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Circle of Sharing Official Bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District Volume 21

Issue 1

April 2014

Award-Winning Recruitment and Retention Tips

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Table of Contents Governor’s Greetings………………………………………….Page 3 District Administrator Bios………………………………Page 4-5 District Board Bios………………………………………….Page 6-9 District Board New & Open Positions.………………..Page 10 Where in the World is CKI?....................................Page 11 Spring Fling………………………………………………..Page 12-13 St. Norbert College’s Jeans for Justice………………….Page 14 K-Family Piknik……………………………………………...Page 15 Monthly Service Calendar Channel……………………..Page16 Club Growth Award Winners…………………………….Page 17 Happygrams!.......................................................Page 18-19 2014-2015 District Goals…………………………………...Page 20 Letter from the Editor………………………………………Page 21 2014-2015 District Board Directory……………………..Page 22



Greetings from Governor Teasha

Greetings WUM, I can't believe it's after April 1st and that I get to represent you all as your District Governor. It is with much pride and humility that I represent some of the most dedicated and genuine individuals that I know. As your District Governor, I serve you, every member of every club. My job is to be a resource, a friend, and leader. My goal for this term is to inspire others to be servant leaders; to lead others by a lifestyle of servitude. I would like to see our members make changes in their communities by embodying core principles like kindness and compassion, and to acknowledge and honor the leader inside of them. This district has done all of the above for me and I will be forever indebted to each and every one of you. This year as governor I wanted to choose a Governor's project that members could relate to and truly make their own; my Governor's Project is a literacy based project and I couldn't be more excited! There are various service opportunities for this project, including but not limited to: creating Little Free Libraries, book drives, literacy hours (reading to: elderly, K-Kids, etc), tutoring in writing and reading, participating in reading nights at libraries and the list goes on and on! What I'm most excited for is the contribution that Circle K'ers can make to their communities through these various sources! Good luck and let me know what you do! Thank you for this opportunity to serve you all. I look forward to a year of service, dedication and love. -Teasha Kirkwood



Meet Your District Administrators... District Administrator: Janet Degroot Member of the Berlin Kiwanis Club Alumni of the St Norbert Circle K Club Employed with Pat McGrath Chevyland (which happily gives her time to be the WUM Circle K District Administrator) Favorite Service Project/CKI Event: My favorite service project was the Dr. Suess birthday celebration at Headstart. It was fun interacting with the kids and the theatrical presentation by the UW -Madison Circle K was amazing. My favorite district event is MAC because it brings in a good balance of new and returning members and it is great to see veteran members welcome new members into the wonderful world of WUM! I LOVE Circle K because the students are fantastic and come up with so many creative ways to make their campuses and communities better. They are always trying to do more. #wumcirclekrocks says it all :)

Assistant District Administrator: M.A. "Fred" Dietze Member of the Greater Hudson Kiwanis Club Alumni of Northern Arizona University and Ball State University Majors: Under Graduate Degree— Major Speech, Minor English, BS Education, Northern Arizona University; Graduate Degree—Adult and Community Education, Ball State University Favorite Service Project: Circle K, Key Club and Aktion Club. I LOVE Circle K because of the enthusiasm and the ability to prioritize displayed by the members.

Assistant District Administrator: Barry "The Bear" Hersh Member of the West Bend Noon Kiwanis Club Kiwanis Highlights: 1999- 2001 Circle K District Administrator 2004-2005 Kiwanis District Governor 2001- present Circle K Asst. Administrator Alumni of University of Wisconsin-Madison 1985 BA Communications Employed as the News and Sports Director of News Talk 1470am WBKV and 92.5fm WBWI West Bend Favorite CKI Event: DCON I LOVE Circle K because the involvement and interaction with the students keeps me energized and makes me realize that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.



WUM District Administrator (noun): one who acts as a constant resource to all Circle K members and works closely with the district board; one who has an extensive amount of knowledge about Circle K and an infinite amount of love for its members

Assistant District Administrator: Justin Hahn Member of the Waterford Area Kiwanis Club Alumni of Carthage College Major: Business Administration and Marketing Favorite CKI Event : Spring Fling/MAC, because Camp Wawbeek is such a special place for me and I love any opportunity to give back to a second home ;) I also love the amazing energy and excitement that Circle Kers bring to these events. I LOVE Circle K because there is no other organization that has members as passionate about service, as hungry for growth and development, and as friendly towards each other as Circle K. Circle K changed my life more than 10 years ago, and now as Assistant Administrator, Circle Kers inspire me to do more, they motivate me to be a better me, and they push me towards excellence in my career. #wumcirclekrocks

Assistant District Administrator: Jeremy Tabin Member of Greater Wausau Kiwanis Club Alumni of Penn State University Major: Meteorology Favorite CKI Event: Membership Awareness Conference (MAC)-This is one of my favorite events because it is held at Camp Wawbeek, during the early part of the fall when the leaves are changing, and it's a great time to do service projects at camp. Other fun aspects include the Mr. WUM competition and having a grilled burger for lunch, yummy! I LOVE Circle K because being in Circle K was the best and most memorable part of my college years. From taking road trips all over my home district of Pennsylvania, to making lifelong friends, along with doing so many fun service projects and fundraisers. Whether it was Getting Snagged for Jimmy V, the Hunger Walk in Philadelphia, or after school tutoring with kids, it was a blast. Why am I still involved with Circle K? Mainly because I love giving back to the organization that gave so much to me. Best of all, we are a part of one of the most incredible districts in all of CKI.



Introducing… the 2014-2015 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District Board

District Governor: Teasha Kirkwood

Junior at Alverno College Majors: Women and Gender Studies and International Affairs Favorite Service Project: My favorite service project would have to be good old fashion thumbbuddies! I love thumb-buddies because it’s a reminder that something so small can really brighten someone’s day. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like there’s ‘big’ and ‘little’ service projects, however what’s really important is that you are taking time to change someone’s day. I LOVE Circle K because of the tenets and our pledge. I love service because it allows me to give back to my community which has given me so much. Through the various leadership opportunities I have been able to develop into a more confident and stronger leader. And last but certainly not least the members. I made so many lifelong friends in this organization; my college experience would not be the same without them.

District Treasurer: Sara Hujar

First Year Graduate at Northern Michigan University Major: Business Administration Favorite Service Project: Kiwanis Kiddie Mutt Races! Each year in February our sponsoring Kiwanis club puts on this free event for the local children. It’s incredible to see such a large number of community members come together to make the event a reality. Also, seeing all of the smiling children and adorable puppies is enough to keep your heart happy for at least an entire month following the event. I already cannot wait for next year’s event! I LOVE Circle K because of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Kiwanis Family. It’s plain and simple, but our district and Kiwanis Family branches truly are incredible. The people are genuine and their hearts are huge. There is no other district I would rather belong to. #wumcirclekrocks

District Secretary: Megan Laufenberg

Sophomore at Edgewood College Major: Nursing Favorite Service Project: I enjoy helping out with Potlucks at Midvale School. It is nice to work with our sponsoring Kiwanis Club, Madison West Kiwanis. The kids are really excited to present their school to their parents and participate in the concert and dance. I LOVE Circle K because it offers a variety of service opportunities. I can suggest projects that I enjoy and am more conformable with. At the same time, I can participate in service opportunities that I have no experience with.

District Bulletin Editor: Marissa Blackmore

Sophomore at Edgewood College Majors: Clinical Counseling Psychology and Spanish Favorite Service Project: I love all service projects, but I particularly enjoy creating “feel good” bags filled with essential hygiene items for homeless shelters in the Madison area. Madison has a population of over 3,500 individuals who do not have homes. This BIG problem can be helped with even the smallest of projects, such as these little care packages! I LOVE Circle K because of its dedicated, generous members. Many of us grow to become a family, and that is something that is simply priceless.



WUM Circle K District Board (noun): a group of collegiate servant leaders who work for the membership of WUM Circle K and who devote themselves to live out the tenants of service, leadership, and fellowship every day; not to mention, that group of weirdos you see running around like crazy at every WUM Circle K event

Capital Lieutenant Governor: Ashley Defazio

Fifth Year Senior at University of Wisconsin-Platteville Major: Broadfield Social Science with an Emphasis in History Minor: Social Environmental Justice Favorite CKI Event: UW Eau Claire's Habitat Trips. I have gone on the last two habitat builds, in Louisiana and Alabama. Not only was it a great opportunity to help other communities, but it also allowed me to form closer bonds with fellow Circle K'ers, as well as learn more about myself. The people that I met on the builds have impacted my life in ways I thought was only imaginable. It is truly a life changing experience. There are countless reasons why I LOVE Circle K, but my absolute favorite is definitely the WUM family. The people I have met throughout my CKI journey will forever have a place in my heart. I could volunteer my time with countless organizations, but the love I have for CKI and the members of WUM is undeniably without a doubt the reason I love this organization so much.

Chippewa Lieutenant Governor: Kirstie Polzin

Junior at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Major: Elementary/Special Education Favorite Service Project: My favorite project I have worked on with Circle K would be the Habitat for Humanity trip my club went on this past winter. Not only was it a great opportunity for service and to learn about a different culture, but it was my first chance to meet other Circle K members from other areas in the district. Without that trip, I wouldn't be on the district board! I LOVE Circle K because it provides so many great experiences. You get the chance to meet and work with a lot of great people, both in the clubs and in the communities.

Lakes Lieutenant Governor: Taylor Moret

Sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Major: Interactive Web Management Favorite CKI Event: Spring Fling because we get to do service at the wonderful camp Wawbeek, meet new people and laugh our butts of during the Miss Universe competition :) I LOVE Circle K because if you take a look around at any event, you see a group of amazing individuals who just want to make a difference in the world.. And that's a beautiful thing!

Metro Lieutenant Governor: Jim Tammen

Junior at Marquette University Major: Mechanical Engineering Favorite Service Project: My favorite events are the build events. I love working with my hands and it is really satisfying to see our progress. Landscaping at the Urban Ecology Center and building raised garden beds for Keep Milwaukee Clean and Beautiful are among my favorite. Despite this bias, my most memorable event is the Rest and Respite event where we watched special needs children in order to provide parents with a much-needed night off. I love Circle K because it is set apart by the culture of its openness and acceptance that exists from club to club. You can travel from Alverno to Edgewood or even to Michigan Tech and experience the same environment of sincerity and compassion that makes Circle K such a great organization. We always talk about the service we do, but to be honest, service is easy. Anybody can serve meals or help paint a school, but it’s the fellowship that makes the difference and fellowship is hard.



2014-2015 WISCONSIN-UPPER MICHIGA Superior Lieutenant Governor: Sean Kenny Freshman at Northern Michigan University Major: Political Science Favorite Service Project: I don't know, there are so many projects to choose from. I would have to say my favorite is the 24 hour service project. It gathers members from throughout the district I love Circle K because of its three pillars: service, leadership, and fellowship. An organization that prides itself on these three values is one that will always be willing to serve. I have also had the pleasure of meeting the most kind and generous people in CKI. They are willing to give their time for someone other than themselves. The members of Circle K can, have, and will continue to change this world for the

Awards, Regulation, and History Chair: Kayla Ahrens Junior at University of Wisconsin-Platteville Major: Civil Engineering w/ Emphasis in Structures and Geotech Favorite CKI Event: District Events because I get to see friends from other clubs, have fun, do service and so much more. I LOVE Circle K because I get to be part of something much bigger than myself that makes an impact and a difference.

District Convention Chair: Samantha Robinson Senior at Alverno College Major: Biology Favorite CKI Event: I love Midnight Masquerade for a number of reasons. One, my home club hosts it and it is a lot of fun to put on, decorating, baking, and cooking! Two, it is such a huge interclub event and I love seeing all my WUM Circle Kers at Alverno! Three, all profits go towards Eliminate and that is AWESOME of course! And four, who doesn’t love doing the wobble in a Halloween Costume! I LOVE Circle K because of the variety of service opportunities that are offered, the interclub fun, the district events, the fellowship, the ability to get involved no matter what level you are interested in, and the ability to help those in need while enjoying every second of it!

Kiwanis Family & Outreach Chair: Monica Wang Junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Economics with minors in Leadership and Environmental Studies Favorite Service Project: My favorite service project would have to be the River Food Pantry. My club goes every other Friday to this project in Madison and it's always PACKED. There's always so many volunteers from our club and other organizations there and we get to see first hand all the people we are helping. I LOVE Circle K because of all the people in it. The mass majority of my friends now are those who I've met through Circle K, and I couldn't imagine spending time with anyone else. The willingness of everyone in Circle K to help each other with anything is absolutely amazing.



AN CIRCLE K DISTRICT BOARD Membership, Development, and Growth Chair: Jordan Grapentine Senior at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Majors: Psychology and Human Development Favorite CKI Event: My favorite CKI event was the Habitat for Humanity trip this past January. Not only did I have the opportunity to catch up with my best friends, but I also was able to see the impact I could have on families in need. I LOVE Circle K because it gives me a place to grow as a leader and as a volunteer. I also love the connections I’ve made with members in my club and the WUM district.

Service Chair: Matthew Bowe Senior at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Major: Mathematics Education and Physics Education Favorite Service Project: I enjoy Habitat for Humanity because it brings all three tenets of Circle K to a new level. We need leaders who are willing to drive and to navigate the vehicles and to inspire to work. We all create new friendships with each as we are stuck in vans for nearly a day and work together. Finally, we accomplish so much service through the week that the site workers are always surprised. I LOVE Circle K because of the diversity of the members and service; the determination, passion, and enthusiasm at events; and the overflowing love.

Special Events Co-Chair: Emily Krueger Junior at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Major: Health, Human Performance and Recreation Emphasis Favorite Service Project: I love volunteering at the downtown army in Whitewater for the Kiwanis pancake breakfast with my home club. This service project is special to me because we serve people in the whitewater community. I LOVE Circle K because of the many volunteer opportunities on campus and off campus. The awesome district events also I feel it's a great way to meet new people on our campus and people from different campus in our district.

Special Events Co-Chair: Lizzy Johnson Senior at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Major: Human Service Leadership with minor in Social Justice with an Emphasis in Prejudice and Discrimination Favorite CKI Event: My favorite CKI event would be the Lakes rally at Bay Beach in Green Bay. This was one of my favorite events because we got to walk around a nature preserve and touch and pet some animals that you normally would not be able to do. Then we helped pick up the stations when the walk was over and we headed right next door to the amusement park and went on some rides. It was fun hanging out with other Lakes division clubs. I LOVE Circle K because its a great place to meet new people and have a fun time in fellowship and leadership. It has helped me become a stronger leader and believe in myself especially with the experiences and opportunities I have had and the WUMderful friends that I have made.



New Board Position: The ELIMINATE Coordinator Casey Scheibengraber was appointed The ELIMINATE Coordinator for the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Circle K District. The ELIMINATE Project strives to rid the entire world of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Casey brings a contagious sense of enthusiasm to our district and already has her sights set high for our ELIMINATE Project fundraising goal. As this is the last year of the ELIMINATE Project initiative, WUM has set our goal at $10, 000! We can’t wait to see what Casey has in store for us this year! See below to learn a little bit more about Miss Casey, your new ELIMINATE Project Coordinator!

ELIMINATE Project Coordinator: Casey Scheibengraber Senior at Alverno College Major: Mathematics/Secondary Education Favorite CKI Event: My favorite event is our Membership Awareness Conference (MAC) because it is the beginning of the school year after we have gone almost a whole summer without seeing each other! Everyone is so energized and I love seeing the many new faces dedicated to serving! Not to mention, Mr. WUM is always on point! I LOVE Circle K because of the love, dedication, and passion it creates within each one of its members. The impact it has had on my life cannot be put into words. The opportunity to make a positive change in someone's life, my community, or the world is why I LOVE Circle K.


Southeast LTG and DISTRICT WEBMASTER Find your new HOME in Southeast Division!

This out-of-date web page is calling YOUR name!


Contact Teasha at if interested. 10

Where in the


WORLD is Circle K?

members. 500 clubs. 30 districts. 18 nations. 1 family.


Circle K Nations Antigua



Panama CLUBS


Dominican Republic




St. Lucia







Cayman Islands


United States





Spring Fling 2014 Oh the places we serve! We’re off to do service Today is our day Camp Wawbeek is waiting For WUM Circle K! Get ready for some AMAZING Friday night activities, service and fundraisers for Camp Wawbeek, informational and fun workshops, and an awesome time with friends! Didn’t get a chance to pre-register? No problem! Fill out this form and bring your $20 to Camp Wawbeek on April 25th at 5:00 p.m. We can’t wait to see you!





Jeans for Justice St. Norbert College

St. Norbert College Circle K will be hosting a series of events in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. St. Norbert Circle K is extremely excited to show their support and spread their name to the campus community. Join them in this kick-off event for their club as they fight against sexual assault and stand up for a just world!

Monday, April 21st Students will share the story and mission of Jeans for Justice with their friends and family with on Easter Break.

Tuesday, April 22nd Circle K members will be stationed on campus, encouraging students, faculty, and staff to sign pair of mini jeans as a sign of their support. Advocates will receive a teal ribbon and a printed copy of the Jeans for Justice story so they, too, can share the mission.

Wednesday, April 23rd This is the official Jeans for Justice Day and St. Norbert will be celebrating by holding their very own Denim Day. Circle K will be encouraging students, faculty, and staff to wear denim in support. They will also be hosting a bake sale, where all proceeds will be donated to Golden House, a local shelter housing victims of domestic abuse.

Thursday, April 24th St. Norbert College will support Kelly and Becca as they share their personal experiences with sexual assault. As a part of their Let’s Talk About “IT!” program, they will explain what sexual assault is and how we can prevent it.

Friday, April 25th To end the week, members of Circle K will collect all of the mini jeans that have been signed by advocates and display them. This visual display will show how many people on St. Norbert campus are fighting to put an end to this injustice.

In addition to all of these on campus events, the St. Norbert Circle K will also be reaching out into the community and asking local businesses to display a change jar. All proceeds will also be donated to Golden House.



Kiwanis Family Piknik Join us for our 6th annual K-Family PiKniK! When: Saturday, May 3rd 1 pm-4 pm Where: Boyd Park, Eau Claire, WI RSVP: By May 1st to Kirstie Polzin Join us for an afternoon of food and fellowship as we build our relationships with others in the Kiwanis family! We will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, and we ask that clubs and their members bring side dishes. (salads, chips, desserts, fruit, vegetables, etc). We are planning to have some yard games to play; if you have any games, please bring them! There will be a silent auction held during the PiKniK, so please consider bringing a basket or item to auction off! Please let Kirstie know if you are bringing any food, games, or items for the auction, so that we can have a variety! The suggested donation amount for this event is $5 (not mandatory, but helps us to put on great events like this!) There are even special deals for pairs and families!

All proceeds will go to the ELIMINATE Project



Doctor’s Orders Hello, WUM District! My name is Matthew Bowe, Doctor of Service, and I would like to invite you to participate in my monthly service calendar challenge and read my blog. The goal is to increase our district's service hour total and to give you a new perspective about how you can serve in small ways as well as large ways. The link to the blog is and click on the Monthly Service Calendar Channel. I hope to see you soon in service!

Dr. Matthew Bowe



Award-Winning Recruitment and Retention Tips

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Growth Percentage: 84.2% Pro Tips:      

Encourage members to bring friends Make club known on campus by holding frequent events Hold frequent meetings with an understanding that all members are busy and are unavailable at certain times Post volunteer opportunities and sign-ups online for those unable to make meetings Snacks, prizes, and themes at meetings! Work with other student organizations on campus, instead of competing against them

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Growth Percentage: 55.6% Pro Tips: 

 

The student involvement fair is a HUGE selling point—make it fun and catchy; also make sure to have a good table spot! Be loud and proud! Emphasize to potential members that it is the largest collegiate organization in the world. It shows members that Circle K is bigger than jus the club level Attend MERP (Membership Education and Recruitment Program) Create a promotional video (Check out UWW’s—it is amazing!)

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Growth Percentage: 53.8% Pro Tips:  Use promotional materials to spread the word about Circle K, such as t-shirts, bracelets, cups, etc.  FOOD  Door prizes at meetings



WUM HAPPY To: Fatima Malik, MSOE

Kayla Kohlmeier, UW-Platteville

“Fatima was elected as our new bulletin editor and has brought many ideas and much enthusiasm to her position.”

“She has gone above and beyond as service chair, planning events, making sure supplies are there and getting people organized. We couldn't have done service week without her.”

To: Five Yang, UW-Madison

To: Marissa Blackmore, Edgewood College

“Five, you are one of the most energetic and happy-go-lucky person I have ever known. Everyone is drawn to your very personable nature and I'm so glad you're a part of our club. You attend pretty much everything, from meetings, service projects and of course, trying yoga for the first time with our club. Although this is your first semester in Circle K, you were ambitious and dedicated enough to run to be our Secretary. I know you are going to do a PHENOMENAL job and I can't wait to see you grow as a leader!”

“Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.”

To: Joey Palzewicz, MSOE “MSOE is very proud of our very own Joey Palzewicz for winning the Outstanding Member Award at DCON. Joey's dedication to our club and Circle K as a whole is unparalleled and his enthusiasm is contagious!”

To: UW-Eau Claire Executive Board “This board of officers did a WUMderful job over the past year, and I just want to thank them for all they have done.”

To: Kate Winkler, UW-Whitewater “Kate has been serving as our president for the past year, and has done a great job. She is dedicated to Circle K and being able to give members opportunities to serve others, develop leadership abilities, and also fellowship with others. She has tried to make it to every event and also make our meetings a fun atmosphere.”


To: Lizzie Anderson, Marquette University “YOU ROCK. Seriously girl, I know you don't believe it, but you are seriously amazing. From supporting your clubs through thick and thin to driving my poor butt around to different states, you stand out among the crowd. Best of all? You're continuing your love for service after you graduate in a BIG way- by leaving the country for two years to be in the Peace Corps! I am so proud of you and look up to you. <3 “

To: Kayla Ahrens, UW-Platteville “Good luck with the 2014-2015 CKI year. I know you will do great things!”


YGRAMS To: Sarah Fonger, UW-Platteville

To: Aubrey Lukas, UW-Parkside

“Sarah, you planned an awesome Silent Auction. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!”

“This girl is totally awesome! When I needed her, she stepped up with no prior training and has taken on the role of president of a reactivating club. She puts in so much time to helping the few members we have and is the best president anyone could ask for. She is passionate about service and wants to share that with the members every chance she gets. Not only is she president of Circle K at UW-Parkside, but she is also tutors anatomy, teaches preschool, and is an active member of Pre-Health Club. This girl does it all and her hard work is paying off both in Circle K and her dream of being a Dentist. Thank you for sticking by my side through all that you have gone through in your short time as president. I cannot wait to see our club become a reality.

To: Lizzie Anderson, Marquette University “Lizzie was AMAZEBALLS at Edgewood's event, Spring Into Action! She volunteered to do anything and everything to help out (including carrying a heavy tote of cans around the neighborhood). She also took the time to talk with Edgewood members! She is so sweet. Thank you, Lizzie!

-Your best friend”

To: Metro Division “My Dear Metro, To: UW-Platteville “Thanks for hosting an awesome Murder Mystery Party! We had so much fun hanging out with all of you!”

I wish only that I could send a happygram out to each of you individually an express my deep, deep love and gratitude for each and every one of you individually. Seeing as that might explode the "Happy Gram submission form" with its overwhelming number of submissions, suffice it to say thank you THANK you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, love, encouragement, patience, enthusiasm, and energy this past CKI year. You all have been a fabulous division and I am SO grateful I have had the chance to work alongside you all this year! Love always, Lizzie Anderson, Metro LTG '13-'14 (has-been)”

To: Taryn Grisham, UWMadison “Taryn, you are the prime example of a Circle K'er. You have inspired me to be a better person. Thank you for all you have done for WUM.”

To: Nicole Engerman, UW-Platteville “This past weekend Nicole was driving home from a Circle K event and saw a boy who's bag ripped. She stopped her car, got out, helped the boy pick up all of his belongings, and gave him a new bag that she had in her car. It really is the simple things in life.”



2014-2015 WUM District Goals Membership: 725 members Service Hours: 14,500 hours Kiwanis Family Hours: 1,200 hours Fundraising:  The ELIMINATE Project: $10,000  Camp Wawbeek: $5,500  Camp Baycliffe: $1,000  “Other” (Includes Preferred Charities): $7,500 Event Attendance:  International Convention: 30 attendees  Membership Education & Recruitment Program: 50 attendees  Kiwanis Family Baseball Game: 250 attendees  Membership Awareness Conference: 150 attendees  Kiwanis Family Hockey Night: 275 attendees  Winter Weekend Getaway: 50 attendees  District Convention: 250 attendees



Letter from the Editor

Dearest WUM Members, It is with great honor and excitement that I publish our first district bulletin issue of the Circle K service year to share with you all today. As District Bulletin Editor, I hope to serve as a resource to you and your clubs by providing you with a bulletin that promotes your most exciting events, recognizes your greatest achievements, and educates on the most amazing service organization. Most importantly, I would like to emphasize that the Circle of Sharing is really YOUR bulletin. This bulletin is made for the members, by the members. If there is anything, anything at all, that you would like to contribute to this publication, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I only ask that you plan your submissions in advance to give everyone involved a sufficient enough amount of time to prepare in order to make your feature the best it can possibly be. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and encouragement I have received from this WUMderful district within the past few weeks. Your faith and hard work has made this very issue possible. I cannot wait to serve you as District Bulletin Editor and I look forward to seeing all that you will share with us. Yours in Service, Marissa Blackmore



District board Directory District Governor Teasha Kirkwood Alverno College 815-501-1746

Lakes Lieutenant Governor Issue 1 Taylor Moret UW-Oshkosh 608-412-3518

Volume 21

Kiwanis Family & Outreach Chair Monica Wang UW-Madison 608-239-5707

April 2014

District Secretary Megan Laufenberg Edgewood College 608-438-8136

Metro Lieutenant Governor Jim Tammen Marquette University 815-601-6032

Membership Development & Growth Chair Jordan Grapentine UW-Green Bay 920-209-5090

Sara Hujar District Treasurer Northern Michigan University 607-242-1744

Superior Lieutenant Governor Sear Kenny Northern Michigan University 906-399-7819

Service Chair Matthew Bowe UW-Eau Claire 715-933-2404

Marissa Blackmore District Bulletin Editor Edgewood College 920-904-5703

Awards, Regulation, and History Chair Kayla Ahrens UW-Platteville 920-810-3772

Special Events Co-Chair Emily Krueger UW-Whitewater 414-213-6860

Capital Lieutenant Governor Ashley DeFazio UW-Platteville 262-308-2135

District Convention Chair Samantha Robinson Alverno College 262-945-4832

Special Events Co-Chair Lizzy Johnson UW-Oshkosh 608-354-5584

Chippewa Lieutenant Governor Kirstie Polzin UW-Eau Claire 715-212-5871

Eliminate Project Coordinator Casey Scheibengraber Alverno College 414-520-0103



Circle of Sharing: April 2014  

This is the April 2014 issue of the official bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Circle K International, Circle of Sharing.

Circle of Sharing: April 2014  

This is the April 2014 issue of the official bulletin of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District of Circle K International, Circle of Sharing.