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Marissa Carney 4841 Marblehead Bay Dr. Oceanside, CA 92057 Phone: 760-497-1837 E-Mail:

Objective My objective is to pursue a career in broadcasting journalism and analyst work in the professional sports industry.

Experience Contract Employee: Certified Gymnastics Instructor Ecke YMCA

[June 2009- Present]

Responsible for instructing level’s 1-4 n

YMCA Camps

Axis Sports Group

[August 2011- Present] Responsible for running and managing expos Triathlon/ Iron Man/ Crossfit Games / Marathon Events Game Producer - NCAA Div. II, California Baptist University

[September 2013- Present]

Responsible for managing cheerleading team and Pep Band Responsible for creating game script Ensuring performances run smoothly and follow script Sports Editor and Online Editor University News Paper, The Banner

[January 2013- Present]

Writer Responsible for managing writers Creating article Ideas Ensuring the section is designed, edited and put into proper InDesign format. Broadcast and Podcast production

Education California Baptist University, Riverside CA Bachelor of Science: Public Relations/ Journalism and Media Concentration: Global Journalism


[September 2011- Present]

California Baptist University Cheerleader Professional and Collegiate Sports Volunteering: Children with special needs

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