class sizes Aftercare available daily during term time until 17h30 and holiday care provided IEB syllabus


continued... BESA

www.besacademy.co.za 087 654 2372 Established in 2010, the peaceful, country setting of our high school is conducive to stimulation of enquiring minds and the development of well-balanced leaders of the future - an educational environment unlike anything you or your child will have experienced before. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education, care and supervision for all learners with the goal of assisting them in growing, developing and achieving their true potential. We aim to expose our learners to as much as possible in order to broaden their knowledge and view of the world. Learners will feel a genuine sense of belonging, such as BESA being a ‘home away from home’. QUICK FACTS: Co-educational (girls and boys) Classes from Grade 8 – Grade 12 Maximum 20 Learners per class IEB Curriculum Varied subject selection 100% Matric Pass Rate (since inception)

GRACE TRINITY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS www.gracetrinity.co.za 011 867 6397

We are the first choice for you if you want to grow into a strong, caring young lady; someone who is prepared to be stimulated and challenged. Our goal is to see you committed to lifelong learning, while you become a resilient, confident and mature young lady. Our mission is growing through relationships and committed to excellence’. This is enabled through a purposeful house system and vertical tutor groups, which emphasise the significance of “older sisters/younger sisters”. We embody the values of Truth; Unity; Charity and Loyalty and through these we grow into responsible citizens. With us you will find a sense of belonging and be afforded many opportunities to grow and achieve excellence both academically and extra-murally whilst evolving into the young lady you are destined to be.


QUICK FACTS: Girls-educational Classes from Grade 0 – Grade 12 English medium of instruction Controlled class sizes – 18 per class in foundation phase and 24 per class from gr4-12 Aftercare available IEB examinations (Grade 12)

ST. DECLAN’S SCHOOL FOR BOYS www.stdeclans.co.za 011 026 8822

St Declan’s School for Boys is committed to excellence. We believe that developing foundational knowledge during the first 3 to 4 years will provide the building blocks for academic rigour in each phase in the schooling system. St Declan’s School for Boys, where the full potential of our future leaders is developed in a positive, adventurous and Christian environment. Our School motto “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” taken from Proverbs 3:6”, guides our way of teaching and encapsulates the Christian ethos our school. QUICK FACTS: Boys-educational Classes from Grade RR – Grade 12 (2021) English Controlled class sizes Aftercare available: every day until 17:30 IEB examinations (Grade 12)

HOËRSKOOL MARAIS VILJOEN HIGH SCHOOL www.maraisviljoen.co.za 011 907 9013

Marais Viljoen High School is a Dual Medium school offering classes in English and Afrikaans. We pride ourselves as leaders in comprehensive education. Marais Viljoen rests on three pillars: Academic, Sport and Culture. All three activities are equally important to us therefore we feel that every learner, regardless of his / her talents, will excel at our school.

QUICK FACTS: Co-educational Classes from Grade 8 – Grade 12 Dual medium English and Afrikaans State of the art sports centre

HOËRSKOOL DINAMIKA www.namies.co.za 011 867 5986

Our Vision is to be the best multicultural parallel school in Alberton and District. We pride ourselves with having the best infrastructure, C specialist teaching staff and coached. Our school creates M opportunities for learners to develop their potential and humanity. Y Dinamika offers classes in both English and Afrikaans. QUICK FACTS: Co-educational Classes from Grade 8 – Grade 12 Dual medium English and Afrikaans






GLENANDA PRIMARY SCHOOL www.glenandaprimary.co.za 011 682 3716

At Glenanda Primary we provide an education in a nonjudgemental environment ensuring that every learner does well at school and leaves our institution with the knowledge, values, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in adult life. We aim to develop the whole child by ensuring a safe, balanced environment in which their academic, social and physical development will flourish. QUICK FACTS: Co-educational Classes from Grade 1 – Grade 7 English



Beginning of March we welcomed a Network Technician to our HOA team, working on a fulltime basis to oversee our Security I.T. and other I.T. related networks within the Estate. The Estate found it more cost effective to have our own technician on site than to outsource this function.

As our Estate is all about community living, the HOA has established our community website and various committees, we encourage resident’s participation within one or more of the committees to make our estate the only place anyone would want to live in.

On creating an Estate of excellence, the HOA are in the process of employing a Horticulturist to oversee and monitor the landscape planting on the common property as well as on individual stands.

We currently have a Garden and Wildlife committee, Social committee as well as a Security committee. We would also like to involve the children and will be establishing a Junior Wildlife committee.

BUILDING CONTROL With a strong team from Gems the Estate is aiming to enforce stricter compliance regarding the Architectural Guidelines and monitoring all the maintenance relating to the aesthetic appearance within the Estate. A strong working relationship with Maestro Architects has been formed allowing us to have regular meetings on site ensuring that standards of building is controlled. Conduct of the builders, the overall neatness of their building is also currently a focus area for the HOA. We will soon have a platform that you will be able to rate a builder according to their performance. Below is the current statistics on current building within the Estate at the end of April 2019 Houses under construction


Clusters under construction


Sectional title under construction


Total Under Construction



GARDEN AND WILDLIFE COMMITTEE We had an Owl and Bat Box info evening in May it was nice to see the interest amongst the residents regarding this project. We currently have 14 Owl boxes and one Bat box which were sponsored and placed within the Estate. We are hoping to see more Spotted Eagle owls and Barn Owls take up residence in these boxes. The release of owlets within the Estate is planned in the near future. We are in the process of recording all the different bird species, wildlife and trees currently in the Estate, once it has all been compiled we will post it up on the Community website and continuously update the list and relevant information on each one. Our next presentation planned will be on the different types of butterfly species and snakes in the Estate.

A word from the

HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION SOCIAL COMMITTEE Visit the community website and view all the social events happening in the estate. Should you want to join any of these committees please go onto our community website www.communityeoa. co.za for more information. Our Guided Walks and Cycles around the estate is gaining popularity. If you have not managed to attend one, save the dates and experience the eye from a whole different view. All the walks and cycle meeting point is at The Old School Deli and leaves at 9am. Our Winter programme is as follows, 30th June – Guided Cycle, 25th August – Guided Walk.

POST BOXES The HOA gets quite a few queries regarding the Post boxes that have been placed at the Deli. Owners are reminded to contact the Post Office at Kiblerpark if they wish to rent a postal box. Their contact details are (011)943-2305 and are situated at 1 Service Road, Stanmore Crescent, Kibler Park.

LANDSCAPING The vision of the HOA is to consistently improve the landscaping areas. The development of an additional park in the Estate is planned as well as improving other open spaces. All the veld on the common property will be cut and invasive plant species will be aggressively addressed during the Winter season. The mechanical sweeper will be utilized more regularly to keep roads clean within the Estate.

SECURITY With the 2019 National Elections done and dusted, we will continue our vigilant approach towards the safety of the Estate. This is a never-ending process of assessments and activation of risk prevention methods in understanding the challenges we face. We have been able to maintain a status free of any serious and violent crime.

Though Security is a mutual co-operation between the Estate the service providers and the residents, residents are urged to please consult the HOA ahead of any casual or permanent staff placements on their stand. We keep records of incidents where domestic helpers, gardeners or contractors are under investigation for possible security breaches and can advise our residents should any discrepancy be found with a prospective employee. The HOA will shortly start with criminal record and identity verification process for all domestic employees and tenants. We do envision this process to be extended to contractors as the success of the project is assessed. We will keep everyone informed. We have recently upgraded the hardware at the Maingate, which include the RFID tag readers. This included the additional RFID reader so that all the exit lanes from the Estate have the technology installed creating a faster exit process in the mornings. We are requesting all residents who make uses the tags for access, to reposition the tag to the middle of the windshield, on the right-hand side of the rearview mirror when seated on the driver’s seat. The RFID tag readers has been configured so that it will easily locate and provide access to activated tags. Please contact our Risk Manager, Rassie Erasmus, should you experience any problems with this access system. I am happy to report that that our CCTV installation has reached completion. We will ensure that our analytical features attached to the system is updated, fine-tuned, and available for view by any resident. Please send an email to the risk manager at riskmanager@eyeofafricahoa.co.za should you have any more queries. I request all our residents to be vigilant when driving to and from the Estate. Safety for oneself is constant. Please get in touch with our control room should we be able to assist, no matter where you are. Kindly take note of the following 24-hour numbers to call at any time for assistance: Control Room Duty Manager Reaction Vehicle 1 Reaction Vehicle 2

010 140 4396 079 582 2545 064 874 4372 060 369 7452


Estate Manager 13

NEWS ON THE GOLFING FRONT As we all anticipated watching The Masters, it came and went so quickly. Luckily with the prediction of bad weather, they brought forward the tee times which meant we were able to watch without falling asleep. A big congratulations to a very deserving winner Tiger Woods. Our own Masters took place over the same weekend and once again drew large interest from our members. Winning the Green Jacket is always a privilege and this year we saw a repeat winner in Craig Lennon on a count out over Barend Kok. Well done Craig. Being the majors season, the US PGA was the second major of the year and was played on the 18th May and again Barend Kok was in the mix, but this time returning victorious. Well done Barend. We are now hosting a beginner’s clinic every Friday from 16h00. You will be taken through all areas of the game over a couple of weeks. I encourage you to take up this opportunity to set you off in the right direction from the start. The cost will be R100 per person. We had our first members invitational on Saturday 27th of April, where our members invited guests at a preferential rate. This proved to be such a success that we are going to host every quarter. Late rains have played a big part in maintaining a green course going into winter, so take up this opportunity to invite friends to experience our truly wonderful course. This year, we have moved our October spring treatment to January 2020, so this gives corporates a great opportunity to have their golf day with us, while all the other clubs are doing treatment to their greens. Our gym membership has grown substantially , bringing our member total to 200. Our gym is equipped with the finest equipment, so please enquire at reception or the pro shop for membership. On joining you will also receive a gym towel compliments of Eye Of Africa. For those that are members and have not yet received your towel, please ask Patience or Priscilla at reception. A very big congratulations to Cathleen Muller who embarked on a health journey over the last year, and boy did she reap the rewards. She lost a wapping 31Kg and looks fantastic. Well done Cathleen. Hope to see you all soon.


OF EVENTS JUNE 13 15 16 17 21 29 30

BESA Academy Golf Day US Open Youth day & Fathers day lunch, Old School Deli, 12.30pm Public holiday (course open) Quiz Evening - Greens Grillhouse, 7pm Doggy Walk - Old School Deli - 9am Morning Cycle - Old School Deli - 9am

JULY 20 British Open

AUGUST 9 13 17 25

Womens day (course open) Efekto Golf Day BMW Golf Cup International Morning Walk - Old School Deli - 9 am


RECYCLE RECYCLING DATES: July: 10 & 24 August: 7 & 21 September: 4 & 18


Golf Director



en ew o u ut ing on

Build your dream home with us in The Eye of Africa Signature Golf Estate. CONTACT US TO SEE OUR NEW DREAM Building Dream Homes While Making HOMES TODAY

Unforgettable Memories

@jesccc.co.za • www.jesccc.co.za • Building Packages • Renovations • Maintenance • Turnkey Homes

011 436 0134 info@jescc.co.za

Every home is built as if it were our own until the keys are handed over to you

www.jescc.co.za 16

n e e b s ’ what ing at n e p p . . . ha e y the E


Our little ones were super excided to spot the Easter Bunny and collect all their hidden treats. Thank you to all that came down to the Deli for our Easter Egg Hunt. A big thank you to the Old School Deli for supplying all the eggs and to our bunny who was treated like the celebrity that the he is.

CONGRATULATIONS to this quarters #WhyILoveTheEye winners!

March - Che Bumkins Fuller (bumkins26) who posted a stunning image of the sun reflecting off a lake at the Eye, April - Aimee McLearie (@aimeem12) who posted this luminescent image of the Eye’s flowers in bloom. Please contact marketing@eyeofafrica.co.za to redeem your voucher! The Winners get to enjoy a delicious meal on the house at The Old School Deli. 17



Kids CORNER Origami Paper Boats Put your leftover Sunday papers to good use and let your kids’ imagination run wild with this stunning paper boat craft. It’s so easy and cheap to make and is perfect for a bedroom centre piece, or smaller versions for party place settings. Make your room come alive with these stunning paper ships. Personalise or decorate your boats with flags – you can even paint them in your favourite bright, striking colours. YOU WILL NEED Broadsheet newspaper Wallpaper scraps Bamboo skewers Strong glue String Spot and stripe washi tapes INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1

Fold a sheet of newspaper in half (top to bottom). Then fold from side to side, to create a crease, and unfold. Next, fold the top left tip downwards, so it touches the middle crease. Do the same with the top right tip. STEP 2 Fold the bottom flap upwards, flip it over and fold the other bottom flap upwards. Insert your thumbs into the middleand pull outward. Press flat to create a square. STEP 3 With the point of the open side facing toward you, lift one bottom flap and make it touch the opposite tip. Turn over and repeat – you should have a triangle. Hold the two top tips and pull outwards to create a boat. STEP 4 Cut two small rectangular pieces of wallpaper. Push a skewer through each piece to create a sail, then poke it down thorugh the top of the boat and glue. STEP 5 Cut another skewer in half. Glue one half to each end of the boat. Stick strips of craft tape along a 50cm piece of string at intervals. Snip the tape into triangle. Sail away! 20


‘When I look at today’s promising young golfers I have a touch

of sympathy for them. Maybe it’s because they’re missing out on

remaining moments become especially precious. There are only 940 Saturdays between a child’s birth and him or her leaving for university.

such an important aspect of their golf development – enjoyment’

That may sound like a lot, but how many have you already used up?

If your child is 5 years old, 260 Saturdays are gone. Poof! And the

- Brandon Stone - Compleat Golfer

older your kids get, the busier their Saturdays are with friends and Brandon Stone, one of South Africa’s most promising young golfers

activities. Ditto Sundays. And what about weekdays? Depending on

wrote an article in the Compleat Golfer February’s edition entitled

your children’s ages and whether you work outside the home, there

‘Treat kids with gloves’. He debates the issue around the danger of

may be as few as one or two hours a day during the week for you to

our society losing one key element of sport - fun.

spend with them.

This is indicative to our society and to an extent our schooling system.

However, instead of worrying about how many minutes you can

We have lost this key element in that our school system should be

spend with your children each day, focus on turning those minutes

starting off with the basics and allowing our children to enjoy school.

into memorable moments. Parents often compensate for having such

Enjoyment starts with having fun. Education today is a business and

a small quantity of time by scheduling ‘quality time’. Two hours at the

no matter how much we don’t want to believe this, it is a reality. Our

nature reserve. An afternoon at the movies. Dinner at a restaurant.

schools need to survive financially in this day and age, more and

But the truth is that quality time may occur when you least expect

more pressure is being placed on school managers to ensure that the

it—yes, at the nature reserve, but also in the car on the way to ballet

school has enough learners, a healthy income and ensuring that the


operation budget is always on par. ‘Children who experience love, proper nutrition and protection in a In the same way, the ‘modern parent’ decides that their child is going

stimulating environment become resilient, learn effectively and are

to become a professional sportsman or sportswoman when they are

able to help build strong, safe communities and economies when

five years old; the best coaches are hired, as are personal trainers,

they reach adulthood.’

dietitians, psychologists and performance coaches in an effort to

Children get taught at school and when a school focuses on enjoyment

emulate the likes of Tiger Woods and Mohammed Salah.

and fun the children seem to be so much more successful in the future careers. Children also want to get rid of frustration and burn

Earl Woods made it clear that is what he had done with Tiger, and

their energy and most of all have fun. Parents, guardians, teachers

Tiger became the greatest of all time. But at what cost to his personal

have a huge role to play in their future – and the future wellbeing of

life – and his body? He’s 43, but can you see him enjoying his golf at

our next generation.

50? Children need to see who we as adults (parents and teachers) are

Let us never forget that learners are still children, and children, as they

and the example that we set about our lives. And in return, they will

grow older, realise that the kid inside us stays there. It is so important

help you to better see who you are.

not to grow up in a world of unrealistic expectations. Let us allow our children to be children and to have fun.

When you add up all the time your kids spend at day care, in school, asleep, at friends’ homes, with babysitters, on the sports field, and otherwise occupied with activities that don’t include you, the

Vernon Rorich

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This is a quick and easy weekday dish for a cold winters evening. You can either have it on its own as a vegetarian dish or it can accompany any meat dish, I personally recommend boerewors. This dish can be made in advance and baked when needed, it also freezes very well. Defrost a day before you need it in the refrigerator. You will need: • 6 Potatoes • 60ml Butter • 5ml Dry Mustard Powder • 45ml Milk • 1 tin Sweetcorn • 3 Large Eggs • Salt and Pepper to taste • Paprika • Cheddar Cheese

Method: • Peel 6 medium Potatoes and boil till soft. • Whisk the eggs and set aside. • Mash the potatoes then add the butter, dry mustard powder, milk, sweetcorn and eggs to the potatoes. • Season with salt and white pepper to taste. • Spoon into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with one to two cups of cheddar cheese. • Sprinkle with paprika. Bake until the cheese has melted and the dish has a nice golden colour. Around 10 to 12 minutes in a 180-degree oven.

“The perfect winter warmer recipe that will become a family favourite.“







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The Eye Magazine - Winter 2019  

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The Eye Magazine - Winter 2019  

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