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57th DAD

Remember when you and Mom were so‌

young, skinny and with full heads of hair?

The chamomile tea bag incident-->

Granted Mom may be going a little crazy‌ But she still looks the same!

But who cares about all that when there are cannolis around?

You may have lost some hair‌ but look at all you’ve gained

A partner in crime,

A “unique” youngest daughter,

an eldest daughter who will always be your crazy little girl,

a son who tricks us into thinking he’s normal because his pictures are always so nice,

‌except for this one, HAH!

And a dog who thinks the world of you‌ so long as there’s food nearby!

Hopefully all these people can always remind you of what’s important: to always keep laughing,

get some rest‌

and some exercise.

But most importantly make sure you always have your dancing shoes on‌

You may also need some sun gear

Because we’re going to see the RED SOX (and most importantly for Mom, we’re going to see DAVID)

Happy Birthday and see you at Fenway

All the love in the world, Deb, Ar, Mis, Karin and Soph

Happy Birthday Dad!  
Happy Birthday Dad!  

Dad's card from 2007