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Program Pamphlet ROLL YER OWN



Wild Encounters

Director: Ashley Love, Benjamin Knox, Justice Obiaya

Director: Phillip Brunson, Yadnee Kohok, Carlos Soler Quiroga

Ashley Love is a Freelance 2D Animator from Minden, Louisiana who has both created and worked on several short films. Her motivation is that her unique style and visually rich work will inspire other filmmakers.

Phillip Brunson is an animator who specializes in 3-D animation. He is from Atlanta Georgia and focuses on character animation and working on short films. When he has free time he likes to do improvisational acting to keep him on his toes.

Benjamin Knox is a 3D artist from Charlotte, NC who’s background is in sculpture. Living in an age of digital revolution he strives to improve animation by finding the perfect blend between fine art and technology.

Yadnee Kohok was born and raised in India. Although she graduated as a Computer Science major, she discovered that her true calling was in animation. Since then, she has been developing her skills in animation and visual development as she collaborates with other artists. When she’s not animating, she’s finding random street animals to pet.

Justice Obiaya is a production manager residing in Atlanta, Ga that has organized short films and festival events. Living in the largest media market in the southeast, he seeks to create more progressive animations that better reflect the diverse culture which we live in.

Carlos Soler Quiroga is a Graphic Designer, Animator and Musician from Bogotá - Colombia, He is definitely a media lover, He is always looking for creative ways to express the ideas. After 8 years of traditional design working, He decided to answer the call from storytelling and join the journey of animation production collaborating with people from all over the world.

Can I Stay


Director: Onyee Lo, Katie Knudson, Paige Carter

Director: Lynn Kim

Honorary EAST COAST Selection The collaborative effort of Onyee Lo, Katie Knudson, and Paige Carter, three extremely talented computer animation students attending Ringling College of Art and Design. Onyee Lo loves chai latte, hot coco, and playing the ukulele, cartoons, animation, doodling, good jokes and bad puns. Katie Knudson’s creative experience includes working at LAIKA studios and Falcon’s creative group. Paige Carter is a 3d modeler who has interned as a freelance character modeler for Disney Design Group and has also worked as a freelance painter.

Lynn Kim is a Korean American animator and filmmaker from Queens, New York. She enjoys using experimental techniques, unconventional sounds, vivid textures, and feelings of intimacy to create poetic moments for her viewers. She is a dedicated fan of breakfast foods, good literature, and peculiar collisions between art and history.

Beyond the Treeline

Where Flowers Once Grew

Director: Andrew Goh

Director: Gabrielle Ray

Born and raised in Singapore, Andrew is an animator, concept artist and filmmaker. He is an avid enthusiast when it comes to storytelling within the communication arts.

Gabrielle Ray is an animator and artist originally from Texas. She has worked on student films as a 3D animator, color stylist and layout artist.

Outside of his profession, he enjoys watching television shows & movies with an unbridled passion.

Prior to moving into animation, she exhibited paintings and printmaking regularly in Arkansas. She’s influenced by what she has experienced in life. She drew upon her childhood in the South and her mixed feelings when leaving it as she created Where Flowers Once Grew.

Trash Talk


Director: Janice Chun

Director: Amber Aki Huang

Janice is a Providenced-based artist from southern California. As an animator, a cartoonist, a writer, a radio host, an aspiring harmonica player, and a killer of all things with six or more legs, she is currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Film, Animation, and Video.

Amber Aki Huang is a passionate visual development artist who also enjoys animating. Amber was born in the United States, but she started to study illustration when she lived in Shanghai.

She hopes to one day rule the world not with a mighty fist but with laughs.

Later, Amber returned to the United States to study Animation. She believes the difference in both cultures allows her to positively blend both eastern and western influences into her art work. In her free time Amber helps out at a local art academy teaching art to kids, kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Razor Man

The Blue Sweater

Director: Brandon Jones

Director: Dhaneesh Jameson

Honorary EAST COAST Selection Brandon Jones is an animator and character designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. When he’s not drawing he likes to learn how to play music and build maquettes.

Dhaneesh Jameson hails from what is known as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala in South India. His work is greatly influenced by Kerala’s dark stories and films which make viewers think beyond conventional conclusions. Committed to delivering work of very high standards from the very beginning of his career, Dhaneesh’s Undergraduate thesis film has won many awards and earned him a couple scholarships. Dhaneesh has recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Computer Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) School of Film and Animation, New York, USA.


Journey Into Womanhood

Director: Mary Jane Whiting

Director: Lamar Ford

Honorary EAST COAST Selection Mary Jane Whiting was born in College Station before moving to Sarasota, Florida where she attended Ringling College of Art & Design, and found her passion for 3D animated films and games.

An Indianapolis, Indiana native, LaMar graduated from Xavier University with a BA in Communications specializing in electronic media. At Xavier, LaMar directed a few award-winning student shorts.

Hi-Score is Mary Jane's first animated film and is based on her love of games and the wild and whimsical imagination that creates them.

His passion for animation and work in post-production led him to the John C. Hench DADA program at University of Southern California. He currently resides in L.A. working on his MFA in animation at USC.

Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor

Fast Yeti Director: Denise Plauche

Director: Paul A. Tillery Paul is an animator, ďŹ lmmaker, and teacher from the southeast US. He received He's always loved art, stories, and off-kilter comedy.

Denise PlauchĂŠ is an illustrator who loves animals, daydreaming, and visual storytelling, and is addicted to making independent animation and paper toys. A Baton Rouge native, she received a BFA in graphic design from Louisiana State University and worked in newspaper advertising design for more than ten years before deciding to pursue her true love of creating images. Denise is currently based in Georgia, where she is completing an MFA in illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

Stellar Moves: The Story of Pluto

Fox Tale

Director: Millivette Gonzalez, Tabia Lees, Valerie Sattazahn

He was born on December 13, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from the University of Yonsei in Korea with a degree in business administration.

Millivette, Tabia, and Valerie are all from very different backgrounds, but one thing brings them together: their love for cartoons! They brought their passions together to create Stellar Moves during their junior/senior year at Ringling College of Art and Design. Inspired by the 1980's and its legacy, they decided to tell the story of Pluto, the planet that never was.

Director: Doosun Shin

Later he served as a military officer, after service for my country, he went on to working as a marketing specialist for about 5 years before eventually deciding to follow his heart and pursue his passion of film making. In 2011, he came to the States to study Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art and Design where he created this film in 2015.

Aloha Hohe

Peanut Butter Jelly

Director: Kevin Temmer

Director: Alex Beaty

Kevin is a 2015 graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design and majored in Computer Animation. He enjoys animating, songwriting, and voice acting, and hopes to one day create his own animated television series.

Peanut Butter Jelly was produced by Alex as his thesis animation at Clemson University ‘s Digital Production Arts masters program. Peanut Butter Jelly was a giant collaboration between him and many student volunteer artists at Clemson. Alex graduated from Clemson in December and nows work as a layout animator at Blur Studio in Culver City, CA. He also holds a BS in computer science from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Originally a film major, he discovered his passion for the digital aspect of film making and have been pursuing it ever since.

I M Possible

Peanut & Penelope

Director: Prasad Kamalakar

Director: Jalysa Leva

Prasad is of an Indian Origin. He is an animator and filmmaker who has been illustrating and animating concepts for the past five years. His passion and dreams gave wings when he followed a BFA in Advertising Design at Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, (India), from where he graduated in 2008.

Jalysa is a character animator in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s particularly interested in character animation for feature films and television. Her hope is to one day run her own studio creating original content.

He went on to animate his animated short films, "Don't Drive Others....", "Outline (stop-motion)". Thereafter he joined the Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue the MFA in animation and before completing the MFA in March 2014, he directed a CG short film, I M POSSIBLE.

In her free time she likes to sew plush desserts for her company Faux Filling, play video games, and make costumes.

Fishtail Follies


Director: Savannah Alexandra

Director: Sean O'Neill

Savannah Alexandra is originally from Connecticut but resides in Atlanta, GA. She is currently majoring in Animation and and a minoring in Sequential at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Sean O’Neill is an animator and filmmaker from Atlanta, Georgia. When he is not working on a project, Sean spends his time analyzing films, particularly in regards to narrative, cinematography, and style.

She has a strong interest in a variety of cartoons, bizarre and interesting fashion, and video games. On her free time she designs characters for fun, eats way too much pizza, and tries to keep her kitten from getting into everything.

He graduated in March of 2015 with a BFA in animation and a minor in cinema studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Playhouse Pirate


Director:Â Julia Cowle

Director: Tanya Zaman

Honorary EAST COAST Selection Julia is an Illustrator, Poet, Animator and ďŹ lmmaker living in New York City. She spends her free time running, collecting fossils and dog walking.

A street artist paints a beautiful mural of a woman on the wall, and is suddenly chased by police for having vandalized. The beautiful creation comes to life to save her creator in a chase scene through the favela's of Rio de Janeiro.



Director: Megan Phillips

Association Internationale du Film d'Animation, or ASIFA, was started in France in 1960 as a membership organization for animation artists and now has 35 chapters around the world.

Megan Phillips is an Arizona native who has also been found in parts of Georgia and Michigan. She considers herself an artist and animator who enjoys finding ways to explore the juxtaposition and dichotomy between childhood and adulthood.

ASIFA-Atlanta, started in 1995 and the only chapter in the South, offers animation screenings and educational programs year-round. This year marks the SIFA-Atlanta’ s 20th amiversary. With another exciting year, in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival, we present our 13th annual "Roll Yer Own" Animation Showcase for local and independent animated shorts.

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