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Freelance Assignment #3 I decided to pitch to once again because I have become familiar and understanding of the website. Although easy to navigate, it took a little bit of time for me to figure how to find the exact type of work that I am interested in. Now that I have a hang on things, I feel as if I’m applying for work that sounds exciting to me, specifically revolving around sports content writing and blogging. The experience this time was much better than the rest because I actually am beginning to feel confident in my proposals. In the beginning I was unsure because I had never really had much experience in anything along the lines of freelancing through the Internet. Now, I am able to sit my proposal and feel good about the work I just submitted. Although I haven’t been chosen yet, it doesn’t make me feel discouraged because I am new to this world and industry. My overall impression of the process this time was that I found it easier for the rest. I actually felt it harder to chop down my word count this time because there were so many things that I wanted to share with the potential employer. This employer laid out exactly what he or she wanted so it was easy to gauge my proposal into what they were looking for. It was interesting because they wanted a ghostwriter for all their articles and blogs. I understand this is what many people do but I’m not sure I could do that for a living because I would want to put my name on the work that I created. But, because I am still a college student in training, I am definitely willing to get the experience. I’ve learned a lot from the experience although more so gradually as the class has progressed. I am more confident in my freelancing writing and proposal skills now

more than ever. I also found how to search for jobs more specifically rather than it being broader as well. I’m excited to find out what the feedback from the employer is if they happen to have any.

Freelance assignment #3  
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