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About Berlin Berlin is an exciting andcosmopolitancity, withaturbulentpast. I ti ss a i dt ob eac i t y of contrasts. Great buildingsappearsnext to deserted plots, memory of a devastated city. It seems to be continuously changing and for that reason is one of Europe’s most vibrant,exciting and colorful capitals. Besides, itisfamous for its excellent atmosphere. Everywhere y o ug oy o u can feel its life on the boulevards, art g a l l e r i e s ,f l e am a r k e t s and numerous clubs and restaurants.

Placesofinterest Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most famous landmark.Don‘ t miss Kiser Wilhelm Church o nK u r f u r s t e n d a m mS t r e e t , , it is a memorial monument to peace and reconciliation, stunning symbol of Berlin’ s rebuilding during postwar.

It is a must see the Reichstag, German Parliament building, one o ft h em o s tp o p u l a ra t t r a c t i o n s w i t ht h eF e d e r a lC h a n c e l l e r y o nt h eG o v e r n m e n tN e i g h b o r h o o d . Moreover,stand out which is known as Museums’ Island, on the Mitte area, next to the bank of the Spree river.It is made of The Pergamum Museum and the Old National Gallery, among others. Apart from these, Berlin offers more museums which are worth visitingastheH o l o c a u s tM u s e u m .

FoodandDrink T h ec h o i c e sf o re a t i n ga r ee n d l e s s l y .M e a t b a l l s a n dc u r r y w u r s t ,s a u s a g ew i t hc u r r ys a u c e ,a r e typicalexamples.AlsoEisbeinandBerliner Weisser(specialitybeer)arespecialities.

N a t u r ea n dG r e e n e r y A sw e l la st h ee n e r g e t i cc i t y , Berlin offers green spaces, woodland, parks and lakes to relax and stroll. One of the favorite places for local people is the Tiergarten Park. Make sure you go to the Zoological Garden, one of the largest in the world and one of Berlin’sf o r e m o s ta t t r a c t i o n s .

Christmas in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most spectacular places to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. To begin with, there are more than fifty typical and charming markets which date back to S.XV,there you can find a great number of Christmas objects and delicious sweets, as honey bread,toasted almond or hot wine with cinnamon, all them are perfect to fight the cold winter. The most important is Gendarmes market. You also must go to skate to Brandenburg’s Door, where New Year’s Eve is celebrated with an amazing fireworks show.


A leaflet by Alejandra Mora

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