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French Language Courses - Which One Should I Choose? There are many French language courses on the market today. Which one to choose seems to be somewhat of a dilemma. This article will speak about five different French language courses in order for you to make an informed decision about which one to choose. Check Them Out! 1. Lingo Course - This is how tourists, professional business people and immigrants can go from knowing just one language to being bilingual in no time flat. You can do it, too, with Lingo Basics. Unlike other French language courses, Lingo Basics is a set of e-books that downloads right onto your computer. 2. Pimsleur French Software - The Pimsleur method of learning French involves all-audio courses that you will find on both cassette and CD. The lessons are meant for daily use and should take ½ hour to complete. What makes this different from other French language courses is that each lesson starts with a conversation that is being carried on between two native French speakers. An instructor then starts to prompt the listener to repeat word and phrases that were just heard. Due to the fact that French pronunciation is of vital importance, this is one reason why the Pimsleur French language course is so good. The one drawback to this course is that is all audio and has very little reading practice with it. Some supplemental reading material may be needed as the French written word can vary considerably from the French spoken word. 3. Rosetta Stone French language course - This course will enable you to communicate as well as to connect with the world. You will be able to build a foundation of basic vocabulary and language structure that is of prime importance. You will be able to develop enough French language skills to be able to enjoy social interactions such as shopping and travel and you will learn how to share your opinions and ideas in French. When you open up your French language course, you will find your own CD-ROM software for all 3 levels (can be used with Windows/Mac), a user's guide, a USB headset with microphone, as well as an audio companion or a multiple-CD set to be able to play or download to your own MP3 player. 4. Rocket French language course - The Rocket French course has its focus mainly on the audio format of listening and repeating. However, it also has video and games online as well. This program includes thirteen hours of audio that can be downloaded to an MP3 player or can be listened to on a computer. This is a convenience that you have with this program of taking it with you when you are out driving in your car or going out for a brisk walk. If you wish to view the games on your computer, you will find that they tie in with the lessons. It actually gives you the

same information but in a new and different format so that reinforcement can take place that will allow you to learn French online. This course differs from other French language courses in that it is quite flexible and will allow you to work at your own pace so you are not pressed to finish a chapter in a limited amount of time. Traditional teaching methods are used, but they are presented in a clear and concise manner. 5. Fluenz French Program - This program is divided into sessions that have an introduction by an on-screen tutor. The tutor will give a full syllabus on all new structures and words that will be learned in that particular session. Next will come a series of challenging workouts that will provide a great training ground for developing the learner's writing, speaking, reading and listening skills. You will find that in this French language course a full set of clear, common sense tools will be introduced that will make a true difference. Narrowing Down the Field Thus far, you have learned about five different French language courses. However, making a decision may be difficult. You may want to take some time out to investigate the differences between the Rosetta Stone and Rocket programs.Out of the field of choices you have before you these two products take the cake.

Miriam Price has had a vast amount of knowledge and experience in different languages and programs. For a closer favorable Rocket and Rosetta french language courses Software, check out her resourceful site now.

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==== ==== I have tried many many self study language courses and have reviews on the best ones here. Rocket ==== ====

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I have tried many many self study language courses and have reviews on the best ones here. Rocket French, Pimsleur French and Rosetta Stone...

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