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how important and fun shopping is fetching you need not spend on things we do not need .. trying to make a budget before shopping will help us not waste money.

Go grocery shopping Go grocery shopping, is very important because what we found there we need to eat and other things.

Example of conversation. Salesclerk: Can i help you? Customer: Yes, thank you. How much are these gloves? Salesclerk: The gray ones? They’re $20. Customer: Oh, that’s not bad. Do they come in black? Salesclerk: No, sorry, just gray. Customer: Ok. Um, how much is that scarf? Salesclerk: which one? The blue and orange one? Customer: No, the yellow one. Salesclerk: Let’s see… It’s $30.50 Customer: It’s really pretty. I’ll take it.

How much is this Shirt? How much is that Shirt?

Shakira sings his name is very cute and she is very beautiful, I like their songs have that feminine touch which makes his famous songs.

Jeovanni: Hey wanna go to a party with me? Carolyn: Yes I would. Jeovanni: ok pass by you at 9:00 pm. Carolyn: ok perfect. and the party is? Jeovanni: A birthday of a friend of mine. Carolyn: Really! then I hope at 9:00 pm at my house. Jeovanni: Ok, I'll see you at night!

Some invitations could be: *Invitations to birthday parties. *Invitations to graduations *Invitations to baby showers *Bachelorette party invitations. *Among others.

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