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See page 7 for the 2015 Income Disclosure Statement.

2003 2016

What Matters Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Thirty-One Gifts and our mission to empower and support women. When I founded Thirty-One in my basement in 2003, I was living paycheck-to-paycheck while caring for two young children. My goal then was to give women the same flexibility and opportunity I’d experienced through direct selling and the courage to believe in themselves. If you’ve ever thought about being part of something bigger while helping to support your family, I hope you’ll consider joining Thirty-One and seeing what the amazing opportunity can do for you. Blessings,

Cindy Monroe Founder, President & CEO


reasons So many

to join Thirty-One!

Work when you want, surrounded by women who will make you laugh, smile and feel more inspired than ever before. Reasons to join!* • Sisterhood of support • Earn money on your schedule • Get paid to party – 25%-34% commission • A discount on Thirty-One products • Home Office resources • Low cost of just $99


A company that

Giving back is part of who we are. Thirty-One Gives, our charitable program, works to empower girls, women and families to lead purposeful, thriving lives. As a Thirty-One Consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself!

* Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One Consultant. Actual earnings can vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect to earn as a Thirty-One Consultant, please see our Income Disclosure Statement on pg. 7 for details.



get paid to

Getting started is easy! Here’s how you’ll build your business: Share fashionable, functional styles with your Hostesses and their friends Party any way you want – with face to face, online or Catalog parties Earn 25%-34% on every product you sell – plus great rewards and incentives Invite others to do what you do as part of the Thirty-One family

The more you party, the more you can earn! Just two parties a month (each averaging $600 in Personal Volume)

will bring you $300 in commission –

Potential monthly earnings*

Parties per month

$300 $600 $1,200

2 4 8

plus earn FREE product to help you grow your business through our StartSwell program**

* Potential earnings are based on average Personal Volume of $600.


Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One Consultant. Actual earnings can vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect to earn as a Thirty-One Consultant, please see our Income Disclosure Statement on pg. 7 for details.

Grow your business with

StartSwell is a program just for new Consultants that allows you to earn FREE products, business supplies and cash bonuses** – just by partying and sharing the opportunity in your first 120 days. For every 30-day period – or StartSwell level – in which you submit $600 or more in Personal Volume, you’ll earn a kit of free product, plus a bracelet (for your first level earned) and charm. Submit $1,000 in any level and you’ll also earn a Hostess Exclusive or $75 credit. By earning StartSwell, you’ll build momentum and grow your business even more! Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

Option E

Option F

**Earn different kit levels based on Personal Volume (“PV”) submission dates. Earn your choice of one of the following bonus items: Rolling Cooler, Triple Duty Caddy or $75 product credit with $1000 or more PV submitted in any of the four levels. Limit one bonus item per level. Retail and party orders only. StartSwell program is subject to change. StartSwell kits are subject to change based on available inventory. This StartSwell program is valid until 6/30/2017. To earn the cash reward, your new recruit must qualify during her first 90 days as a Consultant which will involve your new recruit meeting certain sales requirements.



When you join the Thirty-One family, you’re joining a community of strong, inspiring women who have found success on their own terms – each with her own story and her own unique “why.”


Thirty-One is my therapy and my sanity most days! I am a stay-at-home mom to five little girls 10 and under and a military spouse. I love my girls more than anything in this world, but I needed to use my brain for something other than them. Thirty-One has been the perfect solution! I so look forward to parties and meetings, where I can have adult conversations and share my love of organization.

Stephanie Howell SENIOR CONSULTANT Reston, Virginia

I took a leap of faith when I bought the Enrollment Kit. Never could I have imagined how much it would change my life. It was such an amazing feeling letting my full-time job know I won’t be returning.

Kristin Boomer


I originally joined for the discount! However, with support from my team leaders, I quickly realized I could be successful with my business. Now, I use the extra income to pay for my doctorate courses. I also love sharing this opportunity with other women, and feel proud to share this business with them!

Heather Calvert SENIOR CONSULTANT Topeka, Kansas

Thirty-One is the perfect fit for our family, allowing me to work around our schedule. My Thirty-One income allows our family to travel more, which is important to all of us. It is also important to be a role model to our three girls. I’ve found joy and tangible success in something I’m building myself. It was something I had been missing and didn’t realize it!

Erin Busken



U.S. Thirty-One Gifts LLC Income Disclosure Statement–2015 With the opportunity to work from home and be a business owner, you can chart your own unique course. A Thirty-One business is yours to dream, build and develop! We understand each Consultant’s experience is unique. However, as you build your own business at Thirty-One, the following information should help you better understand the average earnings at each Paid-at Title. The figures in the chart below are based on the previous year and are not reflective of changes or modifications that may be made to the Career Path or Compensation Plan in the current year. Consultants can find Thirty-One’s income disclosure policy and guidance about how to use this Income Disclosure Statement in the Consultant Guidebook. A Consultant is an independent sales contractor of Thirty-One Gifts LLC (“Thirty-One”) products. A Consultant is “Working” if she received at least one check in 2015. In 2015, 14% of all Consultants received no income from Thirty-One. Percent of Number of Working Average Consultants at Consultants at Percent of hours worked this Paid-at this Paid-at all per week Title(a) Title(b) Consultants(c)

Working Consultant Paid-at Title

2014 Annual Income (U.S. Dollars) High

Months Working at Thirty-One Gifts

















Senior Consultant






















Senior Director











Executive Director











Senior Executive Director











National Executive Director











(a) Includes consultants at this Paid-at Title 12/31/15 (or terminated if earlier). Consultants may have been paid at this Paid-at Title for one month or more. (b) In 2015, 130,955 consultants received at least one check from Thirty-One. (c) All consultants include the 130,955 consultants who received at least one check plus an additional 20,894 consultants who did not earn compensation in 2015, but were active for at least one month during 2015. Note that these figures do not represent a Consultant’s profit, as they do not consider expenses incurred by a Consultant in operation or promotion of her business. The figures above refer to gross income (total income before any expenses are deducted). The expenses a Consultant incurs in the operation of her Thirty-One Gifts business vary widely. Expenses for Consultants can be several thousand dollars annually. You should factor in estimated expenses when projecting potential profits. Such operating expenses could include advertising and promotional expenses, product samples, training, travel, telephone and Internetcosts, and miscellaneous expenses. Thirty-One Gifts does not require Consultants to purchase or maintain inventory. As a matter of fact, our policies clearly prohibit this practice. The earnings of the Consultants in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Consultant canorwill earn through her Thirty-One business. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Your success with Thirty-One results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. We’re committed to doing the right thing and following good business practices, as well as all laws regulating our industry.

The Income Disclosure Statement can be printed or downloaded from the “Become a Consultant” tab on




Choose from two great kits!

OR Black & White



Pillow insert not included


Bright & Bold

When you join, you’ll receive our Enrollment Kit that includes over $350 worth of popular new Thirty-One products and business supplies to help you party any way you want!

Ready to start your business?

Talk to your Consultant about joining her team today! Consultant name: Phone: Email: * Shipping and handling charges and sales tax will also be charged. Enrollment Kit subject to change based on available inventory. Consultants will also be charged a monthly subscription fee (currently $14.95 plus tax per month), covering the cost of a personal website and branded emails sent to your Customers. Consultants may cancel their monthly website subscription at any time. See the Consultant Guidebook for more information. Residents of North Dakota are not required to purchase an Enrollment Kit or a monthly website subscription. Š2016 Thirty-One Gifts LLC Printed in the U.S.A.

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