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Juan's Day of the Dead By: Tyler Mrozinski and Marisa Moya

Juan and his parents decide to take a family trip to Mexico for day of the dead to visit his grandmother. There plane will arrive October 31, the day before the first day of the holiday.

Juan does not know a lot about day of the dead. So he will be asking many questions on this trip visiting his grandma.

When Juan and his family arrive in Mexico Juan notices there are many people making decorations such as wooden skulls.

When Juan notices people are making these skulls he asks his father “Why are these people making wooden skulls?�

Juan's father, Enrique, told his son “These people are decorating skulls for the dead, once they are done decorating them they will place them on altars to dedicate them to the dead.�

Juan then asks “Do they only make wooden skulls or do they make more?�

“They also make sugar skulls for the person who has died, and have a family member or friend eat them. As well as special altars dedicated to the person.�

"That is so cool! Is this all that they do?" asked Juan.

"Of course not! They do much more. They have huge parades, dances, and even put on wooden masks and dance in honor for the person who died. It is a very unique holiday and also very fun." Says Enrique.

"Wow! It does sound fun! We should come to grandma's every year. But what made them start celebrating this or in other words why do they celebrate it."

"They celebrate it because they are just continuing what the natives did when the Spanish first came to Mexico they still do the same rituals such as wooden skulls and dancing, but they added a little bit to it." Says Enrique.

"Who does grandma celebrate The Day of The Dead for" asked Juan. "Grandma is celebrating the death of her mom, which would me my grandma with making her favorite meals" answers Enrique.

"What does she make for her mom". "She makes tamales, pozole, pan de dulce, and Menudo. Some of her favorites!" Enrique answers.

"Yummy!" Juan shouts. "Those are some of my favorites too". Juan has a magnificent time experiencing his first Day of The Dead and learned much about it. At the end of the day he asks his parents if they can come back next year!

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The Day of The Dead  

By: Tyler Mrozinski and Marisa Moya

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