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Trish Vevera Named GAF Artist of the Year

Trish Vevera
Photo by Paige Wilson

Trish Vevera is the 2018 GAF Flagler County Artist of the Year.

She has received degrees in art / education from Grinnell College, Iowa, University of Iowa and University of Illinois. Trish taught art privately and at the high school and college levels. Prior to moving to Florida in 2001, Trish spent 25 years in the U.S. Postal Service and completed her service as a Post Master.

The award winning artist is actively involved, exhibiting in Flagler, Volusia and St. John’s Counties.

Her involvement in these communities will make artists more aware of our County’s exhibiting opportunities.

Trish won GAF purchase awards and was selected by Judge J.J. Graham for two GAF Four Person Shows at FCAL in October 2016 and December 2017.

Bursting Blooms by Trish Vevera
The Orchid Tree by Trish Vevera

Artist of the YearARTIST OF THE YEAR: Behind the Scenes.

This year, GAF sought out its first Artist of the Year, Peter Cerreta (2000), for his input in selecting this year’s Artist of the Year.

Cerreta, Tom and Arlene visited three artist’s home studios and viewed countless works of art hung floor to ceiling and stacked against walls.

Vevera’s collection includes works of several other artists.

Vevera said she would like to lead an “artists supporting artists movement.” Many young and older artists on fixed incomes don’t have the means to join art organizations and pay the necessary exhibition fees to show their work.

A GAF artist/sponsor level membership is 50.00 a year. This membership includes free entries for GAF events such as public purchase award shows (see Flagler County Public Library in Palm Coast for samples) and a four to five person show at FCAL’s new gallery in City Marketplace, Palm Coast. (see page 7 for details)