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Why you should invest in your Professional Development

You probably wonder what a teacher development course will do for you. Apart from helping you move closer to your ideal teacher in faster steps - why wait for ten, fifteen years to do what you can do in months? - a teacher development programme will put your career on a different track.

More exciting job opportunities will come your way 端 You will learn new ways of making your learners more successful and your lessons more personally rewarding 端 You will gain confidence and competence 端 You will become a member of an international 端

PLN (Professional Learning Network) with teachers and institutions from all over the world.

Why Choose CELT - International Centre

Established in its present location in 1993, CELT enjoys an excellent reputation amongst the foreign language

teaching community in Greece and abroad. More and more teachers from the UK, US, Australia, and other coun-

tries have joined CELT courses and found better jobs as a result.

An Authorised Cambridge Teaching Awards Centre since the beginning, CELT has become a truly international

centre offering the most prestigious courses. Many foreign language centre owners, directors, senior teachers

as well as colleagues workinig in publishing, are ex-CELT students.

FIRST COURSES Face-to-face in Athens

These courses form the foundation for a professional career in teaching English as a Foreign Language and are offered regularly throughout the year either part-time or intensively over four weeks

Cambridge CELTA

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

A 120+-hour course, ideal for practising or prospective teachers who wish to learn the art of teaching adults and obtain an international accreditation. Teaching English to speakers of other languages is a highly rewarding career, offering you the chance to live and work abroad. You will need an internationally recognised teaching qualification, and CELTA - highly regarded throughout the world - gives you the skills you need and will make it easier to get a teaching job. While following the course, you will have the chance to teach a minimum of 6 hours with real classes of adults attending English Language courses at CELT.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The best known First Course for Teachers in Greece Provides a solid foundation in TEFL and is the minimum prerequisite for those who wish to teach English. It is a 100-hour programme covering all the basic methodology areas which provides teachers and their prospective employers with evidence of ability to prepare and teach lessons based on their assigned coursebook as well as to be able to adapt and supplement it for the benefit of their learners where appropriate.

2013 Summer trainees

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The Cambridge DELTA Diploma is a professional qualification at post-graduate level (a Level 7 Qualification according to the British Curriculum Authority) and is one of the most sought after and well respected qualifications internationally. It is recognised by all British Universities and is fast becoming a prerequisite for some of the most interesting jobs in our field all over the world. The course is ideal for experienced and qualified teachers wishing to enhance their career opportunities as Senior Teachers, ESP Instructors, Level Coordinators or Directors of Studies. The Diploma provides an excellent bridge for those who wish to pursue further academic qualifications related to TEFL at Masters level.

8-week Intensive Course in Athens

Offered in the summer, fall and winter, this is a course option for teachers who can only attend in this intensive mode.

The course is demading and candidates are expected to be already well prepared by undertaking to read extensively before the course starts. Candidates are assessed in Athens with our own classes.

Online Course + 4 weeks in Athens

This course option is part time and all the input is delivered online in our own online webinar classroom space.

It is ideal for candidates who are following it while working and sessions are usually held on weekends.

Overseas candidates need to spend 4 weeks in Athens to complete their Module 2 Practical Assessments.

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Online Courses


Dat es

De tails

FACE-TO-FA FACE COURSES IN ATHENS Cambridge CELTA Certifi ficatte (Cer t i fi cat e i n Eng li s h L a ng ua g e Teachi ng t o Adu lt s )

Certifi ficate Course in i TEFL (Cer t i fi fi cat e in i Teachi ng Eng lis i h as a For ei g n L ang uag e)

FULL TIM E COURSES (4 W EEKS) 02-09-13 to 2 7-09-13 04-11-13 to 29-11-13 03-0203 02 14 to 2 8-02-14 02 14 05-05-14 to 3 0-05-14 02-06-14 to 2 7-06-14 07-07-14 to 0 1-08-14 04-08-14 to 2 9-08-14 01-09-14 to 2 6-09-14 PA RT TIM E COURSES (12 W EEKS) 30-10-13 to 2 0-12-13 13-01-14 to 0 4-04-14 02-10-14 to 1 8-12-14

The co ur se is assessed a nd Cer tifie i d b y Cambr b idge d ge ESOL and taught at CELT, an A uth or ised Cambr id ge Teaching A war d s Centr e. Assessment is via 6 ho ur s of Teaching P r actice with ad u lt lear ner s (pr ovid ed b y CELT) and 4 wr itten assign ments. F or mor e, p lease visit the cour se p age

Assessed via 6 Teac hing P r actices (w ( it i h adu d lt lt le ar ner s at CELT or younger lleear ner s in lang uage schoo ls ls i n Athe ns), and a Co ur seb ook EEvva lu ation & Ad ap tation P r oject pr esented p ost - cour se. Cer tification is awar de d d by CELT Athens. For mor e infor mation, p leas e visit thec our se p age.

a.m . or p.m . hours - a m in im um of s ix can dida dattes is required to run a cour urss e. CE CEL TA TA & CTE TEFL cours es are run jo join tly l

Cambridge DELTA TA Dipl oma In I tensive 8-w eek Course (Dip lonm a in E ng lish Langu age Te achin i g)


FUL L TIM E (8 W EEKS) 06-10-13 to 2 9-11-13 16-06-14 to 1 4-08-14 PA RT TIM E (ONL Y ONL INE COURSE OFFERED)

Dat es

CELT Athen s is an A uthor ised Camb r id ge T eaching Awar d s Centr eoffer ing a r ange of cour se op tions - facee to-face or b lend ed , p ar t-time or intensive 8-w eek cour ses. For m or e i nfor m at i on on t he di ffer ent cour s e opt i ons , pleas e v is i i t t he h D EL TA cour s e page, t he On O li ne D EL TA TA pag e as w ell as out Mo M dule l 3 Spe cia i li s m On O li ne cour s es on EL T M anag em ent , Onli ne/Blende d L ear ni ng and Teachi ng Young L ear ner s .

De tails

W here How

ONLINE COURSES Cambridge DELTA C TA Dipl oma On O l ine

DELTA TA Certifi ficate t i ELT M anagement in (ELTM )

(ONL INE COURSE) 05-10-13 to 2 9-03-14

PA RT TIM E (8 W EEKS - ONLINE) 15-10-12 to 0 8-12-12 14-01-13 to 3 0-03-13

Fo llow t his i cour se w her ever you ar e in the wor ld ! The On lin e DELTA is id eal for teache h er s who ca nnot be b away fr om wor k or home for 8 fu f ll weeks. Atte nde d d b y teach er s fr om all over the w or ld ld

M any DELTA ho h ld ld er s end up be b ing Dir ector s of Stud ies or Centr e M anager es. This is new M odu d le le 3 Sp ecia i lilism aim s to p r ep ar e them for such p osts. A cour se sp ecifically ad dr essed to DELTA cand id ates for M od ule 3 who wish t o fo llow t his Sp ecia i lilism a nd w woor k on a n ELTM assignme nt.

W eb inar s & a 4we ek stay in Athens for M od ule 2 Assessme nts

M ainly via M ood le w wiit i h week ly t utor ia i ls l on W iz i iQ i

Cour s es

Dat es

De tails

W her e - Ho w

ONLINE COURSES Cambri dge DELTA TA Certi fi fi cate t in i Teachi ng l earners onl i ne, through di stance/bl ended l earni ng (DL)


Introducti on to ELT M anagement Ma

Di pl oma in i Transla l ti on Charte tered Insti tu t te of Li ngui sts

This ne w M od ule 3 Sp ecia lism aims t o intr od uce DELTA cand id ates to a ne w d evelop me nt in te aching Eng lish whic i h is gai ning gr ound ev er y d ay. Fo llow t his cour se to lear n ab out necess ar y tools and LM S ( Lear ning M anageme nt Systems) .

A cour se d deliliver ed via i M ood le le

PA RT TIM E ( 10 W EEKS - ONLINE) 23-09- 13 to 3 0-11-13

This co ur se has been desig ned for pr acticing in lang uag e teacher s and tr ainer s w ho w ant to buil ild d on the h ir ICT sk ills and under stand how to use techno log y in a pedagog ica ic lly effectiv e w ay.

A cour se d deliliver ed via i M ood le le

PA RT TIM E ( 8 W EEKS - ONLINE) 23-09- 13 to 30-11-13

A cour se for pr actising or pr osp ective ELT man ager s who ne ed to imp r ove their lle ead er ship skills a nd to sup p or t teach er s mor e effectively.

PA RT TIM E ((8 W EEKS - ONLINE) 02-09- 13 to 2 6-10-13

START ANY TIM E One year op tion Two year op tion

( Char ter ed Institute of Ling uistis)

Teachi ng En E gl is i h to Y oung Learners


n e w date s soo n

E gl is En i sh for Teachers


n e w date s soo n

Gramm ar for Teachers


n e w date s soo n

This cour se p r ep ar es cand id ates for the CIoL Dip i lom a, a we ll r esp ected q ualilificatio n for tr anslator s. Cand id ates wh o p ass ar e awar de d d this pr estigio gious Dip i lo ma issued by b the Institut e.

M ainly via M ood le with week ly t utor ia i ls ls o n W iz i iQ i

Sup p or t W iki & assignme nts & fe ed b ack via Emai l

Sp ecialize in t eachi ng you ng le ar ner s b etwee n th e age s of 55 11. Dep e nd ing on th e p ar ticip ants, the cour se can cover pr e- school c hi ld r en as we ll. l Cer tification awar d ed b y CELT Athens b ased on a sm a ll classr oom p r oj ect.

V ia M ood le a nd w we e ekly ly tutor ia i ls o n W iz i iQ

Assessme nt is via p r oj ect comp let ed p ost- cour se on an ar ea of the Eng liliish Langu age s uggest ed b y the cour se tutor . Cer tification is i awar de d d by b CELT Athen s - in ad d ition tr ainees o n this cour se ar e ad eq uate ly p r ep ar ed to take t he TKT KAL ( Know led ge Ab out Lang uage) Ca mb brr id ge ESOL exam

Thr ough w we eb in ar s on W iizziiQ Q & supp or t W Iki for stud y and r esear ch

Assessme nt is b y r esear ch pr oj ect on an ar eas of gr ammar and a shor t pr esentatio n wit h the p ar ticip ants' fin i d ings. A cer tificate of attenta nce is awar d ed b y CELT Athens.

Thr ough w we eb in ar s on W iz i iQ i & supp or t W Iki for stud y and r esear ch

Centre for English Language & Training - 77 Academias Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece Te; 210 3302406 or 210 3301455 Fax: 210 33 01202 E-mail: Web: http://

Marisa Constantitor of the centre, Tutor & Designer all courses

Andy Hockley, ELT Management Online Course Tutor

George Vassilakis, CELTA & DELTA online Course Tutor

Nick Peachey, ICT for ELT online Course Tutor

Alexander Makarios, CELTA Course Tutor, ESP & EFT Tutor

Shelly Terrell, Teaching Young Learners Online Course Tutor

Our Tutors Sunny A Angeles, DELTA f-2-f and online course tutor

br e l Ce

g n i t a

Alexandra Koukoumialou, ESP & Online Translation Tutor, CELTA Admin



ar s!! !

Centre for English Language & Training - 77 Academias Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece Te; 210 3302406 or 210 3301455 Fax: 210 33 01202 E-mail: Web: http://

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