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Marissa Carney JRN 371 Buzz Piece How to break your way into the industry of sports You may be wondering what the significance is of making your way into the industry that involves sports? For a professional trying to find anything they can to catch a break or at least gain a bit of hope in this highly popular industry, you’ve found the right place. A unique aspect about the sporting industry is that it allows for room to use your personal passions and skill sets and combine them into one. Just because you want to work in sports doesn’t mean you have to be an analyst or a cameraman. It requires thousands of jobs in order to make the industry prosper between marketers, publicists, sales reps, sales men, business owners and all of the above. The industry doesn’t limit you to just one job or one specific sport. Many people aren’t aware of the vast possibilities in the growing world of action sports. Some of the biggest dollars are being made in that industry because not everyone has picked up on its market; essentially it’s a gold mine for smart businessmen and women. Many people believe that in order to be in a lucrative, high demanding industry you have to be a graduate of a top college in order for employers to take you serious. But that is the biggest misconception; it’s all about networking and building contacts. Many people don’t understand that building connections can be one of the easiest things that could in turn propel you on the road to success just by meeting the right person.

In order to do so, you need to start reaching out to people in the industry. You can start by showing up at a sports event, even something as simple as a marathon or triathlon. Running events are the best way to meet people because vendors and product salesmen are always there. Each event has separate days for racers and spectators to shop and browse on the latest performance gear, energy drinks and apparel. By simply walking up to the booth and casually chatting with the product representative salesman, you can find out more information than you could have ever imagined. This is because most of the time these people are in connection with not only the top athletes due to their ties with the companies, but also the owners. This is where you gain your knowledge believe it or not. Although the industry is large, it is quite small at the same time because everyone knows someone. Who would have thought common sense would be the answer? Not everything has to be hard in the business world; it just takes time and persistence. Just by being friendly and meeting people, it could open doors that would have remained unlocked if you didn’t take the challenge to meet someone new.

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The reason I am so passionate about this topic is because it is the exact way that I began my career within the sports industry. At the age of 16, I had the opportunity to begin my networking process by working marathon and triathlon events. My job was to teach athletes about electro stimulation. It is an aide for athletes to repair their bodies after a strenuous training or event. I never thought something so simple would in turn link me up with employers who would eventually change the course of my direction career wise. I have since continued working for other companies at similar events to broaden my resume as well as give me a new perspective on the industry that I have grown to love. Thankfully enough, it has led me to the beginnings of starting my own company at the age of 21. What I’ve learned through my journey is that although networking can be easy if you are a conversationalist, it can take years to build strong enough relationships. That is why I cannot stress it enough that people begin the process now. Although I was and am still young, not everything happens overnight. When gaining connections, it doesn’t matter if the contact cannot help you that minute, you may need them years down the road and that is exactly what I’ve learned. The sporting brand representative agency that I am now beginning to develop would not have been made possible if it weren’t for people I had met when I was 16. The world has millions of possibilities and although it may sound cliché, you never know where life can take you just by having professional connections. I have to thank my father for all the knowledge and experiences I’ve had today. He was the one that pushed me to apply for jobs, meet people in the industry and to just build relationships. It is a tactic that I will forever use and one that I will stress to anyone and everyone who has aspirations of finding success.

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