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Letter From the Editor

Human Nature; Fact, Fiction or  Fluke?  

presenting, it hit me. The opening ten pages of Susan Sontag’s “In America” hit me. It was  a book that I’d picked up ages ago in the  midst of my hero worship of Sontag. The  opener brings us into a hotel ballroom  somewhere, and as Sontag’s main character  is attempting to flesh out the party she’s  crashed, I found myself in her shoes.     Who were these people? What did they  mean to me? What did they mean to one  another? And how in the hell did that have  any sort or relevance as to what I was  thinking now? Sontag’s description of  character, of thought - of people watching  was the Human Nature I’d been searching  high and low for. And with that? The ideas  came pouring in.    

With Met Monday,   just wrapping up, and our little Mariposa  finding it’s way to your screens this month,  my thoughts are with my theme this month.   It took me almost the entire month of April to  figure out what exactly ​Human Nature​ meant  to me, and to the eyes of the world. A month  of people watching, asking for advice and  finding myself more lost than every  contemplating on the definition of my very  existence;   As I sat, more frustrated than ever searching  myself for photographic inspiration, for the  words to define what my theme was 

When I found out the theme for the Met Gala this year was based off, “Notes on Camp” I  knew that I’d done something right. This  month I bring you the recommendation of a  brilliant writer, and Human Nature. This  month put together by the humans who  make up my nature, and I hope you enjoy it as  much as I enjoy them. X        

opinion and am constantly seeking the wonderful advice she gives - and as a creative  I admire her greatly. There are very few  creatives that I hold in such high esteem and  she’s taken the cake on that one.  

In a case of human nature 

Eva, has created a line of jewelry in tribute of those who have been encaptured in any sort  of loss; I’ve owned and cherished two pieces  from it so far, and they become a staple in my  wardrobe..  Durable enough to wear every day, and  stylish enough to match all of my outfits; in  my eyes they’re the chameleons of jewelry  with a great energy and message within  them.   My dear friend has such talent for so many  things, and when it comes to her creative  impulses, her empathic nature shines - Its a  rarity in this world to be able to look in  someones eyes and see so much more than  surface level art.    

This month I’m finding myself enthralled within,  the world of one of my dear friends. Her  name is, Eva Almos and she is one of the most  talented people that I know. Not only is she a  hyper creative but she is one of the kindest  people I’ve met thus far -   To celebrate our ‘human nature’ theme, I felt  it was only appropriate to include her within  these pages. As a dear friend, I cherish her 

The empathy and admiration she holds for every individual is poured into her creations;  (and those come highly recommended from  me) All starting with the passing of her  mother; who as I can see filled her heart  greatly, and still does. The jewelry itself is  one of a kind, and benevolent much like their  creator. The nature of us, as humans can be  so very destructive, and cruel. Love and  Empathy are the only shocking things left in  this world, and I am in constant shock at the  breath of fresh air that is Eva. Within the  next few pages, you’ll find her designs, alive  as ever. Enjoy them, as I do and hopefully  you’ll find yourself lost within the magic of  them, as I have. X     Instagram: @AgapeMamaDesigns  

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Mariposa Issue #3  

This month has a bit less articles, and a few more photographs. Human Nature brings you to the Humanistic and Un-Humanistic side of nature....

Mariposa Issue #3  

This month has a bit less articles, and a few more photographs. Human Nature brings you to the Humanistic and Un-Humanistic side of nature....