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mARISA MARISA MUSING architecture & design portfolio 2013

About Hello! My name is Marisa Musing and I am currently a second year architecture student at the University of Waterloo. My portfolio reflects on academic work as well as projects done on my own initiative. I am a high-achiever, constantly seeking opportunities to learn new skills as well as to build on my current strengths. I believe in life-long learning, and am always eager to gain new insights from those around me. I work well in a team but am also able to take initaitive and work independently on projects. I plan to use these attributes to help my future career in architecture and add value to your team. I look forward to speaking to you!


Table of Contents Introduction RĂŠsumĂŠ// Curriculum Vitae Letter of Recommendation

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Projects Modern Lofts Cambridge - NYC Row House Breathing Wall Primitive Hut

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Other Works Personal Work Architectural Watercolours

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RĂŠsumĂŠ//Curriculum Vitae Contact & Information Marisa Musing


Skills & Proficiencies

Address: 153 Balsam Ave. Toronto, ON M4E 3C2 Canada

Canadian, German

AutoCAD Rhino 4.0, 5.0 3D Modelling V-ray for Rhino Google Sketchup

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Office

Hand Drafting Model Making Laser Cutting Wood Working

Silk Screening Photography (digital & analogue) Drawing Watercolours

Work Ethic

Highly Organized Demonstrated Leader Independent Worker Creative Thinker

Cooperative Team Member Fast Learner Reliable & Punctual Detail-Oriented


English (fluent) French (studied in Extended French Stream Gr 7-12) German (elementary)




University of Waterloo School of Architecture 2012-present Malvern Collegiate Institute 2008-2012 3

email: skype: marisa.musing cell: 647-929-7138

Candidate for Bachelor of Architectural Studies Honours Co-op Degree Class of 2017

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Honours Certificate of Bilingual Studies in French

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Awards & Recognition 2008-2012 2012 2013 2013 2012 2012


Summer 2013


Winter 2012

Ontario Scholar University Health Network Academic Achievement Scholarship Recognition of scholastic standing in upper third of graduating high school class Toronto Urban Design Awards Entry Participant Steel Structures Education Foundation Entry Participant Media Arts Award, Malvern Collegiate Institute Attained highest course achievement in academic year Duke of Edinburgh Award: Gold Level International award recognizing excellence in volunteerism, skills development, physical activity, wilderness survival MackayIWong Strategic Design Firm: Summer Student Participated in internal & client meetings, worked on latest project design queries, awards & computer input. Collaborated with head designers; worked independently on major projects Used Autocad, Photoshop, Indesign, Microsoft Powerpoint & Excel MackayIWong Strategic Design Firm: Volunteer Shadowed head designer Ronald Wong; participated in client and internal meetings; met with suppliers, provided administrative office support One of a Kind Show: Exhibitor Showcased designs in exhibit booth for Toronto craft show

Summer 2010

Canadian Education Exchange Foundation: French Exchange Student Lived in Geneva Switzerland for one month, gaining cultural awareness and language proficiency in the care of a Swiss family and exchange partner

Summer 2009

Toronto General Hospital: Volunteer Provided administrative support for the Pharmacy Drug Information Centre. Aided with organization of the reference library and drug information filing systems 4

Résumé//Curriculum Vitae Extra-Curricular Summer 2013

Summer 2011 2011-2012

2011-2012 2011 2011-2012

Travels Canada



Reference Ron Wong



Orientation Leader at the University of Waterloo Planned events to welcome new students to the university. Used personal skills and enthusiasm to create a friendly and exciting environment. Orientation Leader at Malvern Collegiate Institute President du Conseil Français Initiated and organized school events to promote the French language and culture within daily activities. Developed organizational and leadership skills Student Leadership Council Representative Math Tutor for Grades 9-10 French Tutor for Grades 9-12 Ottawa Montréal Québec City

New Brunswick Nova Scotia PEI

Geneva Paris London Amsterdam Berlin Hamburg

NYC Boston Chicago Washington DC San Juan

Travel Painting (watercolours & oil) Drawing Fashion

Photography (digital & analogue) Reading Swimming Print making

Partner Mackay I Wong Strategic Design Firm 416-341-2348

Letter of Recommendation Mackay Wong Strategic Design 99 Blue Jays Way Toronto, Ontario M5V 9G9 Subject:

Letter of Reference: Marisa Musing

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to provide the following regarding one of our employees, Marisa Musing. I have known Marisa Musing for 5 years now and have been following her educational and aspiring career growth ever since. She has been directly involved in the practice of our office on 4 separate occasions for work experience. She carries with her a strong ability to organize, terrific communication and a youthful spirit of entrepreneurial skills that our studio embraced. She has worked directly under my supervision as well as under team leaders. I have found Marisa to be a solid team player illustrating great potential to become a strong confident designer. She demonstrates good judgment and values and is reliable and efficient in her manner. She has an approachable personality, which will help her develop upon her strong design foundation in relating to all aspects of the Architectural process. Marisa is an enthusiastic individual and I believe she would serve as an asset to any design firm she becomes a part of. I look forward to following her education and career development. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Ron Wong Partner Mackay Wong Strategic Design 6

Modern Lofts Instructor: Donald Mckay Term: 1B

Aim: To design a medium density apartment building in downtown Toronto that speculates around the ever growing population of the city and how to resolve this with a ‘green’ design. Site Area: 165 sm Total Building net Area: 1155 sm Site: Toronto, ON Concept: My design is focused around the travel and transportation routes located within the area. I designed a feature ramp that circulates around the perimeter of my building, to attract people towards the central core of the apartment and also to focus on the commercial areas of the design. The ramp leads to a bike station at the upper level, so the community can appreciate the use of bicycles rather than vehicles. With the inclusion of a café on the ground floor and apartment buildings above, this modern loft speculates on the design for a better, greener Toronto. Tools Used: AutoCAD, Rhino 4.0, V-ray, Illustrator, Photoshop


Modern Lofts//1B


Site plan & urban context

t. en S Q ue

E as t


ne rs La


cutte Stone


Britain St.


Ea d St. mon Rich

Floor plans MECH






Ground floor

Second floor




Third-sixth floor




Seventh floor



MARISA MUSING 20460870 MARISA MUSING 20460870 PLANS PLANS SCALE 1:50 SCALE 1:50 09/04/2013 09/04/2013 3/8 3/8

Modern Lofts//1B

Partis of design strategy

Major streets facing site (Stonecutters Lane & Britain St.)

Public space built in centre of ramp & structure

Maximize space by moving core to back of building

To maximize efficiency of site, there are two areas of public space; one below ground and one above

Structure of building

Different spaces can be accessed by use of ramp

Designed ramp to wrap around central structure

Residential units go above


Y-Section facing stonecutters lane



Core Ramp Columns Structure



Bike shop & storage Café

Residential Residential Residential

Commercial Commercial


Y SECTION (facing Stonecutters Lane) 11

Bike shop & storage Café

Bike shop & storage Café

Core Bike shop & storage Café



Modern Lofts//1B


Cambridge - New York City Instructor: Adrian Blackwell Term: 2A

Done in collaboration with Teresa Tran & Rui Hu Aim: Research analysis comparison of two public spaces, one in Cambridge and one in New York City. Site: Seagram Building, NYC; Food Basics, Cambridge Concept: Our two building sites are the Food Basics supermarket in Cambridge, Ontario and the Seagram Building in New York City. Although the two sites seem rather different, many similarities within the public scope of each site were found. I focused on the form and use of each building, and the social interactions that arise from their modern architecture. Tools Used: Sketchup, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


Cambridge - New York City//case study

 


Cambridge, Food Basics Nolli Plan

New York, Seagram Buidling Nolli Plan


Cambridge - New York City//case study






Row House

Instructor: Val Rynnimeri Term: 1A Aim: Design an urban dwelling as part of a larger group on the site. Site: Cambridge, ON Concept: Having a middle building within the rowhouse block I wanted to focus on how to carry as much light and open space within my complex as possible. The use of half storeys, a central open light core and a skylight accentuates the openness and interactivity within the space. Since the site is very long and narrow, I decided to leave the ground floor and second floor without walls to enhance a feeling of lightness within the design. The lower floors have a study room, living room, kitchen and wall-to-wall storage; upper floors contain bedrooms and washrooms. Tools Used: Model Making, Hand Drafting, Watercolour


Row House//1A



Ground floor

Second floor

Third & fourth floor



Row House//1A

Scale model

Exploded axonometric


Breathing Wall Instructor: Terri Meyer Boake Term: 1B

SSEF competition Entry Done in collaboration with Nicole Ratajczak Aim: Design a steel structure with the theme of pop-up architecture in mind. Proposed Site: Dundas Square, Toronto Concept: The Breathing Wall strives to revitalize the city’s view on the importance of the natural environment and works to harmonize plant life with the fabric of the city and its constant demands for further urbanization. The design encourages people to experience their city on foot by making the walking experience more enjoyable and engaging. The wall is an interactive piece; the perforated steel walls are sized to fit the standard dimensioned soup can through its holes, and Torontonians are encouraged to plant seeds in their own recycled tin cans and insert them in the wall. The end result is a unique contrast between steel and greenery; as more people participate with the wall, it grows and becomes a living, breathing member of the community. Tools Used: AutoCAD, Rhino, V-ray, Photoshop, Illustrator Design intent


Breathing Wall//SSEF

The Breathing Wall is inexpensive and straightforward in its materiality, assembly, and disassembly. The wall is made up of nine separate panels which come together through a series of hidden connections, giving the illusion of a seamless wall. The structure is reinforced and stands independently on a solid steel footing.

Structural frame

Mounting devices & exterior perforated sheets

Fully assembled design

How shape was formed

Less protruding to public eye, curved edges act as a growth from the street

Instead of flat wall, created dimension with curved surfaces; creates better interaction

Made passage way to act as interative space

Final design concept


Exploded axonometic of individual panel


Breathing Wall//SSEF


Primitive Hut Instructor: Donald Mckay Term: 1A

Collaborative group project with Anna Longrigg, Ilhan Ozdemir & Logan Steele. Aim: Case study on the Primitive Hut by Wes Jones and Peter Phau Concept: Phau and Jones’ intention with their primitive hut was to design architecture for the hunter/gatherer, someone who would scavenge and then recycle materials, and find ways to heighten the use and role of machine in architecture. Shipping containers took up the base of the home, with the addition of then current day, mass produced materials such as I-beams, glass aluminium, ramps and billboards. I focused on the morphology of the shipping container, and how Wes Jones continued to investigate the use of these industrial materials in later designs. Tools Used: Sketchup, Watercolours, Hand Drafting, Photoshop, Sketches


Primitive Hut//Case Study

Hut (2)

Hut (3)


The hut (1)

Material speculation

Indepth study of the morphology of the shipping container


Primitive Hut//Case Study

Phau and Jones’ intention with their primitive hut was to design architecture for the hunter/gatherer, someone who would scavenge and then recycle materials, and find ways to heighten the use and role of machine in architecture. They incorporated mass produced objects into their designs for this concept. I speculated on what a primitive hut would look like in today’s society with the technologies and mass produced objects of current day.


Other Works A collection of watercolours, photography and sketches done on my own initiative in the past 2 years. I draw inspiration from films, cities, people and my own creative interpretations.

La Vita è Bella

Chinatown 29

Other Works//Personal Work

Boston Toronto




Montréal Montréal 30


Other Works//Watercolours [architecture]


Thank you! Marisa Musing 153 Balsam Ave. Toronto, ON M4E 3C2 Canada email: skype: marisa.musing cell: 647-929-7138

Marisa musing portfolio Fall 2013  
Marisa musing portfolio Fall 2013  

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