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Poetry • This poetry contests was in the 2nd Period. It was organized by the Idioma Español teachers and they selected the students that were going to compete in front of all the people. • The winner of these contest was: • LOREN DE LEON!

Short Stories • The short story contest was in the 1st and 2nd period. The short stories were choose by the language teachers. These short stories were made for a grade in the language final exam. • The winner was: • MARIA ISABEL ROSALES!

Origami • The origami contest is right now in the third period. They were competing in the recess of the last week and these week. • It already finished but they haven´t tell us who were the winners or the winner.

CDA Idol • This contest is beginning in this period. They already made the auditions. The judges are: Uriel Zavala, Karina Aguilar, and Ana Lilian Silva. They haven´t said who has pass to make the first concert.

Journalism • Journalism was in the 2nd and 3rd period. They had to make a video of any topic making it like a news program. They haven´t say the winner. • The one that was in charged of this contest was: The computer teacher, VIVIAN POZUELOS!

Photography • This contest was in the 2nd Period. This contest include what is photography. The one that participate in this contest have to take photos showing the natural things that the people of the school make and how they work and play.

Assemblies • One of the assemblies they had made were the one of fourth of july. • There they announce the winners of photography, drawing, the essays, and the one of declamation, also the one of interaulas. • It was organized by the students of 10th grade.


My magazine from the activities of my school and all the contests that we had and the assemblies.