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HP Hospitality Corporate Website

BSI Online Version 1.0

BSI Online Access Details

1. Access Details The following details enable you to access the following: Development Server - This server hosts a copy of the system that is used for testing. Once the site has been signed off it is transferred to the Live server. Live Server - The Live sever hosts the site that is available to all users.

a) Site URL’s Site Development (user)


Development (administration)

Live Site (user)

Live Site (administration)

http:// /admin

b) Development Server Login Account Before you get access to the development version of your site you will be asked to log in to the BSI Entertainment development server. When the pop up login box appears type in the following details:

User All

Username tbs\HP

Password asd321qw

c) User Login Accounts The following accounts have been set up to log in to the website.

Administration Login (gives you access to the administration site) User Debbie Ball Nigel Ruffell

Username Debbie-Admin Nigel-Admin

Password tlet6a swo8st

NOTE: The development server is constantly being updated and from time to time can go down due to reboots required. In order to guarantee uninterrupted activity we recommend you schedule a time with BSI Entertainment.

2 HP Hospitality Corporate Website Access Details

BSI Online Access Details

d) Email address The following email address will be used for all correspondence between the website and the Management team. Email address Webmail access Username Password :// xcv346az

Pop Email set up Incoming server (POP) Outgoing server (SMTP) Username Password xcv346az

3 HP Hospitality Corporate Website Access Details


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