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Oh, Hello there! Welcome to my...

I’m Mario Pimenta, a graphic design student looking for an opportunity to learn, work hard and improve myself as a professional. I’m really passionate about what I do and I try to keep myself creative all the time.

before we start, I think you should know A BIT MORE ABOUT ME:

I am

I speak

I was born You can follow my work at:

years old

Portuguese, English and Spanish

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2009 Colégio de Aplicação da UFRJ High School

2010 2013

2013 2014

Industrial Design Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro University

Graphic Design Nottingham Trent University SWB Program


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Maxon Cinema 4D

Adobe Flash


Adobe Indesign

Adobe Dreamweaver





2011 2012

2012 2013

FGV Online




Development of online courses

Interactive Design and Illustration

check my work on the Portfolio

Graphic Design content The Penguin Design Awards Whac! [Branding] The Little Mermaid Drawing Lessons Bradesco 1 Day Project

Graphic Design

The penguin design awards The Penguin Design Award is an opportunity for students on an Art


Done at Nottingham Trent University for The Penguin Design Awards Tutor: Ellie Wild

or Design course at HND or degree level to engage in design for publishing during their studies and to experience real jacket-design

[Adobe Photoshop, Markers, photography]

briefs first-hand.

>> Students were invited to design a whole new cover look for The Outsiders, in order to bring this classic to a new generation of readers, ensuring that this timeless story remains an integral part of every teenager’s bookshelf.

(1) Full view of the cover and the back on the 3D mock up. (2) Cover close up (3) Back closer up. (4) Another cover close up.

Graphic Design

Full view of the cover and the back with hand-made lettering and scanned textures.

Graphic Design

Whac! [branding]


Done at Nottingham Trent University as a project.

The project required the

Tutor: Ellie Wild

creation of a brand identity inspired by one of the 7 deadly sins, showing all the steps of the development from the initial idea to the final concept.

[Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Intuos 4, Traditional art]

>>The main goal of Whac! is releasing the anger in a harmless and playful way. It also wants to relate to the user and create something from the wrath, using games and an online store to make it more than just a virtual experience.

(1) Itens that can be sold at the Whac! Store. (2) Whac! logo (3) Avatars that can be created on the website (4) Home Page of the website



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Welcome to Whac!

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Graphic Design









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riot_grrrl whac it: My flatmate blocked the sink again, it’s so annoying. Why can’t he keep his stuff tidy? Eww. #WIU #gross

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mr_john whac it: My best friend started to plan a trip to

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Poland with a few guys he met last week. CLICK HERE TO START! He didn’t invited me. #WIU #annoying You’re so right (07)/ Calm down (02) - Comments (04)

(1) Social Media developed inside the Whac! website. (2) “Create your Angry Me” screen (3/4) Information about the brand and provided on the website




The brand is about releasing what is inside of each user. It creates a safe enviroment where it can let all those feelings go without any judgement and without any social concern.

Feeling angry is something really personal. The brand wants to reach the user, wants to i nteract with those feelings that everyone has inside and relate it somehow to Whac!.

The wrath is the boiling point, it’s when the control no longer exists. Whac! wants to give the power to control this feeling, the freedom to release it and make the user feels like they have power to control it.

The brand was developed around the idea of giving softness to something hard. So the pattern softens all the pointed shapes and fit it into a grid. The logo can be fitted anywhere in the pattern as long as it’s in the right scale.

Graphic Design

The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid is a project developed for a creative briefing


Done at Nottingham Trent University for the All of Us Briefing Tutor: Ellie Wild

assigned by All of Us where the students from Nottingham Trent University should find a way to tell stories in a

[Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Gouche, Cinema 4D]

interactive/ inventive way.

>>The Little Mermaid intends to immerse the user into a fantasy world where’s possible to choose your own path and a have personal and unique experience through gestures that makes the ink generates new images.

(1) Main Screen, (2) Storytelling screen

Graphic Design

(1) Simulation of how the space would be placed made on Cinema 4D. (2/3) Different perspectives of the instalation

Graphic Design

drawing lessons

Information: Client: Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro /IDACO Developer: YDreams Brasil

The Drawing Lessons table works was developed for a major project called Praรงa do Conhecimento, which is a permanent interactive museum provided by the Secretary of Education of Rio de Janeiro in

Graphics: Renato Japi & Mario Pimenta Illustrations: Mario Pimenta Creative Director: Ana Monte [Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 4, Traditional Art]

order to make technology and culture more accessible for poor communities.

>>The main goal of The Drawing Table Project was to estimulate the creativity and provide more fun for kids from the community.

(1) Main Screen,

Graphic Design

Some of the characters contained in the Drawing Lessons Project.

Graphic Design

novo socioambiental

Information: Client: Bradesco Developer: YDreams Brasil

The Novo Socioambiental is a project developed for Bradesco Next, the biggest interactive Bank in Latin America. It’s basically an interactive display that provides information about the eviromental

Graphics: Diego Brito & Mario Pimenta Illustrations: Mario Pimenta Creative Director: Ana Monte [Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 4, Cinema 4D]

policy of the bank amongst other services.

>>The main goal of this project is to turn something serious into something really playful that the user feels tempted to participate.

(1) Main screen, city view day. (2) City view, close up + menu.

Graphic Design

(1/2) 3D base for the final illustration + final illustration (night). (3/4) 3D base used for the close up illustration + illustration.

Illustration content A Gallery with all my work from 2012 to 2014.


Snow White (2014)

La Pugalisa (2012)


Cat Gogh (2013)

Booklet final  
Booklet final