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2011 Annual Report






Mariposa wins the first ever Girl Effect Challenge! On December 15th, 2011 The Mariposa DR Foundation won the first ever Global Giving Girl Effect Challenge. Raising over $25,000 from more than 900 donors, we have successfully earned a spot under the Girl Effect umbrella and a portion of the The Girl Effect Fund in 2012. A special thank you to all of our supporters who donated, posted, texted, tweeted, spread the word and helped us to win the challenge and Unleash The Leader in a Girl! What Is The Girl Effect? The Girl Effect is a movement created Nike Foundation, NoVo Foundation, United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls. It’s about the unique and indisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. Want to learn more? Visit

THE GIRL EFFECT IS ABOUT GIRLS. AND BOYS. AND MOMS AND DADS. AND VILLAGES AND TOWNS AND COUNTRIES. The Girl Effect is about helping girls, but it’s also about turning moms, dads, brothers, uncles and cousins into girl champions. Girls’ life experiences are affected by the men around them, in both positive and negative ways. Poverty places a heavy burden on many fathers, husbands and sons, because in most societies men are expected to be the major providers in the family. At the same time, girls continue to be raised in households where they are expected to shoulder the burden of household labour alongside their mothers: they spend between 33% and 85% more time on unpaid care work than boys. Negative or traditional views and stereotypes about gender that exist in the minds of adults and young people around the world are harmful to BOTH girls AND boys. Engaging the entire family in the process is critical to promoting the rights of girls and young women. This is an essential component of our work at The Mariposa DR Foundation. We engage the entire community by creating meaningful partnerships with local schools and other NGOs, encouraging parent involvement in our programs and providing incentives to families so that they make their girls’ attendance at our programs a top priority. By forming partnerships and connecting social services and benefits for the families to a program for girls, we elevate their status in the community, making their health, happiness and safety of the utmost importance to everyone in their homes. We demonstrate that when everyone gets involved in benefitting girls, it pays off for the whole community. 4

HONORARY CHAIRWOMAN Jacqueline Guzman Mirabal


James C. White, President Deborah Bouknight Christy Dimos Jones Aislinn Doyle Judy Greenberg Jessica Mitchell Caitlin O’Shea Patricia Thorndike Suriel


Julia Alvarez Bill Eichner Emmanuel Franjul Richard Hansen Andrea Riddle Yaneris M. Rosa Elizabeth Thorndike Michelle Wucker


Maria Elena Gratereaux-Delva Soranyi Lugo Claudia Schwarz


Patricia Thorndike Suriel Jessica R. Lawson Alexandra Milian Martinez Lee Ann Evans Julia Swijters

Honorary Chairwoman, Jacqueline Guzman Mirabal, with the Mariposa girls at the 3rd Annual Mariposa Chirstmas Fair on Cabarete Beach.

Dear Friends, In the coming years, as we witness entire families pulling themselves out of poverty, they will be standing on the shoulders of our powerful girls. Girls who have been seen only as dishwashers, folders of laundry, babysitters and cleaners of latrines are now surfing, swimming, playing volleyball and tennis, and going to school‌often. The Mariposa girls are discovering new opportunities everywhere. They are going on field trips, learning marketable skills and serving their community. They are the most valuable resource in their home and the most powerful force for change! This report highlights some of our grandest accomplishments in 2011. In our second full year, The Mariposa DR Foundation received donations and in-kind support from some 3,000 individuals and institutions and invested over $400,000 of resources into our girls, their families and our community. We have attracted brilliant and dedicated volunteers from ages 9-95 years old, who come from all over the world. Together we are creating a model that can be adapted in communities worldwide. Working with adolescent girls is both challenging and rewarding. They are the untapped talent pool for economic reform and the mothers of our future. On behalf of our small, hardworking core staff and our dedicated executive and advisory boards, thank you for being there to help educate, empower and employ the girls of the Dominican Republic. Your support has made a difference. Sincerely,

James C. White, PhD President

Patricia Thorndike Suriel Founder and Executive Director 5

She is the world’s most powerful force for change.

If she stays in school, remains healthy and happy, gains skills, she will marry later, have fewer and healthier children and earn an income that she’ll invest back into her family. We know that girls are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. That’s why we’re here. For them, their families and us all.



Educate and empower girls to create sustainable solutions to end generational poverty.


To create the model for a holistic girls’ education and empowerment program that can be adopted around the world.


Our programs offer an integrated ap empowering and employing girls, w enhances success in the others, cul


pproach to educating, where success in one supports and ltivating lasting change.


Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that it takes a holistic approach to make a real difference in the lives of girls. We achieve lasting results through six key focus areas: EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

Field Trips Environmental Education Leadership Development & Job Skills Training Community Service


Individual Tutoring Community Library School Scholarships & Transportation Assistance Computer Training School Uniforms & Supplies


Health Education & HIV Prevention Sports Nutrition & Feeding Medical & Dental Visits


Partnerships with Like-Minded Organizations Improvement of Local Schools Annual Christmas Fair CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide


Art, Dance, Theatre & Culture Academic Evaluations & Individual Education Planning Team-Building & Empowerment Workshops


Student Groups & Service Learning Trips International Volunteer Program Marketing Campaigns & Knowledge Exchanges 10


What does success look like? MABREIDY, AGE 15: Mabreidy has been with the Mariposas for two years. A fiesty, strong-willed girl, Mabriedy often got into fights and had difficulty concentrating in school. When she joined the Mariposas back in 2010, our goal was to help her focus her energy into something positive. Having set foot in a pool only a few times in her life, Mabreidy began participating in swimming classes taught by volunteer Jen Furigay and her children. Within a few weeks Mabreidy was showing incredible potential. We enrolled Mabreidy in a private competitive swimming program for the school year. Because of the distance to the class, we paid her father, a mototaxi driver, to see to it that she got to practice four days a week. Something amazing happened: Mabreidy became an avid swimmer right before her father’s eyes. After a few months we noticed drastic changes in her behavior as well as improved attendance at school and Mariposa programs. Mabreidy gained selfconfidence and realized that her father really believed in her as a powerful force for change. Mabreidy’s entire family remains involved in Mariposa. She has a younger sister, Naomi, who actively attends programs as well. Their mother, father and two brothers are true girl champions and local community advocates for The Mariposa DR Foundation. In 2012 Mabreidy will continue to pursue her love of swimming and sport by beginning kiteboard lessons at Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding (LEK).

Won 1st place in the first ever Nike Girl Effect Challenge, beating out 53 organizations worldwide and raising over $25,000 from 900 different donors

Raised and invested over $400,000 in cash, in-kind and pro-bono donations into our girls, their families and our community

Clocked in over 7,000 hours by more than 80 volunteers

Provided a state of the art summer program for 54 girls in the Cabarete community in partnership with 15 international and local educators and volunteers

Hosted student service learning trips for Lawrence Academy, Lakeside School and Miss Porter’s School

Provided medical and dental visits for every Mariposa girl

Grew from a full-time employee and volunteer staff of 2 to 11 in less than one year

Over 6,000 healthy meals served to girls and their families

Opened up the Mariposa Resource Center in the Callejon de La Loma neighborhood of Cabarete

Two Mariposa girls graduated from high-school and received scholarships to attend university

Made the largest investment improving the infrastructure of any public school in Cabarete in 2011

Created a guide to free and affordable health resources and social services available to the communities across the North Coast

Collaborated with the entire community of Cabarete to host the 3rd Annual Christmas Fair

Expanded both the advisory and executive board, welcoming acclaimed author, Julia Alvarez and her husband Bill Eichner as well as Emmanuel Franjul, Jessica Mitchell, Aislinn Doyle and Yaneris Rosa 11

Teenage girls living in poverty often lack affordable menstrual products to manage their periods. If you live on less than a $1 a day, affording sanitary napkins on a monthly basis is out of the question. Girls are missing two to five days of school per month, staying home while they have their period. This means that some girls are missing out on up to 20% of their education in their adolescent years. Lunapads give girls living in poverty an immediate, essential and sustainable means to remain in school or at work while menstruating. Just $20 will provide a girl with an environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and easy to use kit that can last her for up to five years-giving her a shot at 20% more education! In April 2011, we distributed Lunapad kits to all the girls and mothers in our program in Cabarete and offered an extensive information session on the care and use of these kits. We have been closely monitoring the success of the Lunapad project and are pleased to report on the results thus far. MBA student Laura Barceló from Indiana University visited The Mariposa DR Foundation in Cabarete and conducted a satisfaction survey among the users of Lunapads. She found that 70% of the women and girls using the product loved it! We continue to work very closely with the Mariposa families to ensure that Lunapads make their way into the hands of young girls who are just beginning their journey into womanhood. By providing them early on with this free and long-lasting alternative to disposable menstrual products, we hope to encourage them to see Lunapads as a solution that will allow them in school and complete their education, breaking the cycle of poverty for herself and her family.

A Special Thank You! • • • •


To the students of Lakeside School for their POWER Project fundraising campaign for this initiative To the Lunapads ( team for creating custom kits for Mariposa and their tips and advice To the Encargo Group shipping company for delivering our products to the Dominican Republic To volunteer Sherry Herdman for creating a sewing program to handmake Lunapads as well as for mentoring several girls and organizing and teaching sewing workshops Girls at Lunapads Workshop

the fIrst Issue


At The Mariposa DR Foundation we work with entire families. We have been working hard to connect with a strong group of committed parents as part of our programming efforts and we continue to see positive results. Many of the parents participate in Mariposa community events such as flea market fundraisers and our annual Christmas fair, as well as accompany the girls on field trips and various extracurricular activities. By integrating parents into our programs we help them foster stronger connections with their daughters, further enabling parents to be key influencers in their daughters’ journey to empowerment.

c a b a re te Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide - 2012

InvestIng In gIrls smart economIcs


what to do on a raIny day. Spend a day at encuentro & la boca. the Story of el cIego. Cabarete with chIldren.











CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide 2012

Parent volunteer Orquidea Garcia reading to Mariposa girls during story hour

“I got married at 16. I understand the important work that Mariposa is doing for my daughter so that she can feel empowered to make better choices in her life.” Orquidea’s daughter, Orianna, has been a part of the Mariposa program right from the start. Orquidea began volunteering for Mariposa at our 2009 summer program, where she prepared meals and assisted in chaperoning field trips. She volunteered again in summer 2010 and 2011, and when we opened the doors to our Mariposa Resource Center in March 2011, Orquidea was right there getting involved in everything she could. As a volunteer mother, Orquidea’s enthusiasm and sincere interest led to a part-time job for her at The Mariposa DR Foundation. She now runs the breakfast program and prepares snacks at the center as well as assists with our nutrition and sports programs. Orquidea most recently began working one-on-one with girls who need extra assistance with literacy and reading. It was her involvement in Mariposa, Orquidea says, that inspired her to continue her own education and return to night school to get her high school degree. Orquidea Garcia, mother of two, active softball player in the local community, night-time student and star Mariposa parent, is a wonderful role model for our girls. Orquidea is a shining example of the many engaged community members and volunteers we have supporting The Mariposa DR Foundation.

In December 2011 at our 3rd Annual Christmas Fair in Cabarete, we launched the first issue of CABARETE: Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide. Produced by The Mariposa DR Foundation, this annual magazine is an eye-catching publication showcasing what Cabarete, the town in which we live and work, has to offer in a unique way. Featuring stunning photography by former Peace Corps volunteer Amy Martin, our first issue has been a great success. Showcasing more than 40 local businesses and partner organizations, it has been endorsed by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism as well as the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster. All advertising sales go directly to supporting our Girls’ Leadership Program. It is our vision that this magazine will become an annual sustainable fundraiser for The Mariposa DR Foundation and will create job opportunities in advertising sales for some of our girls. A special thank you to everyone who contributed to and supported the first issue! Interested in advertising your business? Contact us at


DONORS In 2011, together we raised over $400,000 in cash, in-kind and pro-bono donations. Our donors’ contributions demonstrate confidence in our ability to serve the needs of the communities in which we work. We remain committed to being good stewards of our donors’ dollars. 3 Mariposas Montessori would also like to thank all donors who contributed in 2011, listed below.

WAYS OF GIVING 1. Send a check directly to The Mariposa DR Foundation at 309 Third Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 2. Make a secure online donation through PayPal on our Web site at 3. Make a gift of stock 4. Make a wire transfer directly to our bank account We do our best to make sure we thank all of our donors. If your name does not appear in this report please accept our sincere apologies and contact us to let us know at *The Mariposa DR Foundation is a US 501c3 not for profit organization and all donations are tax deductible

$25,000 and UP

Britt Spackman John Van Dine US Embassy Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation

O’Donnell Jackie Collin Eileen & Walter Connor Dunn Family Foundation Julie Coronado Global Giving Marilyn Couch John Dempsey & Mary Scott $10,000 - $24,999 Rachel Deutsch-Brusky $500 - $999 Charles E. Dewitt & Janet L. Deborah & Lon Bouknight Sanders The Aritza Foundation St. Deny’s Foundation David Dolph Edward & Elizabeth Thorndike Beyond the Beach Cluster Turistico Puerto Plata Edwin & Alice Dubose Erika Dudley & Richard Neer Maria Decastro Laurel Eastman Paul & Jennifer Furigay $5,000 - $9,999 William Ewall & Barbara Bill & Melinda Gates Tumelty Foundation Global Fund for Children Norman & Doris Fine Miss Porter’s School Marie Fioramonti Beryle Silvernale $1,000 - $4,999 Harris & Julianne Galkin Taylor’s Kidz Lisa & Todd Guynn Vital Care Reps., Inc. Anonymous (4) Shelly Hoce Edward & Janet Ahlstrand Matthew Horvat & Susan Fine $100 - $499 Howard & Melissa Blatt Josie & Rob Kristina Cavit Key Learning Community Academy School Clarity Corporate Growth Mary Jean Kraybill Catalina Alvarez Constellation Associates LLC Charles Augustine & Debbi Kerr Scott & Susan Lacy Lisa Hempstead & Scott Meskin David Lee Dee Beaton Terrence Kelly Molly Lewis Marty Billingsley Kiteboarding 4 Kids Peter & Stacy Lindau Yung Bong & Peggy Lim Joan & Thomas Mahon Jason Mahon Agnes & Stanley Brooks Michael & Sandra Morse Betty McCormick Robert Brown Harvey & Janet Ross Christopher McGowan & Roy Campana & Kerry John & Celeste Ross


Sandy Wang Robin & Christopher Melvin Robert J. Merkle Andrew Meyer George J. & Lara S. Moynihan Cecilia Mullon Murray J. Esbaugh Contracting Network for Good Lillian Novotny Kerry O’Donnell Eileen O’Shea Nancy Olson Juan Perdomo Mark Pierce & Kristin Coombs Russell & Tiffany Reid Robert & Gail Rodman Larry R. Rogers Jr Osna Bard Sens Lori & Nathan Shafner Diana Shaw Troy & Katherine Silvernale Ross Smith Robert & Christina Szpila Oleg P. Urminsky & Andrea Vag Lisa & Douglas Vahey Lisa Verhovek Charles Vizina Lindsay & Trevor Westlake Jacquelynn Woodley

$1 - $99 Anonymous (8) Udodirim Alatta Juana Alvarez Elizabeth Anderson Diane Angell Elizabeth Anglin Blair Archambeau Marc Archambeau Pierre Archambeau Daniel Arnold & Deborah Weaver David & Corinne Beck Joshua Beck G. David & Kimberly Beiser Stephanie & David Beiser Dr. Joy Bergelson Lynette & Daniel Bertsche Catherine & Addison Braendel Timothy Brown & Jill Riddell Jane Buckingham John E. Carlstrom & Mary Siber Sarah Cassani Anthony & Antonetta Christian Clifton & Julane Clarke Anne Covert Jared Davis Karen Davis Pablo Decastro & Sylvia Anglin Juawanna Dervin Christy Dimos Jones Douglas Domenick & Elizabeth Johnson Julie M & John C Dreixler Eldon J. & Valerie Eisenach Elizabeth Beiser Trust Brodwyn Fischer & Emilio Kouri

Laura Flynn Vanessa R. Foster Martin J. & Peggy L. Casey Freidman Micah Garb & Kathleen Fabiny Emily L. Goldstein Judy Greenberg Mohan & Nicole Gupta Wayne Hannah III Peter Hetzel & Carol Schnabel Leslie Horing Cornelia Hill Hotel El Magnifico Kaiyuan & Jingjing Hsee David Huguelet & Marie Ribyl Arshad & Jacqueline Husain Mariana Ingersoll Stephen M. Jacobstein Douglas & Catherine Jarad Michael Kennelly John F. Kerrick David Kleeman & Leslie Hornig Elizabeth Knapp Fred & Rosalyn Kniss Timothy Knowles & Sheila Webb Randall Kroszner Bridgid & Michael Kyle L’Agence Jerry Latherow Doris Lavell John Lesniak & Stephanie Mitzenmacher F. James Levinson & Louise Cochran Rosalind Lewis Stephanie Lo Derek Luzim David & Shelley Majsterek

Robert & Carol Malnati Joanna Mays W. Mark & Robin McCollough Michelle McGuire Alexander Melendez Jason Merchant & Anastasia Giannakidou Patricia Mikes Doriane Miller Mathew W. & Lisa Kirchoff Miller Leslie Miller Nichole M. Mooyoung Anne Morgan Katy Moyer David & W. Archambeau Munoz Dan & Raluca Nicolae Janis W. Notz Jane Elinor Notz Kenan & Karen Onel Deborah Oshry Herzog Maureen E. Owens Angele Parent Vasmi Parini Lizanne & Stephen Phalen Nicolas Polson & Anne Gron Richard A. & Charlene H. Posner Eric A. Posner & Emlyn Eisenach Dianna Previs Tracy & Philip Raoul Oscar Rebollo & Suzanne Baum Scott & Amy Reifert Marie Ribyl Audree & John Riddell Susan Rohrback Jeffrey & Nathalie Russell David & Louise Sawatsky John & Aileen Schloerb

Mikhael & Bella Shmaltsuyev Susan Sigal Dr. Jonathan & Tracey Silverstein Nanette Slusser Jeffrey & Gina Smith Katharyn & William Smith Judith & Steven Soderberg Chung Song Elenne Song Marc Sorresso James Sowerby & Dierdre Connell Kathryn Sparks Theodore & Alyssa Stamatakos Kerstin Stenson Robert & Lindsay Stewart David Stone Mary Beth Sullivan Katherine Surmeier Mabel Swijters Dr. Shirley Ann Taffel Leanne Terry Gopal Thinakaran Cathy Upham Robert & Dorothy Valerian Christine Vanderwerf Naik-Shrijay & Shrijay Vijayan Ian H. Watson Dennis & Tiffany Mooyoung White Richard Wright Stephan & Mary Wyers George & Kathy Blair Yates Socrates Zapata David & Marianne Zemil Katie Ziemba Zhang Zhongyi & Chunyan Luan



Thank you to our Global Giving donors. We are proud to be part of the Global Giving community. *GlobalGiving works with a network of highly respected parter organizations that vet and vouch for projects featured on the site. Projects on GlobalGiving must abide by standardized compliance measures. **GlobalGiving provides us with a donor list alphabetized by first name

The Furigay Family The Furigay family has been volunteering with The Mariposa DR Foundation for the past two years, teaching swimming lessons, making medical visits, bringing supplies and organizing fun activities for our girls. We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Paul, Jen, Jake, Max, Nick and Sophie for their generosity. The Furigay family has also organized several classrooms in the US to hold fundraisers and supply drives.

Thom Scheele and Life is Good Special thanks to Thom Scheele at Caribbean Jake’s in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for donating Life is good butterfly t-shirts. Tom’s donation supplied our girls and volunteers with uniform shirts for one whole year as well as a few extra to sell to our visitors in the Mariposa Resource Center. Tom, thank you so much for outfitting all of our Mariposas in 2011!

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools 4th Grade Class A special thank you to the students, teachers and parents of the 4th grade at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for contributing to the Mariposa DR Foundation for the 2011 Global Reading Challenge. 16

$500 AND UP

Anonymous (3) Deborah Bouknight Eileen Kavanagh Girls For Change Greg Mitchell James White Jessica Saalfield Sara C William Curtis

$100 - $499

Alix Beeney Anonymous (8) Barbara Derrico Barbara Prysock Ben Norman Berta Matos Bonnie Norman Brendan Logue Carla Patton Carly Blair Catherine Steele Cathy Paul Christine Doyle David Bradford David Chen David Rathan Elizabeth Thorndike Erin Plummer The Knof Family Howard Ting Janet Welz-Kavanagh Jason Matthews Jeanette Saddlemire Middlebury College Students Jennifer Loya Juana Gamero de Coca Karen Rosario Karyn Beall Kelly Buschur Ken Brown Kia Stora Kirsy Munoz Lawrence Mason Leonard & Phyllis Lawson Leslie Miller Linda Fishbaugh

MaryAnn Hoadley Melanie Geller Michael Gordon Molly Feldmann Patrick Martinez Patrick Williams Paul & Jennifer Furigay Phil Demetrion Robert Brown Sandy Curtis Susan Bonnet Susan Park Text-to-Give Donation (96) Thomas & Sandra Ging Vera McLafferty

$10 & UP

Anonymous (139) Abdul Hafeed Dahmani Abigail Leathe Ace Bailey Adam Marczyk Agnes Gund Aislinn Doyle Aketa Kapur Akua Hammons Alan Lubitz Albania Rodriguez Albert Rosendahl Alberto Gero Alexandra Guras Alexandra Russell Alexandria Alvarez Alexis Mahon Alexis Nadin Alfred Vitaro Alice C L Churchill Alice Honman Allison Kolstad Alma Buckner Alpha Gebre Amanda Lawson Amanda Lee Amanda Sciacchitano Amber Blair Amelia Eastman Amy Forrester

Amy Fredericks Amy Guras Amy Norman Amy Pavelka Amy Paysnick Amy Siskind Anania Almonte Andrea Pullen Andrea Straw Andrew Rush Angela Nelson Angela Thurston Angela M Macdougall Ann Krier Ann Williams Anna Banker Anna Malinkovich Anne Coffey Anne Forrester Anne Harman Anne Lagan Annemarie E Korp Annie Michaelson Anthony Jones Anwar Stephens Ariel Brewster Armelle Crouzieres Ashley Cuyjet Ashley Dos Santos Ashley Ross Aubryn A Sidle Audrey Copeland Autumn Heep Baldwin Barkerding Barbara Zeughauser Barbara Bathon Barbara Eisele Barbara Marlow Barbara Schneider Barbara Torrey Becca Dyer Becky Santos Ben Fisher Benjamin Buch Benjamin Lindahl Benjamin Schwartz Beth Kaleta Beth Kershner Beth Robinson Beverly Harper Bianca Blair Bill Skilton Bin F Zheng Blanche Johnson Bradford Northrup Brenda Booth Brenda Rossman Bria Wing Brian Casselman Brian Doyle Brian Lavelle

Brian Pickett Brian Porembski Brittania Stewart Caitlin O’Shea Caitlin Canfield Caitlin Lagan Caitlin Myers Camilla Gardiner Candace Alexander Candace Amoia Candace Sawyer Carman Hill Carol Bowen Carol Braunschweig Carol Cuyjet Carol Malnati Caroline Audet Caroline Jones Caroline Stauffer Carrie Walsh Carrie Christensen Carrie Stearns Carvallo-Mendoza Felipe Catherine Conley Catherine Crafts Catherine Harvell Catherine Goold Cathy Rickerby Cecile Loper Charles Cycon Charles Ogunro Charmaine Young Chauncey Whiting Chelsea Halstead Cheryl Climie Ching Ying Lai Chioma Duru Chris Raniere Christian Cannon Christian Polman Christina Wu Christina McFaul Christine Olaksen Christopher Bisignano Christy Dimos Cindy Ridgway Cindy Trautmann Clair Watson Clara Moore Clare Barnaby-Smith Claudia Ender Claudia Rodriguez Colin Lacy Constance Currier Cory Weiss Cristen Hall Crystal Filipe Cyndi Provencher Cynthia Duncan Cynthia Merrill Dale Dimos

Dallas Castillo Damaris Altomerianos Dana Thompson Daniel Bryan Danielle Kim Danny Pena Darrin Brown Daryl Caggiano Dat Duong Dave Dolph David Bandler David Cycon David Dines David Dolph David Wallace-Wells Debbie Rock Deborah Carter Deborah Grasberger Deborah Lake Deborah Roberts Deborah Smart Deborah Stevenson Deirdre McCartney Denise Weintraub Denise Williamson Dennis Shaw Derek Luzim Derrick Phillip Diane Krause-Stetson Dianna M Banker Donna England Dorothy Johnson Dr Yolanda Robinson Earl Buyea Edgar Cuji Eduardo Real de Souza Edward Jones Edward Thorndike Edward Thorndike Edwin Evans Elaine Gale Elaine Maurer Elaine Perez Eleanor Maguire Elena Griffin Eli Lilly Eli Northrup Elise Gorun Elizabeth Jones Elizabeth Acord Elizabeth Barker Elizabeth Henke Elizabeth Jones Elizabeth Van Deman Ellen Fish Ellen Majonen Ellyn Durante Emilie Hall Emily Carroll Emily Johnson Emily Maass

Emily White Emma Brewster Emma Sheiman Emmanuel Franjul Erica Beeney Erica Brown Erin Peot Esteban Cabezas Evan Tate Eve Abrams F J Levinson Faith Dow Frances Farnsworth Francesca Madison Francis Galgano Fred Heilizer Gabriel Bedoya Gabriela Cannon Gail Morrison Gary Serrao George Schlossberg Georgia Flynn Georgia Lesh Gertrude Wooten Gilbert Kelly Gina Earles Glenda Curtis Glenda Perry Glenn Allen Glenna Stricklett Grace Suriel Greg Boonstra Gwen Green Haley Case Harry & Dee Richardson Harvey Sanders Hazel Jenkins Heather Pennington Heather Sullivan Hector Vila Heidi Dormody Helen Luce Henri Bryson Herb Hrebic Hien T. Dang Hilary MacDonald Hilary Miller Hollie Arnim Holly Buchanan Hugh Lennon Irene Edward Irgelkha Mejia Irva Greene Isabel Skilton Ivy Sheiman J Herynk Thomas Jacob Rickoll Jacqueline Goodridge Jaimee Murphy James Gray


James Jones James Jones IV James Larson James Norman James Sullivan Jamie Clack Jamie Klonowski Jamie Weiss-Yagoda Jan Bresch Jane Hanes Janet Marie Miller Janis Martin Jared Dunkin Jasmin Johnson Jason Asbahr Jason Lubanski Jason Marovick Jay Berendes Jay Carter Jeff Bennett Jeff CLement Jeff Luzim Jennifer Ciccotelli Jennifer Dines Jennifer Driscoll Jennifer Garron Jennifer Harris Jennifer McWhorter Jennifer Richardson Jennifer van Eijnsbergen Jennifer Vannoy Jennifer White Jerusha Wickert Jessica Dong Jessica Mitchell Jessica Sanga Jessie Northrup Jill Galanter JJ o’brien Joanna Dee Joan Arches Joan Carey Jody Bolz Joe Ciotti Johanna Thomas John Barth John Breitmayer John Dimos John Duffell John English John Leddy John Ogorzalek John Whalen Jon Shafqat Jonathan Becker Joseph Gavalis Joseph Lee Joseph Montaldi Joseph Wenger, Jr. Joshua Proffitt Joy Tanner Joy Warrick


Joyce Muchan Joyita Poddar Juan Francisco Almeida Juan Taveras Judy Jones Judith Miller Judith Murphy Judy Wicker-Briscoe Julia Alvarez Julia Hunter Julia Swijters Julia Zousmer Julie Coons Julie Selin Julie VanSciver Justin Miranda Justin Weitz Jyoti Daniere Kasey Wilson-Brady Karen Fitch Karen Kaffen-Polascik Karen Silverman Karen Spears Karen Welz Karin Hanta Karina Jensen Kate Swartz Katherine Connolly Katherine Silvernale Katherine Denton Katherine Swick Kathleen Buckley Kathleen Rahn Kathlin Kennedy Kathryn Hundley Kathryn Lee Kathy Ann Calwell Kathy Foley-Giorgio Katie Caufield Katie Lamont Katie Tobin Kayla Fries Kelly Banker Kelly O’Bryan Kendall Arthur Morse Kendra LeSar Kenn Yoshizato Kenneth & Maureen Hamilton Kenneth Robinson Kerri Frederick Kerry Van Shura Kevin Hanlon Kevin Dick Kevin Hogan Kevin Maguire Kim Horton Kim Gilfert Kim Long Kim Nicholls Kimberly James KJ Rasmussen Kristen Kilpeck

Kristen Richnavsky Kristi Komai Kristin Boese Kristin Colbert Kristin Eberman Kristina Oliver Krystal Martinez Kyla Smith L.W. Borman Lacey Schroeder Lana Violette Larry Van Natta Laura Frei Laura Diehl Laura Downs Laura Flynn Laura Gang Laura McNulty Laura Roche Laura Selin Laura Stanley Laurel Eastman Laurel Jordan Lauren Muscarella Lauren Redfield Laurie Coolidge Lawrence Gibbons Leah Laxamana Leanne Schell Lee Evans Leigh Ann Christensen Len Gray Lenora Suki Lenore Bandler Lila Kahn Lily Hou Linda Axenroth Linda Corrigan Linda Gulley Linda Guthrie Lindsay Martin Lindsey Hoell Lisa Breitmayer Lisa D’Aria Lisa Hamburg Lisa Kawski Lisa Newman Lisa Swayze Lisa Verhovek Liz Schnautz Loren Cole Lorena D Espinoza Guerrero Lucy E Redmon Lud M. Maldonado Luis Abbott Luke Brown Lydia Tanenhaus Lynn Chasson Lynn Robertson Lynne Wade Madeleine Shaw Malcolm Mitchell

Maria del Prado Moyano Margaret Burns Margaret Galgano Margaret Nutting Margaret Wilkerson Maria Amaya Maria Jose Nadal Maria Skilton Maria Woolson Marie Donoso Marie Jeffs Marie Mathiesen Marilyn LeClair Mark Wilson Marlene Lee Marta Escotet Martin Ditto Martina Fajkusova Mary Beck Mary Ann Jones Mary Berens Mary Berghaus Mary C Ross Mary Hyland-Smith Mary Jenny Mary Longo Mary Meagher Mary Schroeder Mary Tabacchi Mary-Helen Wanat Matt Meyer Matthew Henry Matthew Meyer Matthew Orton Max Breitmayer Max Knapp Max Shakin Max Sheiman Megan & Kat Lacy Megan Beck Megan Moore Megan Olsen Melanie Younger Melishea Baker Melissa Nelson Melody Lewis Merrilee Tuvell Mia Pearson Michael Cuyjet Michael Doyle Michael Kamph Michael Lance Nichols Michael Luzim Michael Morse Michael O’Brien Michael Scates Michele Wucker Michelle Earhart Michelle Murdock

Michelle Rahn Mike Carlson Mike Richmond Mimi Do Mira Chang Mona Kelly Monique Rolfsen Morgan Rittenhouse Morganne Beck Myrtle Barber Nadia Espinoza Nadine Fischer Nancy Banker Nancy Evans Naomi Eskenazi Natalie Liuzzi Nejla Routsong Nelly Trejo Nicholas Mucci Nicole Beck Nicole Damstetter Nicole Diaz Nicole Slusser Nilia T Diaz Noelle Miesfeld Nubia Solomon Olive Thompson Pascale Seguin Pat Luzim Patricia Fraser Patricia Caballero Patricia Lynn Patricia Rhoads Patricia Slothower Patrick Kavanagh Patrick O’Shea Patty Mutkoski Paul Feeny Paula Schwartz Pauline Gluckson Penny Chew Pete Richardson Peter Kavanagh Peter McKenna Petr Bruce Muzik Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Philip Michael Phillip Zukin Priscilla Slocum Lacy R. Kit O’Shea Rachel Groh Rachel Heilizer

Rachel Kelly Rachel Norton Rachel Stark Ralph Nicholes Randy Kiel Randy Uang Ray Pavelka Ray Pescaro Rebecca Colley Rebecca Hawkins Rebecca PattersonMarkowitz Rebecca Tracey Red White Regina Won Renee Cullinan Rhonda Swan Rich Sheiman Richard Balkite Richard Hansen Rick Gordon Risa Needleman Robert Chase Robert Driscoll Robert Hildreth Robert McAvinue Robert Plankenhorn Robert Prato Robert Thurston Robert Wohl Roberto Veguez Robin Jones Robin Mccollough Robin Pearce Robyn E McDonnell Rosalind Lewis Russ Garber Russalyn Peerson Ryan Lagan Ryan Shroff Sam Antar Sam Attenborough Sam Verhovek Samara Shanker Sandra Castor Sandra Lieneck Sandra Morse Sangeeta Bisnath Sara Meinecke Sara Smith Sarah Ross Sarah Barker Sarah Farnsworth

Sarah Leversee Sarah MacGregor Sarah Morse Sarah Pratt Sarah Zaluski Sathyavani Sathisan Scott Morgan Scott Sardone Scott Tobin Sean Hibbs Seth Asofsky Shaila Mulji Shannon Hurston Sharalyn and David Andrews Sharmaine Moody Sharon Hester Sheerly Anvi Sheila Andrus Shelby Hansen Sheri Rand Sherry Herdman Sheryl Goldberg The Shroff Family Simeily Rodriguez Sinan Diniz Siobhan Egan Sophia Curtis Sophie Furigay Sophie Gardiner Sophie Morse Sriraj Hari Stacey Batista Stephanie Stetson Stephen Clapp Stephen Jones Steve Hord Steve Karcher Steven Gendel Steven Gero Sue Sanborn Susan Douglass Susan Korytkowski Susan Miller Susan Minihane Susan Riley Susan Rohrback Susan Stevens Susan Turner Susan Youngs Susy Giddy Suzanne Dajani Suzanne Hauck Suzanne Siemens

Sydney Lawson Tai Duncan Taki Oldham Tanya Lewis Taryn Tilton Tehka Bowen Teresa Colombrito Terrence Liverpool Terri Segovia Terry Reeves Tessa McClary Thaddeus Copeland Theron Brooks Thomas Collier Thomas Jamet Thomas L. Collier Thomas Miller Thomas Reyer Thomas Scheele Tom Garrett Tiffany Plumley Tiffany Sargent Timothy Furey Tom Abbate Uyen Hoang Valeria Henderson Valerie Demong Vanessa Perry Vanessa Wagner Verity Noble Vernon Johnson Victoria Cadavid Vidalma Francisco Vilma Delarosa Virginia Bukowski Virginia Stetson Vitalina Nova Vivian Sonnenberg Warren Macdougall Waskar Marmalejos Balbuena Wei Loh Whitney Tilson Wilbur Henderson William Antone William Eichner William Gately William Miller William Skilton William Towner Yaneris Rosa Yingqi Tang Yvonia Stinson Zoe Kircos


VOLUNTEERS Nothing would be possible without the dedication and hard work of our amazing volunteers. A special thank you to all who donated time and talent to the Mariposas in 2011. The list below are those who went above and beyond, each contributing more than 100 hours to our success! Anna Banker Kelly Banker Tehka Bowen The Furigay Family Aurora Garcia Orquidea Garcia


Sherry Herdman Victoria Jones Colleen Kavanagh Rebecca Maas Alexis Mahon Lindsay Martin

Sophie Morse Lacey Schroeder Laura Selin Ria Shroff Nelly Trejo Joy Warrick

COMMUNITY Cabarete-there is no place quite like it in the world. In our community, small acts of kindness go a long way. In 2011, we had 70 local businesses support the work of The Mariposa DR Foundation by contributing funds, supplies, food, space, time and talent. Reaching our goal of eradicating generational poverty will only be possible by engaging the entire community. A heartfelt thank you to all the local businesses that supported the Mariposas in 2011!

Butterfly wall at Puerto Cabarete Public School in downtown Cabarete

321 Takeoff Agualina Alta Gracia Organc Coffee Farm Amber Dune Art Beads Center Baretto Café Beach Box Boutique Bead It! Bella Cara Blue Moon Cabarete Coffee Company Cabarete Beach Houses Cabarete Language Institute Cabarete Pulse Casa de Cambio Luis Casa Goethe Casa Mami Centro Medico Cabarete (CMC) Century 21 Juan Perdomo Chez Arsenio Chichigua Club Mistral Concho Loco Dare2Fly

Mariposa girls at Kaiceitos Circus School during summer camp

Dick’s Bakery DiveCabarete Dominican Fisherman El Magnifico EncargoPaq EPS Extreme Hotel eZe Beach Bar Fred’s Joyas Friend’s Front Loop Café Garcia Blanco & Asociados Gordito’s Fresh Mex Gratereaux Delva & Asociados Great Lakes Paddleboards Guzman Ariza Happy Surf Home Key Management Hotel El Magnifico Iguana Mama International School of Sosua K’s Coffee Shop Kayak River Adventures Kaiceitos Circus

L’Agence Real Estate Laguna Park Hostel La Tiendita de Lolita LálÁlá Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding Lisa Kirkman Art Gallery Mojito Bar Monkey Jungle Naomi Day Spa Natura Cabana Otra Cosa Royal Residence Ruth Plaut Kindergarten Sea Horse Ranch Sea to Sky Adventure Seguros Universal Serenade Tip Top Tours Universal Car Rental Vela Villa Taina VoyVoy Yamazato


IN-KIND The Banker Family Andrea Bolini Carol Bowen The Bowcutt Family Tehka Bowen Skip & Gail Cather Anne Covert Becky D’Andrea Christy Dimos Dr. Albaine Shawn Dumas Jeanette Dunke Meghan Fairbanks The Furigay Family Willie & Sandra Foehr

Gardi Hauck Erika Jones Adrian Kavanagh Eva Knof Christina Little Becky Maas Robert Martell Jill Martin Robin McCullough Sophie Morse Carlos Nadal Nomad Design Optica Panoramica Candace Panchyshyn Beriguete Danielle Pittman

Michelle Rahn Genesis Reyes Sarah Ross Megan Schultz Claudia Schwarz Scotiabank Cabarete Laura Selin Thom Sheele Patricia Suriel Tatianna Suriel Julia Swijters Mr. & Mrs. Naurio Tatis Vargas Peter & Buffy Toose Joy Warrick Judy Wicker-Briscoe

Maria Elena Gratereaux-Delva Elin Jayne Eva Knof Jessica Knof Yulia Kolesnik Lakeside School Students Lawrence Academy Students Phyllis Lawson Alexis Mahon Amy Martin Justin Miranda Amanda Orozco

Elsa Orozco Reny Panova Vanessa Porro Carlos Juan Rodriguez Minu Sadeghi Ariselis Santana Elena Scates Krzysztof Siwinski Edward Thorndike Judy Wicker-Briscoe Alexandra Wood Wilson Zapete

PRO-BONO Shannon Almonte Coco Angel Sheerly Anvi Lauren Bowcutt Milton Bowe Darrin Brown Ken Brown Aymara Copplind Aislinn Doyle Laurel Eastman Isabella Garamani Christian Gillmann

Special thank you to Peterek & Howse, LLP Certified Public Accountants, Maria Elena Gratereaux Delva & Associates and Nixon Peabody LLP for their continued pro-bono support of The Mariposa DR Foundation.

Mariposa girls with acclaimed author and Mariposa advisory board member, Julia Alvarez, at the EVEOKE dance performance of In the Time of the Butterflies in Santiago.


FINANCIAL REVIEW In 2011, The Mariposa DR Foundation’s fundraising far surpassed expectations and we have been able to double the amount of resources allocated to programs this year. In the year ahead, we look forward to learning even more about serving the needs of girls in our community. We will continue to listen and respond to the ideas and voices of the girls, their families and all who support them. We are dedicated to making 2012 another highly successful year filled with inspiring stories and lasting change.

Administration 7%

Founder and Executive Director, Patricia Thorndike Suriel at the 2011 Audacia: Education for Every Girl Everywhere conference in New York City.

Fund Development 6%

Programs 87% *Figures include monetary, in-kind and pro-bono contributions

* Thank you to L.A.P. Company, Inc. and Paul V. Stearns, CPA for their outstanding work.


Parent volunteer reading to students at 3 Mariposas Montessori

At The Mariposa DR Foundation we work to create connections among all valuable community resources so we can ensure that all of our girls’ needs can be addressed. We pride ourselves on partnering and collaborating with local, like-minded organizations and initiatives to create the threads of cause and effect that will change the course of human lives for those born into poverty. 3 Mariposas Montessori The Butterfly Effect CEPROSH Kiteboarding 4 Kids Kiters 4 Communities Monkey Jungle Ruth Plaut Kindergarten and Community Center 23

STUDENT GROUPS AND SERVICE LEARNING Service learning trips provide a unique opportunity for students to relate academic experiences to real-life situations and foster a sense of civic responsibility. Additionally, they are a powerful medium for cross-cultural exchanges and open new horizons for the students as well as community members working alongside them. Thank you to all the student and teacher volunteers for your hard work and dedication in 2011. Compass School Key Learning Community International School of Sosua Lakeside School Lawrence Academy Miss Porter’s School 24


Mariposa staff and volunteers at the 3rd Annual Mariposa Christmas Fair on Cabarete beach. Pictured from left to right: Jessica Lawson, Patricia Thorndike Suriel, Julia Swijters, Victoria Jones, Alexandra Milian Martinez, Ria Shroff and Sophie Morse.

Since our inception just a few short years ago, we have assembled an accomplished team to carry out the mission of The Mariposa DR Foundation. Our board, staff and volunteers consist of experienced educators, professionals and students who bring years of experience in not-for-profit, social justice and education as well as a dedication to service. Our diverse team brings passion for equity and change, contributing unique talents, insights and perspectives from backgrounds ranging from academia, business, social work, psychology, finance, law, organizational development and community outreach. Together we aim to provide responsive programs and services of the highest quality to our girls, their families and the communities in which we work. A highly skilled, energetic and committed group of people drive the success of The Mariposa DR Foundation and we look forward to building our team as we enter our next phase of growth.

STAFF PROFILE: Alexandra Milián Martinez, Clinical Child Psychologist In January 2011 we were extremely fortunate to add Alexandra Milian Martinez, M.A. (Clinical Psychology) to our team. Alexandra comes to us from Centro de Promoción y Solidaridad Humana (CEPROSH), an NGO focused on HIV/AIDS/STD prevention and education based in Puerto Plata, where she continues to run the children’s program through funding from The Mariposa DR Foundation. Alexandra is an integral part of our team. She conducts regular home visits to the families of our girls so that we can stay informed of everything going on in their lives. Alexandra investigates domestic issues and connects girls and their families with community resources. With her warmth, openness and positive attitude, Alexandra is a solid mentor and trusted advisor for our girls and their families. Alexandra runs the health and nutrition programs at the Mariposa center, accompanies girls and family members for medical visits, provides confidential counseling and plays a critical role in the development of our parents’ program. 25

THANK YOU! ABOVE AND BEYOND Judy Greenberg’s work and dedication to the children of Cabarete began in 1993 when she partnered with Patricia Suriel to start the first library in town. Judy and her children, Emma and Jacob, started the supply donation movement, organizing classrooms, friends and relatives to donate books, pens, paper that they could haul down to the Dominican Republic. Although this is quite normal in Cabarete now, Judy and her family were the true pioneers of this movement more than 18 years ago. It was Judy that set the example for hundreds of tourists that visit our community each year. Judy is a doer, and one of those people you can always count on. This year Judy is making the transition from Executive to Advisory Board member of The Mariposa DR Foundation. We are thrilled to have her continued support and sound advice. A truly remarkable woman, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for all Judy has done over the years to improve the lives of the children of the Dominican Republic. 26

STAY CONNECTED This report highlights the work of The Mariposa DR Foundation in the year 2011. More information about our programs can be found at:

Mariposa Co-Founder and Associate Director, Jessica Lawson accepting the Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Award from Dartmouth College President Dr. Jim Yong Kim, recently elected President of the World Bank.

Dear Friends, 2011 was a year of tremendous growth for The Mariposa DR Foundation. We accepted 20 new girls into our program, ran our 2nd annual all girls summer camp, opened a local Mariposa Resource Center and made tremendous strides in strengthening our programs to edcuate, empower and employ girls living in poverty in our community. The possibilities of what can happen when people from around the world unite continue to amaze me. There are no words to adequately express the gratitude that we all feel for the support and recognition that we received this year. Thank you for making 2011 incredible for The Mariposa DR Foundation and we look forward to working together for many years to come. With gratitude,


Jessica R. Lawson Co-Founder & Associate Director

The Mariposa DR Foundation 309 Third Street Ithaca, New York 14850

Written by Jessica R. Lawson & Patricia Thorndike Suriel Edited by Christine Crabb, Pete Richardson & Elizabeth Thorndike Design and Layout by Jessica R. Lawson Photos by Amy Martin, Christian Gillmann, Staff and Volunteers

809.571.0610 27

The Mariposa DR Foundation 309 Third Street Ithaca, New York 14850 809.571.0610 The Mariposa DR Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Copyright 2012 Š The Mariposa DR Foundation. All rights reserved.


The Mariposa DR Foundation 2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report 2011

The Mariposa DR Foundation 2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report 2011